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Parish & Townland Maps, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland: Alpha by Townland

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Maps submitted by
Boyd Gray - West Ulster Genealogy Services


This file of TOWNLANDS & MAPS OF PARISHES, COUNTY LONDONDERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy  A complete list of records pertaining to TOWNLANDS & MAPS OF LONDONDERRY PARISHES on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Townland Parish Barony  
Aghadowey Aghadowey Coleraine  
Aghagaskin Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Aghanloo Glebe Aghanloo Keenaght  
Aghansillagh Balteagh Keenaght  
Alla Upper Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Altaghoney Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Altduff Errigal Coleraine  
Altibryan Formoyle Coleraine  
Altikeeragh Dunboe Coleraine  
Altinure Upper Learmount Tirkeeran  
Altnagelvin Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Annagh and Moneysterling Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Annaghmore Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Annahavil Arboe Loughinsholin  
Ardagh Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ardgarvan Drumachose Keenaght  
Ardground Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Ardina Dunboe Coleraine  
Ardinarive Bovevagh Keenaght  
Ardkill Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ardlough Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ardmore Balteagh Keenaght  
Ardmore Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ardnabrocky Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ardnaguniog Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Ardnargle Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ardreagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ardvarness Macosquin Coleraine  
Articlave Upper Dunboe Coleraine  
Articrunaght South Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Artidillon Dunboe Coleraine  
Artikelly Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ashlamaduff Dungiven Keenaght  
Aughill Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Aughill Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Aughlish Banagher Tirkeeran  
Aughrim Artrea Loughinsholin  
Avish Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Avish Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Avish Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Back Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballinderry Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ballinderry Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Ballindreen Irish Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballindreen Scotch Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballindrum Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballinrees Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballinrees Formoyle Coleraine  
Ballintaggart Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballinteer South Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballintemple Errigal Coleraine  
Ballougry Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballyagan Desertoghill Coleraine  
Ballyaghran Glebe Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyarnet Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballyartan Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyartan Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Ballyavelin North Drumachose Keenaght  
Ballyavelin South Balteagh Keenaght  
Ballybriest Lissan Loughinsholin  
Ballybrisell Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballybritain Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballycaghan Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballycairn Killowen Coleraine  
Ballycallaghan Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Ballycarton Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballycastle Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballyclaber Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyclough Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballycomlargy Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Ballycrum Drumachose Keenaght  
Ballydarrog Carrick Keenaght  
Ballydawley Tamlaght Loughinsholin  
Ballydawley or Crosspatrick Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballydermot Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Ballydevitt Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballydonegan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Ballydonnell Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ballydullaghan Desertoghill Coleraine  
Ballyeglish Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyforlea Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Ballygallin Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballygan Upper Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballygawley Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballygelagh East Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballygelagh West Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballygillen More Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballygonny More Arboe Loughinsholin  
Ballygroll Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Ballygruby Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballygudden Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Ballyguddin Dungiven Keenaght  
Ballygurk Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyhanedin Banagher Tirkeeran  
Ballyhanna Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballyharigan Bovevagh Keenaght  
Ballyheifer Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Ballyhenry East Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballyhenry West Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballyholly Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Ballykeen Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballykelly Level Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballyknock Killelagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballylagan Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballylagan North Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballylagan South Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballylame Desertoghill Coleraine  
Ballyleagry Balteagh Keenaght  
Ballyleese South Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyleighery Upper Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballyleighery Upper Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballylifford Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ballylintagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballyloughan Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Ballymacallion Dungiven Keenaght  
Ballymacilcurr Maghera Loughinsholin  
Ballymaclanigan Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Ballymaclary Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballymaclary Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballymaclevennon West Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballymacombs More Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Ballymacpeake Lower Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Ballymacpeake Upper Maghera Loughinsholin  
Ballymacpherson Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Ballymacran Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballymadigan Dunboe Coleraine  
