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Index to Griffiths Valuation Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Extracted, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

ABERCORN Marquis Aghafad
ABERCORN Marquis Aghasessy
ABERCORN Marquis Ballought
ABERCORN Marquis Ballyrenan
ABERCORN Marquis Barons Court
ABERCORN Marquis Birnaghs
ABERCORN Marquis Breen
ABERCORN Marquis Byturn
ABERCORN Marquis Cashty
ABERCORN Marquis Cloonty
ABERCORN Marquis Coolaghy
ABERCORN Marquis Drumlegagh
ABERCORN Marquis Envagh
ABERCORN Marquis Killydart
ABERCORN Marquis Laragh
ABERCORN Marquis Largybeg
ABERCORN Marquis Legland
ABERCORN Marquis Letterbin
ABERCORN Marquis Lislafferty
ABERCORN Marquis Lower or Old Deer Park
ABERCORN Marquis Magheracoltan
ABERCORN Marquis Meaghy
ABERCORN Marquis Mullagh
ABERCORN Marquis Skinboy Mountain
ABERCORN Marquis Tamnagh
ABERCORN Marquis Urbalreagh
ACHESON James, M.D. Glenglush
ACHESON Thomas Tievenny
ACHESON William Fyfin
ACHESON William Glenglush
ADAMS Armor Altdoghal
ADAMS George Carnkenny
ADAMS Rebecca Altdoghal
ADAMS Thomas Newtownstewart
ADAMS William Carnkenny
ADAMS William Golan Adams
ADAMS William Letterbin
AIKEN Alexander Newtownstewart
AIKEN David Clare Upper
AIKEN Eliz Grange
AIKEN Elizabeth Grange
AIKEN Geo. Grange
AIKEN George Bunderg
AIKEN George Grange
AIKEN James Magheralough
AIKEN James Pubble
AIKEN Joseph Creevy
ALEXANDER Andrew Crew Lower
ALEXANDER Frances Milltown
ALEXANDER John Drumlegagh
ALEXANDER John Knockiniller
ALEXANDER John Milltown
ALEXANDER Rev. James Ballymullarty
ALEXANDER Samuel Carnkenny
ALEXANDER Samuel Crew Lower
ALEXANDER Samuel Crew Upper
ALEXANDER William Altdoghal
ALISON John Drumclamph
ALLEN Anne Jane Carnkenny
ALLEN Eliza Fyfin
ALLEN Frances Ardstraw
ALLEN James Kilstrule
ALLEN Jane Fyfin
ALLEN John Milltown
ALLEN John Tirmegan
ALLEN Robert Kilstrule
ALLEN Samuel Brocklis
ALLEN Samuel Crew Upper
ALLEN Samuel Straletterdallan
ALLEN Thomas Carnkenny
ANDERSON James Breen
ANDERSON James Tievenny
ANDERSON Robert Grange
ANDERSON William Breen
ANDERSON William Glenknock or Cloghogle
ANDRIGAN Robert Brocklis
ARBUCKLE Isaac Killymore
ARBUCKLE James Killymore
ARBUCKLE Joseph Killymore
ARBUCKLE Joseph Legnabraid
ARBUCKLE Joseph, Jr. Killymore
ARBUCKLE Joseph, Sr. Killymore
ARBUCKLE Margaret Legnabraid
ARMSTRONG Edward Newtownstewart
ARMSTRONG Rev. John Golan Hunter
ARTHUR Andrew Drumnahoe
ARTHUR George Knockiniller
ARTHUR James K. Grange
ARTHUR James K. Tirmegan
ARTHUR Jas. K. Breen
ARTHUR Jas. K. Bunderg
ARTHUR Jas. K. Knockroe
ARTHUR Jas. K. Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
ARTHUR Jas. K. Mulvin
ARTHUR John Drumnahoe
ARTHUR John Grange
ARTHUR John Knockiniller
ARTHUR John Shanonny West
ARTHUR Samuel Drumnahoe
ARTHUR Thomas Knockiniller
ARTHUR William Birnaghs
ASHENHOST Eliza Killymore
ASHINHURST William Newtownstewart
ATKINSON Andrew Meaghy
ATKINSON Henry Meaghy
ATKINSON Patrick Envagh
ATKINSON Patrick Legland
ATKINSON William Meaghy
ATKINSON William Pubble
AUCHINLECK Hugh Clady Blair
AUCHINLECK James R. Clady Blair
AUCHINLECK James R. Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
AUCHINLECK James R. Mulvin
BAIRD Alexander Crew Upper
BAIRD Andrew Ratyn
BAIRD Daniel Croshballinree
BAIRD Daniel Newtownstewart
BAIRD John Claremore
BAIRD Joseph Derrygoon
BAIRD Joseph Killeen
BAIRD Moses Brocklis
BAIRD Moses Killeen
BAIRD Moses Tievenny
BAIRD Patrick Erganagh
BALLANTINE William Beagh
BALLANTINE William Ligfordrum or Douglas
BALLENTINE John Magheracoltan
BARBER Edward Breen
BARBER Elizabeth Killymore
BARBER John Grange
BARBER John Newtownstewart
BARBER Margaret Knockroe
BARBER Matthew Grange
BARBER Matthew Newtownstewart
BARBER Matthew, Jr. Grange
BARBER Matthew, Sr. Grange
BARBER Robert Knockroe
BARBER Sarah Skinboy
BARBER Thomas Killymore
BARNES Jane Newtownstewart
BARNHILL Robert Killeen
BARNHILL William Tievenny
BARRON John Newtownstewart
BARTLEY Denis Shanonny East
BARTON Emily Grange
BARTON Emily Newtownstewart
BARTON John Carnkenny
BARTON Joseph Largybeg
BARTON Thomas Newtownstewart
BARTON William Newtownstewart
BASKIN John Birnaghs
BASKIN John Killydart
BASKIN John Laragh
BASKIN John Lower or Old Deer Park
BASKIN John Magheracoltan
BATES George Newtownstewart
BATES William Urbalreagh
BAXTER David Largybeg
BEATTY James Knockroe
BEATTY Jane Magheracoltan
BEATTY Jane Milltown
BEIEN [BRIEN] Charles Castlebane
BERNE Patrick Crosh
BEYTAGH John Crosh
BEYTAGH William Gallan Upper
BEYTAGH William Glenknock or Cloghogle
BLACK Denis Coolnaherin Park
BLACK George Beagh
BLACK John Archill
BLACK John Skinboy
BLACK Matthew Drumnahoe
BLACK Thomas Drumnahoe
BLACKBURN Joseph Glenglush
BOGGS William Erganagh
BOGLE James Lurganboy
BOGUE John Ligfordrum or Douglas
BOLTON John Knockroe
BOOTHE John Carnkenny
BOWEN Rev. Edward Barons Court
BOYD James Envagh
BOYD Matthew, Jr. Envagh
BOYD Matthew, Sr. Envagh
BOYD Robert Drumlegagh
BOYD Robert Largybeg
BOYLE Hugh Lower or Old Deer Park
BOYLE John Birnaghs
BOYLE John Lisnafin
BOYLE Michael Ardbarren Lower
BRADLEY Charles Meaghy
BRADLEY Edward Archill
BRADLEY Grace Lisnacreaght
BRADLEY Jacob Gallan Lower
BRADLEY James Killydart
BRADLEY James Milltown
BRADLEY James Skinboy
BRADLEY James Spamount
BRADLEY John Gallan Lower
BRADLEY John Ligfordrum or Douglas
BRADLEY Joseph Ligfordrum or Douglas
BRADLEY Michael Ligfordrum or Douglas
BRADLEY Patrick Magheralough
BRADLEY Sarah Lisnatunny Glebe
BRADLEY William Newtownstewart
BRADY James Clare Upper
BRADY James Drumnahoe
BRANAGAN Catherine Newtownstewart
BRANAGAN Daniel Brocklis
BREDIN James Archill
BREDIN Thomas Archill
BRENNAN George Creevy
BRESLIN Mary Letterbin
BRIEN Patrick Glasmullagh
BRIGHT Edward B. Newtownstewart
BROGAN Andrew Gallan Lower
BROGAN Catherine Newtownstewart
BROGAN Francis Newtownstewart
BROGAN James Gallan Upper
BROGAN James Glenknock or Cloghogle
BROGAN James Moyle Glebe
BROGAN John Gallan Lower
BROGAN John Gallan Upper
BROGAN John Newtownstewart
BROGAN Patk Gallan Lower
BROGAN Patrick Gallan Lower
BROGAN Patrick Gallan Upper
BROGAN Peter Gallan Upper
BROGAN Sarah Newtownstewart
BROOKES James Scarvagherin
BROWN James Urbalreagh
BROWN Robert Straletterdallan
BROWNE Alexander Altdoghal
BROWNE Charles Altdoghal
BROWNE David Creevy
BROWNE Isabella Concess
BROWNE James Altdoghal
BROWNE James Newtownstewart
BROWNE John Birnaghs
BROWNE John Letterbin
BROWNE John Newtownstewart
BROWNE John J. Altdoghal
BRUCE James Listymore
BUCHANAN John Drumclamph
BURKE John Priestsessagh
BURKE Thomas Listymore
BURKE William Lurganboy
BURNS Eleanor Lisnatunny Glebe
BURNS Patrick Lisnatunny Glebe
BYRNE Charles Lisnafin
BYRNE William Listymore
CALDWELL Audley Coolnaherin Park
CALDWELL Charles Pubble
CALDWELL Cunningham Ratyn
CALDWELL David Lisnafin
CALDWELL David Pubble
CALDWELL Edward Largybeg
CALDWELL Henry Kilreal Lower
CALDWELL Jane Newtownstewart
CALDWELL John Coolcreaghy
CALDWELL John Lisnafin
CALDWELL John Milltown
CALDWELL Margaret Ballynaloan
CALDWELL Margaret Newtownstewart
CALDWELL Rebecca Ratyn
CALDWELL Robt Tievenny
CALDWELL Samuel Ballynaloan
CALLAGHAN Edward Crew Upper
CALLAGHAN Henry Concess
CALLAGHAN Thomas Newtownstewart
CALLAGHAN William Archill
CAMERON Peter Rakelly
CAMERON Samuel Beagh
CAMERON Sarah Beagh
CAMPBELL James Newtownstewart
CAMPBELL John Newtownstewart
CAMPBELL John Pubble
CAMPBELL Margaret Magheracreggan
CAMPBELL Ross Newtownstewart
CAMPBELL Samuel Newtownstewart
CAMPBELL Thomas Magheracoltan
CAMPBELL William Envagh
CAMPBELL William Whitehouse
CANDERS James Lisnafin
CANDERS Margaret Lisnafin
CARLAN Michael Tullymuck
CARLAND Jane Lisnafin
CARLAND John Pubble
CARLAND Patrick Lisnafin
CARLISLE William Spamount
CARMICHAEL William Mulvin
CAROLAN Bernard Ballyrenan
CAROLAN Francis Ballyrenan
CAROLAN Francis Rakelly
CAROLAN James Newtownstewart
CAROLAN John Beagh
CAROLAN John Milltown
CAROLAN Margaret Newtownstewart
CAROLAN Michael Byturn
CAROLAN Patrick Killydart
CAROLAN Patrick Newtownstewart
CAROLAN Philip Garvetagh Upper
CAROLAN Richard Killydart
CAROLAN Roger Killydart
CARR John Shanonny West
CARR Margaret Carrickadartan
CARR Patrick Meaghy
CARR Robert Aghasessy
CARR Samuel Meaghy
CARR Thomas Meaghy
CARRIGAN Josias Grange
CARRIGAN William Carncorran Glebe
CARSON John Drumclamph
CARSON Robert Cavandarragh
CARSON Samuel Bunderg
CARSON Samuel Drumclamph
CARSON Wallace Straletterdallan
CARSON William Clady Hood
CARSON William Drumclamph
CASSAN Robert Aghasessy
CASSIDY James Shanonny West
CATHER Rev. William Newtownstewart
CAULFIELD Noble Carrickadartan
CHAMBERS John Newtownstewart
CHISHOLM Edward Lisnafin
CHISHOLM James Priestsessagh
CLARKE Bernard Lettercarn
CLARKE David Creevy
CLARKE James Newtownstewart
CLARKE John Grange
CLARKE John Legnabraid
CLARKE John Newtownstewart
CLARKE Matilda Legnabraid
