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Bodoney(Upper & Lower) Parish Hearth Money Roll, Strabane Barony, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland c1663

Extracted from FHL Film #1279356
Filmed from the collection deposited in the Armagh County Museum
Transcribed & Submitted by Rob Fleming - robloisfleming[at]
Additional notes and formatting by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Extracted from a typescript copy of the original document which had been deposited in the old PRO, Dublin. Copies of this document are held at PRONI, Belfast, and the Local Studies Collection, Omagh Public Library.

Original spelling has been retained in this file, but current spelling of family names and townlands has been included (referencing the Tithe Applotment Books, Griffiths Valuation and 1901 census).

[The upper and lower sections of Badoney were divided into separate parishes in 1730]

Undated, but believed to be as early as 1663


BUCHANAN Finley Gortin & Lenimor (Lenamore)
CAMPBELL James Colvachillin (Culvacullion)
CAMPBELL Donald Gortin & Lenimor (Lenamore)
COLHOUN Humphrey Lishcable (Liscabble)
CONIAGHAN [CONAGHAN] Alexander Rellan (Rylands)
GIFFINE [GIVEN?] Robert Meniduff, Agarvagh (Meenadoo & (Garvagh)
HAIRES John Lishcable (Liscabble)
HAMILTON Alexander Tulliceran (Tullagherin)
HAMILTON Arthur Dunbun’ramer (Dunbunrawer)
HAMILTON James Droitt (Droit)
HAMILTON James Colvachillin (Culvacullion)
HAMILTON Robert Meniduff, Agarvagh (Meenadoo & (Garvagh)
HOUSTOUNE Peter Lishcable (Liscabble)
KIRKWOOD James Colvachillin (Culvacullion)
M’CLARRIN [CLERIN] Duncan Gortin & Lenimor (Lenamore)
M’CLOSKY [McCLOSKEY] Terlogh Colvachillin (Culvacullion)
M’COLLOW [McCULLAGH] Artt Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Artt Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Tiege Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Henry Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Art Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Cury Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Owen Cloghernagh (Clogherny)
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Shan reagh Drumlee (Drumlea)
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Donold Glenlarke (Glenlark)
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Torlogh Glenlarke (Glenlark)
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Cagher Evisegodan
M’CONMOY [McCONOMY] Rodger Coinglen (Coneyglen – Between Crockatanty & Liggins And Oaghmonicroy)
M’CONMY [McCONOMY] Edmond Tullindall (Tullynadall)
M’CONMY [McCONOMY] Owen oge Leardan (Learden)
M’CORMICK [McCORMICK] Patrick Achiolame (Aghalane)
M’CRISTALL [McCRISTAL] Patrick Leardan (Learden)
M’CROSSY [McCROSSAN?] Shan Glenmacover (Glenmacoffer)
M’CULLOE [McCULLAGH] Rory Coinglen (Coneyglen – Between Crockatanty & Liggins And Oaghmonicroy)
M’CULLOW [McCULLAGH] Shan Glenmacover (Glenmacoffer)
M’CULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Fallagh
M’CULLOW [McCULLAGH] Tool [Toal] Strareagh
M’CULLOW [McCULLAGH] Donold Strareagh
M’DUIGIN [DOOGAN?] Patrick Evisegodan
M’ENALLY [McANALLY] Neill Minocran (Meenacrane)
M’ENALLY [McANALLY] Brian Glenroan
M’ENALLY [McANALLY] Hugh Glenroan
M’FARLAND [McFARLAND] Robert Gorte-Castell (Gorticashel-Gorticastle)
M’GARACHTY [McGARRITY] Donold Drumlee (Drumlea)
M’GARVY [McGARVEY] Patrick oge Glashegolgan (Glashygolgan)
M’GERAGHTY [McGARRITY] Knogher Tulliceran (Tullagherin)
