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Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriage Announcements 1861-69

Marriages recorded in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

March 1 1861

December 18, in St. Thomas's Church, Essendon, Australia, MR. SAMUEL JONES, of Flemington, to MARY BRISBANE BURNS, youngest daughter of MR. THOMAS BURNS, Cookstown, county Tyrone, Ireland

June 28 1861

June 17, in Newtownbreda Church, by the Rev. Mr. Kinahan, MR. ROBERT CLARKE, Belfast, to MISS STEENSON, formerly of Cookstown, county Tyrone

August 23 1861

August 15, in Wargrave Church, Lancashire, by the Rev. J. Whitely, Rector, ROBERT MAGILL, ESQ., solicitor, Cookstown, son of S.R. MAGILL, ESQ., J.P., Crieve, to MARIANNE, daughter of the late JOHN STEPHENS, ESQ., Borrowstouness, N.B

September 20 1861

On the 12th September, in the Presbyterian Church, Claggin, by the Rev. Henry McCaw, MR. THOMAS BELL, of Derycramy, to SARAH ANN, the daughter of MR. JAMES HARKNESS, of Crevagh, near Cookstown

November 1 1861

October 24, at Richhill Church [Co. Armagh], by the Rev. James Jones, MR. RICHARD CLUFF, Cookstown, to FANNY ANNE, third daughter of WILLIAM JENKINSON, ESQ., Mountpleasant, Richhill

February 14 1862

February 12, in Armagh Cathedral, by the Rev. J.W. Murray, L.L.B., ALEXANDER CUTHBERT, ESQ., M.D., Waterside, Londonderry, to HARRIETTE ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of WILLIAM MAGILL, ESQ., Dunmore House, Cookstown

August 8 1862

July 31, in the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. H.B. Wilson, MR. SAMUEL BEATTIE, Lurganbuoy, to MISS MARTHA ANNE BEATTIE, Tullywiggan, Cookstown

September 12 1862

Sept. 4, in Lissan Church, by the Rev. Samuel George Potter, brother in law to the bride, THOMAS WAGGETT, ESQ., of CourtmacSherry [Co. Cork], only son of the late REV. THOMAS WAGGETT, of Rathclarin, county Cork, to CATHERINE, second daughter of the late SAMUEL RANKIN MAGILL, ESQ., J.P., of Creeve, Cookstown, county of Tyrone

January 23 1863

January 15, at the Presbyterian Church, Kildress, by the Rev. Mr. Rea, MR. RICHARD CHARLES, of London, third son of MR. WILLIAM CHARLES, Desertmartin, to MISS M.J. FRAZER, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN FRAZER, Kildress, Cookstown

January 30 1863

On the 11th September, in St. Mary's Church, Parnell, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of New Zealand, HARKNESS, eighth son of DR. JAMES HAMILTON, formerly of Cookstown, Ireland, to MARY ANN, second daughter of WILLIAM BUCHANAN, ESQ., J.P., Tara, Bendemeer, New England, New South Wales [Australia]

May 29 1863

On the 26th May, in Cookstown, by the Rev. Lawrence A. Byrne, Curate of South Ardtrea, MR. JAMES HUGHES, proprietor of the Northland Arms Hotel, Dungannon, the eldest son of MR. JOHN HUGHES, of Killilea, Armagh, to ELIZABETH, the youngest daughter of MR. WILLIAM HARBISON, of Moneymore [Co. Londonderry]

September 29 1863

September 24, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. William Gordon, of Gilford, county Down, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J.P. Wilson, of Cookstown, MR. ROBERT WHITE, of Mulariffey [Mullagacreevy?], Castlecaulfield, to ANNA MARIA, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, Grange, Cookstown

February 19 1864

February 16, at Dungannon, BENJAMIN GLASGOW, Drapersfield, Cookstown, to WILHELMINA, eldest daughter of RICHARD PIKE, ESQ., Beechgrove, Dungannon

March 8 1864

March 3, at the Presbyterian Church, Claggin, by the Rev. Henry McCaw, MR. WILLIAM JOHNSON, Cookstown, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. THOMAS JOHNSON, Killybaskey [Co. Londonderry]

March 18 1864

March 8, in Cookstown Church, by the Rev. Mr. Crawford, MR. NATHANIEL COLQUHOUN, of Cookstown, to CATHERINE ANN, eldest daughter of JOHN DURHAM, ESQ., of Waterard [Oughterard], and niece of DOCTOR DURHAM, of Bombay

March 25 1864

March 21, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. John P. Wilson, MR. JOHN MOFFIT, to SARAH, third daughter of the late MR. JAMES LAMONT, both of Cookstown

April 1 1864

March 29, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. John P. Wilson, MR. ARTHUR GOURLAY, Unagh, near Cookstown, to SARAH, daughter of the late MR. ARCHIBALD McCLEAN, Cloughfin, near Magherafelt