CLARKE Rev. Matthew Kilstrule
CLARKE Thomas Lettercarn
CLARKE William Carnkenny
CLEMENTS William Knockiniller
CLYDE Samuel Tullymuck
CLYDE William, Jr. Tullymuck
CLYDE William, Sr. Tullymuck
COCHRAN James Ballymullarty
COCHRAN Mary Anne Glenknock or Cloghogle
COCHRAN Thomas Upper or New Deer Park
COLHOUN Adam Urbalreagh
COLHOUN Alexander Killymore
COLHOUN David Killymore
COLHOUN James Magheracoltan
COLHOUN Margaret Milltown
COLL James Glasmullagh
COLL John Gallan Lower
COLLINS James Coolcreaghy
COLLINS Robert Newtownstewart
COLLINS Thomas Newtownstewart
COLLINS William Lisnatunny Glebe
COMMINS Arthur Mulvin
COMMINS John Clady Hood
COMMINS Robert Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
COMMONS Robert Clady Johnston
CONAGHAN James Ardbarren Lower
CONLY Patrick Kilstrule
CONNOLLY Edward Killeen
CONNOLLY Francis Meaghy
CONNOLLY Michael Spamount
CONNOR Benjamin Newtownstewart
CONNOR Catherine Newtownstewart
CONNOR Charles Erganagh
CONNOR Michael Lislafferty
CONOLLY Thomas Fyfin
CONWAY Charles Dunteige
CONWAY Hannah Newtownstewart
CONWAY James Dunteige
CONWAY Manus Dunteige
CONWAY Patrick Dunteige
CONWAY Patrick Tullymuck
CONWAY Peter Grange
CONWAY Peter Newtownstewart
COOEY Mark Ardbarren Lower
COOEY William Erganagh
COOHILL James Kilstrule
COOHY Alexander Killydart
COOKE Andrew Drumnahoe
COOKE James Knockiniller
COOKE James Moyle Glebe
CORCORAN Francis Garvetagh Upper
CORCORAN James Carncorran Glebe
CORN [CARR?] James Letterbin
CORRAN Hugh Carnkenny
CORRIN Owen Mullagh
CORRY Anne Lettercarn
CORRY Hugh Binnawooda
CORRY James Bolaght
CORRY James Coolcreaghy
CORRY James Lettercarn
CORRY Patrick Bolaght
CORRY Robert Coolcreaghy
CORRY Toal Lettercarn
CORRY William Lettercarn
COYLE Charles Legland
COYLE James Carncorran Glebe
COYLE James Drumnabey
COYLE James Glenglush
COYLE James Kilstrule
COYLE James Tullymuck
COYLE John Scarvagherin
COYLE William Drumclamph
CRAIG David Drumnabey
CRAIG David, Jr. Drumnabey
CRAIG Eliza Creevy
CRAIG James Ballyfolliard
CRAIG James Ballyrenan
CRAIG James Drumnabey
CRAIG James Listymore
CRAIG John Ballyfolliard
CRAIG John Birnaghs
CRAIG Robert Erganagh
CRAIG Thomas Ballyrenan
CRAIG Thomas Glenglush
CRAIG Thomas Kilstrule
CRAIG William Ballyfolliard
CRAWFORD Andrew Backhill
CRAWFORD Arthur Crosh
CRAWFORD Charles Crosh
CRAWFORD David Upper or New Deer Park
CRAWFORD James Ballymullarty
CRAWFORD James Coolcreaghy
CRAWFORD James Coolnaherin Park
CRAWFORD John Ballymullarty
CRAWFORD John Chas. Straletterdallan
CRAWFORD Robert Brocklis
CRAWFORD Samuel Kilstrule
CRAWFORD William A. Carnkenny
CRAWFORD William, Sr. Carnkenny
CREIGHTON Stewart Legnabraid
CREIGHTON William Grange
CROWE Andrew Newtownstewart
CROWE George Carnkenny
CROWE James Killeen
CROWE William Carrickadartan
CRUMPTON Robert Drumclamph
CULLAGH Jas., Jr. Moyle Glebe
CUMMINS Margaret Scarvagherin
CUMMINS Robert Cavandarragh
CUNNINGHAM Andrew Carnkenny
CUNNINGHAM Caldwell Tievenny
CUNNINGHAM James Kilstrule
CUNNINGHAM Samuel Ardstraw
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Carnkenny
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Milltown
CURRAN Cormack Envagh
CURRAN Henry Ardbarren Lower
CURRAN Henry Coolnacrunaght
CURRAN Patrick Drumnabey
CURRAN Richard Legnabraid
CURRAN William Castlebane
CURRY Andrew Clady Johnston
CURRY John Clady Johnston
CURRY John Meaghy
CURRY John Newtownstewart
CURRY Marshall Clady Johnston
CURRY William Upperthird
CURTIN Rose Shanog
DALY Alice Legnabraid
DARRAGH William Dunrevan
DAVIS Hugh Archill
DAVIS John Ligfordrum or Douglas
DAVIS Robert Magheracreggan
DAVIS Robert Whitehouse
DAVIS William Ligfordrum or Douglas
DAVIS William Magheracreggan
DAVIS William Whitehouse
DAWSON Rev. Rich. J. Newtownstewart
DEAN Alexander Meaghy
DEERY William Golan Sproul
DENIS John Golan Sproul
DENISON John Knockbrack
DENISON Matthew Spamount
DENNY Robert Tamnagh
DEVANNY William Knockiniller
DEVANY James Erganagh
DEVANY Peter Kilstrule
DEVANY Peter Listymore
DEVIN Charles Ballyrenan
DEVIN George Knockroe
DEVIN Michael Knockroe
DEVIN Not given Meaghy
DEVIN Patrick Knockroe
DEVINE Daniel Letterbin
DEVINE Patrick Letterbin
DEVLIN Anne Sessagh of Gallan
DEVLIN Edward Cavandarragh
DEVLIN Edward Knockroe
DEVLIN John Gallan Upper
DEVLIN John Newtownstewart
DEVLIN John Skinboy
DEVLIN Patrick Gallan Upper
DEVLIN Peter Knockiniller
DEVLIN Sarah Newtownstewart
DICK Christopher Knockiniller
DICK James Knockiniller
DICK William Ballymullarty
DICK William Knockiniller
DICK Wm. Knockiniller
DICKEY Mary Newtownstewart
DIRNEAN Thomas Golan Sproul
DOAK George Newtownstewart
DOAK John Derrygoon
DOAKE Catherine Killymore
DOAKE William Killymore
DOGHERTY Francis Listymore
DOGHERTY Hugh Newtownstewart
DOGHERTY James Listymore
DOGHERTY James Scarvagherin
DOGHERTY John Ballyrenan
DOGHERTY John Newtownstewart
DOGHERTY Mary Killydart
DOGHERTY William Coolaghy
DOGUE [DOAK] John Birnaghs
DOGUE [DOAK] John Tirmegan
DOGUE [DOAK] William Milltown
DOHERTY Henry Moyle Glebe
DOHERTY James Drumnahoe
DOHERTY John Castlebane
DOHERTY Michael Newtownstewart
DOKE [DOAK] George Grange
DOLAN Alexander Listymore
DOLAN James Drumlegagh
DOLAN James Listymore
DOLAN James Shanonny East
DOLAN John Dunrevan
DOLAN John Glenglush
DOLAN John Newtownstewart
DOLAN Michael Scarvagherin
DOLAN Patrick Dunrevan
DOLAN Thomas Listymore
DONAGHY Charles Grange
DONAGHY Charles Lisnafin
DONAGHY Charles Straletterdallan
DONAGHY John Killeen
DONAGHY John Straletterdallan
DONAGHY William Breen
DONALD Charles Grange
DONALDSON Andrew Scarvagherin
DONNELL Arthur Drumlegagh
DONNELL Arthur, Jr. Drumlegagh
DONNELL Charles Knockroe
DONNELL Denis Magheracoltan
DONNELL Eliza Killymore
DONNELL George Newtownstewart
DONNELL James Newtownstewart
DONNELL Rev. Robt. C. Strahulter
DONNELL William Beagh
DONNELLY Bernard Lisnafin
DONNELLY Charles Newtownstewart
DONNELLY John Lisnatunny Glebe
DONNELLY Michael Newtownstewart
DONNELLY Patrick Kilreal Lower
DONNELLY Patrick Lisnafin
DONNELLY Patrick Newtownstewart
DOOGAN Francis Clare Upper
DOOLAN Jane Garvetagh Upper
DORAN Patrick Lisnafin
DOUGHY Charles Pubble
DOUGLAS James Glenglush
DOWNEY James Newtownstewart
DUFFY Alexander Ballyrenan
DUFFY Bernard Lisnatunny Glebe
DUFFY Hugh Newtownstewart
DUFFY James Pubble
DUNBAR Charles Grange
DUNBAR Daniel Grange
DUNBAR John Carrickadartan
DUNBAR John Castlebane
DUNBAR Matthew Carrickadartan
DUNBAR William Milltown
DUNCAN Archibald Magheracreggan
DUNCAN David Newtownstewart
DUNCAN George Lurganboy
DUNCAN James Golan Hunter
DUNCAN James Knockbrack
DUNCAN James Newtownstewart
DUNCAN James Upper or New Deer Park
DUNCAN John Cavandarragh
DUNCAN John Killeen
DUNCAN Robert Meaghy
DUNCAN William Newtownstewart
DUNCAN William, Jr. Lurganboy
DUNCAN William, Sr. Lurganboy
DUNN Samuel Carnkenny
DUNN Samuel Meaghy
DUNN William Carnkenny
DUNN William Kilstrule
DUNN William Shanonny West
DUNNE Samuel Ardstraw
DUNNE Samuel Carnkenny
DUNNE Samuel Milltown
DUNNE Samuel Urbalreagh
DUNNE William Brocklis
DURNIN Margaret Beagh
EAKINS James Drumnabey
EARLY John Envagh
EARLY Margaret Largybeg
EARLY Patrick Largybeg
EDWARDS Matthew Garvetagh Upper
EGAN James Drumlegagh
ELKIN Anne Drumnabey
ELLIOTT James Magheracoltan
ELLIOTT John Magheracoltan
ELLIOTT William Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
ELLIS John Crosh
ELLIS William Killymore
ELLISON Andrew Killymore
ELLISON Oliver Strahulter
ENTRICAN Robert Stonyfalls
EVANS Anne Newtownstewart
EVANS John Glenknock or Cloghogle
EVANS Robert Ballyfolliard
EWING Charles Lurganboy
EWING James Newtownstewart
EWING Samuel Ardstraw
EWING William Erganagh
EWING William Priestsessagh
FAIR Robert Glenknock or Cloghogle
FARRAN James Glenglush
FARRELL Charles Urbalreagh
FARRELL Christopher Newtownstewart
FARREN Robert Listymore
FEATHER Anne Birnaghs
FEETERS George Killydart
FEETERS John Lower or Old Deer Park
FERGUSON Edward Ballymullarty
FERRIS Edward Dunteige
FINLAY Mary Drumclamph
FINLAY Mary Kilstrule
FINLAY Samuel Magheracoltan
FINNEY Matthew Castlebane
FINTON James Erganagh
FISHER Henry Newtownstewart
FITZSIMON Hammond Strahulter
FITZSIMON Jacob Newtownstewart
FITZSIMON William Killymore
FLANAGAN John Stonyfalls
FLANNAGAN Edward Moyle Glebe
FLETCHER Moses Ballought
FLETCHER William Ballought
FLOOD John Newtownstewart
FORBES Andrew Coolnacrunaght
FORBES Andrew Upperthird
FORBES Charles, Jr. Clare Upper
FORBES Charles, Sr. Clare Upper
FORBES John Ardbarren Lower
FORBES John Backhill
FORBES John Clare Upper
FORBES John, Jr. Clare Upper
FORBES John, Sr. Clare Upper
FORBES Robert Backhill
FORBES Thomas Clare Upper
FORSYTH Andrew Kilstrule
FORSYTH James Magheracoltan
FORSYTH John Meaghy
FOSTER Arthur Meaghy
FREYNE Joseph Drumlegagh
FULTON Andrew Newtownstewart
FULTON George Newtownstewart
FULTON Hugh Ligfordrum or Douglas
