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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Killowen Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland c1860

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see


ALEXANDER John Ballycairn
ALEXANDER John Drumaquill
ALLEN Robert Waterside (Part of)
ANDERSON David Killcranny
ANDERSON George Churchland (Part of)
ANDERSON James Churchland (Part of)
ANDERSON William Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
ANDERSON William Castletoodry
ANDERSON William Killcranny
ANDREWS Jane Waterside (Part of
ANDREWS John Ballycairn
ANDREWS Samuel Ballycairn
ARTHUR James K. Castle Lane,(Coleraine)
ARTHUR James K. Waterside (Part of)
ARTHUR Jas. K Ballycairn
ARTHUR Jas. K. Killcranny
ARTHUR Samuel Ballycairn
BAILEY Francis Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
BAIRD William Castletoodry
BALLANTINE William Killcranny
BARBER James Killowen St., Coleraine
BARBER Robert Killowen St., Coleraine
BARNES George Waterside
BEGLEY William Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
BESTON Margaret Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
BLAIR James Churchland (Part of)
BOLAND Margaret Waterside, Coleraine
BOYLAN Charles Killowen St., Coleraine
BOYLAN Patrick Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
BOYLE James Kyle's Brae
BOYLE John Killowen St., Coleraine
BOYLE William Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
BRADLEY Andrew Kyle's Brae
BRADLEY Eliza Waterside, Coleraine
BRADLEY Hugh Kyle's Brae
BRADLEY Matthew Killowen St., Coleraine
BRADLEY Patrick Kyle's Brae
BREESHIN Patrick Killowen St., Coleraine
BRIGHT Edward B. Waterside (Part of)
BROWN Jane Kyle's Brae
BROWN Samuel Waterside (Part of)
BROWN William Castletoodry
BRYSON John Ballycairn
BRYSON John Castletoodry
BRYSON John Waterside (Part of)
CALDERWOOD William Churchland (Part of)
CALDWELL Eliza A. Waterside, Coleraine
CALDWELL Elizabeth Churchland (Part of)
CALDWELL Elizabeth Waterside, Coleraine
CALDWELL Margaret Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMERON Daniel Churchland (Part of)
CAMERON Daniel Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMERON Hannah Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMERON Loughlin Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMPBELL Edward Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMPBELL George Ballycairn
CAMPBELL Hugh Churchland (Part of)
CAMPBELL John Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
CAMPBELL John Churchland (Part of)
CAMPBELL Margaret Kyle's Brae
CAMPBELL William Killowen St., Coleraine
CAMPBELL William Peat's Row, Coleraine
CAROLAN Anne Kyle's Brae
CARSON Andrew Churchland (Part of)
CAULFIELD John Killowen St., Coleraine
CHRISTIE Andrew Waterside, Coleraine
CHRISTIE John Castletoodry
CHRISTIE John Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
CHRISTIE Joseph Waterside (Part of)
COLSTON Michael Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
CONVILLE Patrick Killowen St., Coleraine
CONWAY Laurence Peat's Row, Coleraine
COYLE Henry Killowen St., Coleraine
CRAWFORD Henry Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
CRAWFORD Henry Waterside (Part of)
CRAWFORD James Churchland (Part of)
CRAWFORD James Killowen St., Coleraine
CRAWFORD John Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
CRAWFORD Robert Churchland (Part of)
CREALMAN Susan Killowen St., Coleraine
CREEDY Elizabeth Peat's Row, Coleraine
CROSSLEY Richard Killowen St., Coleraine
CROWE Mary Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