Ballymaglin Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballymagoland Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballymagoland Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballymagowan Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballymagrorty (White House) Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballymaguigan Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballymakeever Dungiven Keenaght  
Ballymenagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballymenagh Desertoghill Coleraine  
Ballymoghan More Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Ballymonan Dungiven Keenaght  
Ballymoney Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ballymoney Bovevagh Keenaght  
Ballymoney Dunboe Coleraine  
Ballymore Carrick Keenaght  
Ballymoyle Tamlaght Loughinsholin  
Ballymuckleheany Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Ballymulderg More Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballymulholland Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballymulholland Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballymulligan Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballymully Balteagh Keenaght  
Ballymully Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Ballymultimber Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballymultimber Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballymultrea Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ballynacally More Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballynacanon Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballynacross Maghera Loughinsholin  
Ballynag Lower Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballynag Upper Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballynagalliagh Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballynagard Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballynagarve Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballynagown Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Ballynahery Drumachose Keenaght  
Ballynahone Beg Maghera Loughinsholin  
Ballynahone More Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Ballynameen Desertoghill Coleraine  
Ballynamore Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Ballynascreen Glebe Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Ballynashallog Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ballynease Macpeake Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Ballyneill More Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballynenagh Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyness Dungiven Keenaght  
Ballyness Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballynewy Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballynian Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Ballynocker Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Ballynure Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Ballyoan Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ballyore Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ballyquin Carrick Keenaght  
Ballyrashane Glebe Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyreagh Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyriff Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyrisk More Drumachose Keenaght  
Ballyrogan Errigal Coleraine  
Ballyrogully Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyronan Beg Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Ballyronan More Artrea Loughinsholin  
Ballyrory Learmount Tirkeeran  
Ballysally Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyscullion Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Ballyscullion Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ballyscullion West Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Ballyshasky Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ballyspallan Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Ballystrone Formoyle Coleraine  
Ballyvelton Upper Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballyvennox Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballyversall Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballywildrick Upper Dunboe Coleraine  
Ballywilliam Macosquin Coleraine  
Ballywillin Aghadowey Coleraine  
Ballywillin Bog Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballywillin Glebe Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballywindelland Lower Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballywindelland Upper Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ballywoodock Dunboe Coleraine  
Ballywoolen Dunboe Coleraine  
Balteagh Upper Macosquin Coleraine  
Baltreagh Glebe Balteagh Keenaght  
Bancran Glebe Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Bannbrook Upper Dunboe Coleraine  
Barnakilly Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Barr Cregg Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Beagh (Spiritual) Maghera Loughinsholin  
Beagh (Temporal) Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Belagherty Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Belgarrow Formoyle Coleraine  
Bellany Dunboe Coleraine  
Bellarena Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Bellarena Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Bellasses Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Bellemont North Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Bellury Desertoghill Coleraine  
Belraugh Errigal Coleraine  
Bennarees Dunboe Coleraine  
Benone Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Benone Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Big Glebe Dunboe Coleraine  
Binn Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Black Brae (Intake) Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Blagh Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Blakes Upper Dunboe Coleraine  
Bogagh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Boghilboy Desertoghill Coleraine  
Boghill Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Bogtown Dunboe Coleraine  
Bolea Drumachose Keenaght  
Boleran Errigal Coleraine  
Bolie Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Bolies Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Bonnanaboigh Bovevagh Keenaght  
Bovagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Bovally Drumachose Keenaght  
Boveagh Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Bovedy Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Bovevagh Bovevagh Keenaght  
Bovevagh Glebe Bovevagh Keenaght  
Boviel Dungiven Keenaght  
Bracaghreilly Maghera Loughinsholin  
Brackagh Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Brackagh Lissan Loughinsholin  
Brackagh Slieve Gallion Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Brackaghlislea Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Brackfield Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Bratwell Formoyle Coleraine  
Brickkilns Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Brishey Dungiven Keenaght  
Broad Isle Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Broagh Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Brockagh Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Brockagh Errigal Coleraine  
Brockaghboy Errigal Coleraine  
Broglasco Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Broharris Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Broighter Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Burnally Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Burren Beg Dunboe Coleraine  