FULTON James Altdoghal
FULTON James Drumnahoe
FULTON James Knockroe
FULTON James Straletterdallan
FULTON John Drumnahoe
FULTON John Ligfordrum or Douglas
FULTON Robert Beagh
FULTON Robert Knockiniller
FULTON Thomas Lisnatunny Glebe
FULTON William Beagh
FULTON William Grange
FULTON William Knockroe
FULTON William Ligfordrum or Douglas
FULTON William Newtown Stewart
FULTON William Newtownstewart
FUNSTON Christopher Envagh
FURY Connell Ligfordrum or Douglas
FYFFE David Carncorran Glebe
FYFFE James Archill
FYFFE James Carrickadartan
FYFFE James Erganagh
FYFFE Jane Cloonty
FYFFE John Archill
FYFFE William Ballyrenan
FYFFE William Derrygoon
GAILEY Ellen Creevy
GAILEY Robert Magheralough
GAILEY William Creevy
GAILY Andrew Magheracreggan
GAILY John Carncorran Glebe
GALBRAITH James Urbalreagh
GALBRAITH William Cavandarragh
GALLAGHER Andrew Erganagh
GALLAGHER Andrew Newtownstewart
GALLAGHER Andrew Urbalreagh
GALLAGHER Anne Coolnacrunaght
GALLAGHER Elizabeth Drumnabey
GALLAGHER Hugh Newtownstewart
GALLAGHER James Magheracreggan
GALLAGHER James Urbalreagh
GALLAGHER John Tievenny
GALLAGHER Michael Newtownstewart
GALLAGHER Patrick Largybeg
GALLAGHER Patrick Lislafferty
GALLAGHER Thomas Killeen
GALLANAGH Jeremiah Newtownstewart
GALLON Mary Carncorran Glebe
GALLOWAY Francis Dunrevan
GAMBLE John Lisnatunny Glebe
GARDINER James Drumnahoe
GARDINER John Ballymullarty
GAVIN James Grange
GENTILES Robert Erganagh
GERAGHTY Philip Ballyrenan
GIBSON John Newtownstewart
GILLESPIE George Kilstrule
GILLESPIE Hamilton Milltown
GILLESPIE James Newtownstewart
GILLESPIE Moses Milltown
GINN John Listymore
GINN William Kilreal Upper
GIVEN Henry Letterbin
GIVEN James Largybeg
GIVEN John Aghasessy
GIVEN Mary Newtownstewart
GIVIN John Drumlegagh
GLACKAN Edward Cashty
GLACKEN Owen Byturn
GLASS James Newtownstewart
GLASS Samuel Carnaveagh
GLINCHY William Newtownstewart
GLYNN Matthew Coolcreaghy
GLYNN William Drumlegagh
GOING Charles Tullymuck
GOING Francis Largybeg
GOING James Dunrevan
GOING Mark Envagh
GOING Patrick Lisnacreaght
GOORLEY James Garvetagh Upper
GORDON Francis Newtownstewart
GORDON Margaret Stonewalls
GORMLEY Arthur Legland
GORMLEY Charles Dunteige
GORMLEY Denis Ballyfolliard
GORMLEY Elizabeth Drumnabey
GORMLEY Hugh Envagh
GORMLEY James Dunteige
GORMLEY James Lisnacreaght
GORMLEY James Urbalreagh
GORMLEY John Grange
GORMLEY Michael Drumnabey
GORMLEY Neal Ardbarren Lower
GORMLEY Peter Dunteige
GORMLEY Roger Legland
GORMLEY Rose Newtownstewart
GORMLEY Thomas Grange
GORMLY David Erganagh
GORMLY Edward Erganagh
GORMLY Hugh Carnkenny
GORMLY James Newtownstewart
GORMLY William Binnawooda
GOUGHY Patrick Pubble
GOWAN Denis Newtownstewart
GOWAN Elizabeth Newtownstewart
GRAHAM Denis Drumnahoe
GRAHAM Eliza Ballyfolliard
GRAHAM John Straletterdallan
GRAHAM John, Jr. Ballyfolliard
GRAHAM John, Sr. Ballyfolliard
GRAHAM Thomas Lisleen
GRANT James Glasmullagh
GRAY Armor Killymore
GRAY John Laragh
GRAY Robert Birnaghs
GREER Hugh Upperthird
GREER Joseph Ballymullarty
GREER Robert Lisnacreaght
GREGORY Edward Scarvagherin
GRIER John Ligfordrum or Douglas
GRIER Matthew Ligfordrum or Douglas
HAGAN Bernard Legnabraid
HAGAN Charles Altdoghal
HAGAN Charles Legnabraid
HAGAN Denis Drumnahoe
HAGAN James Killymore
HAGAN James Legnabraid
HAGAN Jane Legnabraid
HAGAN Rose Legnabraid
HAGARTY Elizabeth Newtownstewart
HAGARTY Thomas Ligfordrum or Douglas
HAGERTY John Newtownstewart
HALL James Newtownstewart
HAMILTON Alexander Lisnatunny Glebe
HAMILTON Alexander Mullagh
HAMILTON Andrew Ballymullarty
HAMILTON Andrew Lisnatunny Glebe
HAMILTON Anne Ardbarren Lower
HAMILTON Eliza Bunderg
HAMILTON Eliza Creevy
HAMILTON George Shanonny West
HAMILTON James Coolnacrunaght
HAMILTON James Crosh
HAMILTON James Glenknock or Cloghogle
HAMILTON James Grange
HAMILTON James Letterbin
HAMILTON James Lisnatunny Glebe
HAMILTON James Newtownstewart
HAMILTON James Shanonny West
HAMILTON James, M. D. Newtownstewart
HAMILTON James, M. D. Pubble
HAMILTON John Backhill
HAMILTON John Ballynaloan
HAMILTON John Cavandarragh
HAMILTON John Magheracoltan
HAMILTON John Meaghy
HAMILTON John Newtownstewart
HAMILTON Joseph Lisnacreaght
HAMILTON Joseph Magheracoltan
HAMILTON Margaret Coolnacrunaght
HAMILTON Mary Lisnatunny Glebe
HAMILTON Matthew Letterbin
HAMILTON Patrick Lislafferty
HAMILTON Patrick Milltown
HAMILTON Rebecca Newtownstewart
HAMILTON Robert Garvetagh Upper
HAMILTON Robert Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
HAMILTON Robert Shanonny West
HAMILTON Susan Clare Upper
HAMILTON Thomas Ardbarren Upper
HAMILTON Thomas Ardstraw
HAMILTON Thomas Brocklis
HAMILTON Thomas Lisnacreaght
HAMPHILL [HEMPHILL] John Lisnacreaght
HANLON Patrick Archill
HARE John Archill
HARE Robert Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
HARGAN Edward Ligfordrum or Douglas
HARLEY Owen Archill
HARPUR James Carnkenny
HART Samuel Cashty
HARTON John Newtownstewart
HARVEY Chas Tullymuck
HARVEY David Letterbin
HARVEY James Legland
HAUGHEY Charles Shanonny East
HAWTHORNE Robert Killymore
HAYES James Lisnafin
HAZLET James Birnaghs
HAZLETT James Birnaghs
HAZLETT Robert Birnaghs
HAZLETT William Milltown
HEALY Cormac Newtownstewart
HEALY Michael Archill
HEALY Michael Drumlegagh
HEATHERINGTON William Newtownstewart
HEGARTY Mary Ballymullarty
HEMPHILL Andrew Clady Haliday
HEMPHILL James Listymore
HEMPHILL John Ballyfolliard
HEMPHILL John Listymore
HEMPHILL John Straletterdallan
HEMPHILL Joseph Dunrevan
HEMPHILL Samuel Newtownstewart
HENDERSON Daniel Backhill
HENDERSON David Golan Sproul
HENDERSON James Ardstraw
HENDERSON James Kilstrule
HENDERSON John Ardbarren Upper
HENDERSON John Scarvagherin
HENDERSON Robert Clady Blair
HENDERSON Robert Milltown
HENDERSON William Clare Upper
HEWSTON John Newtownstewart
HEWSTON Mary Anne Killeen
HIGGINS Archibald Coolnaherin Park
HIGGINS Elizabeth Meaghy
HILL Alexander Ballyrenan
HILL David Crosh
HILL Eliza Clady Haliday
HILL Eliza Stonewalls
HILL James Ballymullarty
HILL James Brocklis
HILL Jane Straletterdallan
HILL John Ballymullarty
HILL Robert Ballymullarty
HILL Robert Drumnahoe
HILL Samuel Drumnahoe
HILL Thomas Mulvin
HILL William Gallan Lower
HILL William Newtownstewart
HILL William Sessagh of Gallan
HOEY Robert Meaghy
HOLLAND Charles Envagh
HOLLAND John Meaghy
HOOD Andrew Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD Anne Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD James Beagh
HOOD James Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD James Shanonny West
HOOD James Tirmegan
HOOD John Knockroe
HOOD John Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD John Upper or New Deer Park
HOOD Margaret Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD Robert Lisnafin
HOOD Robert Lisnatunny Glebe
HOOD Samuel Grange
HOOD Samuel Lisnafin
HOOD Samuel Lower or Old Deer Park
HOOD Samuel Newtownstewart
HOPKINS John Newtownstewart
HORNE Mary Castlebane
HOUSTON Anne Brocklis
HOUSTON Ezekiel Ballought
HUEY James Drumclamph
HUEY Robert Dunrevan
HUEY Robert Erganagh
HUMPHREY William Coolnacrunaght
HUNTER Andrew Skinboy
HUNTER Charles Newtownstewart
HUNTER David Grange
HUNTER David Newtownstewart
HUNTER Francis Ligfordrum or Douglas
HUNTER James Golan Sproul
HUNTER Jane Glenknock or Cloghogle
HUNTER Jane Lisnafin
HUNTER John Lisleen
HUNTER John Shanog
HUNTER John Straletterdallan
HUNTER Thomas Derrygoon
HUNTER Thomas Straletterdallan
HUNTER Thomas Urbalreagh
HUNTER William Ardbarren Lower
HUNTER William Magheracoltan
HUNTER William Straletterdallan
HUTCHINSON Christr. Lisnatunny Glebe
HUTCHINSON Elizabeth Gallan Lower
HUTCHINSON James Straletterdallan
HUTCHINSON John Gallan Lower
HUTCHINSON John Straletterdallan
HUTCHINSON Rebecca Birnaghs
HUTCHINSON Samuel Gallan Lower
HUTCHINSON Samuel Shanonny East
HUTCHINSON Samuel Straletterdallan
HUTCHINSON William Birnaghs
HUTCHINSON William Crosh
HUTCHINSON William Gallan Lower
HUTCHINSON William Shanonny East
HUTCHINSON William Straletterdallan
HYMAN [HYNDMAN] Robert Archill
HYNDMAN Robert Drumlegagh
HYNDMAN William Ballyrenan
HYNES James Cavandarragh
IRVINE James Shanonny West
IRVINE Josias Skinboy Mountain
IRVINE Robert Clare Upper
IRVINE Thomas Clare Upper
IRWIN Andrew Carnkenny
IRWIN Arthur Coolnacrunaght
IRWIN Charles Newtownstewart
IRWIN Francis Cashty
IRWIN James Ballymullarty
IRWIN James Killeen
IRWIN James Lisnafin
IRWIN James Skinboy Mountain
IRWIN John Coolnacrunaght
IRWIN John Drumlegagh
IRWIN John Letterbin
IRWIN Martha Urbalreagh
IRWIN Thomas Brocklis
IRWIN Thomas Killeen
IRWIN William Ligfordrum or Douglas
JACK Eliza Drumlegagh
JACK John Carnkenny
JACK John Grange
JACK John Meaghy
JACK Patrick Meaghy
JACK William Magheracoltan
JANE James Cloonty
JEMESON Samuel Killeen
JOHNSTON David Bolaght
JOHNSTON Edward Milltown
JOHNSTON Eliza Ardbarren Upper
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Coolcreaghy
