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Killyman Parish Church, Counties Tyrone & Armagh, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-47

Registration District of Dungannon
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of MARRIAGES RECORDED AT KILLYMAN PARISH CHURCH, COUNTIES TYRONE & ARMAGH forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to KILLYMAN PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Killyman Parish Church (St. Andrew’s Church of Ireland). Photo Wikipedia



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1 Apr 17 1845

Thomas Edwards full age bachelor weaver Drummond. Father: William Edwards weaver


Margaret Dawson full age spinster Derrygally. Father: dead

Witnesses: James Dawson & William G. Richardson

2 Apr 18 1845

Joseph Rice full age bachelor weaver Cavin. Father: dead


Elizabeth Ferris full age spinster Keenaghan. Father: Moses Ferris wheelwright

Witnesses: Samuel Barret & William Hickie

3 Apr 23 1845

John Reed full age bachelor carpenter Drummuck. Father: Andrew Reed labourer


Jane McCardy full age spinster Lowertown. Father: dead

Witnesses: William Hickie & John Mills

4 May 1 1845

John Cumming full age bachelor farmer Mullanure. Father: dead


Ruth Watt full age spinster Derrycorry. Father: John Watt farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Humphries & Robert Wat

5 May 2 1845

John Rogers 20 years bachelor tailor Laghey. Father: Abraham Rogers tailor


Allice Hazleton 18 years spinster Culnagreen. Father: Edward Hazleton farmer

Witnesses: William Clark & Terence McShane

6 May 20 1845

Phelix Divlin full age bachelor labourer Laghey. Father: Phelix Divlin weaver


Catherine McConnell full age spinster Laghey. Father: William McConnell bleacher

Witnesses: William Clark & Samuel Courtnay

7 Jun 5 1845

Thomas Bowen full age bachelor farmer Tamlamore. Father: Thomas Bowen farmer


Elizabeth Erskin full age spinster Tamlamore. Father: not given

Witnesses: John Dawson & William Murray

8 Jul 10 1845

John Allen full age bachelor farmer Derryloughan, Parish of Kilmore. Father: Jacob Allen farmer


Mary Handcock full age spinster Derrygoharriff. Father: James Handcock farmer

Witnesses: Robert Castley & Thomas Cherry

9 Jul 10 1845

James Gilmer full age bachelor labourer Tamnamore. Father: dead


Mary McConnell full age spinster Culnamore. Father: William McConnell bleacher

Witnesses: Thomas Gates & James Gallagher

10 Aug 8 1845

William Martin 19 years bachelor papermaker Tartlaghan. Father: Christopher Martin papermaker


Sarah Hughes 20 years spinster Keenaghan. Father: John Hughes papermaker

Witnesses: Robert Patterson & John Patterson

11 Aug 22 1845

Archibald Milligan full age widower shoemaker Derrybuy. Father: dead


Jane Graham full age spinster Derrybuy. Father: dead

Witnesses: Richard Clements & Butter? Graham

12 Aug 22 1845

John Hamilton full age bachelor farmer Derryard. Father: Alexander Hamilton farmer


Elizabeth Blair full age spinster Drummard. Father: Francis Blair farmer

Witnesses: William Blevins & John Blair

13 Aug 26 1845

James Wilkinson full age bachelor labourer Derrygally. Father: James Wilkinson labourer


Eliza Creaton full age spinster Bovain. Father: Henry Creaton labourer

Witnesses: William Pierson & Thomas Gates

14 Sep 10 1845

John Fullerton full age bachelor labourer Bogbawn. Father: Robert Fullerton weaver


Elizabeth Renell 18 years spinster Myroe. Father: Thomas Renell weaver

Witnesses: James Hazleton & William Hickie

15 Sep 12 1845

Robert Speer full age bachelor servant Tamnamore. Father: George Speer farmer


Rachel Matchett full age spinster Tamnamore. Charles Matchett farmer

Witnesses: James Dunn & James Dunn

16 Sep 13 1845

William Cordner 30 years bachelor labourer Ballynakelly. Father: Thomas Cordner weaver


Suzanna McKay full age spinster Ballinakelly. Father: John McKay bleacher

Witnesses: John Cordner & James Dilworth

17 Oct 31 1845

Robert Kimlaghan full age bachelor farmer Livleglish, Loughgall. Father: dead


Margaret Trueman 18 years spinster Derrymain. Father: Thomas Trueman farmer

Witnesses: Francis Graham & Thomas Robinson

18 Nov 7 1845

Simon Fielding full age bachelor farmer Drumgore, Parish of Clonfeacle. Father: Thomas Fielding farmer


