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Donagheady Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1754-64

Extracted from the register of marriages kept by the Rev. George Bracegirdle
Thanks to Faye Logue, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia for access to her personal records
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Site of the pre-Reformation church: Old Donagheady Church (St. Caidinus) and Graveyard, Church-hill, Donemana, Co. Tyrone.
Photo: acknowledgement to Kenneth Allen

Marriages, 1697-1726, 1754-64 and 1826-44; marriage licences, 1817 and 1829-53; , have been filmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast, where they are available for consultation (Microfilm # MIC 1/35 & CR1/26)






Date Marriage
Mar 6 William Kilgore of this parish & Jane Martin of Leck-patrick
Mar 19 Derby White & Sarah O’Kirlan both of this parish
Mar 21 William Patterson & Isabel Clemens both of this parish
Apr 25 Joseph Gilbreath [Galbraith] of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] & Jenet McFarland of this parish
Jun 27 Philip O’Dougherty & Catharine Brolly both of this parish
Sep 3 John Hunter of this parish and Sarah Gibson of Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
Sep 17 Samuel Thompson & Mary Ewing both of this parish
Sep 20 Hugh Work & Mary McDonnel both of this parish
Nov 13 James Wilson & Susanna Heyly [Healey?] both of this parish
Dec 12 Archibald Read of Tamlaghtfinlagan [Co. Londonderry] & Isabel Hamilton of this parish
Dec 19 William McDonald & Mary Rodagh [Roddy] both of this parish



Date Marriage
Jan 10 William Mahavey [Mahaffy] & Elenor Monachan [Monaghan] both of this parish
Apr 3 William Blackburne & Ann McEntire both of this parish
Apr13 George Forsythe & Sarah McKervan? both of the parish
Jun 5 Robert Lion of Urney [Parish] & Martha Jack of this parish by license
Jun 11 Charles Young & Jane McGhee both of this parish
Jul 3 Robert Hughey & Martha Brown both of this parish
Aug 11 John Gamble & Margaret Blair both of this parish
Aug 14 Robert Davies & Jenet Rankin both of this parish
Sep 2 Alexander Gilmore of Drumore [Dromore] & Isabel Bell of this parish
Sep 28 William O’Glackan & Mary Keil [Kyle] both of this parish
Sep 29 George Boyd & Catharine Hamilton both of this parish
Sep 29 Robert McMorris of this parish & Catharine McMorris of Badony [Parish]
Dec 11 Edward Patchell of Benone [Bunowen] & Eleanor Jeffrey both of this parish by license



Date Marriage
Jun 20 William Brown bachelor & Mary Chamberlain spinster both of Dullerton in this parish by license
Sep 13 Robert Osborn of Bovevagh [Co. Londonderry] & Ann Leslie of Tillyard [Tulliard] in Donoghkiddy by license
Nov 14 John Knobbs of Greystone & Sarah Hamilton of Cloudstown [Gloudstown] both of Donoghkiddy by license
Nov 18 George Kellaghan [Callaghan] & Margaret McMitchell of Gobnascale, Donoghkiddy by license
Nov 21 James Cunningham of Creaghan & Elizabeth Polelack [Pollock] of Cullan [Cullion], Donoghkiddy with banns



Date Marriage
Jan 26 William Smith bachelor Edan & Sarah Martin spinster of ________ in Donoghkiddy by license in Strabane Church
Jan 30 Robert Linn bachelor & Isabel Callagh[ McCullagh?] spinster both of Castlewarren with banns
Mar 25 Joseph McIntyre of Donoghkiddy bachelor & Jane Young of Templemore [Londonderry] in Strabane Church
Apr 27 James Young bachelor & Margaret Hamilton spinster both of Donoghkiddy by license
Sep 4 Richard Bond parish of Cumber & Charity Polluck [Pollock] of Castlewarren Donoghkiddy with banns
Sep 24 Alexander Walker of Liscleen in Donoghkiddy bachelor & Margaret Hay spinster of Leck-patrick spinster by license



Date Marriage
Jan 1 George McFarland bachelor Lough-Ash [Loughash] & Jane Mitchell of Liscleen both of Donoghkiddy after publication of Banns
Jan 22 Ferrol McGhee bachelor & Isabel Forbes spinster both of Lisbonetiveny in Donoghkiddy with Banns
Oct 29 John McCleery bachelor of Tavanaclare [Tamnaclare] & Jane McDale spinster of Tavanagh Sollice [Tamnasollus/ Sollus?]in Donoghkiddy with Banns
Oct 29 John Muldouan [Muldoon?] widower of Ballinacross & Margaret Gormley widow Ballinamallaght in Donoghkiddy with Banns
Dec 24 Arthur White bachelor Dunnimana [Donemana] & Sarah Hamilton of Grange spinster both of the parish of Donoghkiddy after publication of Banns
Dec 24 John Falkender [Faulkner] bachelor & Anne McLaughlin widow both of Burndennet Mill-town in Donoghkiddy with Banns