April 15 1864

April 7, in the Wesleyan Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. E. Harper, MR. WILLIAM HOEY, to JANE, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM SCOTT, Cookstown

June 14 1864

June 7, in the Wesleyan Chapel of Cookstown, by the Rev. E. Harper, MR. JOHN FERGUSON, to MISS SARAH B. CHARLES, both of Cookstown

July 1 1864

June 24, in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Ballinderry, by the Rev. James McGeough, P.P., MR. JAMES McCLUSKEY Fearron [Feegarron?], Cookstown, to JANE, only surviving daughter of MR. ANTHONY MALONE Mullan, Tyrone

October 4 1864

September 28, at the Wesleyan Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. George Barnes, MR. ADAM McCAMISH, Drumbanaway, to MISS ELIZA McCAMISH, Coolreaghs

December 2 1864

November 24, in Stewartstown Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. P. Sleane, P.P., assisted by the Rev. P.J. Byrne, C.C., HUGH McALEER, ESQ., of Cookstown, to MARGARET, third daughter of MR. JOHN MULDOON, Drumadds House, county Tyrone

January 27 1865

On the 19th November, at Christ Church, City of Victoria [Canada], by the Rev. E. Cridge, WILLIAM BROOK NAYLOR, ESQ., High Sheriff of Vancouver Island, Canada, to JANE, eldest daughter of JOHN GLASSEY, ESQ., of Cookstown, county Tyrone

June 20 1865

June 13, in the Presbyterian Church, Pomeroy, by the Rev. David McKinney, assisted by the Rev. John W. Aiken, EDWARD LIDDLE, merchant, Cookstown, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of JAMES CROTHERS, ESQ., Edenvale, Pomeroy

August 22 1865

August 15, in the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev., H.B. Wilson, CHARLES WOODGER, ESQ., Armagh, to MATILDA, daughter of SAMUEL SEATON, ESQ., Tullywiggan, county Tyrone

September 8 1865

At the 7th Avenue United Presbyterian Church, New York, Rev. James Harper's, D.D., on the 3rd ult., by the bridegroom's father, Rev. T. Goodwillie, D.D., of Barnet, Vermont, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Wells of Brooklyn, DR. D.H. GOODWILLIE, of New York, to ANNIE E., eldest daughter of JAMES McGAY, Esq., of said City, and granddaughter of the late JAMES McGAY, ESQ., of Cookstown, and of the late ROBERT BLACK, ESQ., formerly of New Row, Coleraine

September 10 1865

October 3, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Cookstown, by the Rev. Thomas Cooke, Magherafelt, JOHN E. REILLY, Belfast, to AGNES, only daughter of GEORGE G. SINCLAIR, Cookstown

October 13 1865

October 4, at the Parish Church, Drumglass, by the Rev. William Quain, A.M., Rector, THOMAS BIRNEY, youngest son of the late JAMES BRUCE POWELL, ESQ., of Cookstown, formerly Lieutenant in her Majesty's 12th Regiment, to FRANCES CARLETON, youngest daughter of CORNELIUS CARLETON DAVIDSON, ESQ., of Dungannon, solicitor

October 20 1865

October 18, at the Parish Church, Carrickfergus [Co Antrim], by the Rev. James Meighan, ROBERT STARKE, ESQ., Manager Belfast Bank Branch, to MARGARET, relict of the late HENRY NEWTON, ESQ., both of Cookstown

February 6 1866

February 1, in the Roman Catholic Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. H. McCrystal, P.P., MR. P. CORCORAN, to MISS ANNIE HENRY, both of Cookstown

March 6 1866

March 1, in the Second Presbyterian Church [Cookstown], by the Rev. John P. Wilson, SAMUEL FLEMING, ESQ., Surgeon, Newtownlimavady, to MARGARET, daughter of the late MR. STEWART CHARLES, of Cookstown

March 9 1866

March 6, at Ballyrashane [Co. Londonderry] Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Beatty, A.M., MR. WILLIAM SMITH, Cookstown, to MARGARET SOPHIA, daughter of MR. JAMES BEATTY, Cabra

July 27 1866

On the 18th July, at the Presbyterian Church, Eglish, by the Rev. D.G. Smith, MR. WILLIAM DUNLOP, of Cookstown, to SARAH, eldest daughter of MR. ANTHONY SHILLINGTON, of Lismulreavy, near Dungannon

September 18 1866

September 13, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Cookstown, by the Rev. Peter J. Byrne, C.C., assisted by the Rev Thomas Keelan, C.C., MR. JOSEPH FALLS, Drumballyhugh, to SUSANNA, eldest daughter of MR. E. QUIN, of Galcussa, Rock, Dungannon