M’GERRE [McGIRR?] Donold Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
M’GILBREDY [?] Owen Tullindall (Tullynadall)
M’GILLAWAN [McGILLIAN?] Edmund Coinglen (Coneyglen – Between Crockatanty & Liggins And Oaghmonicroy)
M’GILRUAN [McGILLIAN?] Tirlagh Gorte-Castell (Gorticashel-Gorticastle)
M’GLAGHLAN [McLAUGHLIN] Donold Meniduff, Agarvagh (Meenadoo & (Garvagh)
M’GLINSEY [McGLINCHY] Edmund oge Glashegolgan (Glashygolgan)
M’GUBBIN [?] Patrick Glenmacover (Glenmacoffer)
M’KEAN [McKEAN/ McKANE] Donold Conaght
M’KELVY [McKELVEY] Alexander Rellan (Rylands)
M’KEMEY [?] Patrick Colvachillin (Culvacullion)
M’MASTER [McMASTER] John Gortin & Lenimor (Lenamore)
M’MURRETY [?] John Dunbun’ramer (Dunbunrawer)
M’N’ULLOW [McANALLY?] Rory Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
M’N’ULLOW [McANALLY?] Edmund Conaght
M’NALLY [McANALLY] Knogher Bernish (Barnes)
M’NALLY [McNALLY] James oge Castledamph
M’NALLY [McNALLY] Patrick Tulliceran (Tullagherin)
M’NALLY [McNALLY] Knogher Glenlarke (Glenlark)
M’NEMEY [McNAMEE] James Litterbratt (Letterbrat)
M’NEMEY [McNAMEE] Shan Litterbratt (Letterbrat)
M’NEMY [McNAMEE] Rory Conaght
M’NEMY [McNAMEE] Torlogh Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
M’NEMY [McNAMEE] William Strareagh
M’NULLOW [McANALLY] Henty Evisegodan
M’QUORT [McCOURT] James Minocran (Meenacrane)
M’RORY [McCRORY] Neil Glenmacover (Glenmacoffer)
M’RORY [McCRORY] Donaghy Fallagh
M’RORY [McCRORY] Philip Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
M’RORY [McCRORY] Quiconnaght Strareagh
M’SHAN [McSHANE] Donold Conaght
M’SHAN [McSHANE] Art Conaght
M’SUIGME [?] Rory Eden
M’TEIGE [TEAGUE] Patrick Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
MOOR John Droitt (Droit)
O’BOYLL [BOYLE] Thomas Gorte-Castell (Gorticashel-Gorticastle)
O’BRANIGAN [BRANIGAN] Phelemy Litterbratt (Letterbrat)
O’BRIULAGHAN [O’BRILLAGHAN] Patrick Glashegolgan (Glashygolgan)
O’BRUILAGHAN [O’BRILLAGHAN] Ouen [Owen] Coinglen (Coneyglen – Between Crockatanty & Liggins And Oaghmonicroy)
O’CAHAN [O’KANE] Evan Cloghernagh (Clogherny)
O’CAHAN [O’KANE] Shan Eden
O’CAHAN [O’KANE] Phelemy Tullindall (Tullynadall)
O’CERIAN [CLERIN] Brian Bernish (Barnes)
O’CLERIAN [CLERIN] Thomas Bernish (Barnes)
O’COLLE [COYLE?] Torlogh Cloncopagah (Glencoppogagh)
O’COLLE [COYLE?] Patrick oge Cloncopagah (Glencoppogagh)
O’DEVIN [DEVINE] Rory Cloghernagh (Clogherny)
O’DEVINE [DEVINE] Patrick Drumlee (Drumlea)
O’DEVINE [DIVINE] Torlogh Achiolame (Aghalane)
O’DEVLIN [DEVLIN] Torlogh Leardan (Learden)
O’DOWEY [?] Brian Eden
O’FINA [?] Ouen [Owen] Evisegodan
O’GILLOUNE [GILLEN?] James Cloncopagah (Glencoppogagh)
O’GLEATHER [?] Torlogh Glensamiees (?Glensawish In Aghaboy Upper)
O’GORMAN Laughlan Evisegodan
O’HAGAN Patrick Eden
O’KERVELLAN [CAROLAN?] Hugh Achiolame (Aghalane)
O’KIRKE [KIRK] Owen Glenroan
O’MORISH [MORRIS] Shan Grom Minocran (Meenacrane)
O’MORISH [MORRIS] Owen Glenroan
O’MORISH [MORRIS] James Coinglen (Coneyglen – Between Crockatanty & Liggins And Oaghmonicroy)
O’MORRISH [MORRIS] William Drumspare (Drumnasper)
O’MULGRUE [MULGREW] Laughlan Strareagh
O’MULLAN [MULLAN] Edmund Cloncopagah (Glencoppogagh)
O’MULLANE [MULLAN] Dermond Achiolame (Aghalane)
O’NAGHAGTAN [?] Dermont Castledamph
O’NEALE [O’NEILL] Cormick Sperrin [Sperrin Mountains]
O’NEILL Phelemy Drumspare (Drumnasper)
O’NEILL Hugh Glenlarke (Glenlark)
O’SHEEL Owen Drumspare (Drumnasper)
STEEL John Gorte-Castell (Gorticashel-Gorticastle)