JOHNSTON George Milltown
JOHNSTON James Coolnacrunaght
JOHNSTON James Crew Lower
JOHNSTON James Dunteige
JOHNSTON Jarret Letterbin
JOHNSTON John Derrygoon
JOHNSTON John Kilstrule
JOHNSTON John Knockroe
JOHNSTON John Pubble
JOHNSTON Margaret Magheracoltan
JOHNSTON Mary Derrygoon
JOHNSTON Richard Magheralough
JOHNSTON Robert Crosh
JOHNSTON Robert Magheracoltan
JOHNSTON Samuel Derrygoon
JOHNSTON William Ardbarren Upper
JOHNSTON William Drumlegagh
JOHNSTON William J. Crosh
JUDGE Anne Kilstrule
JUDGE Bridget Carnkenny
JUDGE John Meaghy
JUDGE Michael Kilstrule
JUDGE William Kilstrule
KANE Edward Envagh
KANE Edward Killydart
KANE Francis Envagh
KANE Francis Letterbin
KANE Hannah Ballought
KANE Hugh Newtownstewart
KANE John Bolaght
KANE John Drumlegagh
KANE John Dunteige
KANE John Envagh
KANE John Meaghy
KANE Patrick Envagh
KANE Peter Cloonty
KANE William Ballyrenan
KANE William Grange
KANE William Meaghy
KEANE Charles Dunteige
KEANE Christopher Croshballinree
KEANE Francis Tullymuck
KEANE James Envagh
KEANE John Glasmullagh
KEANE Thomas Moyle Glebe
KEANE Thomas Tullymuck
KEARNS Edward Aghasessy
KEARNS William Spamount
KEE William Magheracoltan
KEEL William Carncorran Glebe
KEENAN Francis Ballought
KELLY Andrew Strahulter
KELLY Bernard Dunteige
KELLY David Strahulter
KELLY George Coolcreaghy
KELLY Hugh Ballyfolliard
KELLY James Gallan Upper
KELLY James Glenglush
KELLY John Erganagh
KELLY Michael Milltown
KELLY Patrick Carnkenny
KELLY Patrick Newtownstewart
KELLY William Urbalreagh
KELSO John Magheracoltan
KENNAN Patrick Gallan Upper
KENNEDY John Backhill
KENNEDY William Ardbarren Lower
KENNEDY William Ardstraw
KERLIN Bernard Ratyn
KERR Andrew Killeen
KERR Andrew Ratyn
KERR James Carncorran Glebe
KERR James Clady Hood
KERR James Clady Johnston
KERR James Killeen
KERR James Listymore
KERR James Newtownstewart
KERR John Archill
KERR John Cavandarragh
KERR John Lisleen
KERR Joseph Carnkenny
KERR Joseph Magheracreggan
KERR Thomas Ratyn
KERRIGAN Charles Garvetagh Upper
KERRIGAN William Garvetagh Upper
KEYS James Listymore
KEYS James Meaghy
KILGRACE Andrew Newtownstewart
KILGRACE Widow Lurganboy
KILLEN Robert Kilstrule
KILPATRICK David Drumlegagh
KILPATRICK James Straletterdallan
KILPATRICK Thomas Envagh
KILPATRICK William Byturn
KINCAID Elizabeth Meaghy
KINCAID John Carrickadartan
KINCAID John Grange
KINCAID John Newtownstewart
KING William Brocklis
KINLOUGH John Aghasessy
KINLOUGH John Letterbin
KINLOUGH John Mullagh
KIRKE Joseph Dunrevan
KNOX George Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
KNOX James Glenglush
KNOX John Listymore
KNOX Patrick Killeen
KNOX Robert Ballought
KNOX Robert Killeen
KNOX William Clady Haliday
KNOX William Stonewalls
KYLE Jane Carnkenny
KYLE John Kilreal Upper
KYLE John Letterbin
LAFFERTY Charles Carnkenny
LAFFERTY James Beagh
LAFFERTY Jeremiah Carnkenny
LAFFERTY John Grange
LAFFERTY John Newtownstewart
LAFFERTY Margaret Meaghy
LAFFERTY Thomas Beagh
LAIRD Andrew Aghafad
LAIRD John Lisnacreaght
LAIRD Margaret Lisnacreaght
LAIRD Matthew Lisnacreaght
LAWSON Henry Coolcreaghy
LEARD Andrew Urbalreagh
LEARD John Magheracoltan
LEARD Moses Brocklis
LEARD Robert Brocklis
LECKEY John Garvetagh Lower
LECKEY Robert Garvetagh Lower
LECKEY Samuel Lisleen
LECKY Anne Newtownstewart
LECKY James Whitehouse
LECKY John Kilreal Upper
LECKY William Whitehouse
LEECH Andrew Scarvagherin
LEECH John Kilstrule
LEECH John Meaghy
LEECH Johnston Tievenny
LEECH Samuel Kilstrule
LEITCH Andrew Carncorran Glebe
LEITCH Charles Carncorran Glebe
LEITCH John Magheracreggan
LEMON George Altdoghal
LENNON John Ballought
LEVINGSTON John Garvetagh Lower
LEVISTON Not given Ballyfolliard
LINDSAY Thomas Newtownstewart
LITTLE David Bolaght
LITTLE Elizabeth Castlebane
LITTLE George Bunderg
LITTLE John Beagh
LITTLE John Castlebane
LITTLE Rev. Francis Upper or New Deer Park
LITTLE Robert Coolnacrunaght
LITTLE William Knockroe
LOANE Henry Gallan Upper
LOGUE Catherine Newtownstewart
LOGUE Charles Drumnabey
LOGUE Hamilton Scarvagherin
LOGUE Hugh Kilreal Lower
LOGUE James Newtownstewart
LOGUE John Newtownstewart
LOGUE Mary Magheracreggan
LOGUE William Scarvagherin
LONE John Dunteige
LONE Patrick Dunteige
LONG Alexander Drumlegagh
LONG David Birnaghs
LONG John Ballyfolliard
LONG William Mulvin
LONGAN John Cavandarragh
LOONEY Anne Dunteige
LOONEY Daniel Dunteige
LOUGHRY Rebecca Newtownstewart
LOUGHRY William Newtownstewart
LOVE Andrew Magheracreggan
LOVE Andrew Tievenny
LOVE Charles Crew Upper
LOVE James Ballyfolliard
LOVE James Listymore
LOVE James Tievenny
LOVE John Birnaghs
LOVE John Drumclamph
LOVE John Tievenny
LOVE Robert Crew Upper
LOVE Robert Scarvagherin
LOVE Samuel Ballyfolliard
LOVE Samuel Crew Upper
LOVE Thomas Listymore
LOVE Thomas Magheracreggan
LOVE William Listymore
LOWRY Margaret Archill
LUNNY Charles Meaghy
LYNCH Anne Newtownstewart
LYNCH Isabella Skinboy
LYNCH William Moyle Glebe
LYNDSAY John Magheracreggan
LYONS Robert Straletterdallan
MACCROSSAN William Golan Sproul
MACDEVITT Grace Golan Sproul
MACDEVITT Mary Spamount
MACKEY John Newtownstewart
MACKLIN Andrew Newtownstewart
MACLEAR Andrew Rakelly
MACLEAR John Rakelly
MACLEAR Margaret Rakelly
MADDEN John Milltown
MADDEN Patrick Ballought
MAGEE George Newtownstewart
MAGEE Hugh Ballyfolliard
MAGEE James Envagh
MAGEE James Fyfin
MAGEE James Listymore
MAGEE James Magheracoltan
MAGEE Jarrett Ardstraw
MAGEE Robert Ardstraw
MAGEE Robert Fyfin
MAGEE Robert Meaghy
MAGRATH Anne Newtownstewart
MAGRATH John Glenknock or Cloghogle
MAGUIGAN William Lower or Old Deer Park
MAGUIRE Anne Dunteige
MAGUIRE Arthur Kilstrule
MAGUIRE Bernard Dunteige
MAGUIRE Catherine Newtownstewart
MAGUIRE Charles Grange
MAGUIRE Charles Newtownstewart
MAGUIRE Daniel Envagh
MAGUIRE Edward Breen
MAGUIRE Hugh Grange
MAGUIRE James Glasmullagh
MAGUIRE James Newtownstewart
MAGUIRE Jane Dunteige
MAGUIRE John Ballyrenan
MAGUIRE John Shanonny East
MAGUIRE Margaret Garvetagh Lower
MAGUIRE Margaret Tullymuck
MAGUIRE Matthew Skinboy Mountain
MAGUIRE Patrick Dunteige
MAGUIRE Patrick Newtownstewart
MAGUIRE Paul Legland
MANEILLY William Urbalreagh
MARROW James Backhill
MARSHALL Edward Drumnahoe
MARSHALL James Shanonny East
MARSHALL Margaret Drumnahoe
MARSHALL Mary Anne Drumnahoe
MARTIN Anne Gallan Upper
MARTIN Elizabeth Ballyfolliard
MARTIN James Skinboy
MARTIN John Tullymuck
MATHEWS John Breen
MATHEWS John Grange
MATHEWS John Legnabraid
MATHEWS John Newtownstewart
MATHEWS Samuel Legnabraid
MATHEWSON Clarke Crosh
MATHEWSON Clarke Grange
MATHEWSON Clarke Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON Clarke Upper or New Deer Park
MATHEWSON Eliza Grange
MATHEWSON John Bloomry
MATHEWSON John Clare Upper
MATHEWSON John Claremore
MATHEWSON Joseph Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON Margaret Newtownstewart
MAXWELL James Carnkenny
MAXWELL James Kilstrule
MAXWELL Joseph Drumlegagh
MAXWELL Joseph Meaghy
MAXWELL Moses Meaghy
MAXWELL Rev. Andrew Drumlegagh
MAXWELL Robert Crew Upper
MAXWELL Sarah Meaghy
MAXWELL William Priestsessagh
MAYBERRY William Cloonty
MAYBERRY William Letterbin
MAZE Margaret Stonyfalls
MAZE Robert Tullymuck
MC LOUGHLIN Michael Newtownstewart
MCALEER Bryan Brocklis
MCALEER Daniel Moyle Glebe
MCALEER David Newtownstewart
MCALEER Edward Grange
MCALEER Edward Newtownstewart
MCALEER Hugh Ballyrenan
MCALEER Hugh Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCALEER James Sessagh of Gallan
MCALEER John Lisnacreaght
MCALEER John Newtownstewart
MCALEER Patrick Kilstrule
MCALISON William Whitehouse
MCALISTER Andrew Newtownstewart
MCALISTER John Lislafferty
MCALISTER John Milltown
MCALPINE Rep. Jas. Beagh
MCALPINE Rep. Jas. Knockiniller
MCALPINE Rep. Jas. Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCANALLEY Charles Gallan Upper
MCANALLEY James Gallan Upper
MCANALLEY Michael Gallan Upper
MCANALLY Arthur Dunteige
MCANANEY John Gallan Lower
MCANANEY Michael Carnaveagh
MCANANEY Michael Gallan Lower
MCANANEY Patk. Gallan Lower
MCANANEY William Gallan Upper
MCANENNY Patrick Ballought
MCARTHUR Eliza Knockroe
MCARTHUR James Listymore
MCARTHUR William Knockiniller
MCAWEE Susan Drumlegagh
MCBEAGH John Letterbin
MCBETH Alexander Birnaghs
MCBREEN Neal Dunteige
MCBRIAN Loughlin Newtownstewart
MCBRIDE Charles Urbalreagh
MCBRIDE Francis Gallan Upper
MCBRIDE James Lislafferty
MCBRIDE James Lisnatunny Glebe
MCBRIDE John Castlebane
MCBRIDE John Lislafferty
MCBRIDE Michael Castlebane
MCBRIDE Philip Lisnatunny Glebe
MCBRIDE Robert Fyfin
MCBRIDE Robert Magheracoltan
MCBRIDE William Drumlegagh
MCBRIEN Anne Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCBRIEN Catherine Tullymuck
MCBRIEN Cormack Tullymuck
MCBRIEN Denis Tullymuck
MCBRIEN George Castlebane
MCBRIEN James Glenglush
MCBRIEN James Tullymuck
MCBRIEN John Tullymuck
MCBRINE Jane Archill