Burren More Dunboe Coleraine  
Bushtown Macosquin Coleraine  
Cabragh Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Cah Errigal Coleraine  
Caheny Aghadowey Coleraine  
Cahery Drumachose Keenaght  
Cahore Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Calmore Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Cam Macosquin Coleraine  
Camnish Bovevagh Keenaght  
Campsey Upper Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Camus Macosquin Coleraine  
Camus Macosquin Glebe Macosquin Coleraine  
Caneese Lissan Loughinsholin  
Cappagh More Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Carbalintober Desertoghill Coleraine  
Carbullion Aghanloo Keenaght  
Carlaragh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Carmean Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Carmoney Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Carn Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Carn Dungiven Keenaght  
Carnaboy Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Carnafarn Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Carnakilly Upper Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Carnalbanagh Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Carnalridge Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Carnamoney Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Carnamuff Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Carnanbane Banagher Tirkeeran  
Carnanbane Learmount Tirkeeran  
Carnanee Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Carnanreagh Learmount Tirkeeran  
Carncose Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Carndaisy Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Carndougan Macosquin Coleraine  
Carneety Dunboe Coleraine  
Carnet Balteagh Keenaght  
Carnowry Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Carnowry Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Carnrallagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Carrakeel Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Carraloan Glebe Artrea Loughinsholin  
Carran Drumachose Keenaght  
Carranroe Aghadowey Coleraine  
Carrick Carrick Keenaght  
Carrick East Carrick Keenaght  
Carrickhugh Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Carricknakielt Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Carrowclare Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Carrowmenagh Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Carrowmenagh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Carrowmuddle Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Carrowreagh Desertoghill Coleraine  
Carrowreagh Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Carrowreagh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Carrowreagh Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Carrydarragh Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Carrydoo Drumachose Keenaght  
Cashel Dungiven Keenaght  
Cashel Macosquin Coleraine  
Castleroe Macosquin Coleraine  
Castletoodry Killowen Coleraine  
Caulhame Desertoghill Coleraine  
Cavanreagh Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Caw Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Church Island Grange of Scullion Grange of Scullion  
Churchland Killowen Coleraine  
Clagan Aghadowey Coleraine  
Clagan Learmount Tirkeeran  
Clagan Lissan Loughinsholin  
Clagan Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Clagan Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Clagan Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Clampernow Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Clanterkee Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Claragh Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Clarehill Aghadowey Coleraine  
Claudy Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Clintagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Cloane Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Cloghan Balteagh Keenaght  
Cloghog Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Cloghole Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Cloghore or Greerstown Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Clondermot Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Clonmakane Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Clooney Aghanloo Keenaght  
Clooney Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Clooney Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Clooney Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Clooney Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Cloughfin Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Cloughfin Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Cloughglass Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Cloyfin North Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Cloyfin South Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Cluntygeeragh Dungiven Keenaght  
Colebreene Lower Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Coleraine and Suburbs Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Collins Aghadowey Coleraine  
Coltrim Lissan Loughinsholin  
Coolafinny Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Coolagh Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Coolcoscreaghan Errigal Coleraine  
Coolderry North Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Coole Glebe Lower Macosquin Coleraine  
Coolessan Drumachose Keenaght  
Coolhill Aghadowey Coleraine  
Coolkeenaght Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Coolkeeragh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Coolnacolpagh Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Coolnamonan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Coolnasillagh Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Coolnasillagh Errigal Coleraine  
Coolsaragh Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Coolshinny Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Coolyvenny Macosquin Coleraine  
Corick Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Corick Dungiven Keenaght  
Corlacky Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Cornamuclagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Corndale Lower Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Corrody Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Corrstown Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Coshquin Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Crabarkey Dungiven Keenaght  
Craig Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Craig Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Craigadick Maghera Loughinsholin  
Craigall Desertoghill Coleraine  
Craigavole Desertoghill Coleraine  
Craigbrack Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Craiglea Glebe Aghadowey Coleraine  
Craigmore Aghadowey Coleraine  
Craigmore Maghera Loughinsholin  
Craignahorn Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Craigtown Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Craigtown Beg Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Cranny Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Creagh (Etre and Otre) Artrea Loughinsholin  
Creevagh Lower Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Creevagh Upper Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Creevedonnell Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Cregan Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Cregg Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Creggan Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Cressy Crib Aghanloo Keenaght  
