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Abercorn Estate: Manor of Cloghogal, Leckpatrick Parish, Co. Tyrone Muster Rolls 1631

Able bodied Men and their arms
Extracted from Ardstraw (Newtownstewart) Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 – John N. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh, 1968)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

THE COUNTESS OF STRABANE, 2,000 acres, her men and armes [The Abercorn Estate contained the greater majority of townlands within Leckpatrick Parish]


1 Thomas PARDUNE [PURDON] sword only
2 John LAWSON  sword only
3 Archbald BARR, younger sword only
4 John ARBARHALE [ARBUCKLE] (sword and pike
5 Arthur HAMMILTON sword and snaphance
6 John COGHRAYNE sword and pike
7 John MATHEWSON sword and pike
8 William CAYL [KYLE?] sword and snaphance
9 James DUNKIN sword and snaphance
10 William McCLEMENT sword and snaphance
11 James HOUG sword only
12 John SHAW sword only
13 William GURLAY (sword only
14 Robert BIGER sword only
15 John WILSON sword only
16 James EDGER sword only
17 Alexander BROWNE sword only
18 Gilbert McCRACKARAN [McCRACKEN] sword only
19 John BIRKWYRE sword and snaphance
20 James GILMEOUR sword and pike
21 Gilbert McKEE sword and pike
22 James McNEIGHT sword only
23 Robert WOOD sword only
24 John McNAUGHT sword and snaphance
25 John McGURARTY sword only
26 William FFORBISH [FORBES] sword only
27 James STAYNYHULL sword and snaphance
28 John CARMIGHELL sword and snaphance
29 John STANYHILL sword only
30 James CARY sword and pike
31 James BROWNE sword and snaphance
32 Downy McGILL sword only
33 David ROWLSTONE sword and snaphance
34 David McLEALLAN sword only
35 William McLEALLAN sword and pike
36 James BALFOURE sword and snaphance
37 James BOYD no armes
38 Thomas RUDDERFOORD no armes
39 David WAIN no armes
40 Thomas PORKE [POLLOCK] no armes