CROWE William Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
CROWE William (lodgers) Kyle’s Brae, Coleraine
CROWE Wm Kyle's Brae
CURRY David Churchland (Part of)
CURRY George Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
CURRY John Waterside (Part of)
CURRY William Churchland (Part of)
DARRAGH Henry Drumaquill
DARRAGH William Kyle's Brae
DAVIDSON William Ballycairn
DAVIS James Killowen St., Coleraine
DAVIS William Churchland (Part of)
DAVISON J. Killowen St., Coleraine
DAVISON William Killowen St., Coleraine
DAVOCK Thomas Ballycairn
DAVOCK Thomas Waterside (Part of
DELAP Susan Kyle's Brae
DEMPSEY Charles Churchland (Part of)
DEMPSEY James Kyle's Brae
DEVANNY James Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
DEVIN James Killowen St., Coleraine
DIARMOD Hugh Kyle's Brae
DIARMOD Samuel Kyle's Brae
DIARMOD Samuel Peat's Row, Coleraine
DINSMORE Matthew Peat's Row, Coleraine
DOGHERTY William Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
DOHERTY Arthur Waterside (Part of)
DOHERTY Bartholomew Killowen St., Coleraine
DOHERTY Hugh Waterside (Part of)
DOHERTY James Ballycairn
DOHERTY Jane Kyle's Brae
DOHERTY John Ballycairn
DOHERTY John Churchland (Part of)
DOHERTY Michael Killowen St., Coleraine
DONOHOE Robert Peat's Row, Coleraine
DONOHOE Thomas Peat's Row, Coleraine
DONOHOE William Killowen St., Coleraine
DORNAN Constantine Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
DORNAN Patrick Killowen St., Coleraine
DOWTHIT James Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
DUGGAN Arthur Ballycairn
DUGGAN Henry Waterside (Part of)
DUNLOP Robert Captain St. Upper Coleraine
DUNLOP Robert Waterside, Coleraine
EAGLESON John Churchland (Part of)
EDGAR Thomas Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
EDMISTON Benjamin Killowen St., Coleraine
EDMISTON Daniel Killowen St., Coleraine
EDMISTON John Killowen St., Coleraine
EDMONDSON James Killowen St., Coleraine
ELLIOTT John Waterside (Part of)
ELLIS William Churchland (Part of)
FERRIS Daniel Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
FERRIS John Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
FINLAY William Killcranny
FISHER Margaret Peat's Row, Coleraine
FLANAGAN Rev. Chas Churchland (Part of)
FLANAGHAN Anne Peat's Row, Coleraine
FLEMING James Killowen St., Coleraine
FLEMING John Waterside (Part of)
FLEMING John Waterside, Coleraine
FULTON William Churchland (Part of)
GAGE James Killowen St., Coleraine
GAGE Jane Killowen St., Coleraine
GAGE Matthew Killowen St., Coleraine
GALBRAITH Thomas Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
GALLINA William Killowen St., Coleraine
GAUGHY James Churchland (Part of)
GIBSON George Drumaquill
GIBSON George Waterside (Part of)
GIBSON James Castletoodry
GIBSON James G. Waterside (Part of)
GILLAN Margaret Kyle's Brae
GILLAN Thomas Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
GILLAN Thomas Kyle's Brae
GILMOUR Samuel Killowen St., Coleraine
GLENN John Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
GLENN John Waterside (Part of)
GLENN John (lodgers) Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
GOUGH Martha Killowen St., Coleraine
GRAHAM Anne (lodgers) Kyle's Brae
GRAY Robert Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
GRIBBIN Alexander Killowen St., Coleraine
GRIBBIN Edward Killowen St., Coleraine
GRIBBIN Edward Waterside (Part of)
GRIBBIN Edward Waterside, Coleraine
GRIBBIN John Killowen St., Coleraine
HAMILTON Alexander Killowen St., Coleraine
HAMILTON Alexander Waterside (Part of)
HANSON William Churchland (Part of)
