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St. James' Church of Ireland, Moy, Clonfeacle Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-6

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of ST JAMES’ CHURCH OF IRELAND, MOY, CLONFEACLE PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE 1845 & 1846 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to CLONFEACLE PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

St. James’ Church of Ireland, Moy, Co. Tyrone
Interior of the church



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1 May 8 1845

William Williamson full age bachelor weaver Derryscollop. Father: Thomas Williamson farmer


Mary Cotter minor spinster Derryscollop. Father: Joseph Cotter weaver

Witnesses: Samuel Williamson & William Williamson

2 May 9 1845

John Beaumont full age bachelor labourer Derryscollop. Father: William Beaumont farmer


Ellen Anderson full age spinster Derryscollop. Father: Henry Anderson farmer

Witnesses: Robert Corrigan & Stephen Anderson

3 Jun 6 1845

James Hamilton full age widower farmer Drummond. Father: Benjamin Hamilton farmer


Jane Abernathy full age spinster Coolhill. Father: Samuel Abernathy farmer

Witnesses: George Sturrock & John Abernathy

4 Jun 21 1845

William Coote full age bachelor labourer Moy. Father: William Coote maltster


Anne Carson full age spinster Moy. Father: James Carson smith

Witnesses: Thomas Carson & Robert Taylor

5 Jul 5 1845

William Neely full age bachelor shoemaker Moy. Father: William Neely shoemaker


Susan Mullen full age spinster Moy. Father: John Mullen labourer

Witnesses: John Mullan & George Sturrock

6 Sep 12 1845

John Barry full age bachelor shoemaker Moy. Father: Robert Barry carpenter


Anne Nevill 19 years spinster Tullyvare? Father: Robert Evans (sic) gentleman

Witnesses: Robert McKeown & Thomas Carson

7 Sep 19 1845

Robert Gillespie full age bachelor pensioner Moy. Father: Robert Gillespie shoemaker


Margaret Gillespie full age spinster Gorestown. Father: Robert Gillespie labourer

Witnesses: Robert Carlile & George Sturrock

8 Oct 10 1845

Patrick Murray full age bachelor labourer Derrymagone. Father: William Murray farmer


Susan Anderson full age spinster Canary. Father: Joseph Anderson farmer

Witnesses John Leach & George Sturrock

9 Nov 11 1845

Robert Fullerton full age bachelor weaver Grange. Father: Robert Fullerton farmer


Jane Kincaid full age spinster Grange. Father: Robert Kincaid farmer

Witnesses: John Blair & George Sturrock

10 Nov 28 1845

John Murphy full age bachelor labourer Moy. Father: John Murphy labourer


Mary Clarke full age spinster Tullygoney. Father: John Clarke farmer

Witnesses: John Murphy & George Sturrock

11 Dec 5 1845

David Henderson full age bachelor farmer Drummond. Father: James Henderson farmer


Isabella Wilson minor spinster Terryscollop. Father: John Wilson farmer

Witnesses: William Ruddy & Robert Wilson

12 Dec 9 1845

George Cumberland full age bachelor labourer Moygashel. Father: William Cumberland farmer


Isabella McCauley full age spinster Derrycreevy. Father: John McCauley farmer

Witnesses: George Sturrock & Ellen Jane McCauley

13 Oct 12 1845

Robert Reid full age bachelor farmer Culrevock. Father: Robert Reid farmer


Jane Barclay full age spinster Mullaghboy. Father: William Barclay farmer

Witnesses: Thomas H. H…..? & William Barclay

14 Jan 7 1846

William Falls full age bachelor weaver Drummond. Father: James Falls labourer


Margaret Magee full age spinster Drummond. Father: John Magee farmer

Witnesses: John Leech & George Sturrock

15 Jan 8 1846

William Weir full age bachelor farmer Tullymore, Parish of Kilmore. Father Henry Weir farmer


Martha Wilson full age spinster Derryscollop. Father: Thomas Wilson farmer

Witnesses: John Menagh & Thomas Wilson

16 Feb 26 1846

Thomas Emerson full age widower farmer Derryscollop. Father: William Emerson farmer


Margaret Marshall full age spinster Derryscollop. Father: George Marshall farmer

Witnesses: Robert Corrigan & Thomas Marshall

17 Mar 1 1846

Joseph Kidd full age bachelor farmer Culkeeran. Father: John Kidd farmer


Arabella Pillar minor spinster Moy. Father: James Pillar farmer

Witnesses: William White & George Sturrock

18 Mar 20 1846

James Beatty full age bachelor labourer Tullygoney. Father: James Beatty labourer