MCCALLAN Catherine Sessagh of Gallan
MCCALLION Arthur Newtownstewart
MCCALLION James Newtownstewart
MCCALLION John Killydart
MCCANNY Edward Castlebane
MCCANNY James Knockbrack
MCCANNY John Tullymuck
MCCANNY John Upperthird
MCCANNY Patrick Snr Castlebane
MCCANNY Patrick, Jr. Castlebane
MCCARBERRY David Newtownstewart
MCCARN John Castlebane
MCCARROLL James Newtownstewart
MCCARRON Alexander Coolnaherin Park
MCCARRON Elizabeth Coolnaherin Park
MCCARRON John Listymore
MCCARTER William Meaghy
MCCASKIE John Magheralough
MCCASKIE John Whitehouse
MCCASKIE Joseph Whitehouse
MCCASKIE Joseph, Jr. Creevy
MCCASKIE Joseph, Sr. Creevy
MCCASKIE Rebecca Whitehouse
MCCASKIE Thomas Magheralough
MCCASKY David Scarvagherin
MCCASLAM Jones Straletterdallan
MCCAUL Arthur Newtownstewart
MCCAUSLAND Charles Strahulter
MCCAUSLAND James Moyle Glebe
MCCAUSLAND John Altdoghal
MCCAUSLAND Thomas Moyle Glebe
MCCAUSLAND Thomas Strahulter
MCCAUSLAND William Strahulter
MCCAWLEY James Newtownstewart
MCCAY John Kilreal Lower
MCCAY Robert Golan Hunter
MCCLEAN Andrew Newtownstewart
MCCLEAN John Knockbrack
MCCLEAN Mary Upperthird
MCCLEAN Michael Knockbrack
MCCLEAN Robert Letterbin
MCCLEARY David Priestsessagh
MCCLENAHAN Patrick Newtownstewart
MCCLERAN George Breen
MCCLERNAN Andrew Urbalreagh
MCCLINTOCK Fanny Ardstraw
MCCLINTOCK John Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCCLINTOCK Robert Carnkenny
MCCLINTOCK Robert Letterbin
MCCLINTOCK William Sessagh of Gallan
MCCLOY William Grange
MCCLOY William Newtownstewart
MCCLOY William Rakelly
MCCOLGAN Charles Gallan Upper
MCCOLGAN Owen Sessagh of Gallan
MCCOMB John Listymore
MCCOMEY William Listymore
MCCONAHY David Meaghy
MCCONAMY Edward Newtownstewart
MCCONAMY Patrick Newtownstewart
MCCONNELL Andrew Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Charles Kilstrule
MCCONNELL Daniel Pubble
MCCONNELL Edw., Jr. Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCCONNELL Edw., Sr. Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCCONNELL Edward Gallan Lower
MCCONNELL George Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCCONNELL James Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Jane Lisnatunny Glebe
MCCONNELL Jas Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL John Birnaghs
MCCONNELL John Carnkenny
MCCONNELL John Kilstrule
MCCONNELL John Moyle Glebe
MCCONNELL John Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Margery Killymore
MCCONNELL Oliver Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Thomas Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Thos Straletterdallan
MCCONNELL Wm Straletterdallan
MCCONWAY James Gallan Upper
MCCONWAY Thomas Newtownstewart
MCCORMACK Colhoun Priestsessagh
MCCORMACK Daniel Golan Sproul
MCCORMACK John Ballought
MCCORMACK Margaret Golan Sproul
MCCORMICK Daniel Newtownstewart
MCCORMICK Mary Newtownstewart
MCCORNOY William Listymore
MCCOWELL Mark Newtownstewart
MCCOY Hugh Drumlegagh
MCCOY Matthew Kilstrule
MCCOY Robert Kilstrule
MCCRACKEN John Coolaghy
MCCREA Thomas Glenglush
MCCREDEN Thomas Archill
MCCRODDEN Hannah Gallan Lower
MCCRORY Philip Byturn
MCCROSSAN Alice Legland
MCCROSSAN Anne Dunteige
MCCROSSAN Arthur Lisnacreaght
MCCROSSAN Arthur Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Bernard Drumlegagh
MCCROSSAN Bridget Cashty
MCCROSSAN Catherine Newtownstewart
MCCROSSAN Catherine Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Charles Legland
MCCROSSAN Daniel Glasmullagh
MCCROSSAN Daniel Lisnacreaght
MCCROSSAN Denis Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Dominick Coolnacrunaght
MCCROSSAN Edmund Glasmullagh
MCCROSSAN Francis Glasmullagh
MCCROSSAN Henry Legland
MCCROSSAN Henry Lisnacreaght
MCCROSSAN Henry Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Hugh Legland
MCCROSSAN Hugh Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCCROSSAN Hugh Milltown
MCCROSSAN James Pubble
MCCROSSAN John Golan Hunter
MCCROSSAN John Legland
MCCROSSAN John Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCCROSSAN John Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Mark Legland
MCCROSSAN Michael Envagh
MCCROSSAN Patk., Sr. Legland
MCCROSSAN Patrick Envagh
MCCROSSAN Patrick Legland
MCCROSSAN Patrick Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN Ptk., Sr. Legland
MCCROSSAN Richard Envagh
MCCROSSAN Sarah Glasmullagh
MCCROSSAN Thomas Lisnacreaght
MCCROSSAN Thomas Tullymuck
MCCROSSAN William Envagh
MCCRUSTARD John Brocklis
MCCRYSTAL Margaret Newtownstewart
MCCUE Hugh Carncorran Glebe
MCCUE Michael Spamount
MCCULLAGH Bernard Gallan Upper
MCCULLAGH Bernard Knockroe
MCCULLAGH Bernard Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Catherine Newtownstewart
MCCULLAGH Charles Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Daniel Legland
MCCULLAGH Eliza Gallan Upper
MCCULLAGH James Ballyrenan
MCCULLAGH James, Sr. Altdoghal
MCCULLAGH Jas. Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Jas. Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Jas., Jr. Altdoghal
MCCULLAGH Jas., Jr. Carnaveagh
MCCULLAGH Jas., Sr. Altdoghal
MCCULLAGH Jas., Sr. Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Matthew Urbalreagh
MCCULLAGH Philip Altdoghal
MCCULLAGH Philip Carnaveagh
MCCULLAGH Philip Moyle Glebe
MCCULLAGH Rose Legland
MCCULLAGH Thomas Newtownstewart
MCCULLION Arthur Lisnacreaght
MCCULLION Michael Lisnacreaght
MCCULLION Patrick Tullymuck
MCCULLION Paul Tullymuck
MCCUTCHEON Martha Coolnacrunaght
MCDAID Daniel Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDAID Edward Lislafferty
MCDAID Neal Knockiniller
MCDAID Owen Breen
MCDERMOTT Bernard Ballyrenan
MCDERMOTT Hugh Archill
MCDERMOTT James Clady Haliday
MCDERMOTT James Lisnatunny Glebe
MCDERMOTT John Drumlegagh
MCDERMOTT William Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDERMOTT William Straletterdallan
MCDEVITT Hugh Drumnabey
MCDEVITT William Drumnabey
MCDONNELL Alexander Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDONNELL Andrew Newtownstewart
MCDONNELL Francis Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDONNELL George Kilreal Upper
MCDONNELL James Legnabraid
MCDONNELL James Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDONNELL John Shanonny East
MCDONNELL Peter Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDONNELL Thomas Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCDULLAGH Sophia Moyle Glebe
MCELREA John Knockroe
MCELROY Charles Pubble
MCELROY John Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCELROY Peter Skinboy Mountain
MCENELY Patrick Ballyfolliard
MCENTAGGART William Newtownstewart
MCENTRICAN James Newtownstewart
MCERRA George Crew Upper
MCETHAR Patrick Garvetagh Upper
MCFADDEN James Listymore
MCFADDEN James Listymore
MCFADDEN John Envagh
MCFADDEN Patrick Scarvagherin
MCFAGAN Henry Drumlegagh
MCFAGAN Patrick Stonyfalls
MCFARLAND Andrew Altdoghal
MCFARLAND Andrew Carnaveagh
MCFARLAND Anthony Altdoghal
MCFARLAND George Altdoghal
MCFARLAND James Magheracreggan
MCFARLAND James Whitehouse
MCFARLAND Margaret Moyle Glebe
MCFARLAND Matthew Bolaght
MCFARLAND Matthew Derrygoon
MCFARLAND Robert Clare Upper
MCFARLANE Catherine Newtownstewart
MCFARLANE David Aghasessy
MCFARLANE Ellen Kilstrule
MCFARLANE George Grange
MCFARLANE George Newtownstewart
MCFARLANE James Birnaghs
MCFARLANE James Lislafferty
MCFARLANE James Milltown
MCFARLANE James Stonewalls
MCFARLANE John Ballymullarty
MCFARLANE Joseph Drumlegagh
MCFARLANE Mary Newtownstewart
MCFARLANE Matthew Aghasessy
MCFARLANE Patrick Concess
MCFARLANE William Aghasessy
MCFARLANE William Envagh
MCFARLANE William Grange
MCFARLANE William Letterbin
MCFARLEY James Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCFEETERS William Letterbin
MCFETRIDGE John Carnkenny
MCGAHEY William Killymore
MCGAHY Daniel Newtownstewart
MCGANNAN Henry Straletterdallan
MCGARLAND William Lisnatunny Glebe
MCGARVEY Michael Gallan Lower
MCGARVEY Michael Gallan Upper
MCGARVEY Owen Newtownstewart
MCGARVEY Patk., Jr. Gallan Upper
MCGARVEY Patk., Sr. Gallan Upper
MCGARVEY Patrick Gallan Upper
MCGARVEY Rose Gallan Upper
MCGELLION Bernard Newtownstewart
MCGERAGHTY Andrew Newtownstewart
MCGERAGHTY John Newtownstewart
MCGERAGHTY John, Sr. Newtownstewart
MCGERAGHTY Patrick Upper or New Deer Park
MCGILLIAN Michael Crosh
MCGINLEY John Kilstrule
MCGINLEY John Newtownstewart
MCGINLEY Patrick Bunderg
MCGLINCHY James Newtownstewart
MCGLINCHY John Carnaveagh
MCGLINCHY John Drumnahoe
MCGLINN Hugh Crew Lower
MCGLINN John Crew Lower
MCGLINSHEY William Upper or New Deer Park
MCGLOIN Thomas Archill
MCGLYNN Hugh Carncorran Glebe
MCGLYNN John Archill
MCGLYNN John Garvetagh Upper
MCGLYNN John Lettercarn
MCGOLDRICK Hannah Killymore
MCGOLDRICK Not given Lettercarn
MCGOLDRICK Patrick Archill
MCGOLRICK James Drumnahoe
MCGOLRICK James Shanog
MCGONIGLE William Ardbarren Upper
MCGORLICK Michael Envagh