Crevolea Aghadowey Coleraine  
Crew Maghera Loughinsholin  
Crindle Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Croaghan Macosquin Coleraine  
Croaghan Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Croaghan Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Crockindollagh Errigal Coleraine  
Cromkill Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Cross Glebe Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Crossballycormick Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Crosscanley Glebe Aghadowey Coleraine  
Crossgare Macosquin Coleraine  
Crossland Desertoghill Coleraine  
Crossmakeever Aghadowey Coleraine  
Crossnarea Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Crosspatrick or Ballydawley Artrea Loughinsholin  
Crossreagh Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Crossreagh East Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Crossreagh West Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Cruckanim Dungiven Keenaght  
Cuilbane Desertoghill Coleraine  
Culcrow Agivey Coleraine  
Culdrum Aghadowey Coleraine  
Cullion Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Cullycapple Aghadowey Coleraine  
Cullyramer Aghadowey Coleraine  
Culmore Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Culmore Lower Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Culmore Upper Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Culnady Maghera Loughinsholin  
Culnagrew Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Culnaman Desertoghill Coleraine  
Cumber Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Curr Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Curragh Macosquin Coleraine  
Curragh Maghera Loughinsholin  
Curraghlane Dungiven Keenaght  
Curran Maghera Loughinsholin  
Currudda Dungiven Keenaght  
Curryfree Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Currynierin Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Dam Head Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Danes Hill Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Dartress Dunboe Coleraine  
Deer Park Drumachose Keenaght  
Deer Park Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Derganagh Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Dernagross Aghadowey Coleraine  
Derry Beg Drumachose Keenaght  
Derry More Drumachose Keenaght  
Derryard Bovevagh Keenaght  
Derryarkin Lower Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Derrychrier Banagher Tirkeeran  
Derrycrummy Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Derrydorragh Macosquin Coleraine  
Derryduff Dungiven Keenaght  
Derryganard Lissan Loughinsholin  
Derrygarve Artrea Loughinsholin  
Derrylane Bovevagh Keenaght  
Derrynaflaw Bovevagh Keenaght  
Derrynoyd Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Derryork Bovevagh Keenaght  
Derryware Dungiven Keenaght  
Dirnan Lissan Loughinsholin  
Dirtagh Aghanloo Keenaght  
Disert Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Disertowen Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Doaghs Upper Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Doaghs Upper Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Doluskey Artrea Loughinsholin  
Donnybrewer Level (Intake) Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Dooey Beg Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Doon Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Dowland Aghanloo Keenaght  
Downhill Dunboe Coleraine  
Dreen Learmount Tirkeeran  
Dreenan Maghera Loughinsholin  
Droghed Aghadowey Coleraine  
Dromore Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Dromore Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Dromore Macosquin Coleraine  
Dromore Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumacarney Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumachose Glebe Drumachose Keenaght  
Drumacony Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumacrow Aghadowey Coleraine  
Drumaderry Aghanloo Keenaght  
Drumadragh Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Drumadreen Bovevagh Keenaght  
Drumaduan Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Drumaduff Bovevagh Keenaght  
Drumagarner Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumagore Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Drumagosker Balteagh Keenaght  
Drumagully Dunboe Coleraine  
Drumahoe Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Drumahorgan Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Drumahorgan Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Drumalief Aghanloo Keenaght  
Drumane Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumanee Lower Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Drumaquill Killowen Coleraine  
Drumard Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Drumard Lissan Loughinsholin  
Drumard Maghera Loughinsholin  
Drumard Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumavally Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Drumavally Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Drumballydonaghy Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumballyhagan Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Drumballyhagan Clark Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Drumbane Aghanloo Keenaght  
Drumbane Errigal Coleraine  
Drumconan Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Drumconready Maghera Loughinsholin  
Drumcovit Banagher Tirkeeran  
Drumcroon Macosquin Coleraine  
Drumcrow Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Drumderg Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Drumeil Aghadowey Coleraine  
Drumenagh Artrea Loughinsholin  
Drumgavenny Lower Balteagh Keenaght  
Drumgesh Balteagh Keenaght  
Druminard Tamlaght Loughinsholin  
Drumlamph Maghera Loughinsholin  
Drumlane Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drummaneny Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Drummans Middle Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Drummans Middle Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Drummeen Lissan Loughinsholin  
Drummond Drumachose Keenaght  
Drummond Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drummuck Maghera Loughinsholin  
Drummullan Arboe Loughinsholin  
Drumnacannon Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumnahay Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Drumnahay Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Drumneechy Bovevagh Keenaght  
Drumoolish Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumraighland Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumrainey Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Drumramer Drumachose Keenaght  
Drumrane Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Drumrot Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Drumsamney Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Drumsaragh Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Drumslade Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Drumsteeple Aghadowey Coleraine  
Drumsurn Lower Balteagh Keenaght  
Dullaghy Desertoghill Coleraine  
Dunady Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Dunalis Lower Dunboe Coleraine  
Dunamoney Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Dunarnon Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Dunbeg Drumachose Keenaght  