Sarah Anne Skelton full age spinster Cavin. Father: John Skelton farmer

Witnesses: James Kerr Skelton & John Skelton

19 Nov 27 1845

John Hazleton full age bachelor labourer Tamlaghmore. Father: George Hazleton farmer


Eleanor Barlow full age spinster Drumard. Father: William Barlow farmer

Witnesses: James Dunn & Enoch Bradley

20 Jan 2 1846

Richard Dawson full age bachelor farmer Bovain. Father: William Dawson farmer


Eliza Shillington full age spinster Lismulreavey, parish of Clonfeacle. Father: James Shillington farmer

Witnesses: John Troughten & Joseph Webb

21 Jan 9 1846

William Fitzsimons full age bachelor farmer Eglish. Father: dead


Sarah Jane Skelton 17 years spinster Parish of Armagh. Father: Thomas Skelton farmer

Witnesses: James Kerr Skelton & William Hayes

22 Jan 9 1846

Richard Williamson full age bachelor weaver Ballynakelly. Father: John Williamson farmer


Jane Richardson full age spinster Ballynakelly. Father: Thomas Richardson farmer

Witnesses: William Williamson & William Allen

23 Feb 4 1846

John McClean full age bachelor publican & farmer Corenny. Father: Roger McClean farmer


Margaret Ruddy full age spinster Drumcrow. Father: not given

Witnesses: Daniel Fitzpatrick & Thomas Robinson

24 Feb 18 1846

James McIlroy full age bachelor baker & grocer Coalisland. Father: Alexander McIlroy farmer


Margaret Robinson full age spinster Derrymain. Father: John Robinson farmer & draper

Witnesses: William B. Newell? & John McDonald

25 Mar 15 1846

Thomas Burns 20 years bachelor farmer Ballinakelly. Father: William Burns potter & farmer


Jane Kerr full age spinster Dree. Father: Benjamin Kerr draper

Witnesses: James Kerr & Thomas Cross

26 Mar 27 1846

Enoch Bradley full age bachelor farmer Drumart. Father: William Bradley farmer


Elizabeth Bowen full age spinster Tamnamore. Father: Thomas Bowen farmer

Witnesses: John Bowen & Dawson Hazleton

27 Apr 29 1846

Robert Blair full age bachelor weaver Drumkee. Father: not given & deceased


Anne Eliza Watters full age spinster Coash. Father: Alexander Watters weaver

Witnesses: James Richardson & William Hickie

28 Jun 11 1846

William Carr Boyd 26 years bachelor student Dungannon. Father: not given


Charlotte Mary Anne McEvoy 19 years spinster Tartlaghan. Father: Benjamin McEvoy surgeon

Witnesses: Benjamin McAvoy & William James Mines?

29 Sep 4 1846

James McLoughlin 35 years bachelor soldier Charlemont Fort. Father: James McLoughlin farmer (deceased)


Mary Anne Kelly 19 years spinster Tamnamore. Father: Matthew Kelly carpenter

Witnesses: Thomas Kelly & H. McLoughlin

30 Oct 16 1846

Andrew Wigton full age bachelor weaver Laghey. Father: Andrew Wigton taylor


Anne Jane Rogers full age spinster Laghey. Father: Abraham Rogers taylor

Witnesses: Joseph Wigton & William Hickey

31 Nov 13 1846

John Robinson full age bachelor farmer Dree. Father: John Robinson farmer


Anne Ennis full age spinster Drumenagh. Father: Robert Ennis farmer

Witnesses: James Kerr Skelton & John Skelton

32 Nov 22 1846

Robert Gillis 23 years bachelor weaver Parish of Tullyniskan. Father: Andrew Gillis weaver


Anne Williamson 20 years spinster Drumkee. Father: David Williamson weaver

Witnesses: James Gillis & Joseph Williamson

33 Jan 6 1847

James McLoughlin 55 years bachelor weaver Drumenagh. Father: Charles McLoughlin weaver


Mary McCausland 42 years spinster Drumenagh. Father: Oliver McCausland farmer

Witnesses: William Hickie & John Mills

34 Jan 7 1847

George Hall full age bachelor farmer Parish of Clonfeacle. Father: Moses Hall farmer


Margaret Cherry full age spinster Derryhirk Townland. Father: Robert Cherry farmer

Witnesses: Thomas? Cherry & John Dobson?