MCGORMAN Alexander Aghasessy
MCGORMAN John Aghasessy
MCGOWAN Dominick Letterbin
MCGOWAN Edward Envagh
MCGRATH Mark Envagh
MCGRATH Maurice Upper or New Deer Park
MCGRATH Nathaniel Letterbin
MCGRATH Patrick Crew Upper
MCGRATH Patrick Kilreal Upper
MCGREGOR Malcolm Drumnabey
MCGRINDER Joseph Shanonny West
MCGRINSHEY Owen Ballought
MCGUIGGAN Charles Newtownstewart
MCGUIGGAN Francis Newtownstewart
MCGUIGGAN William Grange
MCGUIRE Bernard Coolnacrunaght
MCGUIRE James Meaghy
MCGUIRE Peter Kilstrule
MCGUIRK Thomas Shanonny East
MCHUGH Arthur Drumnabey
MCHUGH Arthur Newtownstewart
MCHUGH Cornelius Birnaghs
MCHUGH Eliza Knockroe
MCHUGH Francis Drumnabey
MCHUGH Hugh Drumnabey
MCHUGH Hugh Lurganboy
MCHUGH James Bolaght
MCHUGH James Claremore
MCHUGH James Knockroe
MCHUGH James Letterbin
MCHUGH James Tirmegan
MCHUGH John Tirmegan
MCHUGH Michael Lislafferty
MCHUGH Patrick Garvetagh Upper
MCHUGH Peter Grange
MCHUGH William Drumnabey
MCILHENNY Hugh Newtownstewart
MCILROY James Envagh
MCILROY John Golan Sproul
MCILWAIN John Killydart
MCILWANE John Coolaghy
MCINTIRE Robert Meaghy
MCINTYRE Frances Concess
MCINTYRE Francis Stonyfalls
MCINTYRE Henry Legland
MCINTYRE Owen Legland
MCINTYRE Patrick Legland
MCIVOR Rev. James Moyle Glebe
MCKANE James, Jr. Tullymuck
MCKANE James, Sr. Tullymuck
MCKANE John Tullymuck
MCKAY James Drumnabey
MCKAY James Whitehouse
MCKAY John Magheracreggan
MCKAY Robert Magheracreggan
MCKEEVER Patrick Kilstrule
MCKENNA George Largybeg
MCKENNA James Legnabraid
MCKENNA John Shanonny East
MCKENNA Laurence Archill
MCKENNA Mary Legnabraid
MCKENNA Patrick Gallan Upper
MCKENNA Patrick Killydart
MCKENNA Patrick Legnabraid
MCKENNA Patrick Shanonny East
MCKENNY Daniel Tievenny
MCKENNY Roger Legland
MCKEON Anne Ardbarren Lower
MCKEON John Coolnaherin Park
MCKEON John Kilstrule
MCKEON Joseph Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCKEON Margaret Kilreal Upper
MCKERIN Charles Legnabraid
MCKNIGHT John Carnkenny
MCKNIGHT John Drumlegagh
MCKNIGHT Robert Lisnacreaght
MCKNIGHT William Golan Hunter
MCLEAN George Newtownstewart
MCLOUGHLIN Alexander Ballyrenan
MCLOUGHLIN Alexander Newtownstewart
MCLOUGHLIN Bernard Newtownstewart
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Cavandarragh
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Ballought
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Gallan Lower
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Gallan Upper
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Straletterdallan
MCLOUGHLIN Eleanor Lisnafin
MCLOUGHLIN Hugh Legnabraid
MCLOUGHLIN James Drumnahoe
MCLOUGHLIN James Newtownstewart
MCLOUGHLIN Jane Shanonny East
MCLOUGHLIN John Straletterdallan
MCLOUGHLIN Mary Cavandarragh
MCLOUGHLIN Neal Garvetagh Upper
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Tullymuck
MCLOUGHLIN Peter Newtownstewart
MCLOUGHLIN Peter Tullymuck
MCLOUGHLIN Samuel Knockroe
MCLOUGHLIN Susan Gallan Upper
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Magheracoltan
MCLOUGHLIN William Crew Upper
MCLOUGHLIN William Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCLOUGHLIN William Legnabraid
MCLYNN Etty Ardbarren Lower
MCMACKEN Bernard Grange
MCMACKIN Bernard Newtownstewart
MCMACKIN Edward Tullymuck
MCMACKIN John Tullymuck
MCMACKIN Mary Tullymuck
MCMACKIN Michael Newtownstewart
MCMACKIN Patrick Dunteige
MCMACKIN Patrick Newtownstewart
MCMACKLIN Bernard Newtownstewart
MCMAHON Philip Crew Lower
MCMENAMIN Patrick Ardbarren Lower
MCMENAMIN Patrick Newtownstewart
MCMENAMIN Richard Grange
MCMENAMIN Richard Newtownstewart
MCMONAGLE Robert Kilstrule
MCMONIGLE Charles Magheracoltan
MCMORRIS Daniel Lisnatunny Glebe
MCMULLEN John Ardstraw
MCMULLEN John Kilstrule
MCMULLEN John Meaghy
MCNALLY Bernard Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCNALLY Daniel Letterbin
MCNALLY John Aghasessy
MCNALLY John Newtownstewart
MCNALLY Joseph Aghafad
MCNALLY Joseph Aghasessy
MCNALLY Patrick Newtownstewart
MCNALLY William Crosh
MCNAMEE Bernard Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Bridget Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Charles Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Charles Shanonny East
MCNAMEE Edward Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCNAMEE Edward Lisnafin
MCNAMEE Ellen Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Hugh Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE James Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE James Legland
MCNAMEE James Letterbin
MCNAMEE James Lisnafin
MCNAMEE James Newtownstewart
MCNAMEE Jn. Lisnafin
MCNAMEE John Gallan Lower
MCNAMEE John Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE John Grange
MCNAMEE John Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCNAMEE John Lisnafin
MCNAMEE John Newtownstewart
MCNAMEE John Tullymuck
MCNAMEE John Upper or New Deer Park
MCNAMEE Michael Gallan Lower
MCNAMEE Michael Pubble
MCNAMEE Michl., Jr. Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Michl., Sr. Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Neal Gallan Upper
MCNAMEE Owen Ligfordrum or Douglas
MCNAMEE Patrick Cloonty
MCNAMEE Patrick Killydart
MCNAMEE Patrick Tullymuck
MCNAMEE Robert Rakelly
MCNAMEE Thomas Tullymuck
MCNAMEE William Lisnafin
MCNEILL John Lisnafin
MCNENEY Jeremiah Mullagh
MCNICHOLL James Cashty
MCNICHOLL John Newtownstewart
MCNICHOLL William Knockiniller
MCNICKLE Andrew Killymore
MCNULTY Elizabeth Laragh
MCNULTY Patrick Archill
MCNULTY Sarah Birnaghs
MCNULTY Sarah Legland
MCNULTY William Skinboy
MCPHELEMY Andrew Crew Upper
MCPHELIMY Henry Aghafad
MCPHELIMY James Bolaght
MCPHELIMY James Lisnacreaght
MCPHELIMY John Drumlegagh
MCPHELIMY John Lisnacreaght
MCPHILIPY Catherine Archill
MCPHILIPY Mary Archill
MCPHILLIMY Samuel Knockroe
MCQUAID James Aghafad
MCQUAID James Envagh
MCQUAIDE Hugh Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCRORY Hugh Newtownstewart
MCSORLEY Andrew Drumnabey
MCSORLEY Charles Archill
MCSORLEY Edw. Newtownstewart
MCSORLEY Edward Newtownstewart
MCSORLEY James Ballyrenan
MCSORLEY James Derrygoon
MCSORLEY James Drumnabey
MCSORLEY James Meaghy
MCSORLEY John Killymore
MCSORLEY John Whitehouse
MCSORLEY Michael Carncorran Glebe
MCSORLEY Patrick Tullymuck
MCSORLEY Roger Drumnabey
MCSORLEY Rose Envagh
MCSORLEY Thomas Glenknock or Cloghogle
MCSWIGGAN James Drumnahoe
MCSWIGGAN James Pubble
MCSWIGGAN Patrick Newtownstewart
MCSWIGGAN Patrick Pubble
MCSWIGGAN Thomas Pubble
MCSWIGGAN Thomas Shanonny West
MCSWYNE James Newtownstewart
MCTAGGART Charles Dunteige
MCTAGGART Cormack Rakelly
MCTAGGART Esther Dunteige
MCTAGGART Hugh Dunteige
MCTAGGART John Cloonty
MCTAGGART John Dunteige
MCTAGGART Owen Dunteige
MCTAGGART Owen Glasmullagh
MCTAGGART Patrick Rakelly
MCTAGGART Solomon Glasmullagh
MCTAGGART Thomas Mullagh
MCVEAGH Alexander Birnaghs
MEEHAN Elizabeth Ballyfolliard
MEEHAN Patrick Upperthird
MELLIN Rosanna Newtownstewart
MELLON Michael Glasmullagh
MERNAGH Patrick Envagh
MICKLIN Andrew Lower or Old Deer Park
MICKLIN Andrew Middle Deer Park
MIDDLETON Alexander Fyfin
MILLAR Jane Moyle Glebe
MILLER Arthur Newtownstewart
MILLER David Ardstraw
MILLER David Milltown
MILLER Sarah Newtownstewart
MILLER Thomas Knockroe
MILLER Thomas Newtownstewart
MILLER William Grange
MILLER William Newtownstewart
MILLON Jane Erganagh
MISSETT John Byturn
MITCHELL Frances Byturn
MITCHELL James Clady Hood
MITCHELL John Newtownstewart
MITCHELL Walter Grange
MITCHELL William Byturn
MOAN William Newtownstewart
MOFFITT Hugh Carrickadartan
MOLLOY Cornelius Lower or Old Deer Park
MONAGHAN Felix Drumnabey
MONAGHAN Francis Lislafferty
MONAGHAN Francis Magheracoltan
MONAHAN Henry Newtownstewart
MONAHAN James Drumclamph
MONAHAN Michael Listymore
MONAHAN Peter Newtownstewart
MONAHAN William Lurganboy
MONE Cunningham Glenglush
MONTEITH Andrew Grange
MONTEITH Andrew Newtownstewart
MONTEITH George Shanonny West
MONTEITH James Lisnatunny Glebe
MONTEITH John Erganagh
MONTEITH John Milltown
MONTEITH Richard Newtownstewart
MONTEITH Robert Binnawooda
MONTEITH Samuel Shanonny East
MONTEITH Stewart Largybeg
MONTEITH Thomas Knockroe
MONTGOMERY John Kilstrule
MONTGOMERY William Drumlegagh
MOODY Samuel Drumlegagh
MOORE Alexander Newtownstewart
MOORE Alexander Tirmegan
MOORE Alexander, Jr. Grange
MOORE Alexander, Sr. Grange
MOORE Anna Urbalreagh
MOORE Hugh Drumclamph
MOORE James Newtownstewart
MOORE John Grange
MOORE John Newtownstewart
MOORE Joshua Ardstraw
MOORE Mary Newtownstewart
MOORE Mary Pubble
MOORE Robert Glasmullagh
MOORE Robert Magheralough
MOORE Robert Pubble
MOORE Samuel Archill
MOORE Samuel Drumlegagh
MOORE Thomas Milltown
MOORE Thomas Newtownstewart
MOORE Thomas Tievenny
MOORE Thomas Urbalreagh
MOORE William Carnkenny
MOORE William Glasmullagh
MOORE William Grange
MOORE William Kilstrule
MOORE William, Sr. Grange