Sarah Bleek full age spinster Moy. Father: William Bleek labourer

Witnesses: Thomas Bleek & William Fitzsimmons

19 Mar 27 1846

George Cotter full age bachelor labourer Derryscollop. Father: Joseph Cotter pensioner


Sarah Wallace full age spinster Derryscollop. Father: John Wallace labourer

Witnesses: George Sturrock & Thomas Marshall

20 Mar 29 1846

John Simons full age bachelor labourer Moy. Father: Joseph Simons labourer


Frances Hobbs full age spinster Moy. Father: Francis Hobbs farmer

Witnesses: John Mullen & George Sturrock

21 Jun 18 1846

James Conlan full age bachelor labourer Killyman. Father: William Conlan farmer


Jane Vance spinster full age Canary. Father: William Vance farmer

Witnesses: John Leech & Moses Henderson

22 Jun 26 1846

Robert Edmunson full age bachelor tailor Crew. Father: Thomas Edmunson farmer


Mary Jane Moore full age spinster Drummond. Father: William Moore farmer

Witnesses: James Moon & William Ruddy

23 Jul 14 1846

Robert Staples full age bachelor gentleman Dunmore. Father: Edward Staples gentleman


Mary Isabella M. Bond minor spinster The Argory, Moy. Father: Walter M. Bond gentleman

Witnesses: Walter M. Bond & George Cavendish

24 Jul 24 1846

Thomas King full age bachelor labourer Gorestown. Father: Henry King soldier


Eliza Ann Browne full age spinster Drummond. Father: Thomas Browne farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Irvine & William Browne

25 Aug 5 1846

Thomas Colligan full age bachelor labourer Canary. Father: John Colligan labourer


Eliza Thompson full age spinster Canary. Father: Thomas Thompson weaver

Witnesses: Colhoon Mulligan & John McGonigle

26 Aug 5 1846

Francis Woods full age bachelor pensioner Clonfecle. Father: James Woods cabinetmaker


Jane Garvey full age spinster Clonfeecle. Father: Owen Garvey labourer

Witnesses: John Cowan & Laughlin McQuade

27 Aug 20 1846

Robert Quinn full age bachelor weaver Tullyrone. Father: Francis Quinn weaver


Mary McNally minor spinster Tullyrone. Father: William McNally weaver

Witnesses: James Young & William Read

28 Sep 17 1846

George Morrison full age bachelor labourer Derryscollop. Father: George Morrison weaver


Ann Wilson full age spinster Derryscollop. Father: John Wilson weaver

Witnesses: William Wilson & George Sturrock

29 Oct 16 1846

Richard Payne full age bachelor mason Tullyrone. Father: John Payne weaver


Margaret Morrison full age spinster Tullyrone. Father: James Morrison weaver

Witnesses: Robert Crothers, Surgeon & George Rowe

30 Oct 30 1846

Thomas Martin full age widower carpenter Corr & Donavally. Father: John Martin sawyer


Susan Young full age spinster Canary. Father: David Young farmer

Witnesses: John Walker & Samuel Davidson

31 Oct 24 1846

Henry Weir full age bachelor labourer Derrycaw. Father: Henry Weir farmer


Esther Davis full age spinster Derrycaw. Father: John Davis saddler

Witnesses: R.S. Bond & Anne Bond

32 Nov 26 1846

John Gunning minor bachelor apothecary Armagh. Father: James Gunning cabinetmaker


Isabella Sinclair minor spinster Canary. Father: John Sinclair farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Sinclair & William Gunning

33 Dec 2 1846

John Hammond full age spinster servant Desertcreight. Father: John Hammond labourer


Margaret Hazelton full age spinster Grange. Father: John Hazelton farmer

Witnesses: Robert Hazelton & John Hazelton

34 Dec 3 1846

Samuel Davidson full age farmer Canary. Father: George Davidson farmer


Susan Young full age Canary. Father: John Young farmer

Witnesses: John McMahon & George Davidson

35 Dec 22 1846

James Hughes full age widower schoolmaster Moy. Father: Michael Hughes dealer


Susan Stewart full age spinster Moy. Father: John Stewart mason

Witnesses: Samuel Miller & Thomas Menagh

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