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Applications to Register Freeholds: Barony of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1829-31

Lists extracted from various editions of the STRABANE MORNING POST 1829-31
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Lists extracted from various editions of the STRABANE MORNING POST 1829-31 and published in Strabane & West Ulster in the 1800s: History from the Broadsheets: The Strabane Morning Post 1812-1837 - Faye L. Logue (Strabane History Society, 2006) ISBN 0952892030. (Now out of print) Available in e-book format at

In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster considered offering the franchise to those freeholders of Ireland holding property with a minimum annual valuation of £10. Lengthy lists of applicants intending to register their freeholds (recorded by barony), were published in county newspapers across Ireland. However, such was the concern of potentially great numbers of Ulster Presbyterian farmers obtaining voting rights that the minimum valuation was raised to £50: it should be remembered that it was just thirty years following the 1798 Rebellion.

The prefix Mac/ Mc was recorded as M’ in the Strabane Morning Post; to assist researchers Mac/ Mc have been substituted, otherwise spellings of surnames, places of residence and townlands have been retained. Parishes were not recorded in applications (townland addresses only were required) and this documents attempts to identify the relevant parish.

Many places of residence and townlands are spelt phonetically.


Parish Parish Parish Parish


Strabane Morning Post: May 19 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Special Sessions, to be held at Clogher, Omagh, Strabane, and Dungannon, in the month of June next, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV. Chap. 8