MOOREHEAD James Straletterdallan
MOOREHEAD John Straletterdallan
MOOREHEAD Thomas Straletterdallan
MOORHEAD Andrew Ballymullarty
MOORHEAD John Drumnahoe
MOORHEAD Robert Kilstrule
MOORHEAD William Ballymullarty
MOORHEAD William Beagh
MOORHEAD William Knockiniller
MOREHEAD Thomas Crosh
MORRIS Alexander Shanonny East
MORRIS Bernard Lisnafin
MORRIS Charles Ligfordrum or Douglas
MORRIS Daniel Gallan Upper
MORRIS Daniel Sessagh of Gallan
MORRIS Denis Gallan Upper
MORRIS Denis Ligfordrum or Douglas
MORRIS James Lisnafin
MORRIS James Newtownstewart
MORRIS Jas Lisnafin
MORRIS John Beagh
MORRIS John Lisnafin
MORRIS John Sessagh of Gallan
MORRIS Margaret Legnabraid
MORRIS Mary Altdoghal
MORRIS Patrick Legnabraid
MORRIS Patrick Pubble
MORRIS Peter Gallan Upper
MORRIS Peter Legnabraid
MORRIS Peter Lisnafin
MORRIS Roger Shanonny East
MORRIS William Legnabraid
MORRIS William, Jr. Legnabraid
MORRIS William, Sr. Legnabraid
MORRISON Charles Crew Lower
MORROW James Crosh
MORROW John Ballought
MORROW John Breen
MORROW Robert Newtownstewart
MORTLAND Charles Tievenny
MULHEAD Joseph Straletterdallan
MULLEN Andrew Ardbarren Lower
MULLEN Edward Envagh
MULLEN Eliza Knockbrack
MULLEN Mark Newtownstewart
MULLEN Sarah Envagh
MULLIN Patrick Newtownstewart
MULLIN Patrick Tullymuck
MULRYAN James Newtownstewart
MURDOCK Anne Birnaghs
MURPHY Samuel Archill
MURRAY Charles Letterbin
MURRAY John Newtownstewart
NABB Thomas Newtownstewart
NASON Robert Beagh
NEALY Mary Ballymullarty
NEELANDS Andrew Derrygoon
NEELANDS James Derrygoon
NEELANDS John Derrygoon
NEELANDS John, Jr. Derrygoon
NEILAND Abraham Coolnacrunaght
NEILL Samuel Carnkenny
NELSON Catherine Ligfordrum or Douglas
NELSON James Milltown
NELSON Jane Mulvin
NELSON Joseph Breen
NELSON Mathew Carnkenny
NELSON Matthew Milltown
NELSON Robert Lurganboy
NELSON Sarah Birnaghs
NELSON Thomas Carnkenny
NESBITT Robert Ardbarren Upper
NICHOLL Mary Kilstrule
NICHOLL William Ardstraw
NICHOLL William Concess
NICKLE James Binnawooda
NIXON Robert Milltown
NOBLE John Straletterdallan
NOBLE Johnston Binnawooda
NORTH James Breen
NUGENT Edward Magheracoltan
NUGENT John Cloonty
NUGENT Patrick Newtownstewart
O’DOHERTY Rev. Anth. Glenknock or Cloghogle
O’DONNELL James Legnabraid
O’DONNELL Jane Legnabraid
O'BRIEN Hugh Largybeg
O'BRIEN James Envagh
O'BRIEN James Killeen
O'BRIEN James Legland
O'BRIEN Mary Cashty
O'BRIEN Patrick Concess
O'BRIEN Roger Killydart
O'BRIEN Samuel Largybeg
O'CONNOR Hugh Newtownstewart
O'CONNOR Michael Newtownstewart
O'DONNELL James Clady Haliday
OLIVER Thomas Cashty
OLIVER William Aghafad
ONEILL Edward Crosh
O'NEILL Charles Meaghy
O'NEILL Francis Shanog
O'NEILL Hugh Bolaght
O'NEILL James Magheracreggan
O'NEILL John Claremore
O'NEILL Loughlin Grange
O'NEILL Mary Birnaghs
O'NEILL Neal Milltown
O'NEILL Not given Lettercarn
ORR Andrew Priestsessagh
ORR David Priestsessagh
ORR James Lurganboy
ORR John Priestsessagh
ORR John, Jr. Priestsessagh
ORR Johnston Crosh
ORR Joseph Coolnacrunaght
ORR Robert Croshballinree
ORR Robert Priestsessagh
ORR William Listymore
ORR William Lurganboy
ORR William, Jr. Priestsessagh
ORR William, Sr. Priestsessagh
PAGAN John Newtownstewart
PARK Elizabeth Drumnahoe
PARK John Newtownstewart
PARKE Adam Skinboy
PARKE Arthur Skinboy
PARKE Hannah Skinboy
PARKE Matthew Glenglush
PARKE Thomas Skinboy
PARKE William Ballyfolliard
PARKE William Lisnafin
PARKS Margaret Legnabraid
PATRICK Edward Erganagh
PATRICK James Bolaght
PATRICK John Creevy
PATRICK John Lislafferty
PATRICK Joseph Lislafferty
PATRICK Mary Ardstraw
PATRICK Mary Carnkenny
PATRICK Robert Magheracreggan
PATTEN Hugh Crew Upper
PATTEN John Birnaghs
PATTEN John Scarvagherin
PATTEN Mary Scarvagherin
PATTERSON Anne Ligfordrum or Douglas
PATTERSON James Knockiniller
PATTERSON Jane Ligfordrum or Douglas
PATTERSON John Magheralough
PATTERSON Thomas Newtownstewart
PATTERSON William Pubble
PATTON Nathaniel Newtownstewart
PATTON Robert Ballymullarty
PERRY John Spamount
PHELIMY Anne Shanog
PHELIMY Edward Lisleen
PHELIMY James Bolaght
PHELIMY James Castlebane
PHELIMY James Lisleen
PHELIMY John Lisleen
PHELIMY Mary Shanog
PHELIMY Matthew Shanog
PHELIMY Michael, Jr. Lisleen
PHELIMY Michael, Sr. Lisleen
PHELIMY Philip Lettercarn
PHELIMY William Bolaght
PHELIMY William Lisleen
PHILLIPS Margaret Drumlegagh
PHILLIPS Patrick Lower or Old Deer Park
PINKERTON James Rakelly
POLLOCK Jane Fyfin
POLLOCK Robert Byturn
POLLOCK William Listymore
PORTER Andrew Castlebane
PORTER Andrew Priestsessagh
PORTER Anne Newtownstewart
PORTER Charles Rakelly
PORTER David Erganagh
PORTER James Brocklis
PORTER James Golan Sproul
PORTER James Knockbrack
PORTER John, Jr. Magheracreggan
PORTER John, Sr. Magheracreggan
PORTER Matthew Golan Sproul
PORTER Matthew, Jr. Golan Sproul
PORTER Rebecca Magheralough
PORTER Robert Knockbrack
PORTER Robert Listymore
PORTER Robert Upperthird
PORTER Thomas Coolcreaghy
PORTER William Ballynaloan
PORTER William Coolcreaghy
PORTER William Erganagh
PORTER William Golan Sproul
PORTER William Listymore
PORTER William Spamount
PROVENS John Birnaghs
PUEYS James Lisnacreagh
QUIGLEY Bridget Erganagh
QUIGLEY Catherine Knockroe
QUIGLEY George Crosh
QUIGLEY Patrick Knockroe
QUINN Andrew Pubble
QUINN Daniel Lisnafin
QUINN Edward Altdoghal
QUINN Elizabeth Newtownstewart
QUINN Hugh Ardbarren Lower
QUINN James Knockroe
QUINN James Legland
QUINN James Ligfordrum or Douglas
QUINN James Lisnacreaght
QUINN James Skinboy
QUINN John Altdoghal
QUINN John Gallan Upper
QUINN John Ligfordrum or Douglas
QUINN John Lisnafin
QUINN John Newtownstewart
QUINN John Sessagh of Gallan
QUINN Michael Ligfordrum or Douglas
QUINN Owen Gallan Upper
QUINN Owen Sessagh of Gallan
QUINN Patrick Ligfordrum or Douglas
QUINN Patrick Sessagh of Gallan
RAFFERTY Archibald Beagh
RAMSAY Frances Newtownstewart
RAMSEY William Drumclamph
RANKIN Lydia Clare Upper
REA John Carnkenny
REA Michael Lisnatunny Glebe
READ Charles Ballymullarty
READ James Knockroe
REGAN Daniel Erganagh
REPPEY [RIPPEY] John Glasmullagh
REPPEY [RIPPEY] John Lisnacreaght
RICHARDSON James Knockiniller
RICHARDSON John Newtownstewart
RICHARDSON John Newtownstewart
RICHEY John Killeen
RIDDALL Robert Newtownstewart
RIDDALL Thomas Grange
RINKIN James Ratyn
RIPPIN John Archill
ROBB James Ballyrenan
ROBB James Newtownstewart
ROBB James Rakelly
ROBINSON Arthur Ardbarren Upper
ROBINSON Charles Binnawooda
ROBINSON Henry Altdoghal
ROBINSON James Ballyfolliard
ROBINSON James Erganagh
ROBINSON John Altdoghal
ROBINSON John Ardbarren Upper
ROBINSON Stewart Altdoghal
ROBINSON William Ardbarren Lower
ROBINSON William Moyle Glebe
ROGAN Daniel Erganagh
ROGERS Edward Gallan Upper
ROGERS Henry Glasmullagh
ROGERS James Glasmullagh
ROGERS James Lisnacreaght
ROGERS John Glenknock or Cloghogle
ROGERS John Newtownstewart
ROGERS John Pubble
ROGERS Myles Shanonny East
ROGERS Susan Shanonny East
ROGERS William Glasmullagh
ROGERS William Lurganboy
ROLLESTON Fanny Meaghy
ROLLESTON Robert Meaghy
ROLLESTONE Arthur Upperthird
ROLLESTONE James Knockbrack
ROLLESTONE James Upperthird
ROLLESTONE Margaret Upperthird
ROLLESTONE Robert Glasmullagh
ROLLESTONE Robert Lisnacreaght
ROLLESTONE William Lisnacreaght
ROSS Jacob Pubble
ROSS John Pubble
ROSS Robert Pubble
ROSS Samuel Glenknock or Cloghogle
ROSS William Tirmegan
RUSH Hugh Glenglush
RUSH James Lisnafin
RUSSELL George Crosh
RUSSELL James Killeen
RUSSELL John Milltown
RUSSELL John Urbalreagh
RUSSELL Peter Tullymuck
RUSSELL Robert Ardstraw
RUSSELL Thomas Drumnahoe
RUSSELL Thomas Newtownstewart
RUTLEDGE Andrew Shanog
RUTLEDGE Charles Garvetagh Lower
RUTLEDGE Charles Lisleen
RUTLEDGE George Ardbarren Lower
RUTLEDGE George Garvetagh Lower
RUTLEDGE James Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE James Lisleen
RUTLEDGE John Backhill
RUTLEDGE John Garvetagh Lower
RUTLEDGE John Lisleen
RUTLEDGE Robert Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE William Ardbarren Lower
RUTLEDGE William Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE William Lisleen
SCOTT Allan Kilreal Upper
SCOTT Arthur Beagh
SCOTT David Cavandarragh
SCOTT George, Jr. Coolcreaghy
SCOTT George, Sr. Coolcreaghy
SCOTT Henry Binnawooda
SCOTT James Beagh
SCOTT James Coolcreaghy
SCOTT James Lisleen
SCOTT James Magheralough
SCOTT James Shanog
SCOTT Jane Knockroe
SCOTT John Backhill
SCOTT John Beagh
SCOTT John Coolcreaghy
SCOTT John Crosh
SCOTT John Drumclamph
SCOTT John, Jr. Lisleen
SCOTT John, Jr. Shanog
SCOTT John, Sr. Lisleen
SCOTT John, Sr. Shanog
SCOTT Joseph Drumnabey
SCOTT Joseph Scarvagherin
SCOTT Joseph Spamount
SCOTT Moses Priestsessagh
SCOTT William Backhill
SCOTT William Ballyrenan
SCOTT William Urbalreagh
SCOTT William, Jr. Coolcreaghy
SCOTT William, Sr. Coolcreaghy
SELVIDGE Margaret Newtownstewart
SEMPLE Charles Magheracoltan
SEMPLE James Coolcreaghy
SEMPLE Robert Lisnacreaght
SEMPLE Samuel Coolcreaghy