35 Feb 5 1847

Thomas Cardwell 25 years bachelor farmer Corr. Father: William Cardwell farmer


Rachel Spiers full age spinster Corr. Father: Robert Spiers farmer

Witnesses: Edward Clements & George Dilworth

36 Feb 11 1847

Francis Hyde 30 years bachelor farmer Parish of Clonfeacle, Townland of Copney. Father: Francis Hyde farmer


Mary Jane Hayes 18 years spinster address not given. Father: Thomas Hayes farmer

Witnesses: Jeremiah Hall & George Gilpin

37 Mar 25 1847

James Blevins 20 years bachelor farmer Mullinakill. Father: David Blevins farmer


Anne Boyse 20 years spinster Derry…….? Father: William Boyse labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Boyse & Thomas Davison?

38 Mar 30 1847

James Blevins 21 years bachelor weaver Mullinakill. Father: William Blevins farmer


Mary Jane Wright? 21 years spinster Tamlaghtmore. Father: William Wright weaver

Witnesses: Robert …..? & William James Barlow

39 May 5 1847

Thomas Marshall 24 years bachelor labourer Moy. Father: John Marshall carpenter


Catherine Sandford 22 years spinster Cohanan. Father: William Sandford weaver

Witnesses: William Hickie & Alexander Sandford

40 May 10 1847

Abraham Dawson 40 years bachelor thatcher Moyroe. Father: David Dawson tailor


Charles Frazer 28 years spinster Moyroe. Father William Frazer weaver

Witnesses: Willie Hickie & John Mills

41 Jun 2 1847

Robert Corrigan full age bachelor farmer Charlemont. Father: Robert Corrigan farmer


Eleanor Bewglass full age spinster Trew. Father: William Bewglass farmer

Witnesses: David Bewglass & John Clark

42 Jun 28 1847

Robert Fulton 58 years bachelor weaver Laghey. Father: William Fulton farmer


Mary Rice 53 years Laghey. Father: Edward Rice farmer

Witnesses: William …..? & George Fulton

43 Jul 28 1847

John Ker full age bachelor dealer Charlemont. Father: John Ker farmer


Anne Bewglas full age spinster Trew. Father: William Bewglas farmer

Witnesses: David Barry & Robert Bewglas

44 Aug 20 1847

James Sampson full age bachelor chandler Turleenan?, Moy. Father: William Sampson farmer


Mary Courtney full age spinster Tempenroe. Father: Anthony Courtney farmer

Witnesses: Anthony Courtney & John Dobson

45 Sep 6 1847

Henry Haddock full age widower farmer Lowertown. Father: Isiah Haddock farmer


Hanna Ramsay full age spinster servant Lowertown. Father: John Ramsay farmer

Witnesses: Alfred Hickie & Robert Henderson

46 Sep 29 1847

Edward Dawson 23 years bachelor farmer Bovan. Father: John Dawson farmer


Mary Lee 23 years spinster Bovan. Father: John Lee weaver

Witnesses: Alfred Hickie & John……?

47 Oct 22 1847

John Chapman 24 years bachelor farmer Lowertown. Father: John Chapman farmer


Susanna Cardwell 20 years spinster Derrybuoy Corr. Father: William Cardwell farmer

Witnesses: George Dilworth & George McDonnell?

48 Sep 2 1847

John Latimer 22 years bachelor blacksmith Tamlaghmore? Father: Samuel Latimer blacksmith


Mary Jane Murray full age spinster Tamlaghmore? Father: William Murray farmer

Witnesses: Francis Bradley? & Thomas Bowen

49 Dec 4 1847

James Blevins Full age bachelor farmer Tamlaghmore?. Father: David Blevins weaver


Eliza Millar full age widow Parish of Clonfeacle. Father: John Millar farmer

Witnesses: William …...? & William Mills

40 Dec 1 1847

Peter Dilworth 22 years bachelor farmer Ballinakilly .Father: John Dilworth farmer


Grace Richardson 20 years Tartlaghan. Father: William Richardson farmer

Witnesses: George Dilworth & John Collins?

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