BEATTY Edward Tullyvernan Aughnacloy Carnteel
COLLINS Joshua, Lay Loy Derryloran
BEGGS William, Annahavill Annahavill Desertcreat
MORROW John, Lammy Lammey Desertcreat
STEWART George E., Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
MACNIECE Alexander, Rooskey Rooskey Carnteel?
DICKSON Thomas, Tullygarvan Tullygarvan Clonfeacle??
STEWART Alexander, Dunaghey Dungannon Donaghenry
DAVIDSON James, Annahavill Annahaville Desertcreat
BROWN John, Aughnacloy Terlagan Carnteel
MONTGOMERY Thomas, Lammey Lammey Desertcreat
ANDERSON John, Downs Downs Desertcreat
LITTLE John, Stewartstown Drumard & Drumhabbart Ardboe
MURRAY John S., Torrenhill Drumreagh Tullyniskan
MAYNE William H., Rahaghey Glasdrummond Aghaloo
HAZLETON John, Glasdrummond Glasdrummond Aghaloo
SIMPSON John, Millview Derrycreevy Carnteel
HARDY Charles, Coalisland Backaville Donaghenry
McFARLAND Andrew, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
MILLER Rowley, Moneymore Gortalowry Derryloran
GOLDING George R., Limepark Gilgowny Aghaloo
HANEY Robert, Terlugan Terlugan Carnteel
MOORE Thomas, Bawn Bawn Donaghmore/ Carnteel?
JARDEN John, Glassdrumond Glassdrummond Aghaloo
WILCOCKS Joshua, Beech Valley Annabalasagart Domaghmore
KINLEY Thomas, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
SHEIL James, Killymeal Killymeal Drumglass
SIMMONS Richard, Dungannon Killymaddy Donaghmore
CROSSLE Henry, Annahooe Killymaddy Donaghmore
CROSSLE John, Anahooe Ballyreagh Killeeshil
LESLIE John Crawford, Grange Grange......Moy? Clonfeacle?
GIVENS William, Bockets Bockets Killeeshil
ATKINSON Henry, Drumack Drummack Killyman
HAPPER David, Ballyreagh Ballyreagh Killeeshil
HAPPER Andw., Tullyvannon Tullyvannon Killeeshil
KELLY Patrick, Bockets Bockets Killeeshil
CONDY John, Cullentra Cullentra Killeeshil
GIVENS John, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
WILSON William, Bockets Bockets Killeeshil
NIBLO Thomas, Lurgacullion Lurgacullion Killeeshill
BELL James, Legaroe Legaroe Carnteel
NIBLO Adam, Lurgacullion Lurgacullion Killeeshil
DENNISON Charles, Drummond Drummond Clonfeacle
THISTLE John, Carowbeg Carowbeg Clonfeacle
RAINEY Robert, Knocknacloy Knocknacloy Clonfeacle
BURNS Wm., Mulladawley Mulladawly Clonfeacle
ORR Wm., Kilnagrew Kilagrew Clonfeacle
BROWN James, Killymaddy Killymaddy Donaghmore
BELL Richardson, Killymaddy Killymaddy Donaghmore
WILSON Joseph, Innish Innish Termonmaguirk
GILMORE John, Broghadooey Broghadooey Clonfeacle
DOWNS John, Mulladawly Mulladawley Clonfeacle
RICHARDSON Wm., Boland Boland Clonfeacle
KELLY John, Knocknacloy Knocnacloy Clonfeacle
THISTLE Morgan, Carrowbeg Carrowbeg Clonfeacle
IRWIN Wm., Carrowbeg Carrowbeg Clonfeacle
CARLISLE John, Culrevog Culrevog Clonfeacle
CARDLE Henry, Culrevog Culrevog Clonfeacle
THISTLE Wm., Benburb Benburb Clonfeacle
WHITTLE Hugh, Benburb Benburb Clonfeacle
MADOLE Francis, Annagh Annagh & Terryscollop Clonfeacle
AGNEW James, Knocknaroy Knocknaroy Aghaloo
DIVIN John, Knocknaroy Knocknaroy Aghaloo
AGNEW Francis, Knocknaroy Knocknaroy Aghaloo
FERIS Wm., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
STEEN Wm., Urblereagh Urblereagh Donaghenry
STEEN Andrew, Urblereagh Urblereagh Donaghenry
McCAW Isaac, Innyglass Innyglass Ballyclog
MEANS Thomas, Stewartstown Roskeroe Donaghenry
GALWAY Wm., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
BODAN Wm., Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
DUFFY Patrick, Carnan Carnan Arboe
McCREA Edward, Donaghrisk Stewartstown Donaghenry
MEENAGH Arthur, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
MATIER James, Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
QUIN James, Carnan Carnan & Killycolpy Arboe
BROWN John, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
FERGUSON Alexander, Roskeroe Roskeroe Donaghenry
KENNEDY John, Carnan Carnan Arboe
ANKETELL Roger C., Anketell Lodge Drumgullion Errigal Keerogue
McCORD James Stewartstown Tamnalenan Donaghenry
FAIRSERVICE Robert, Belaviney Belaviney Ballyclog
McREYNOLDS Oliver, Dromore Feagh Arboe
DUNN Peter, Drumbulgan Drumbulgan Ballyclog
WEIR John, Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
STEWART Wm., Gortigal Gortigal Arboe
ROBINSON Wm., Castlefarm Castlefarm Donaghenry
ROBINSON Hugh, Castlefarm Castlefarm Donaghenry
ALLEN Robert, Lesnacreight Lesnacreight Donaghenry
PARK Robert, Gortigal Gortigal Arboe
CAULFIELD James, Loyhouse Drumkeran Derryloran
QUIN Hugh, Killycolpy Stewartstown & Killycolpy Arboe
LITTLE Alexander, Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
McREYNOLDS Wm., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
PARK John, jun. Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
FLANIGAN Arthur, Bellaveny Bellaveny Ballyclog
JUNK John, Mullaghlass Mullaghlass Ballyclog
COURTNAY James, Dromore Dromore Arboe
SMITH Thomas, Ballyblagh Ballyblagh Ballyclog
CRAWFORD John, Drumgormal Drumgormal Donaghenry
WHITESIDE John, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
McCOOKE Daniel, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
GOURLY John, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
McCORMICK John, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
O’FARREL Henry, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
MORGAN Thomas, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
MOORE James, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
WEIR Silas E., Cookstown Loy Derryloran
HAMILTON James, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
COOKE James, Gortalowry Gortalowry Derryloran
PATTERSON Benjamin, Gortalowry Gortalowry Derryloran
MORGAN William, Grouse Lodge Loy Derryloran
GILMORE Robert, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
MULLOY John, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
FLEMING Josias, Knockaconny Knockaconny Derryloran
FLEMING Wm., Knockaconny Knockaconny Derryloran
SINCLAIR Wm., Coolcrenagh Coolcrenagh Derryloran
FLEMING George, Knocknaconny Knocknaconny Derryloran
VANCE John, Cookstown Gortalowry Derryloran
COLLINS John, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
GRAHAM Peter, Cookstown Coolcrenagh Derryloran
BROWN Samuel, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
PATTISON Edward, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
GALWAY Brice, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
SELLER William, Tullyveagh Loy Derryloran
BETTY John, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
HAPPER John, Aughnacloy Analughey Carnteel
GRAY Alexander, Aughnacloy Ballinargin Arboe
