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William Alexander & Family, Donagheady Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland pre-1880

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Ros Greenham
Back L-R: Isabella, Mary, Matilda
Front L-R: Andrew, Matilda, William Alexander


William Alexander was born 1827 in County Tyrone. He died 1913 in Fawney, Donagheady Parish, County Tyrone. He married Matilda Roddy (born 1826, died 1888) in Fawney in Donemana Presbyterian Church, Feb 6, 1851. Their son Andrew was born 1856 and died 1941. He married Eliza Mary Hughey in 1896. 

William and Matilda had three daughters: Isabella, Mary and Matilda who emigrated from Country Tyrone on 11 Aug 1880 arriving in Melbourne, Australia:

  1. Isabella born 1854 in Dunamanagh, County Tyrone; died 1936 in Melbourne, Australia. She married William H. Atkins in 1882.
  2. Matilda born 1859 in Dunamanagh, died 1951 in Warragul, Victoria, Australia. She married Andrew White in 1889.
  3. Mary born 1860 in Donaghheady, died 1927 in Wanganui, New Zealand. She married Magnus White in 1856. Mary and Magnus emigrated to New Zealand.

All the girls married in Victoria, Australia. Andrew White and Magnus White were brothers. 

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