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Born Co. Tyrone; Married Australia

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Co. Tyrone Person Spouse Date Submitter
McCamey, Madeline Robinson, Giles Escott 1868 Lalah Simpson
McCrae, Mary Anne Rutherford, Gideon 1847 Bonnie Jordan
Rutherford, Gideon McCrae, Mary Anne 1847 Bonnie Jordan
Shankelton, Joseph Smith, Annie 1892 Ian Smythe
Smith, Annie Shankelton, Joseph 1892 Ian Smythe

SHANKELTON - SMITH - Mar.16 1882, at the Woollahra Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Walker, Joseph, eldest surviving son of Robert Shankelton of Raw, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie, eldest daughter of James Smith, deceased, of Annagarvey, County Tyrone, Ireland. - The Sydney Morning Herald, April 9, 1892.

ROBINSON-McCAMEY - On the 8th of October, by the Rev. W.C. Howard, at Beechworth. Giles Escott Robinson, to Madeline, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert McCamey, County Tyrone, Ireland. Ovens and Murray Advertiser, Beechworth Saturday 10 October, 1868.

Rutherford - McCrae - At Geelong, 21st instant, by the Rev. Andrew Love, Presbyterian Minister, Gideon Rutherford, Esq., Avoca, to Mary Anne, third daughter of Archibald McCrae, Esq., Strabane, Ireland. Source: recorded in the Melbourne Argus, 29 January 1847