BELL Robert, Drumconvis Drumconvis Tamlaght
McCOMBS John, Drumconvis Coagh Tamlaght
FERGUSON Andrew, Drumconvis Mullagharory Tamlaght
FLACK Mathew, Drumconvis Urble Tamlaght
MONTGOMERY James, Drumconvis Coagh Tamlaght
GIBBONS James, Drumconvis Coagh Tamlaght
YOUNG Wm., sen. Drumconvis Mullagharory & Ballynargan Tamlaght & Ardboe
TAGGART Francis, Killycolpy Killycolpy & Dromore Arboe
MATHEWS David, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
BELL James, Ballyveeny Ballyveeny Ballyclog
McCOMB John, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
LEE Wm., Cloghog Coagh Tamlaght
HOGG Thomas, Tamnaghtmore Tamnaghtmore Arboe
EAKIN James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
GIBBONS James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
DUFF Thomas, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
CAMPBELL Daniel, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
WINNING Alexander, Knockinrow Coagh Tamlaght
BELL Robert, Drumconvis Drumconvis Tamlaght
BLACKWOOD Robert, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
THOMPSON John, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
CAMPBELL James Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
GEORGE John, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
YOUNG Wm., Mullagharory Mullagharory Tamlaght
GRAY Alexander, Ballynargan Ballynargan & Kilmenagh Arboe
LITTLE James, Knocknaroy Knocknaroy Aghaloo
ANDERSON Wm., Steliga Tullygivon Clonfeacle
CRAIG James, Tullygivan Tullygivon Clonfeacle
PARK Wm., sen. Stewartstown Stewartstown & Boyds Farm Donaghenry
WEIR Samuel, Stewartstown Drumgullion & Stewartstown Donaghenry
CAMPBELL And., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
WEIR John, Stewartstown Stewartstown & Drumgullion Donaghenry
RICHARDSON John, Lisburn Derrygalty, Trew, Clontavoy & Gortrea Killyman & Kildress?
McAVOY John, Dunedade Dunedade Clonfeacle
MALLON Patrick, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
YOUNG John, Cookstown Loy Derryloran
PARK John, Stewartstown Stewartstown & Drumgulleon Donaghenry
PARK James, Stewartstown Stewartstown & Boyds Farm Donaghenry
FARIS Wm., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
LITTLE Alexander N., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
PARK John, sen., Stewartstown Gortetray Donaghenry
HUGHES Barnard, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
NEWTON Andrew, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
GALWAY Wm., Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
McGAW Wm., Eary Sineglas [Lyneglass] Ballyclog
BRANIGAN Terrance, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
WILCOX George, Stewartstown Tattykell, Aughlis, Dumard & Brookend Donaghenry
WILCOX Geo., Stewartstown Stangmore Clonfeacle
MONTGOMERY Thos. Aughnacloy Carnteel
GOODFELLOW Wm. Aughnacloy Carnteel
KEENAN James Aughnacloy Carnteel
McCAMEY Robert, Drumerin Aughnacloy Carnteel
WRIGHT John, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy & Tullyblety Carnteel & Aghaloo
DONAGHY Thomas, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
DIVEN Patrick, Doolargy Doolargy Carnteel
BETTY John, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
FARREL John, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
FULLAN Arthur, Dungannon Derrycreevy & Crosteely Drumglass & Clonfeacle
McFARLAND James, Ravella Ravella Carnteel
LOUGHHEAD Timothy, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy & Durnabane Carnteel
BRACKENRIDGE Thos., Doolargy Dolargy Carnteel
McDONALD Thos., of Loughins Loughins Carnteel
DAVIDSON James, Cavan O’Neill Cavan O’Neill Carnteel
COOTE James, Corderry Croderry & Aughnacloy Carnteel
COOTE Charles, Aughnacloy Croderry & Aughnacloy Carnteel
BEGGS Joseph, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
ABRAHAM Thomas, Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
CAMPBELL Andrew, Stewartstown Stewartstown Donaghenry
COOTE Thomas, Loughins Loughins Carnteel
McFARLAND James, Ravella Ravella Carnteel
McWILLIAMS Jas., Aughnacloy Aughnacloy Carnteel
HADDEN Joseph, Goland Goland Carnteel
McMAHON Arthur, Dernabane Dernabane Carnteel
WORTHINGTON Martin, Dernabane Dernabane Carnteel
HADDIN John, Goland Goland Carnteel
HUGHES Barnard, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
HUGHES John, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
TURNER Jonathan, Dungannon Drumcoo Drumglass
McKENZIE Alex., jun. Donaghmore Church-street, Dungannon Drumglass
ELLISON Thomas, Balnahaye Balnahaye Killeeshil
McFARLAND James, Legaroe Legaroe Carnteel
McCRORY Felix, Bockets Bockets Killeeshil
DUNBAR Richard, Lurgacullion Lurgacullion Killeeshil
GIVENS Thos., Aughnahoe Aughnahoe Killeeshil
BORTREE Simon, Cohanan Cohanan Killyman
McGRAY James, Innismagh Innismagh Carnteel?
DUFF James, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
ELLISON Wm., Ballynahaye Ballynahaye Killeeshil
MULGREW Francis, Bockets Bockets Killeeshil
MOFFETT John, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
DUFF Robert, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
DUFF Alex., Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
HAMILL Peter, Tullyvannon Tullyvannon Killeeshil
GORMLY Hugh, Innismagh Innismagh Carnteel
KELLY John, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
McKINLY James, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
CAUSLAND [McCAUSLAND] Robt., Tullyvannon Tullyvannon Killeeshil
McBRIDE Ephraim, Cullintra Cullintra Killeeshil
McCLELLAND John, Tully O’Donnel Tully O’Donnel Desertcreat
CAMPBELL Hugh, Tully O’Donnel Tully O’Donnel Desertcreat
COLLINS Lawrence, Mohan Mohan Donaghmore
DRUGAN Patrick, Legaroe Legaroe Carnteel
McKENNA Patrick, Drumfad Drumfad Killeeshil
MONTGOMERY John, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
DONAGHY Patrick, Drumfad Drumfad Killeeshil
DONAGHEY William, Dergena Dergena Killeeshil
WILSON Robert, Tullyodonell Tully O’Donnell Desertcreat
LANNY [LAMMY] George, Ballynahaye Ballynahaye Killeeshil
McCLEAN Alexander, Mullaghatague Mullaghatague Killyman
CRANSTON Robert, Dungannon Dungannon ors Drumcooe Drumglass
WILFORD John, Moy Moy Clonfeacle
CAMPBELL James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
DUFF Thomas, Coagh Mullagarory Tamlaght
CAMPBELL Daniel, Coagh Mullagarory Tamlaght
FERGUSON Alexander, Coagh Mullagarory Tamlaght
THOMSON John, Croagh Mullagarory Tamlaght
McMURRAY James Mullagarory Tamlaght
GEORGE John, Croagh Coagh Tamlaght
QUIN Michael, Cregan Kellukan Kildress
WATSON William, Tullyvarre Tullyvarre Carnteel


