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Pomeroy Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriage Announcements 1836-69

Marriages recorded in Pomeroy parish, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Marriage
January 2 1836 HENRY-WHITESIDE. On the 17th ult., by the Rev. D. Evans, of Pomeroy, ROBERT HENRY, ESQ., Surgeon, MISS WHITESIDE, youngest daughter of JAMES WHITESIDE, ESQ., of Lurganeden, both of the county Tyrone
May 16 1840 HENRY-McWILLIAMS. On Thursday, the 7th inst., at Carnteel, county Tyrone, by the Rev. David McKinney, ROBERT HENRY, ESQ., surgeon, Pomeroy Dispensary, to MARY, third daughter of the late JOHN McWILLIAMS, ESQ., Carnteel
November 11 1848 HOOD-LILBURNE. On the 9th inst., at St. Ann's Church, Dungannon, by the Rev. Thomas Twigg, ROBERT HOOD, ESQ., solicitor, of Crossdernot House, to CHARLOTTE, second daughter of the late THOMAS LILBURNE, ESQ., of Dungannon
June 25 1852 TWIGG-BOLTON. June 23, in St. Peter's Church , Dublin, the Rev. Thomas Twigg, jun., eldest son of the REV. THOMAS TWIGG, of Thornhill, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, only daughter of ROBERT HENRY BOLTON, ESQ., M.D., of Dungannon
September 15 1854 LOWRY-FOLLIOTT. On the 12th inst., in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. James Folliott, M.A., JOHN FETHERSTON HAUGH LOWRY, barrister at law, second son of ROBERT WILLIAM LOWRY, of Pomeroy, Deputy Lieutenant, county Tyrone, and of Belmore Place, county Westmeath, to DOROTHEA ELIZABETH, relict of the late GEORGE FOLLIOTT, ESQ., of Vicar's Cross, Chester
January 18 1856 ARMSTRONG-LOWRY. On the 8th January, at St. Anne's Church [Dublin], by the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of St. Patrick’s, J. HERBERT ARMSTRONG, Killilhase, King's county, Captain in the Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, to ELIZABETH CATHERINE, the second daughter of ROBERT W. LOWRY, ESQ., D.L., of Pomeroy, in the county of Tyrone
March 18 1859 WHITE-TWIGG. March 8, at Pomeroy Church, by the Rev. Thomas Twigg, jun., Curate of St. Stephen's, Dublin, assisted by the Rev. Alexander George Stuart, Rector of Killencool, FINCH WHITE, ESQ., barrister at law, to ANNE BARBARA, daughter of the REV. THOMAS TWIGG, Rector of Pomeroy, county Tyrone
October 10 1862 McKEOWN-HENRY. October 2, at the Presbyterian Church, Pomeroy, by the Rev. David McKinney, assisted by the Rev. W.S. Ferguson, MR. W.S. McKEOWN, merchant, to ELEANOR, second daughter of ROBERT HENRY, ESQ., M.D., Pomeroy, county Tyrone
February 28 1865 PLUNKETT-LITTON. On the 23rd February, by special licence, at Elblana Lodge, Kingstown [Co. Dublin], by the Rev. J. Peacocke, Major the Hon. EDWARD SIDNEY PLUNKETT, youngest son of the late Lord Baron, 11th BARON, LOUTH, of Louth Hall, in the county of Louth, and of LADY MARGARITA, his wife, to SOPHIA AUGUSTA, daughter of EDWARD LITTON, ESQ., of Altmore, county Tyrone, late M.P., for the borough of Coleraine
June 16 1865 McFARLAND-WHITESIDE. June 7, in the First Presbyterian Church, Dungannon, by the Rev. David McKinney, Pomeroy, MR. JAMES McFARLAND, merchant, Beragh, to MARIA, only daughter of ARTHUR WHITESIDE, ESQ., of Lurganeden, Pomeroy
June 20 1865 LIDDLE-CROTHERS. June 13, in the Presbyterian Church, Pomeroy, by the Rev. David McKinney, assisted by the Rev. John W. Aiken, EDWARD LIDDLE, merchant, Cookstown, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of JAMES CROTHERS, ESQ., Edenvale, Pomeroy
October 9 1866 STUART-TWIGG. October 6, at Pomeroy Parish Church, by the Rev. Thomas Twigg, jun., Vicar of Swords, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Twigg, Rector of Tamlaght, HENRY EDWARD STUART, ESQ., second son of the REV. ALEXANDER GEORGE STUART, Rector of Killencool, to BESSIE, second daughter of the REV. THOMAS TWIGG, Rector of Pomeroy
September 6 1867 McLAUGHLIN-HARVEY. September 3, in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Long Tower, Derry, by the Rev. D. McGee, C.C., PATRICK McLAUGHLIN, ESQ., of the firm of Messrs. J. & P. McLaughlin, merchants, Derry, to MISS ROSE HARVEY, second daughter of MICHAEL HARVEY, ESQ., Pomeroy, county Tyrone
April 10 1868 MALONE-LOWRY. April 2, by special licence, at Altedesert Church, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Richard Johnston, Incumbent of Omeath, brother in law to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Ralph Dawson Walsh, and the Rev. L. Hearn, JOHN MALONE, ESQ., of Barnston, county Westmeath, to ANNIE JANE, daughter of ROBERT WILLIAM LOWRY, ESQ., D.L., J.P., Pomeroy, county Tyrone
June 22 1869 BLEMMINGS-HOWARD. June 18, in Castlecaulfield Church, by the Rev. Benjamin Wade, Rector of Donaghmore, MR. PERCY BLEMMINGS, Mullaghmore Glebe, Donaghmore, to ELIZA, fourth daughter of MR. ROBERT HOWARD, Drumconner, Carland, county Tyrone