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Item : Heather, Peat & Stone - The townlands and parishes of County Tyrone
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Anyone who has ever searched for their Ulster roots will appreciate the value of knowing something about the many territorial divisions, place-names and spellings they will encounter. Being able to navigate this maze of locations and names in search of ancestral connections is an important first step on any genealogical voyage.
Sometimes, the name of a village or town-land is the only clue as to where an ancestor might have originated. If we can identify the place and link it to a parish, we are on the way to discovering which church or civil records might reveal more information about our past.
In 1992, Irish World, one of Ireland's leading family research companies, published 'Heather, Peat and Stone', a definitive guide to the town-lands and parishes of County Tyrone. This A4 size book has over 160 page and contains clear maps of every civil parish and Catholic parish in the county, with the town-lands numbered and named on each one. It was the first time that both types of maps had been available in the same format, and the book proved very popular with people of Tyrone origin worldwide.
The original print-run soon sold out and in response to repeated requests, it was felt the time was right for re-publication - this time as an e-book.
'Heather, Peat and Stone' also seeks to convey a sense of the wider culture of Tyrone, so there are sections on folklore, history and topography, together with extracts from writings about the county. Tyrone has been well served by its fine writers and poets, and the publishers have sought to bring their voices into the mix so that the reader will encounter a range of the flavours associated with this historic county.