May 19, 1829

QUIN Charles, Drumfad Drumfad Killeeshil
QUIN Patrick, Drumfad Drumfad Killeeshil
MULGREW John, Balanahaye Ballynahaye Killeeshil
MURPHY Thomas, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
DONNELLY Hugh, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
DOOGAN Simon, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
DONNELLY Patrick, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
MURPHY David, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
DEVLIN Charles, Cranlome Cranlome Killeeshil
BEST Hugh, Tullyvannon Tullyvannon Killeeshil
RICHARDSON John, Lisburn Trew Killyman
MONAGHAN Patrick, Pomeroy Pomeroy Pomeroy
HAZELTON Edward, Clones Bovain Killyman
HAZELTON Abraham, Bovain Bovain Killyman
HAZELTON William, Bovain Bovain Killyman
DAWSON Abraham, Bovain Bovain Killyman
DAWSON Thomas, Bovain Bovain Killyman
DAWSON John, Bovain Bovain Killyman
DAWSON James, Bovain Bovain Killyman
DAWSON William, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
McCLELLAND Letford, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
LOUGHRAN Patt, Beaghmore Beaghmore Kildress
LOUGHRAN John, Dungate or Stramacelmartin Dungate or Stramacelmartin Kildress
LOUGHRAN Thos., Beaghmore Beaghmore Kildress
DAWLY Peter, Gortindaragh Gortindaragh Pomeroy
CUNNINGHAM Thomas, Tanderagee Curravany and Tanderagee Pomeroy
DONNELY James, Turnabason Turnabason Pomeroy
HUGHES Nancy, Kilea Kilea Pomeroy
HAGAN Patrick, of Turnabason Turnabason Pomeroy
RAFFERTY Patrick, Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
McKEE John, Pomeroy Pomeroy Pomeroy
TRIMBLE George, Bawn Bawn Pomeroy
CROTHERS Samuel, Gortendaragh Edendoit Desertcreat
ROBB Mathew, Pomeroy Pomeroy Pomeroy
EVANS Rev. David, Limehill Limehill Desertcreat
O’NEAL James, Tanderagee Tanderagee and Carnony Pomeroy & ............?
HAGAN Hugh, Turnabason Turnabason Pomeroy
KELLY John, Curneany Curneany ????????
CUNNAHAN Patrick, Tanderagee Tanderagee Pomeroy
McKENNA James, Tanderagee Tanderagee Pomeroy
BROWN Rev. Lewis, Sixmilecross Limehill Desertcreat
ARMSTRONG John, Limehill Limehill Desertcreat
QUIN Hugh, jun. Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
WHITSET James Lurganedan Lurganedon & Munderadoo Pomeroy
McELVOGUE Simon, Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
CROTHERS John, Gortendaragh Gortendaragh Desertcreat
GRIMES Michael, Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
DONNELLY Patrick, Pomeroy Gortendaragh Desertcreat
CLEMENTS Mark, Stonyharnagh Stackernagh Donaghmore
STURGEON Reprs. of James, Terrynew Terrinew Donaghmore
DICKSON, John, Reprs of, Terrynew Terrinew Donaghmore
LITTLE John, Killymoyle Killymoile Donaghmore
STEWART William, Stackernagh Stagh & Terrinew Donaghmore
McKENZIE Daniel, Mullaghmore Tullyallen Donaghmore
McCUE Reps. of Jos., Tullyallen Tullyallen Donaghmore
WILSON Reprs. of Wm., Tullyallen Tullyallen Donaghmore
IRVINE John, Tullyalin Tullyallen Donaghmore
KEENAN Cornelius, Tullyalin Tullyallen Donaghmore
COTTON John, sen. Edencranon Edencranon, Killymoyle & Dristernon Donaghmore
FORBES Wm. and Alex, Edencranon Edencranon Donaghmore
IRVINE Lawrence, Edencranon Edencranon Donaghmore
REED Richey, Lurganeden Edencranon, Crockbrack, or Lurganeden Donaghmore & Pomeroy
KELSO John, Moy Moy Clonfeacle
CAVENAGH John, Moy Moy Clonfeacle
FOREST Wm., Moy Moy Clonfeacle
HARPER Wm., Moy Moy Clonfeacle
SLOAN James, Moy Moy Clonfeacle
MONTAGUE Rev. John, Moy Moy Clonfeacle
DOBSON John Moy Moy and Tyrlenan Clonfeacle
MARTIN James R., Moy Dungannon Clonfeacle
HARVEY Daniel, Listamnet Listamnet Clonfeacle
McCREEDY John, Listamnet Listamnet Clonfeacle
JOYCE Thomas, Clenmore Balnakilly Clonfeacle
DOBSON George, Tyrleenan Listamnet & Tyrleenan Clonfeacle
DOBSON Thomas, Tyrleenan Moy, Tyrleenan, and Listamnet Clonfeacle
JARDIN Samuel, Derryhoar Derryhoar Donaghmore
ANDERSON Thomas, Killyliss Killyliss Donaghmore
STEVENSON John, Clenfallow Clonfallow Killeeshil
KINNIER James, Cullincranmer Cullincranmer Donaghmore
SLOAN William, Coolhill Coolhill Killeeshil
BRIDGE John, Cranislough Cranislough Carnteel
REED Adam, Lisfearty Lisfearty Killeeshil
COUSINS John, Mullyrodden Mullyrodden Killeeshil
REED James, Reaskitriff Reaskitriff Carnteel
McMULLAN John, Mullycarr Mullycarr & Derrylatinea Clonfeacle
KELLY Bernard, Eskragh Eskragh Killeeshil
KNOX John, Dirnaborey Dirnaborey Carnteel
McBRIDE John, Aughinduff Aughinduff Killeeshil
COUSINS Robert, Mullyrodden Mullyrodden Killeeshil
WILSON Lodwick, Cranislough Cranislough Carnteel
RAINEY Samuel, Mullaghneese Mullaghaneese Carnteel
McFARLAND Hugh, Eskragh Eskragh Killeeshil
SOMERVILLE John, Kilnaslee Kilnaslee Donaghmore
McWILLIAMS James, Lisfearty Lisfearty Killeeshil
McMINN James, Gortnagoly Gortnagoly Pomeroy
CAVENAGH Peter, Leany Leany Carnteel
BEATY David, Mulnahunch Mulnahunch Killeeshil