Dunbrock Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Duncrun Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Duncrun Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Dunderg Macosquin Coleraine  
Dundooan Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Dungiven Dungiven Keenaght  
Dunglady Maghera Loughinsholin  
Dungorkin Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Dungullion Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Dunhugh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Dunlade Glebe Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Dunlogan Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Dunman Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Dunmore Drumachose Keenaght  
Dunmurry Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Dunnabraggy Lissan Loughinsholin  
Dunnavenny Errigal Coleraine  
Dunronan Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Duntibryan Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Durnascallon Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Eden Dungiven Keenaght  
Eden Learmount Tirkeeran  
Eden Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Edenballymore Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Edenbane Desertoghill Coleraine  
Edenmore Balteagh Keenaght  
Edenreagh Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Edenreagh Beg Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Elagh More Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Enagh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Enagh Drumachose Keenaght  
Englishtown Macosquin Coleraine  
Erganagh Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Ervey Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Evishagaran Dungiven Keenaght  
Exorna Dunboe Coleraine  
Falgortrevy Maghera Loughinsholin  
Fallagloon Maghera Loughinsholin  
Fallahogy Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Falloward Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Fallylea Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Farkland Bovevagh Keenaght  
Farlow Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Farranlester Dunboe Coleraine  
Farranlester Macosquin Coleraine  
Farranseer Macosquin Coleraine  
Farrantemple Glebe Errigal Coleraine  
Faughanvale Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Faughanvale Glebe Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Fawney Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Feenan Beg Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Feeny Banagher Tirkeeran  
Fincarn Banagher Tirkeeran  
Fincarn Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Finglen Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Finglen Banagher Tirkeeran  
Fish Loughan Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Flanders Bovevagh Keenaght  
Formil Bovevagh Keenaght  
Formoyle Formoyle Coleraine  
Formullen Formoyle Coleraine  
Freehall (Moneyvennon) Aghanloo Keenaght  
Freehall Dunlop Dunboe Coleraine  
Freugh Errigal Coleraine  
Fruithill Drumachose Keenaght  
Gallany Banagher Tirkeeran  
Galvally Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Garborgle Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Garrylaban Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Garvagh Errigal Coleraine  
Gateside Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Gilky Hill Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Gills Macosquin Coleraine  
Glack Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Glasakeeran Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Glasgort Agivey Coleraine  
Glasvey Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Glebe Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Glebe Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Glebe Big Dunboe Coleraine  
Glebe East Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Glebe Little Dunboe Coleraine  
Glebe West Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Glenbuck Aghadowey Coleraine  
Glenconway Bovevagh Keenaght  
Glencurb Aghadowey Coleraine  
Glenderowen Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Glenedra Banagher Tirkeeran  
Glengomna Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Glenhall Macosquin Coleraine  
Glenkeen Aghadowey Coleraine  
Glenkeen Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Glenkeen Drumachose Keenaght  
Glenkeen Errigal Coleraine  
Glenleary Macosquin Coleraine  
Glenlough Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Glenmaquill Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Glenone Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Glenshane Dungiven Keenaght  
Glenviggan Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Gobnascale Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gorran Aghadowey Coleraine  
Gort Desertoghill Coleraine  
Gort (part of Glebe) Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Gort (part of Glebe) Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Gortaclare Bovevagh Keenaght  
Gortacloghan Desertoghill Coleraine  
Gortagherty Lower Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Gortagilly Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Gortahurk Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Gortamney Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Gortanewry Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Gortcorbies Drumachose Keenaght  
Gorteade Maghera Loughinsholin  
Gortenny Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Gortfad Errigal Coleraine  
Gortgare Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Gortgarn Drumachose Keenaght  
Gortgarn Dungiven Keenaght  
Gortgran Dunboe Coleraine  
Gortgranagh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortica Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gorticloghan Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Gorticross Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortilea Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Gortin Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortin Coolhill Aghadowey Coleraine  
Gortin Mayoghill Aghadowey Coleraine  
Gortinreid Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Gortinure Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortinure Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Gortmacrane Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Gortmore Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Gortmore Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Gortnagross Dungiven Keenaght  
Gortnahey Beg Bovevagh Keenaght  
Gortnahey More Bovevagh Keenaght  
Gortnamoney Aghanloo Keenaght  
Gortnamoyagh Errigal Coleraine  
Gortnaran Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Gortnarney Balteagh Keenaght  
Gortnaskey Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Gortnaskey Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Gortnessy Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortree Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gortscreagan Learmount Tirkeeran  
Gortycavan Dunboe Coleraine  
Gosheden Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Granaghan Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Grange Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Grange Beg Dunboe Coleraine  
Grange More Dunboe Coleraine  
Grange Park Aghanloo Keenaght  
Grannagh Ardnargle Aghanloo Keenaght  