HANSON William Killowen St., Coleraine
HART John Killowen St., Coleraine
HARTON Hugh Killowen St., Coleraine
HAYES Edward Waterside (Part of)
HAZLET Mark Killowen St., Coleraine
HAZLETT James Kyle's Brae
HEARN Charlotte Kyle's Brae
HENDERSON Samuel Killowen St., Coleraine
HENRY Sarah Ballycairn
HENRY Thomas Drumaquill
HENRY Thomas Waterside, Coleraine
HENRY William Ballycairn
HICKS Anne Peat's Row, Coleraine
HICKSON Isaac Churchland (Part of)
HICKSON William Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
HILL John Castletoodry
HILL William Drumaquill
HOGG Elizabeth Kyle's Brae
HUGHES John Churchland (Part of)
HUGHES John Killowen St., Coleraine
HUGHES Richard Killowen St., Coleraine
HUGHES Rose Killowen St., Coleraine
HUTCHINSON John Killowen St., Coleraine
HYNDMAN Thomas Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
JACKSON James Churchland (Part of)
JOHNSON John Waterside (Part of)
KANE Anne Killowen St., Coleraine
KANE Anne Kyle's Brae
KANE Catherine Killowen St., Coleraine
KANE Edward Killowen St., Coleraine
KANE Elizabeth Kyle's Brae
KANE Hugh Kyle's Brae
KANE James Waterside (Part of)
KANE John Killowen St., Coleraine
KANE John Kyle's Brae
KANE John Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
KANE Lydia Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
KANE Richard Drumaquill
KANE Robert Killowen St., Coleraine
KANE Rosanna Ballycairn
KANE Rose Anne Drumaquill
KANE William Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
KANE Wilson Kyle's Brae
KELLY Ellen Killowen St., Coleraine
KENNEDY Anne Killowen St., Coleraine
KENNEDY Daniel Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
KENNEDY Daniel Killowen St., Coleraine
KENNEDY Daniel Waterside, Coleraine
KENNEDY David Coleraine
KENNEDY John Peat's Row, Coleraine
KENNEDY Patrick Waterside (Part of)
KENNEDY Robert Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
KERR Jackson Castletoodry
KERR James Drumaquill
KERR John Castletoodry
KERR Samuel Ballycairn
KINNEY William Kyle's Brae
KNOX Charles J. Waterside (Part of)
KNOX Charles J. Waterside, Coleraine
KNOX Chas J. Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
KNOX Chas J. Castle Lane,(Coleraine)
KNOX Chas J. Waterside, Coleraine
KNOX Chas. J. Waterside, Coleraine
KNOX Chas. James Killcranny
KYLE Henry Churchland (Part of)
KYLE Henry Coleraine
LAFFERTY Peter Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
LAFFERTY Peter Waterside (Part of)
LAKE Edward Killowen St., Coleraine
LANE John Kyle's Brae
LANG Isabella Churchland (Part of)
LANG James Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
LECKEY Jane Killowen St., Coleraine
LEES Joseph Castletoodry
LEIGHTON Jacob Waterside, Coleraine
LINDSAY John Churchland (Part of)
LORIMER John Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
LOUGHREY John Waterside, Coleraine
LOUGHREY Margaret Castle Lane, Coleraine
LOUGHRY John Waterside (Part of)
LOUGHRY Margaret Waterside, Coleraine
LYLE Hugh Waterside, Coleraine
LYNN John Drumaquill
MACALARY John Peat's Row, Coleraine
MACALARY Patrick Peat's Row, Coleraine
MACANINCH James Kyle's Brae
MACBETH William Kyle's Brae
MACFALL James Peat's Row, Coleraine
MACKAY Archibald Killowen St., Coleraine
MACKAY Margaret Killowen St., Coleraine
MACKEY Hugh B. Waterside (Part of)
MACNEILL John Killowen St., Coleraine
MACNEILL John, Jr. Killowen St., Coleraine
MAGEANY John Peat's Row, Coleraine
MAGEE Daniel Killowen St., Coleraine
MAGEE George Killowen St., Coleraine
MAGEE John Waterside (Part of)
MAGOWAN James Kyle's Brae
