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Famine Emigrants from Strabane, Co. Tyrone & Derry, Co. Londonderry Workhouses 1851

Sailed on “Envoy“, Londonderry to Quebec
From the surviving records of J & J Cooke, Londonderry
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

ANDERSON Robert Strabane
BROGAN Catherine Derry
CALDWELL John Strabane
CAMPBELL Betty Strabane
CANNING James Derry
CANNING Mary Derry
CANNING Thomas Derry
CHAMBERS Esther Strabane
CHAMBERS Susan Strabane
COYLE Biddy Strabane
COYLE Eliza Strabane
COYLE Jane Strabane
CREIGHTON Catherine Derry
CROSSAN William Strabane
DIVER Susan Strabane
DOHERTY Mary Strabane
DONNELL Teresa (3m) Strabane
DOUGHERTY Elizabeth Strabane
DOUGHERTY James Strabane
GALBRAITH James Strabane
GALLAGHER Catherine Derry
GALLAUGHER James Strabane
GORMLY Catherine Strabane
GORMLY Charles Strabane
GORMLY David Strabane
GORMLY Jane Strabane
GORMLY Mary Strabane
GORMLY Sarah (8) Strabane
GORMLY William Strabane
GREER Anne Strabane
GREER James Strabane
HAYES Anna (13) Strabane
HAYES Betty Strabane
HAYES Margaret Strabane
HIGGINS Peggy Derry
HIGGINS Thomas Derr
HUGHEY Bessey Strabane
HUGHEY Margaret (11) Strabane
HUGHEY Sarah (6) Strabane
KELLY James Strabane
LANAGHAN Mary Ann Derry
LYNCH Felix Strabane
LYNCH Jane Strabane
LYNCH Susan Strabane
McBRIEN Alexander (13) Derry
McBRIEN Phillip (6) Derry
McBRIEN Sarah Jane Derry
McBRIEN Susan Derry
McCLOSKEY Patrick Derry
McCOURT Bell Strabane
McCOURT John Strabane
McCOURT Matilda Strabane
McCOURT Rebecca Strabane
McCOURT Robert Strabane
McCURRY Biddy Strabane
McCURRY Jane Strabane
McCURRY Mary Strabane
McCURRY Sarah Ann Strabane
McDADE Ann Jane Derry
McGEE Margaret Derry
McGEE Neal (5) Derry
McGINN Charles (9) Strabane
McGINN Edward Strabane
McGINN John (13) Strabane
McGINN Nancy Strabane
McKENNEY Eliza Strabane
McMENAMIN Rose Ann (13) Strabane
McMENAMIN Sarah Strabane
MEHAN Margaret Strabane
MOODY John Strabane
MURRAY Biddy Derry
MURRAY Charles Derry
NOBLE Mary Ann Strabane
O’NEILL Ann Strabane
O’NEILL Mary Derry
QUIGLEY John Strabane
QUINN Catherine Strabane
RYANS Catherine Strabane
SANDFORD Mary Eliza (6) Derry
SMITH Catherine Derry
SMITH Eliza (10) Derry
SMITH Jane Derry
SMITH Sarah Ann Derry
WALKER Francis (9) Strabane