TENER Robert, Dungannon Dungannon & Lurgaboy Dtumglass
TENER Isaac, Castlecaufield Drumany Clonfeacle?
McGURKE James, Castlecaufield Drumany, Aughless & Drumhark Clonfeacle & Donaghmore??
DICKSON John, Ballyward Ballyward Donaghmore
O’NEAL Terence, Annaghmakeown Annaghmakeown Donaghmore
LOUGHRAN Henry, Annaghmakeown Annaghmakeown Donaghmore
HUGHES Edward, Annaghmakeown Annaghmakeown Donaghmore
MURPHY John, Finlagh Finlagh Donaghmore
McGAUGHY James, Cullinfad Cullinfad Donaghmore
WILSON James, Cullinfad Cullinfad Donaghmore
MURRAY Robert, Cullinfad Cullinfad Donaghmore
CUDDY John, Cullinfad Cullinfad Donaghmore
CARDWELL Robert, Legilly Legilly Clonfeacle
CHRISTY George, Cullinafad Cullinfad Donaghmore
MURRAY David, Derryhoar Derryhoar Donaghmore
KELLY Robert, Killiliss Killiliss & Drumnafern Donaghmore
McDONALD Allen, Drumnafern Drumnafern Donaghmore
FORBIS William, Drumnafern Drumnafern Donaghmore
QUIN Daniel, Drumnafern Drumnafern Donaghmore
BLACK Joseph, Drumnafern Drumnafern Donaghmore
GREER William, Aughlish Aughliss Donaghmore
BARTON David, Killyliss Killyliss Donaghmore
CULLEN Charles, Glassmullagh Glassmullagh Donaghmore
HINCHEY William, Glassmullagh Glassmullagh Donaghmore
RICHARDSON Thomas Wm., Strews Strews Kildress
McFARLAND John, Tullyodonnell Tullyodonnell Desertcreat
CRAIG George, Tattykeel Tattykeel Kildress
IRWIN Joseph, Knockalevy Tattykeel Kildress
McKEW Barnard, Killuckan Killuckan Kildress
RICHARDSON William, Drumshambo Strews Kildress
LOUGHRAN John, Killuckan Killuckan Kildress
McCORMICK James, Tattykeel Tattykeel, Terwinney, Corhoney, Knockalevy & Ivishnacrew Kildress
RICHARDSON John, Strews Strews Kildress
STEEL James, Clare Clare Kildress
BAXTER Robert, Clontyferagh Clontyferagh Kildress
MULDOON Michael, Drum Drum Kildress
BOYD Robert, Mayboy Mayboy Kildress
LILBURN Thomas, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
LILBURN Thomas, jun., Dungannon Mullaghena Donaghmore
GREER Robert, Tullabeg Tullamore Donaghenry
McCLELLAND William, Congo Congo Drumglass
GIRVAN Hugh, Tullamore Tullamore Donaghenry
CROSS John, Tullamore Tullamore Donaghenry
MORROW John, Ballymena Ballymena Tullyniskan
CREIGHTON James, Sherrygrim Sherrygrim Donaghenry
ROBSON James, Lurgay Lurgay Donaghenry
ROBSON Mathew, Lurgay Lurgay Donaghenry
BOYD Robert, Ross Lurgay Donaghenry
CUNNINGHAM Dickson, Down Down Desertcreat?
KING Robert, Mullybrannon Mullybrannon Clonfeacle
YEOMAN Richard, Lisnahoy Lisnahoy [Lisnacroy?] Clonfeacle
STERLING James, Lismubreavy Lismubreavy Clonfeacle
KING Henry, Lismubreavy Lismubreavy Clonfeacle
McILROY William, Tempinroe Tempinroe Killyman
BROWN David, Mullaghmore Mullaghmore ???????
IRWIN William, Mullaghmore Dungannon Drumglass
FORSTER Robert, Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Donaghmore
McCLELLAND Thomas, Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Donaghmore
McILROY William, Tempinroe Tempinroe Killyman
PILLAR Peter, Drumanuey Drumanuey Clonfeacle
MALLON John, Dungormal Dungormal [Drumgormal?] Donaghenry?
FERGUSON Patk., Lisdermott Lesdermott Clonfeacle
CUDDY Alex., Gorey Gorey Donaghmore
O’BRINE James, Dristernan Dresternan Donaghmore
McREYNOLDS James, Mullaghatague Coash Killyman
FRIZZLE Andrew, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
DOUGLAS William, Dungannon Culnagrew Killyman
HUNTER David, Cavan Cavan Killyman
SKELTON Daniel, Cavan Cavan, Coash & Lisnahoy Killyman
SKELTON John, Cavan Cavan Killyman
GREEVES Robt., Altnavanog Altnavanog Clonfeacle
MALLON John, Drumgormal Dungormal [Drumgormal?] Donaghenry?
ORR James, Strangmore Strangmore Clonfeacle
NEWELL Robert, Cormullagh Cormullagh Clonfeacle
NEWELL George, Cormullagh Cormullagh Clonfeacle
BOARDMAN Thomas, Strangmore Strangmore Clonfeacle
SIMMONS Richard, Dungannon Dungannon & Killymaddy Drumglass & Donaghmore
SINCLAIR John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
McCAN Edward, Coolcush Coolcush Clonfeacle
ROBINSON John, Cavan Cavan Killyman
HURST Henry, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
GREER Joseph, Irish-street, ors Anne street, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
ANDERSON Alex., Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
MULLAN James, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
KERR Benjamin Dreemore Dreemore Killyman
ROBINSON John, jun. Cavan Cavan Killyman
BURNS William, Derryveene Derryveene Donaghmore
THOMPSON James, Coolcush Coolcush Clonfeacle
KERR James, Moygeshall Moygeshall Clonfeacle
RODDY John, Dungormal Dungormal [Drumgormal?] Donaghenry?
McMULLAN William, Cormullagh Cormullagh Clonfeacle
SMITH Francis, Killybrackan Killybrackan Clonfeacle
KING Robert, Mullaghatague Mullybranor & Dunsark Clonfeacle
McMINN Alex., Foigh Drumcooe Drumglass
NEWELL Henry, Lissean Lissean Clonfeacle
O’NEILL John, Derryesker Dungannon Drumglass