October 12 1866

On the 9th October, in St. Stephen's Church, Dublin, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, assisted by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Kildare, WILLIAM ALEXANDER GUNNING, ESQ., Loy House, Cookstown, county Tyrone, son of JOHN GUNNING, ESQ., Stranorlar, county Donegal, to INA, daughter of the REV. ALEXANDER PATRICK HANLON, LL.D., Vicar of Mountshannon, county Galway

November 13 1866

November 8, in the Donaghey Congregational Church, near Cookstown, by the Rev. Hugh Kelso, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, son of ALEXANDER GIBSON, ESQ., Derrygonigan, to MARGARET JANE, daughter of WILLIAM GIBSON, ESQ., Ballywhillen, near Stewartstown

November 30 1866

November 24, at Magherafelt Presbyterian Church [Londonderry], by the Rev. Mr. Montgomery, HENRY, son of MR. ROBERT HAMILTON, Cookstown, to ESTHER, daughter of MR. JAMES CATHCART, of Ballymackelveny, near Magherafelt [Co. Londonderry]

December 25 1866

December 20, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Cookstown, by the Very Rev. Canon McCristal, P.P., MR. JOSEPH McALEER, Cookstown, to MARY RAPHAEL, eldest daughter of MR. BERNARD MALLON, Cookstown and Magherafelt

January 1 1867

December 27, in the Wesleyan Church, Dunkaneely [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. John Wilson, assisted by the Rev. Robert Collier, THOMAS PAUL, ESQ., Cookstown, county Tyrone, to JANE, daughter of WILLIAM NcNEELY, ESQ

April 26 1867

On the 16th April, in the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. John Gilmore, MR. CHARLES POLLOCK, Rehan [Reaghan], to RACHEL, daughter of JAMES DICKSON, ESQ., of Tulnacross House, Cookstown

May 7 1867

May 3, in the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. H.B. Wilson, RITCHIE BROOKS, Sergeant Londonderry Militia Staff, to MARTHA, second daughter of the late MR. JOSEPH HAMILTON, Aughlish

July 9 1867

July 4, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Maghera, by the Rev. Wilson J. Storey, THOMAS DERBY, ESQ., Cookstown, to MARY ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of JAMES LYLE, ESQ., Maghera

August 6 1867

August 1, at St. John's Church, Moneymore [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. W. Sparrow, MR. DAVID SIMPSON, Belfast, to HESTER, youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM CHARLES, ESQ., Cookstown

October 1 1867

September 24, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Comber [Co. Down], by the Rev. Dr. Coulter, MR. ALEXANDER SMYTH, Grange, Cookstown, to MISS MARGARET STEELE, Comber

December 31 1867

December 26, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. J.P. Wilson, MR. ALEXANDER MOORE, Londonderry, to MISS HELEN IRELAND GORDON, Killycolp House, Cookstown

January 7 1868

January 1, at the Presbyterian Church, Lecumpher [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. James Wilson, father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. John Wilson, Killala, and the Rev. Silas E. Wilson, Dromore West, brothers of the bride, the REV. JOHN PURSE WILSON, Cookstown, to ELIZA WEIR, the only daughter of the REV. JAMES WILSON, Lecumpher [Co. Londonderry]

March 13 1868

March 9, in Garvagh Church [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. Mitchell Smyth, Ballintemple, MR. WILLIAM CHARLES, Cookstown, county Tyrone, to MISS ELEANOR MATILDA WILLIAMS, eldest daughter of THOMAS WILLIAMS, ESQ., Cahir, county Tipperary

June 16 1868

June 9, at Christ Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Robert Hannay, ERNEST S. TOOVEY, St. Helier's, Ballyholme, Bangor [Co. Down], to MARY, only daughter of DAVID JOHN HAMILTON, ESQ., M.D., Cookstown, county Tyrone

June 26 1868

June 22, in the Presbyterian Church, Orritor, by the Rev. J. Knox Leslie, JOSEPH BLACK, to ANNIE, only daughter of MR. J. GOURLEY, Cookstown

July 28 1868

July 21, at the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. Charles L. Morell, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, assisted by the father of the bride, WILLIAM, son of JOHN MACPHERSON, ESQ., Helena House, Fitzroy, Melbourne [Australia], to MARY MOFFAT, daughter of the REV. H.B. WILSON, Cookstown

May 21 1869

May 14, at the Congregational Meeting House, Donaghey, near Cookstown, by the Rev. Hugh Kelso, MR. JOHN EDMONDS, to ELIZA, daughter of MR. WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN, Largy, near Stewartstown

September 14 1869

Sept. 8, at the First Presbyterian Church, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. R.W. Fleming, MR. WILLIAM GRANT, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, to JANE, daughter of MR. JAMES BOLE, Cookstown