Date Marriage
Feb 25 John Mills & Jane Young both of Donoghkiddy by license
May 20 George O’Donnel of Killany bachelor & Jennet Hunter of Killycluney [Killyclooney] spinster with Banns
Sep 2 William Cook of Killycluney bachelor & Mary Colhoun of Faney spinster with Banns
Sep 30 John Camrell? of Benone [Bunowen] & Margaret McCrossan spinster of Leatt with Banns
Dec 4 Hugh Brown bachelor & Jane Smith spinster both Aughefadd by license
Dec 28 John Calfrey of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] bachelor & Rebecca Towers of Outermuigh [Aughtermoy] in Donoghkiddy spinster by license



Date Marriage
Jan 2 Bernard Sharp Londonderry bachelor & Jane Donaldson of Tavanaghbrean [Tamnabryan], Donoghkiddy spinster with license
May 11 John Hagerty of Tirconnelly & Mary Tompson of Munnikenan [Moneycannon], Donoghkiddy with Banns
May 25 George Mitchell bachelor & Elizabeth Qualtrough spinster Tavanagh Sollice [Tamnasollus/ Sollus?] in Donoghkiddy with Banns



Date Marriage
Jan 23 Andrew Dunn of Cullan [Cullion] bachelor & Jane Hamilton Gorteveagh spinster in this parish with license
Jan 25 Samuel Erwin widower Benone [Bunowen] & Mary Hamilton of Leitrim spinster with publication of Banns
May 13 Daniel Jack of Lisnarrow bachelor & Margaret Walker of Tirconnelly spinster both of Donoghkiddy by license in the parish church of Strabane
Jun 4 James Dunn bachelor Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls] & Ann Gallaghar [Gallagher] spinster Lisdiven in Donoghkiddy after publication of Banns
Dec 13 Oliver Dunn of Glennoch [Glenlough?, Parish of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] & Martha Davison of Gorteveagh in Donaghkiddy spinster by license



Date Marriage
Feb 20 Arthur O’Divin bachelor Faney [Fawney] & Rebecca Klendinnen [Clendinning] of Creaghan spinster both of Donoghkiddy with banns
Apr 13 George Williams Benone [Bunowen] bachelor & Sarah McFarland of Church-Hill spinster both Donoghkiddy after banns
Oct 17 John McLaughlin of the parish of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] & Isabella Gilkinson widow of Gorteveagh in Donoghkiddy with license



Date Marriage
Feb 13 Darby O’Daly bachelor Cloghbuiy [Cloghboy] & Ann Keene Gorteveagh spinster both of this parish after Banns
Apr 5 William Creag [Craig] bachelor parish of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] & Margaret Maxwell spinster of Tyrcharnhakan [Tirkernaghan]
Sep 22 William Caldwell bachelor Ballybogan, Lifford, Clonleigh [Parish, Co. Donegal] & Jane Hamilton spinster Glennagoorland, Donoghkiddy with license
Sep 25 Duncan McKelvies [McKelvey] bachelor of Badony [Bodony Parish] & Eleanor Crawford spinster Gortmellon, Donoghkiddy after Banns
Oct 20 John Lighton bachelor Raspberry-Hill, Comber [Cumber, Co. Londonderry] & Ann McCrossan spinster Carnagribben in this parish with license
Dec 15 Duncan McDonald of Liscleen bachelor & Mary Brolly Benoan [Bunowen], spinster both Donoghkiddy after publication of Banns in Strabane Church



Date Marriage
Feb 26 John Mullan bachelor of Benone [Bunowen] & Eliza Gilbraith [Galbraith] spinster of Faney [Fawney] both Donoghkiddy after publication of Banns
Jun 27 John Arthur bachelor of the parish of Ardstraw to Elizabeth Dunn spinster of Glennagoorland in the parish of Donoghkiddy with license in the Church of Strabane
Jul 1 Thomas Bond bachelor in the parish of Cumber [Co. Londonderry] to Catharine Hall spinster of Sandville in the Parish of Donoghkiddy by licence
Sep 22 Robert Cary of Cloghogal bachelor to Ann Hamilton of Prospect spinster of this parish by license
Nov 4 Charles Morrison of Drumgatty [Drumgautty] to Mary McDonald spinster of Grange with Banns