Granny Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Gransha Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gransha (Intake) Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Greenan Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Greerstown or Cloghore Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Gresteel Beg Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Gresteel More Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Grillagh Maghera Loughinsholin  
Gulladuff Maghera Loughinsholin  
Halfgayne Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Harpurs Hill Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Hass Dungiven Keenaght  
Heagles Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Highmoor Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Hunter's Glebe Dunboe Coleraine  
Inishrush Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Inshaleen Errigal Coleraine  
Island Doo Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island Effrick North Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island Effrick South Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island Flackey Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island Heaghey Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island-Tasserty Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Island-Vardin Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Islandmore Lower Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Isle of Benoney Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Keady Drumachose Keenaght  
Keady Maghera Loughinsholin  
Keely Aghadowey Coleraine  
Keenaght Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Kilcaltan Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Kilcreen Learmount Tirkeeran  
Kilculmagrandal Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Kildoag Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Kilfinnan Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Kilgort Learmount Tirkeeran  
Kilhoyle Balteagh Keenaght  
Killaloo Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Killane Drumachose Keenaght  
Killcranny Killowen Coleraine  
Killea Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Killeague Aghadowey Coleraine  
Killennan Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Killibleught Bovevagh Keenaght  
Killunaght Banagher Tirkeeran  
Killure Macosquin Coleraine  
Killybasky Lissan Loughinsholin  
Killybearn Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Killyberry Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Killyberry Boyd Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Killyboggin Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Killybready Aghanloo Keenaght  
Killycor Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Killyfaddy Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Killygreen Lower Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Killygreen Upper Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Killygullib Glebe Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Killykergan Aghadowey Coleraine  
Killylane Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Killymallaght Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Killymuck Ballinderry Loughinsholin  
Killymuck Glebe Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Killyneese Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Killynumber Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Killytoney Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Killyvally Desertoghill Coleraine  
Killyveety Dunboe Coleraine  
Killywool Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Kilmaconnell Macosquin Coleraine  
Kilnappy Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Kilrea Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Kiltest Aghadowey Coleraine  
Kiltinny Beg Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Kiltinny Lower Macosquin Coleraine  
Kiltinny More Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Kiltinny Upper Macosquin Coleraine  
Kinculbrack Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Kinnyglass Macosquin Coleraine  
Kirkistown Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Kirley Maghera Loughinsholin  
Kittybane Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Knockadoo Lissan Loughinsholin  
Knockaduff Aghadowey Coleraine  
Knockan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Knockantern Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Knockbrack Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Knockmult Formoyle Coleraine  
Knocknagin Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Knocknakeeragh Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Knocknakielt Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Knocknogher Dunboe Coleraine  
Knockoneill Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Kurin Desertoghill Coleraine  
Labby Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Lackagh Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Lackagh Dungiven Keenaght  
Landagivey Agivey Coleraine  
Landmore Aghadowey Coleraine  
Laragh Desertoghill Coleraine  
Laraghaleas Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Largantea Aghanloo Keenaght  
Largantogher Maghera Loughinsholin  
Largy Carrick Keenaght  
Largyreagh Drumachose Keenaght  
Larrycormick Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Lear Learmount Tirkeeran  
Learden Macosquin Coleraine  
Leck Drumachose Keenaght  
Leck Macosquin Coleraine  
Leckagh Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Lecumpher Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Leeke Bovevagh Keenaght  
Legaghory Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Legavannon Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Leitrim Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Lemnaroy Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Lenamore Dungiven Keenaght  
Lenamore Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Lenamore Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Letteran Lissan Loughinsholin  
Letterloan Macosquin Coleraine  
Letterlogher Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Lettermire Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Lettermuck Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Lettershendony Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Liffock Dunboe Coleraine  
Ligg Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Ling Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Lisachrin Desertoghill Coleraine  
Lisaghmore (The Trench) Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lisalbanagh Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Lisboy Aghadowey Coleraine  
Lisbunny Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Liscall Errigal Coleraine  
Lisdillon Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lisglass Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lisgorgan Glebe Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Lislane Balteagh Keenaght  
Lislea Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Lismacarol Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lismoney Lissan Loughinsholin  
Lismoyle Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Lismurphy Macosquin Coleraine  
Lisnagalt Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Lisnagelvin Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lisnagrib Aghanloo Keenaght  
Lisnagrot Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Lisnakilly Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Lisnamorrow Artrea Loughinsholin  
Lisnamuck Aghadowey Coleraine  
Lisnamuck Maghera Loughinsholin  