June 16, 1829


A LIST of Persons who served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held at Clogher, Omagh, Strabane, and Dungannon, in the month of July next, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV. Chap. 8.

ENGLISH James, Tulliwiney Tulliwinney Arboe
MEANS Andrew, Tulliwiney Tulliwiney Arboe
AUNGUISH James, Tullyvarre Tullyvarre Arboe
CALDWELL James, Tullyvarre Tullyvarre Arboe
KENNAN James, Aughnacloy Derrycush Carnteel
HARDY John, Aughnacloy D.gannon??? Carnteel
MOORE Edward, Aughnacloy ?erpetuity Carnteel
CRAIG James, Tullygiven Tullygiven Clonfeacle
ANDERSON William, Lackesh Lackesh ??????


September 22, 1829

BELL Adam, Martray Martray Carnteel
CALDWELL James, Tullyvarre Tullyvarre Carnteel
VERNER James, Churchhill Cullintra Killeshil
MARSHAL Benjamin, Dromore Aughnacloy Carnteel


December 22, 1829

STEWART Alexander, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
EVANS Robert, Dungannon Coolmaghrey Pomeroy
DOUSE Richard, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
WHITTLE William B., Stewartstown Drimcooe Drumglass
RAFFERTY Patrick, Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
DOHERTY Peter, Lurganedan Lurgandan Pomeroy
TRIMBLE George, Bawn Killea Bawnkillea Pomeroy
CONWAY Michael, Limehill Limehill Desertcreat
MARSHALL William, Pomeroy Carnkern & town of Pomeroy Desertcreat
DAWLY Patrick, Gortindaragh Gortindaragh Desertcreat
McGAHAN John, Curneany Curneany Desertcreat
CUNNINGHAM Owen, Tanderagee Tanderagee Pomeroy
McELVOUGE Simon, Gortnagarn Gortnagarn Pomeroy
ARMSTRONG John, Limehill Limehill Desertcreat
GARRETT James, Curneany Curneany Desertcreat
BENNISON Joseph, Curneany Curneany Desertcreat
DONNELLY James, Turnabesson Turnabesson Pomeroy
WHITSETT James, Lurganedan Lurganedan Pomeroy
ALLEN Samuel, Drumconnes Omagh..... Straduff Dromore & Kilskeery?
DONNELLY John, Blackwatertown Sestiaghmagarl Clonfeacle
YOUNG Creighton, Mullagharory Mullagharory Tamlaght
DEVLIN Bernard, Mulnahoe Mulnahoe Arboe
QUIN Patrick, Mulnahoe Mulnahoe Arboe
CAMPBEL James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
GIBBONS James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
JOHNSTON Whaly, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
DICKSON Thomas, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
FLECK Mathew, Urble Urble Tamlaght
FERGUSON Andrew, Mullagharory Mullagharory Tamlaght
DUFF John, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
WILSON Andrew, Ballanargin Ballynargin Tamlaght
CAMPBELL Daniel, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
AIKEN James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
MONTGOMERY James, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
JOHNSTON Robert, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
DUFF Thomas, Coagh Coagh Tamlaght
MURDOCK William, Drumconvis Drumconvis Tamlaght
MORRIS Robert M., Urble Urble Tamlaght
HOGG Thomas, Tamnaghtmore Tamnaghtmore Arboe
COWAN John, Urble Urble Tamlaght
STRICKLAND Wm. Caledon Aghaloo
TAYLOR William Caledon Aghaloo
WASON Alexander Killyshanagh Aghaloo
NELSON William Ballyvaddy Aghaloo
WRIGHT Francis Ballyvaddy Aghaloo
HENDERSON James Killmore Aghaloo
TAYLOR Ely Mullaghmore Aghaloo?
KING John Mullineal Aghaloo
STRICKLAND Thomas Milberry Aghaloo
REILLY Cornelius Calidon Aghaloo
WILKIN William Calidon Aghaloo
HADDIN Samuel Dreemore Aghaloo
CARROLL Samuel Carnboy {Carranbeg?] Clonfeacle?
RAINY James Gortmerron Clonfeacle
MARSHALL John Killynaul Aghaloo
LIVINGSTON Henry Ballagh Aghaloo
DORNETT Thomas Dremore Aghaloo
CULTON John Lismallydown Aghaloo
WILSON Thomas Cumber Aghaloo
DAVIDSON John Killynaul Aghaloo
McCORMICK Henry Ramakitt Aghaloo
COWAN John Tanagh Aghaloo
MARSHALL Henry Curlough Aghaloo
WILKIN James Knocknagarne Aghaloo
WILKIN William Knocknagarne Aghaloo
BARBER James Gortmerron Clonfeacle
KERR Alexander Cumber Aghaloo
WARNOCK William Cadian Clonfeacle
GIRVAN John Tanaghlane Aghaloo
HADDEN Robert Ards Aghaloo
GIRVAN John Mulnaveagh Aghaloo
CURLEY Hugh Aghnasallagh Aghaloo
READ Thomas Cadian Clonfeacle
OLIVER Robert Lismullydown Aghaloo
HOOEY William Dyan Aghaloo
MARSHALL Joseph Cumber Aghaloo
CASSIDY John Annagh Aghaloo
HENDERSON Philip Derrycourtnay Aghaloo
ROBINSON Andrew Cumber Aghaloo
DOUGLASS George Cumber Aghaloo