MAGUIRE John Killowen St., Coleraine
MAGUIRE Mary Kyle's Brae
MAGUIRE William Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
MARS William Kyle's Brae
MARTIN Peter Waterside (Part of)
MARTIN Peter Waterside, Coleraine
McALLISTER Elizabeth Killowen St., Coleraine
McALLISTER Thomas Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
McANALLY Neal Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
McCAFFREY Patrick Kyle's Brae
McCALLA Alexander Killowen St., Coleraine
McCALLARY Patrick Kyle's Brae
McCAUGHAN Hugh Churchland (Part of)
McCHRISTAL James Drumaquill
McCLEAN Catherine Kyle's Brae
McCLEAN Charles Kyle's Brae
McCLEAN Hercules Killowen St., Coleraine
McCLEAN John Killowen St., Coleraine
McCLEAN Joseph Kyle's Brae
McCLOSKEY John Killowen St., Coleraine
McCLOSKEY William Killowen St., Coleraine
McCLUSKEY Henry Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
McCONWAY Charles Kyle's Brae
McCOOK James Killowen St., Coleraine
McCORMACK Edward Ballycairn
McCORMACK John Killowen St., Coleraine
McCORMICK George Killowen St., Coleraine
McCREA Robert Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
McCREADY William Drumaquill
McCULLAGH William Kyle's Brae
McCULLIAN John Drumaquill
McCURDY James Waterside (Part of)
McCURDY Jas. Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
McCURDY Joseph Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
McDAID James Kyle's Brae
McDERMOTT Robert Killowen St., Coleraine
McDEVITT Bernard Churchland (Part of)
McDEVITT Bernard Killowen St., Coleraine
McDONALD Charles Killowen St., Coleraine
McDONNELL James Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
McDONNELL Rev. Joseph Castletoodry
McDONNELL Rev. Joseph Waterside (Part of)
McELROY George Killowen St., Coleraine
McENTIRE Samuel Castletoodry
McFADDEN Thomas Churchland (Part of)
McFARLAND Daniel Churchland (Part of)
McFARLAND Daniel Waterside (Part of)
McFARLANE Daniel Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
McFETRIDGE James Churchland (Part of)
McGEAGH Thomas Waterside, Coleraine
McGONIGLE Bernard Churchland (Part of)
McGONIGLE Hugh Killowen St., Coleraine
McGONIGLE John Killowen St., Coleraine
McGONIGLE Michael Killowen St., Coleraine
McGONIGLE Thomas Killowen St., Coleraine
McGOWAN John Waterside (Part of)
McGOWAN Margaret Killowen St., Coleraine
McGOWAN William Killowen St., Coleraine
McGRANAHAN Samuel Churchland (Part of)
McGROTTY Charles Churchland (Part of)
McGROTTY William Churchland (Part of)
McGUINNESS John Killowen St., Coleraine
McINTYRE Alexander Peat's Row, Coleraine
McINTYRE Richard Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
McKAY Adam Coleraine
McKAY Alexander Churchland (Part of)
McKAY Ellen Churchland (Part of)
McKAY James Killowen St., Coleraine
McKAY Robert Coleraine
McKEAG Daniel Waterside, Coleraine
McKEARN Catherine Ballycairn
McKEEVER Jane Churchland (Part of)
McKEON Daniel Killowen St., Coleraine
McKILLIP Sarah Kyle's Brae
McKILLOP James Captain St. Upper, Coleraine
McKINNEY Anne Killowen St., Coleraine
McLARKEY William Drumaquill
MCLARY Bernard Castletoodry
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Waterside
McLENAGHAN Joseph Killowen St., Coleraine
McLOUGHLIN Charles Drumaquill
McLOUGHLIN Hugh Ballycairn
McLOUGHLIN John Waterside (Part of)
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Kyle's Brae
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Waterside (Part of)
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Waterside, Coleraine
McLOUGHLIN William Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
McMULLEN James Ballycairn