Lisnascreghog Errigal Coleraine  
Lisneal Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lissa Glebe Lissan Loughinsholin  
Lissaghmore Agivey Coleraine  
Lissahawley Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Lissan Demense Lissan Loughinsholin  
Listress Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Liswatty Lower Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Liswatty Upper Ballyrashane N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Little Derry Balteagh Keenaght  
Little Glebe Dunboe Coleraine  
Little Ringan Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Lodge Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Loguestown Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Lomond Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Londonderry Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Long's Glebe Dunboe Coleraine  
Longfield Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Longfield Beg Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Loughan Hill Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Loughan Island Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Loughanreagh North Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Loughermore Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Loughtilube Learmount Tirkeeran  
Luney Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Lurganagoose Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Macfinn Lower Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Macknagh Maghera Loughinsholin  
Macleary Macosquin Coleraine  
Macosquin Macosquin Coleraine  
Maddybenny Beg Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Maghadone Artrea Loughinsholin  
Magheraboy Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Magheraboy Dungiven Keenaght  
Magheracanon Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Magheraclay Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Magheramenagh Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Magheramore Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Magheramore Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Magherascullion Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Magheraskeagh Aghanloo Keenaght  
Maghermore Banagher Tirkeeran  
Magilligan Glebe Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Maine North Balteagh Keenaght  
Managh Beg Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Managher Aghadowey Coleraine  
Margymonaghan Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Margymonaghan Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Masteragwee Dunboe Coleraine  
Mawillian Artrea Loughinsholin  
Mayboy Aghadowey Coleraine  
Maydown Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Mayoghill Aghadowey Coleraine  
McLean and Partners Division Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Meavemanougher Aghadowey Coleraine  
Meencraig Aghadowey Coleraine  
Megargy Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Menagh Aghadowey Coleraine  
Mettican Glebe Errigal Coleraine  
Mill Loughan Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Mill Town Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Mill Town Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Millburn Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Minearny Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Minearny Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Minegallagher Glebe Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Mobuoy Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Mobuy Lissan Loughinsholin  
Monehanegan Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Moneybrannon Aghadowey Coleraine  
Moneycarrie Lower Aghadowey Coleraine  
Moneyconey Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moneydig Desertoghill Coleraine  
Moneygran Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Moneyguiggy Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moneyguiggy Balteagh Keenaght  
Moneyhaw Arboe Loughinsholin  
Moneyhoghan Learmount Tirkeeran  
Moneymore Artrea Loughinsholin  
Moneymore Maghera Loughinsholin  
Moneyneany Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moneyrannel Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Moneysallin Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Moneyshanere Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Moneysharven Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Moneystaghan Ellis Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Moneystaghan Macpeake Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Monnaboy Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Mormeal Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Motalee Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Mount Sandel Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Movanagher Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Movenis Desertoghill Coleraine  
Moyagall Maghera Loughinsholin  
Moyagoney Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Moyard Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moybeg Kirley Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Moydamlaght Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moyesset Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Moyheeland Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moykeeran Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Moyknock Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Moyletra Kill Desertoghill Coleraine  
Moyletra Toy Desertoghill Coleraine  
Moymucklemurry Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Moys Carrick Keenaght  
Muff Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Muff Lissan Loughinsholin  
Mulderg Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Muldonagh Bovevagh Keenaght  
Mulkeeragh Carrick Keenaght  
Mulkeeragh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Mullaboy Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Mullagh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Mullagh Termoneeny Loughinsholin  
Mullaghacall North Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Mullaghboy Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Mullaghboy Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Mullaghinch Aghadowey Coleraine  
Mullaghmore Agivey Coleraine  
Mullaghmore Glebe Agivey Coleraine  
Mullaghnamoyagh Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Mullan Aghadowey Coleraine  
Mullan Kilrea Loughinsholin  
Mullane Drumachose Keenaght  
Mullanhead Dunboe Coleraine  
Mullennan Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Mullinabrone Aghadowey Coleraine  
Mulnavoo Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Myroe Level Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Nare Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Ned Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Newtown Limavady or Rathbrady Beg Drumachose Keenaght  
Oghill Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Oghill Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Old Town Deer Park Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Oughtagh Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Oughtymore Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Oughtymore Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Oughtymoyle Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Oughtymoyle Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Ovil Dungiven Keenaght  
Owenbeg Dungiven Keenaght  
