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St. Paul's Church of Ireland Graveyard Transcriptions, Garvagh, Parish of Errigal, Co. Londonderry

Original Transcription by Lavonne Kennedy
Added info by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin, 1922. No registers are available for viewing and researching at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast. Surviving records remain at the church: Baptisms 1873-; Marriages 1845-; Burials 1879-; Vestry minutes 1911-.

NOTE: Only a partial listing.

McConnell In everlasting memory of
Charlotte Mary, died 19 December 1941
and her husband, William, died 10 December 1953
aLso their son, Norman William, died 21 November 1980
McGlaughlin Erected by Mary Ann in memory of
her beloved husband, James McGlaughlin, late of Garvagh,
who died on the 11 June 1862, aged 25 years
other parts are badly deteriorated
the above Mary Ann, died August 1926, aged 88 years
Brewster Erected to the memory of
his beloved wife, Mary Brewster, died 22 February 1878, aged 68 years
by her attached husband, James Brewster and by Carolyn Oliver, Redmond MacAugland and
Charlotte Smith in grateful remembrance of their faithful nurse.
here also lieth her husband, James Brewster, who died 9 December 1891
McDonald In loving memory of
June, a devoted wife, mother and grandmother,
born 22 June 1944, died 29 January 1997
Rankin In loving memory of
James Rankin, C. P. S, died 13 September 1942
Bell Elizabeth Bell, who departed this life
(need better light to read)
In loving memory of
William and Mary Patton, Farrintemple
and their children, Hugh and Georgina, Rebecca Clark, Margaret, Mary Campbell, Matilda Wilson
Little In loving memory of
Susan, the beloved wife of John J. Little, Garvagh,
who departed this life, 2 December 1927
also the above named John J. Little,
called to higher service, 21 October 1946
Pollock Erected by Pollock brothers, in memory of
their beloved mother, Mary Anne,
who died 21 May 1894, aged 60 years
Thompson Treasured memories of
my much loved and loving wife, Kathleen, called home on the 4 July 1986
Erected in the memory of
Isabella Thompson, of Tamneymore,
who departed this life, 18 December 1887, aged 88 years
also, Isabelle Gilmour Thompson,
granddaughter of above,
who departed this life, 6 September 1918, in her 50th years
Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Thompson, died 25 December 1924, aged 86 years
Wm., husband of Elizabeth Thompson died 5 October 1927, in his 95th year
also their son, William Thompson, died 17 March 1930 aged 57 years
Sadie C. Thompson, wife of T.B. Thompson, died 25 August 1936
T.B. Thompson, husband of Sadie Thompson, died 3 January 1958, aged 83 years
and their son, William (Billy) L. Thompson, died 10 November 1973
also his wife, Rebecca Gertrude (Ruby),
died 15 August 1972, interred in First Garvagh Presbyterian Churchyard
Millar Here lieth the body of
William Millar, who departed this life, 12 March 1836, aged 26years
David Millar, Garvagh, who departed this life 10 December 1838, aged 77 years
his wife, Elizabeth Millar, in May 1839, aged 70 years
and his grandson, John Millar on the 18 February 1859, aged 30 years
Wade Small stone, no other information
Wade William John, died 2 April 1996
and son, Robert, lost at sea, 9 May 1967, aged 18 years
Bell In loving memory of
Pearl, who died 23 August 1941, aged 21 years
a also her father, John Bell, who died 20 October 1970, aged 91 years
a and her mother, Sarah Bell, who died 3 December 1976, aged 86 years
Dillion Treasured memories of
Maurice, 11 February 1978
Dale In loving memory of
John Dale, who died 1 April 1936
and his wife, Isabell Johnston, who died 7 January 1902
and their daughters
Jane, who died 15 May 1906
Eliza, who died 19 January 1941
Erected by their daughter Carrie
Mullan Erected by Alexander Mullan, in memory
of his brother, William, who died 20 January 1912
and Martha, wife of William, who died 6 February 1904
and his father and mother, Alexander and Sarah,
and his sister, Louise
the above named Alexander, who died 12 July 1913
and his wife, Elizabeth, who died 18 November 1938
also their son, Alexander, who died 30 December 1983
Bell Erected by Thomas Bell in memory of
his wife, Elizabth, who departed this life 10 December 1878, aged 79 years
to her husband, Thomas of Mettican, who died 29 June 1886, aged 83 years
McAlister Erected by Anthony McAlister, C.P. (needed better light to read)
Scholes Erected by Jane Scholes, in memory of
her dear husband, John. T. Scholes, manager, Ulster Bank, Ulster Bank, Garvagh,
died 1 Octobe 1898, aged 62 years
and his eldest son, William, died 8 January 1912, aged 29 years
Scholes In loving memory of
John S. T., son of John T. and Jane Scholes, died 5 February 1887,
also Francis M. , died 8 September 1894, aged 14 years
Sacred to the memory of
Robert Robertson, late of Garvagh, who died the 1 April 1834, aged 57 years
Here are likewise interred the remains of his wife, Jane Robertson, alias Cunningham,
who departed this life, 29 August 1848, aged 73 years
also David Robertson, Ballynacally, who died 19 July 1882, aged 67 years
and his beloved wife, Matilda Robertson, who died 26 September 1883, aged 58 years
and his son, Robert John, who died 21 March 1882, aged 25 years
In loving memory of
Sadie Robertson, Ballymoney, died 11 May 1903, aged 1 year and 10 months
also her father, David Robertson, died 9 July 1926
also her mother, Matilda, died 27 May 1938
and their daughter, Maud Conway, died 5 October 1950, aged 51 years
Erected by Sadie Brooks, Philadelphia, for her niece
In memory of
James Ritchey Paul, late of Groghan,
who died 9 January 1859, aged 2 years and 6 months
Mary Ann Smith Ritchey, died 23 June 1918, aged 60 years
Ritchie Erected to the memory of
John Ritchie, Farrentemple, who died 16 December 1921
and his daughters
Mary Ann, who died 30 May 1938
Margaret Jane, who died 20 November 1944
and his son, William James, who died 21 March 1949
Craig Treasured memories of
Matilda, died 5 May 1975
her son, James, died 4 June 1999
McCahon In loving memory of
my dear husband, Stewart McCahon, Gortfadd, who died 29 March 1953, aged 75 years
McDade Charles McDade, who died 19 August 1867, aged 11 years
Macausland Sacred to the memory of
Caroline Macausland, who exchanged this life for immortality on the 24 October 1857
and her sister, Hanna Macausland, who died 27 August 1881, aged 84 years
Mascausland Sacred to the memory of
Mary Ann Mascausland, who exchanged this life for immortality on the 26 April 1861
also rest her sister, Letitia Mascausland, who died on the 17 October 1863
Ross Elizabeth Ross, who died 19 September 1875
(needed better light to read the stone)
In memory of
Neally Macloy, late of Tirkeeran,
and his wife, Jeannie Henderson