McNAUGHTEN Rose Drumaquill
McNEILL John Killowen St., Coleraine
McPEAKE Hugh Killowen St., Coleraine
McPHILLIP John Waterside, Coleraine
McQUIGGAN Mary Kyle's Brae
McSHANE Samuel Killowen St., Coleraine
McWILKEN Mary Churchland (Part of)
MEEK James Kyle's Brae
MILLER Alexander Ballycairn
MILLER David Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
MILLER Henry Waterside (Part of)
MILLER John Churchland
MILLER John Waterside (Part of)
MILLER Mary Anne Churchland (Part of)
MILLER Stuart Killowen St., Coleraine
MILLS John Churchland (Part of)
MITCHELL Allan Peat's Row, Coleraine
MITCHELL Joseph Churchland (Part of)
MITCHELL Joseph Killowen St., Coleraine
MOFFATT Eliza Killowen St., Coleraine
MOODY Andrew J. Waterside (Part of)
MOONEY George Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
MOONEY Mary Ann Churchland (Part of)
MOONEY Sarah Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
MOORE Anne Kyle's Brae
MOORE Mark Killowen St., Coleraine
MOORE William Killowen St., Coleraine
MORAN Ellen Killowen St., Coleraine
MORRISON Michael Churchland (Part of)
MORRISON Michael Killowen St., Coleraine
MORRISON William Waterside (Part of)
MULHOLLAND John Killowen St., Coleraine
MULLARKY Catherine Waterside
MULLIN Daniel Peat's Row, Coleraine
MURDOCK Jacob Killowen St., Coleraine
MURPHY Stephen Ballycairn
MURRAY Michael Kyle's Brae
NEILL Robert Peat's Row, Coleraine
NICHOLL William Waterside (Part of)
NORRIS Thomas Kyle's Brae
O'BRIEN Charles Peat's Row, Coleraine
O'BRIEN Edward Killowen St., Coleraine
O'CONNOR Patrick J. Churchland (Part of)
O'KANE John Killowen St., Coleraine
O'NEILL Arthur Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
ORR Joseph Churchland (Part of)
PARKER John Killowen St., Coleraine
PATTEN Jane Waterside (Part of)
PATTERSON John Killowen St., Coleraine
PATTON Charles Killowen St., Coleraine
PAUL Elizabeth Killowen St., Coleraine
PAUL Jane Kyle's Brae
PAUL Margaret Waterside, Coleraine
PAUL Oliver Waterside (Part of)
POLLOCK Hannah Killowen St., Coleraine
PORTER Martha Ballycairn
RAMSAY Hugh Kyle's Brae
RAMSAY Thomas Kyle's Brae
RANKIN Samuel Waterside
READ Daniel Kyle's Brae
SCULLION Catherine Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
SHEIL Rose Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
SHERAH James Waterside (Part of)
SILLETTO Rev. William W. Churchland (Part of)
SMALL Catherine Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
SMITH John Ballycairn
SMITH John Waterside (Part of)
SMITH Mary Killowen St., Coleraine
SMITH Samuel Drumaquill
STEEN James Castletoodry
STEEN James Waterside (Part of)
STEEN Philip Drumaquill
STIRLING James Kyle's Brae
STOCKMAN Andrew Kyle's Brae
TATE James Churchland (Part of)
TAYLOR Esther Kyle's Brae
TAYLOR James Churchland (Part of)
THOMPSON Daniel Churchland (Part of)
THOMPSON Daniel Kyle's Brae
THOMPSON Eliza Kyle's Brae
THOMPSON William Churchland (Part of)
TOMBE William Churchland (Part of)
TOMBE William Killowen St., Coleraine
TRAINOR James Killowen St., Coleraine
VALLEY Sarah Kyle's Brae
WALKER William Shuttle Hill, Coleraine
WALLACE Elizabeth Kyle's Brae
WARD Arthur Waterside (Part of)
WARD Denis Waterside (Part of)
WARKE Robert Ballycairn
WATT James Churchland (Part of)
WHITE Gamel Churchland (Part of)
WHITESIDE Joseph Ballycairn
WHITESIDE William Killowen St., Coleraine
WILLOCK Alexander Captain St. Lower, Coleraine
WILSON Thomas Kyle's Brae
WILTON David Kyle's Brae
WILTON John Churchland (Part of)
WISENER Andrew Churchland (Part of)
YATES John Kyle's Brae
YEATES Grace Coleraine