Owenreagh Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Pennyburn Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Polepatrick Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Pottagh Dunboe Coleraine  
Prehen Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Primity Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Pullans North Kildollagh N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Quilley Lower Dunboe Coleraine  
Quilly Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Rallagh Banagher Tirkeeran  
Rascahan Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Raspberry Hill Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Rathbrady Beg or Newtown Limavady Drumachose Keenaght  
Rathbrady More Drumachose Keenaght  
Rathfad Aghanloo Keenaght  
Ree Agivey Coleraine  
Ringrash Beg Macosquin Coleraine  
Risk Aghadowey Coleraine  
Rocktown Maghera Loughinsholin  
Roselick Beg Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Rosgarran Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Roshure Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Rossmore Lissan Loughinsholin  
Rossnagalliagh Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Ruskey Drumachose Keenaght  
Rusky Aghadowey Coleraine  
Rusky Lower Tamlaght Loughinsholin  
Sallowilly Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Salt Works Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Scalty Aghadowey Coleraine  
Sconce Formoyle Coleraine  
Scotchtown Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Scotchtown Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Scriggan Dungiven Keenaght  
Seacon Lower Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Seacon More Ballymoney N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Sesnagh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Seygorry Aghadowey Coleraine  
Shanemullagh Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Shanlongford Aghadowey Coleraine  
Shanreagh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Shantallow Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Shanvey Aghanloo Keenaght  
Sheep Marsh Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Sheriffs Mountain Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Sistrakeel Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Slaghtaverty Errigal Coleraine  
Slaghtmanus Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Slaghtneill Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Slaghtybogy Maghera Loughinsholin  
Slimag Ballywillin N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Smulgedon Balteagh Keenaght  
Somerset Macosquin Coleraine  
Spittle Hill Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Springhill Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Springtown Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Stradreagh Aghanloo Keenaght  
Stradreagh Beg Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Straid Learmount Tirkeeran  
Stranagalwilly Learmount Tirkeeran  
Stranagard Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Strathall Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Straw Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Straw Bovevagh Keenaght  
Straw Mountain Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Strawmore Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Streeve Drumachose Keenaght  
Swatragh Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Tagharina Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tamlaght Aghadowey Coleraine  
Tamlaght Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Tamlaght Tamlaght Loughinsholin  
Tamlaght Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Tamlaght Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Tamlaght Finlagan Glebe Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Tamlaghtard Glebe Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Tamlaghtduff Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Tamlaghtmore Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Tamnadeese Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Tamnadoey Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Tamnagh Learmount Tirkeeran  
Tamnaherin Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Tamnamoney Macosquin Coleraine  
Tamniaran Ballyscullion Loughinsholin  
Tamniarin Dungiven Keenaght  
Tamnyagan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Tamnyaskey Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Tamnymartin Maghera Loughinsholin  
Tamnymore Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tamnymore Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Tamnymore Errigal Coleraine  
Tamnymullan Maghera Loughinsholin  
Tamnyrankin Desertoghill Coleraine  
Tamnyreagh Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Tartnakilly Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Teeavan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Teenaght Learmount Tirkeeran  
Temain Balteagh Keenaght  
Templemoyle Banagher Tirkeeran  
Templemoyle Carrick Keenaght  
Templemoyle Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Templetown Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Termonbacca Templemore N. W. Liberties of Londonderry  
Ternamuck Balteagh Keenaght  
Terressan Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Terrydoo Clyde Balteagh Keenaght  
Terrydreen Learmount Tirkeeran  
Terrydremont North Balteagh Keenaght  
Terrydrum Carrick Keenaght  
Tibaran Errigal Coleraine  
Timaconway Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Tintagh Lissan Loughinsholin  
Tirbracken Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tircorran Aghanloo Keenaght  
Tircreven Magilligan or Tamlaghtard Keenaght  
Tircreven Tamlaghtard or Magilligan Keenaght  
Tireighter Learmount Tirkeeran  
Tirgan Desertmartin Loughinsholin  
Tirgarvil Maghera Loughinsholin  
Tirglassan Banagher Tirkeeran  
Tirgoland Dungiven Keenaght  
Tirhugh Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Tirkane Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Tirkeeran Desertoghill Coleraine  
Tirkeeveny Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tirmacoy Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Tirmaquin Drumachose Keenaght  
Tirnageeragh Maghera Loughinsholin  
Tirnony Killelagh Loughinsholin  
Toberhead Maghera Loughinsholin  
Tobermore Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin  
Tonaght Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Toneduff Cumber Lower Tirkeeran  
Town Parks of Magherafelt Magherafelt Loughinsholin  
Tralee Artrea Loughinsholin  
Trienaltenagh Desertoghill Coleraine  
Tullaghmurry East Ballyaghran N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Tullanee Faughanvale Tirkeeran  
Tullans Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Tullintrain Cumber Upper Tirkeeran  
Tully Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Tully Lower Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tully Upper Clondermot Tirkeeran  
Tullyarmon Aghanloo Keenaght  
Tullyboy Derryloran Loughinsholin  
Tullybrick Ballynascreen Loughinsholin  
Tullyhoe Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght  
Tullynagee Desertlyn Loughinsholin  
Twenty Acres Desertoghill Coleraine  
Tyanee Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin  
Umrycam Banagher Tirkeeran  
Watt's Town Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  
Windy Hall Coleraine N.E. Liberties of Coleraine  

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