WILLIAMS George M. Lismullydown Aghaloo
JOHNSTON James Crievlough Aghaloo
WILSON Morgan Tullyrimmona Aghaloo
GIVAN Joseph Malnaveagh Aghaloo
VARNETT Robert Sherrygroom Donaghenry
PRINGLE Alexander Tanaghlane Aghaloo
IRWIN James Dyan Aghaloo
IRWIN Joseph Killynaul Aghaloo
BARNS Robert Curlough Aghaloo
McAREE Bernard Mullamassog Aghaloo
MOSSMAN John Mullicarnan Aghaloo
WILKIN John Tanaghlane Aghaloo
WILKINS David Ramakit Aghaloo
ALLEN Samuel Caledon Aghaloo
CROZIER John Mullaghmore Donaghmore
STRUTT Robert Ramakit Aghaloo
NORRIS Charles Caledon Aghaloo
HUGGINS James, Clenarbe Glenarbe Aghaloo
KELLY David, Glenarbe Glenarbe Aghaloo
BEST Valentine, Fare Glenarbe Aghaloo
REED Hugh, Clentyclevin Clentyclevin Killeeshil
McDONNELL Allen Drumnafern Donaghmore
FORBES William, Drumnafern Drumnafern Donaghmore
JORDON Samuel, Derryhoar Derryhoar Donaghmore
MURRAY David, Derryhoar Derryhoar Donaghmore
WILSON James, Cullinfad Cullinfad Donaghmore
HALL James, Drumeany Drumeany [Drumrenny] Donaghmore
DICKSON John, Ballyward Ballyward Donaghmore
LOUGHRAN Henry, Anaghmakeown Anaghmakeown Donaghmore
HUGHES Edward, Anaghmakeown Anaghmakeown Donaghmore
GREER William, Aughliss Aughliss Donaghmore
MURPHY John, Finelagh Finelagh Donaghmore
HENCHY William Glassmullagh Glassmullagh Donaghmore
CULLEN Charles, Glassmullagh Glassmullagh Donaghmore
CARDWELL Robert, Legilly Legilly Donaghmore
PARKER John, Lisgallon Lisgallon Donaghmore
KELLY William, Tomag Tomag Donaghmore
McCLEAN Alexander, Tomag Tomag Donaghmore
WRIGHT Stewart, Tomag Tomag Donaghmore
HEASTY William, Tomag Tomag Donaghmore
GRIMLAY William, Tomag Tomag Donaghmore
BEATTY John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
BELL William, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
GLASSE Robert, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
MORROW Thomas, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
SMALL William, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
SMITH Thomas, Dungannon Drucooe Drumglass
McELHONE Felix, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
BROWN James, Beechvalley Ballysagart & Duncooe Donaghmore & Drumglass
AGNEW Joseph, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
GREEVES Thomas, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
KELLY Matthew, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
FULLAN John, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
McELHONE James, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
TURNER Jonathan, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
HUGHES John, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
GREER Joseph, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
DICKSON John, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
TENNER Robert, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
NEWTON Andrew, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
FEANY Patrick, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
McMINN Alexander, Dungannon Duncooe Drumglass
SLOAN James, Dungannon Dreemore Killyman
FIZZLE Richard, Dungannon Dreemore Killyman
McKINLY Patrick, Mullaghmore Dreemore Donaghmore
SMITH William, Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Donaghmore
BOYD John, Coolhill Drumcooe Drumglass
MURRAY David, Derryhoar Drumcooe Drumglass
HUNTER John, Greenhill Gortrey Kildress
KNOX Thomas, City of Dublin Drucooe Drumglass
McCLELLAND Thomas, Mullaghmore Drumcooe Drumglass
McAVOY John, Donedade Donedade Clonfeacle
McQUADE George, Bernagh Bernagh Killyman
MILLAR Joseph, Derrycreery Derrycreery Carnteel
WHITTLE William B., Stewartstown Drumcooe Drumglass
McCLEAN Alexander, Mullaghatague Mullaghatague & Drumreagh Killyman
GREER Robert, Altnavanog Altnavanog Clonfeacle
BOARDMAN Thomas, Strangmore Strangmore Clonfeacle
BOGUE Owen, Dungannon Aghnasallagh Tullyniskan
CAMPBELL James, Dungannon Tanagh Aghaloo
NEELY James, Glencull Glencull Errigal Keerogue
MULGREW Michael, Ballygawly Ballygawly & Grange Errigal Keerogue
McCRORY Owen, Altcloghfin Altcloghfin Errigal Keerogue
STEWART William, Ballygawly Ballygawly Errigal Keerogue
BELL George, Cesskilgreen Cesskilgreen & Ballygawly Errigal Keerogue
NEELY William, Glencull Cesskilgreen & Ballygawly Errigal Keerogue
BELL Andrew, Drumconvis Drumconvis Tamlaght

