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Hearth Money Roll Partial List, Parish of Dromore, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1666

Transcribed & submitted by Janet Flemming
Transcribed from: Notes of Dromore Parish, Co Tyrone by P.O. Gallachair Part One General History

The first list of Dromore Parishioners available is of those who paid the hearth tax in 1666, when the parish population was only a few hundred at the most. A tax of 2 shillings on every hearth and fire-place. Of fifty-six Dromore taxpayers then, only eight or nine had foreign names, showing how few colonists resided there then. The surnames also are mainly the same as we find in the parish to this day.(Day Notes were written) Apart from a modernising of the spellings of the townland names, BUT NOT THE SURNAMES, this is a copy of the original tax list:

Esker & Galbally: Daniel O'Donnell, Robert Harper

Aghnamoe : James Pearsy, Paule Knoghton, Gilgrome O'Hoine

Rahoney: Manus O'Sclevin, Phelemy m'Cann, Patrick m'Rory

Glengeen : Neill O'Neill

Tullyclunagh: Laughlan o'Corigan

Lisenedin: Patrick o'Markill

Cornamucklagh: Phelemy m'Kevir, Torlogh o'Mughan

Tattycor: Edmund o'Gorman, Daniel o'Dolan

Cranny & Kieldrum: Edmund m'Ardell, Cormick m'Sorley

Tummery: Edmund o'Kelly, Patrick m'Kilreavy, Connor m'Canny

Dergany: Art o'Dally, Brian o'Cassedy, Terlagh m'Gilterny

Drumskinny: James Stewart

Mullaghnagoagh & Magheragart: James Stewart, Andrew Steel, Mathew Fleming

Aghlisk & Drumconnis: Ouen Magrah, Patrick Magrah

Gardrum: Shan m'Guigan, Donachy m'Caverra

Mullanboy: Phelemy o'Neill, William Woods

Oughterard: James m'Quead, Neal m'Glaghlin

Aghadarra: Art o'Conally, Phelemy m'Glaghlin

Drumderg & Coyagh: Rory o'Dorygan, William o'Dorygan, Ouen o'Soraghan

Shaneragh: Fereagh Macosker, Neill o'Mulavell, Cormick o'Connellan

Aghadulla: Conn o'Neill

Mullaghban & Goland: Adam M'Quad, Torlogh m'Quad

Drumlish: Patrick Clarke, Henry m'Quade, Brian o'Barron

Grennan & Dressogue: John Anthony, Shan O'Neill, Hugh m'Kilmay

Dullaghan & Letteree: Rory o'Neill, Torlogh O'Donally

Corbally: Phelemy o'Quine, Morish m'Canny

Lettergesh: Robert Woods, Francis Clarke

Corladergan: Edwards Woods, Hugh o'Boylan