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Index to the Hearth Money Roll, Clonleigh Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1665

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The hearth tax was the first of a new wave of taxes brought in shortly after the restoration of King Charles II in 1662 and continued for 27 years until 1689. Collected twice yearly at Michelmas (29th September) and Ladys Day (25th March) copies of the returns of payments were sent to the exchequer and to the local Quarter Sessions. The first Hearth Money Act was passed in the Irish Parliament in 1662. It provided that 2 shillings should be paid on every hearth or ‘other place used for firing’. Arranged by county, parish and, usually, townland, the Hearth Money Rolls list the names of householders who were liable to pay tax at the rate of two shillings on every hearth or fireplace they had. Some people were exempt from the tax and, of course, others managed to evade paying it. The lists are not a complete record of every householder in a townland. Those exempt included persons living on alms, or persons not able to work, or persons who had a house or lands worth less than eight pounds per annum and with property valued at less than four pounds.

The original Hearth Money Rolls were destroyed by fire in the Four Courts, Dublin in 1922. However, the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland had made copies of the Rolls and these were lent to PRONI in the mid-1920s for copying. This clearly has implications for the spelling of both personal names and townland names as the copies are transcripts of transcripts. Nevertheless, the HMR is a valuable census substitute for the seventeenth century. Thanks to Bobby Forrest for this succinct explanation of the Hearth Tax: see his blog - Ulster Genealogy and Local History Blog


ADAMS Valentyne Ballybogan 1
ALEXANDER John Clonleigh 1
ALLISON Andrew Algory [Argery] 1
ALLISON Richard Algory [Argery] 1
ANDREWS Charles Ballybogan/Lifford 1
ARMOR Patrick Croghan 1
ARMOR Widow Croghan 1
BARCLAY Hugh, Mr. Ballybogan/Lifford 1
BARNEHILL Robert Croghan 1
BARNEHILL William Croghan 1
BEARD Wm. Croghan 1
BEATTY James Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
BEATTY Widow Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
BEXWICK John Ballybogan/Lifford 3
BLACKBURN John Algory [Argery] 1
BLACKBURNE James Algory [Argery] 1
BURD Charles Ballybogan/Lifford 1
BURD Thomas Croghan 1
BURTON Charles Ballybogan/Lifford 2
CALDWELL John Ballybogan/Lifford 1
CARSALL Robert Ballybogan/Lifford 1
CLARKE Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford 1
CONINGHAM John Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
CONINGHAM Mathew Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
CUDBERTSON Wm. Shannon 1
DONNELL John Algory [Argery] 1
DUNLAP John Algory [Argery] 1
EDWARDS Lewis Ballybogan/Lifford 1
FLEMING Mrs. Clonleigh 1
FULTON John Ballybogan/Lifford 1
FULTON John Ballybogan/Lifford 2
FULTON Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford 1
GLASS Patrick Ballybogan/Lifford 1
GROVES John Croghan 1
HAMILTON James Ballybogan/Lifford 1
HAMILTON John Shannon 2
HAMPTON Hugh Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
HANSARD Mr. Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 2
HART Thomas Ballybogan/Lifford 1
HILL Jean Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen]  
HOGSHEAD George Ballybogan/Lifford 1
HOLLIDAY Abraham Ballybogan/Lifford 2
HOLLIDAY Henry Ballybogan/Lifford 1
JACK Patrick Ballybogan/Lifford 1
KATHRINS Daniel Croghan 1
KENNEDY Tegg Croghan 1
LAWE James Clonleigh 1
LECKY Robert Clonleigh 1
LINDSAY James Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
LOWRY John Clonleigh 1
MAHAFFY Rob. Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
MAINES Humphrey Croghan 1
McCARDUFF Donnagh Shannon 1
McCARDUFF Hugh Shannon 1
McCARMICK Thomas Ballybogan/Lifford 1
McDERMOND Shan Croghan 1
McGETTEGAN Tegg Clonleigh 1
McILLREED Neale Shannon 1
McJUNKING Daniel Croghan 1
McKIM David Shannon 1
McQUIN Bryan Clonleigh 1
MORRICE Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford 2
MURRAY Hugh Shannon 1
MURRAY James Ballybogan/Lifford 3
NICHAL Wm. Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
O'BOGAN Bryan Ballybogan/Lifford 1
O'BOGAN Gorry Ballybogan/Lifford 1
O'CAHAN Donnagh Shannon 1
O'CROSSAN Murtagh Clonleigh 1
O'FILLAN Murtagh Clonleigh 1
O'GALLOGHER Shan Clonleigh 1
O'GALLOGHER Shan Croghan 1
O'HUE Philomy Croghan 1
O'KEROLAN Bryan Clonleigh 1
O'KEROLAN Daniel Clonleigh 1
O'KEROLAN James Clonleigh 1
O'KEROLAN Neale Clonleigh 1
O'KEROLAN Neale Groome Clonleigh 1
O'KEROLAN Philomy Clonleigh 1
O'MECHAN Connor Croghan 1
ORR Wm. Shannon 1
O’SLANE Owen Ballybogan/Lifford 1
PATON John Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
PATTERSON Robert Ballybogan/Lifford 1
PERKINS Richard, Esq. Ballybogan/Lifford 6
PORTER David Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
PORTER John Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
PORTER Patrick Croghan 1
ROBINSON Richard Algory [Argery] 1
RODGER Walter Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
SHORTALL Mrs. Ballybogan/Lifford 1
SIMISON Michael Ballybogan/Lifford 1
SKELLY Andrew Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
SNODGRASS Thomas Ballybogan 1
STANTON John Shannon 1
STEELE Ninian Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
STEELE Peter Algory [Argery] 1
STEVINS Andrew Ballybogan/Lifford 1
STURGTER Robert Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
TYNEING John Algory [Argery] 1
WALLACE John Ballybogan/Lifford 1
WALLACE John Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
WALLACE Wm. Manister [Kilmonaster] 1
WHYTE Andrew Ballybogan/Lifford 1
WILKY James Monyn/Ballindrait [Moneen] 1
WILSON John Algory [Argery] 1
WOODS John Ballybogan/Lifford 1
YOUNG Robert Croghan 1



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