June 15, 1830

CLEMENTS John, Brackaville Brackaville Donaghenry
McFARLAND John, Tullydonnell Tullydonnell Desertcreat
RICHARDSON Thomas, Strews Strews Kildress
MEEKE Thomas, Letterclay Letterclay Donaghenry
WALLACE Andrew, Innoval Innoval Donaghenry
ROBSON William, Castlestewart Castlefarm Donaghenry
KENNEDY John, Carnan Carnan Arboe
REYNOLDS Oliver M., Dromore Dromore Arboe
QUIN Hugh, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
SMITH Thomas, Ballyblagh Ballyblagh Ballyclog
QUIN James, Carnan Carnan, Killycolpy & Talmalman Arboe
KNOX John William, Drumgullion Drumgullion Donaghenry
ROBSON Hugh, Castlestewart Castlefarm Donaghenry
BROWN John, Killycolpy Killycolpy Arboe
McGHEE James, Ballygittle Ballygittle Clonoe
McCORD James, Gortnagarney Gortnagarney ????????
TAGGART Francis, Killycolpy Killycolpy & Dromore Arboe & .....?
McCANN Barnard, Ballygittle Ballygittle Clonoe
KAIN John, Ballygittle Ballygittle Clonoe
RICHARDSON Robert, Gortnaglough Gortnaglough Clonoe
McGHEE Andrew, Ballygittle Ballygittle Clonoe
RICHARDSON William, Gortnagrey Gortnagarey ????????
McELHONE Felix, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
KELLY Mathew, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
KELLY Jonathan, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
TROTTER Wesly, Dungannon Dungannon Drumglass
HAGAN John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
BRANAGAN Terrance, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
McFARLAND Hugh, Eskeragh Eskeragh Killeeshil
KINNIER James, Cullenramer Cullenramer Donaghmore
READ Adam, Lisfearty Lisfearty, Leanx & Coolhill Killeeshil
McGOWAN Mathew, Kilmore Kilmore Pomeroy
STEVENSON James, Killynaslee Kilnaslee, Gortnagola & Clenburrisk Donaghmore
TURNER [TENER] Isaac, Drumaney Drumaney Donaghmore
DILWORTH John, Cohannan Cohannan Killyman


September 28, 1830

STORY James Hamilton, Ballygrugan Ternaskea Derryloran
MITCHELL John, Legacurry Legacurry Desertcreat
MITCHELL James, Legacurry Legacurry Desertcreat
LITTLE John, Kiltyclogher Kiltyclogher Desertcreat
McCLEAN Archibald, Skea Skea Pomeroy
ALEXANDER John, Tullyaran Tullyaran Pomeroy
BENNISON Robert, Tullyaran Tullyaran Pomeroy
BENNISON Mathew, Tullyaran Tullyaran Pomeroy
SMITH Robert, Corkhill Corkhill Pomeroy


June 6, 1831

WALLACE Thomas Aghadarra Aghadarra Dromore
O’NEAL Charles, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
TIMONY James, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
MOORE Robert, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
McELROY John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
QUIN Thomas, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
EDWARD Anderson, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
HAZLETON Wood Caulfield, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
RODGERS William, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
HAGAN John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
BEATTY John, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
BELL William, Dungannon Drumcooe Drumglass
LUCAS John, Gortlenaghan Gortlenaghan Donaghmore
KENNEDY James, Stewartstown Drumcoe Drumglass
McCLELLAND Thomas, Mullaghmore Drumcoe Drumglass
McKINLY Patrick, Mullaghadun Drumcoe Drumglass
MULLINEAUX Robert, Mullaghana Mullaghana Donaghmore
PARK James, Stewartstown Boyd’s farm, Parks & Drumgolden Donaghenry & Clonfeacle


October 4, 1831

WILKIN James, Kilmaddy Kilmaddy Donaghmore
MUSGRAVE Robert, Kilsally Kilsally Ballyclog
HAMILTON Hugh, Kilsally Kilsally Ballyclog
McREYNOLDS James, Kilsally Kilsally Ballyclog
McREYNOLDS Samuel, Kilsally Kilsally & Dromore Ballyclog & Arboe
McREYNOLDS Thomas, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire & Kilsally Arboe & Ballyclog
WALKER William, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
McMURRAY Alexander, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
BOOTH John, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
CHAMBERS John, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
BOOTH Benjamin, Elagh Elagh Arboe
JOHNSTON Robert, Elagh Elagh Arboe
BOOTH James, Elagh Elagh Arboe
MULLAN John, Brookend Brookend Arboe
WHITE Hugh, Brookend Brookend Arboe
BOOTH George, Kilmenagh Kilmenagh Arboe
BOOTH John, Kilmenagh Kilmenagh Arboe
WALLACE Thomas, Aughavey Aughavey Tamlaght
WHAN James, Killywollaghan Killywollaghan Arboe
ABERNATHY Alexander, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
WALKER John, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
MOORE Andrew, Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
STOREY James Hamilton, Relagh Lodge Ballyguigan, Ternaskea& Mayvagh Kilskeery


December 6 1831

LEMMON John, Elagh Elagh Arboe
BOOTHE John, Kilmenagh Kilmenagh Arboe
McMURRAY Alex., Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
MUSGRAVE Robert Kilsally Kilsally Ballyclog
BOOTHE George, Kilmenagh Kilmenagh Arboe
WALLACE Thomas, Aughavey Aughavey Tamlaght
McREYNOLDS Thos., Ballymaguire Ballymaguire Arboe
McREYNOLDS Samuel, Kilsally Kilsally Ballyclog
THISTLE William, Benburb Benburb, Moyarr & Drumfleugh Clonfeacle
THISTLE Hugh, Benburb Benburb, Curran Drumfleugh, Drumgose& Kilnagrew Clonfeacle
MARTIN James R., Moy Moy Clonfeacle
WILFORD John, Moy Moy & Drumgrannon Clonfeacle