SEMPLE Samuel Fyfin
SEMPLE William Glenglush
SEMPLE William Kilstrule
SEYMOUR Thomas Carnkenny
SHANNON Andrew Listymore
SHANNON Robert Meaghy
SHANNON William Lisnafin
SHARKEY Charles Creevy
SHARKEY Christopher Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHARKEY Edward Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHARKEY Hugh Newtownstewart
SHARKEY James Crosh
SHARKEY Jane Newtownstewart
SHARKEY John Dunrevan
SHARKEY Patrick Erganagh
SHARKEY Patrick Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHARPE Samuel Glenknock or Cloghogle
SHAW Andrew Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHAW Archibald Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHAW Joseph Grange
SHAW Joseph Newtownstewart
SHEEHAN James Binnawooda
SHEERIN Daniel Brocklis
SHEERIN Denis Brocklis
SHEERIN Denis Newtownstewart
SHEERIN Denis Urbalreagh
SHEILS Arthur Golan Sproul
SHEILS Mary Golan Sproul
SHERLOCK Thomas Ligfordrum or Douglas
SHERRARD James Glasmullagh
SHIELDS William Envagh
SHORT James Carncorran Glebe
SHORT James Kilreal Lower
SIMPSON Henry Kilstrule
SIMPSON James Grange
SIMPSON James Lisleen
SIMPSON James Scarvagherin
SIMPSON John Newtownstewart
SIMPSON William Lisleen
SINCLAIR James Ligfordrum or Douglas
SINCLAIR William Killymore
SLOANE Thomas Knockbrack
SMITH Benjamin Grange
SMITH Francis Newtownstewart
SMITH Hugh Milltown
SMITH John Legland
SMITH John Ligfordrum or Douglas
SMITH John Milltown
SMITH Mary Milltown
SMITH Matilda Newtownstewart
SMITH Robert, Jr. Glenglush
SMITH Thomas Breen
SMITH William Dunteige
SMITH William Urbalreagh
SMYLEY Andrew Letterbin
SMYLEY Joseph Cashty
SMYLY John Milltown
SMYTH John Cavandarragh
SMYTH Matthew Drumclamph
SMYTH Robert Glenknock or Cloghogle
SMYTH Robert, Sr. Glenglush
SMYTH William Crosh
SOMERVILLE John Moyle Glebe
SOMERVILLE Samuel Moyle Glebe
SOMERVILLE William Moyle Glebe
SORLEY William Moyle Glebe
SPEAR John Newtownstewart
SPEERS William Coolnacrunaght
SPRATT Sarah Newtownstewart
SPROULE Alice Magheracreggan
SPROULE Andrew Carncorran Glebe
SPROULE Andrew Castlebane
SPROULE Andrew Coolcreaghy
SPROULE Edward Urbalreagh
SPROULE Eliza Golan Sproul
SPROULE James Ardbarren Upper
SPROULE James Carrickadartan
SPROULE James Castlebane
SPROULE James Garvetagh Upper
SPROULE James Golan Sproul
SPROULE James Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
SPROULE John Ardbarren Lower
SPROULE Joseph Castlebane
SPROULE Martha Carncorran Glebe
SPROULE Oliver Lettercarn
SPROULE Robert Binnawooda
SPROULE Robert Carncorran Glebe
SPROULE Robert Kilreal Upper
SPROULE Robert Mulvin
SPROULE Thomas Ardstraw
SPROULE Thomas Knockroe
SPROULE William Newtownstewart
STEELE Robert Birnaghs
STEPHENSON Dudgeon Crew Lower
STEVENS Esther Crosh
STEVENSON George Mullagh
STEVENSON James Carnkenny
STEVENSON John Lislafferty
STEWART Alexander Killymore
STEWART Catherine Killymore
STEWART Elizabeth Newtownstewart
STEWART Isaac Killymore
STEWART James Byturn
STEWART James Envagh
STEWART James Killymore
STEWART James Lisnacreaght
STEWART James Straletterdallan
STEWART James Tamnagh
STEWART John Aghasessy
STEWART John Ballynaloan
STEWART John Killymore
STEWART Joseph Erganagh
STEWART Michael Killymore
STEWART Nathaniel Birnaghs
STEWART Oliver Envagh
STEWART Thomas Envagh
STEWART William Birnaghs
STEWART William Killymore
STEWART William Lower or Old Deer Park
STEWART William Straletterdallan
STUART Charles Archill
STUART Charles Coolnacrunaght
STUART Charles Drumclamph
STUART Charles Whitehouse
STUART David Magheracreggan
STUART Hon. H. G. Binnawooda
STUART James Coolnacrunaght
STUART Jane Drumclamph
STUART John Crew Upper
STUART John Magheracreggan
STUART Thomas Whitehouse
SWEENY Andrew Kilstrule
SWEENY Michael Legnabraid
SWEENY Owen Shanonny East
SWEENY Peter Magheracoltan
TAGGART Robert Birnaghs
TAGGART Robert Magheracoltan
TAGGART William Breen
TANSEY Thomas Gallan Upper
TATE George Newtownstewart
TAWNLEY David Tievenny
TAYLOR Andrew Kilstrule
TAYLOR Andrew Meaghy
TEAGHAN Francis Pubble
THOMPSON Alicia Carnkenny
THOMPSON Andrew Aghasessy
THOMPSON James Ligfordrum or Douglas
THOMPSON Sarah Altdoghal
THOMPSON William Grange
THORNTON William Drumlegagh
TIDLEY Francis Knockbrack
TIER Thomas Newtownstewart
TIPPING Nathaniel Lower or Old Deer Park
TIPPING Nathaniel Middle Deer Park
TIPPING William Middle Deer Park
TIPPING William Newtownstewart
TODD Alexander Fyfin
TODD Henry Lisnafin
TODD John Fyfin
TODD William Fyfin
TOLAN Hugh Newtownstewart
TOLAN John Crosh
TOLAND Hugh Newtownstewart
TOMANY Daniel Kilstrule
TONER Robert Carnkenny
TOWLER Hugh Gallan Lower
TRANEY Thomas Gallan Upper
TRIMBLE William Spamount
TUNNEY Edward Drumnabey
TUNNEY Patrick Drumnabey
TUNNY Daniel Garvetagh Lower
TUOHIG John Newtownstewart
TURNER Arthur Ardbarren Upper
TYNAN Allan Ardstraw
TYNAN Allen Urbalreagh
TYNAN James Bunderg
TYNAN William J. Clady Johnston
VANCE Anne Drumlegagh
VANCE Samuel Meaghy
VARNET Andrew Garvetagh Lower
VAUGHAN Charles Ardstraw
VAUGHAN Francis Kilstrule
VAUGHAN James Pubble
VAUGHAN Jane Newtownstewart
VAUGHAN John Newtownstewart
VAUGHAN Matthew Pubble
VAUGHAN William Straletterdallan
VERNER James Upperthird
VERNER Matthew Kilreal Upper
VERNER Robert Kilreal Upper
VERNER Semple Kilreal Upper
VERNER Semple Upperthird
VERNER Thomas Kilreal Upper
VERNET Charles Backhill
WADE Samuel Newtownstewart
WALKER Andrew Lisnatunny Glebe
WALKER George Coolnacrunaght
WALKER Matthew Carrickadartan
WALKER Susan Archill
WALLACE James Meaghy
WALLAGHAN William Scarvagherin
WALLS Andrew Dunrevan
WALLS Christopher Dunrevan
WALLS John Priestsessagh
WALLS Matthew Dunrevan
WALLS Thomas Dunrevan
WALSH Andrew Magheracoltan
WALSH John Newtownstewart
WALSH John, Jr. Newtownstewart
WARD Daniel Ligfordrum or Douglas
WARD James Garvetagh Upper
WARD Manus Ligfordrum or Douglas
WARD Mary Beagh
WARD Michael, Jr. Ligfordrum or Douglas
WARD Michael, Sr. Ligfordrum or Douglas
WARD William Gallan Upper
WARDLOW James Newtownstewart
WARLIN John Brocklis
WARSON Mary Skinboy
WASON George Rakelly
WASON John Cashty
WASON Thomas Cashty
WASSON Johnston Spamount
WATSON Andrew Killeen
WATSON Charles Newtownstewart
WATSON David Ballyrenan
WATSON David Drumlegagh
WATSON James Ardstraw
WATSON James Ballyfolliard
WATSON James Drumlegagh
WATSON James Killydart
WATSON James Newtownstewart
WATSON James C. Cashty
WATSON John Glasmullagh
WATSON John Lisnacreaght
WATSON John Straletterdallan
WATSON Robert Clady Blair
WATSON Robert Knockroe
WATSON Robert Lisnacreaght
WATSON Robert Listymore
WATSON Robert Straletterdallan
WATSON Robert, Jr. Lisnacreaght
WATSON Samuel Aghafad
WATSON Thomas Killeen
WATSON William Listymore
WATSON William Magheracoltan
WATSON William J. Cashty
WATSON William J. Cloonty
WATSON William J. Middle Deer Park
WATSON William J. Upper or New Deer Park
WAUCHOB Andrew Kilreal Upper
WAUCHOB John Laragh
WAUCHOB John Rakelly
WAUCHOB John Upperthird
WAUCHOB Robert Upperthird
WAUCHOB Samuel Lislafferty
WAUCHOB William Kilreal Upper
WAUGH Robert Lurganboy
WAUGH Robert Priestsessagh
WAUGH William Priestsessagh
WELDON Henry Upperthird
WELDON James Upperthird
WELDON William Upperthird
WHEATLEY Robert Grange
WHITE Andrew Derrygoon
WHITE David Derrygoon
WHITE David Grange
WHITE David Milltown
WHITE Edward Concess
WHITE Humphrey Newtownstewart
WHITE James Grange
WHITE James Newtownstewart
WHITE Jane Newtownstewart
WHITE John Ballyrenan
WHITE John Garvetagh Upper
WHITE John Newtownstewart
WHITE Matthew Magheralough
WHITE William Grange
WILSON Alexander Brocklis
WILSON Alexander Kilstrule
WILSON Andrew Archill
WILSON Andrew Cavandarragh
WILSON Andrew Whitehouse
WILSON James Archill
WILSON James Carnkenny
WILSON James Priestsessagh
WILSON Jane Aghasessy
WILSON John Aghasessy
WILSON John Byturn
WILSON Joseph Cavandarragh
WILSON Joseph Scarvagherin
WILSON Robert Brocklis
WILSON Sarah Magheracreggan
WILSON Thomas Coolnacrunaght
WINTER Eleanor Carncorran Glebe
WINTER Hugh Castlebane
WINTER Hugh Magheralough
WINTER John Bolaght
WINTER John Castlebane
WINTER Stewart Coolcreaghy
WINTERS Charles Clare Upper
WINTERS James Drumnabey
WINTERS John Ardbarren Upper
WINTERS John Clare Upper
WINTERS Patrick Coolnacrunaght
WINTERS Patrick Garvetagh Upper
WINTERS Thomas Coolcreaghy
WOOD Andrew Cloonty
WOOD Samuel Grange
WOODS Edward Newtownstewart
WOODS Henry Coolnacrunaght
WOODS James Letterbin
WOODS John Newtownstewart
WOODS Patrick Newtownstewart
WRIGHT Isabella Newtownstewart
YOUNG Archibald Golan Sproul
YOUNG James Archill
YOUNG John Ballought
YOUNG John Creevy
YOUNG John Magheracreggan
YOUNG Joseph Straletterdallan
YOUNG Kyle Golan Sproul
YOUNG Margaret Meaghy
YOUNG Margaret Newtownstewart
YOUNG Mark Legland
YOUNG Michael Envagh
YOUNG Patrick Castlebane
YOUNG Samuel Castlebane
YOUNG Thomas Envagh
YOUNG William Archill