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In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery

By Rev. Alexander G. Lecky, B.A. Published 1908, 148 pages

In the Preface, Rev. Leck writes “these everyday transactions gives us a clearer picture of some phases of the social and religious life of by-gone times than would a record of the more important events with which the historian deals.”
The writer gleans a great volume of important information from the Minutes of the Laggan Presbytery including its origin, the division of the Presbytery, its subsequent re-unification which is followed by the re-division into three Presbyteries. He also discusses travel problems in the area and congregational disputes which include those between Strabane and Donagheady as well as Urney and Letterkenny.
The book includes transcriptions of the wills of Rev. Robert Cunningham, Mrs. Frances Cunningham and Rev. Hugh Cunningham; the names of the ministers of the Laggan Presbytery; and the names of those attending Presbytery meetings from 1672-1700 as Ruling Elders and Commissioners.
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The Laggan and its Presbyterianism

by Rev. Alexander G. Lecky, B.A., 1905, 119 pages

A history of the Presbyterian Church and the residents of the Laggan which is a flat section excellent farmland in Co. Donegal stretching from Londonderry in the north to Stranorlar in the south. Many families in the Laggan had very close ties and often family members in Co. Tyrone across the River Foyle. Some families worshiped by crossing the river every Sunday. Chapters include Early Laggan History; Early Church Life; Laggan Presbytery which included churches in Co. Tyrone; Persecutions & Sufferings; Rebellion of 1641; Siege of Derry; St. Johnson; Raphoe & its Royal School; Seceders; Newtownchunningham, Ballylennon, Second Raphoe; Monreagh, First Ray & Sharon Tragedy; Convoy & Donoughmore; Ballikndrait; Old Times & Manners; Appendix include Hearth Tax Rolls for Taughboyne, Clonleigh, Raphoe, Convoy, Donoughmore, Stranorlar, Leck; Householders in Leck 1794; Tenants on Abercorn Co. Donegal 1794; Householders St. Johnson 1794.  See Complete Preface & Contents.

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THE KNOXs OF IRELAND From 1602 A.D. to 2009 A.D

THE KNOX’s OF IRELAND from 1602 A.D. to 2009 A.D - 

Over 1600 Years of Genealogical Memoirs of Knox Anglo-Saxons in Ireland from 450A.D. to 1061A.D. and in Scotland from the 1071A.D. to 1602A.D and their Descendants. 

By Ivan Knox, Corcam Ballybofey, Lifford, Co Donegal, Ireland - Sept 2009

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