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Co. Tyrone Families Emigrating to Megantic County & Lotbiniere County, Lower Canada (Quebec), 1823-1841

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Gwen Barry
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CAMPBELL, JOHN, b 1790 Ireland, Co Tyrone, C of S, d 1875. Settled in Inverness Tp in 1830, 11th Range, Lot 17, family of 9 in 1831 census, farmer and storekeeper at Campbells Corners, m Susan Irwin, b Co Tyrone 1790, d Dec 31,1868, buried St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness village.


CORRIGAN, PATRICK b Co Tyrone, Ireland. RC. Came to Quebec alone in 1831, and sent for his wife and seven sons, who came over in 1832. Married in Ireland to GRACE McMULKIN. They settled first on St Catherine's Range of St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere County, later moving to the Belfast Range of St Patrice de Beaurivage. Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol VIII, page 169 on Robert Corrigan, says that Patrick Corrigan had 8 children, all born in Co Tyrone, Ireland, and that Patricks wife name was GRACE McNULT


DAVIDSON, GEORGE I and wife AGNES OLIVER, and their children AGNES, NICKLEY, ELIZA, SUSANNAH, THOMAS, JANE, ROBERT, and GEORGE II emigrated from Aghaloo Parish (probably Lismulladown Townland), Co. Tyrone about 1828 to Inverness Tp., Megantic County, Quebec.


DONAGHY, ARTHUR b 1782 in Co Tyrone, Ireland, d 2 May 1847, age 65 years, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp., Megantic County, Que.. Wife's name not known. Came to Megantic County, Quebec with at least 5 children, born in North Poterisin, Dungannon.


FEE, PATRICK from Co. Tyrone, m MARIE of Co Tyrone, Ire. RC. Child who came to Canada with parents = Hugh Fee who

married in 1836 in Quebec to SARAH DONNELLY, RC. She was previously married to John Dillard.


FORBES, JAMES, b 1782, Ireland, Co Tyrone, C of E, m JANE RICHARDSON, b 1794 Ireland, settled in Inverness Tp., Megantic County. Later moved to Halifax South Tp., Megantic County, Que. Came to Canada with their 6 children, 4 of whom settled in Megantic County, and 2 others settled in Ontario, Canada.


GLASS, JOHN came from Clogher, Co. Tyrone, and settled Inverness Tp., Megantic County, m in Ireland to MARY ?. Later moved to Jolliette, Quebec. Came to Canada with 6 or 7 children, some whom remained in Megantic County.


GRAHAM, ROBERT, b 1819 Ireland, Co Tyrone, C of E, d 1900, settled in Inverness Tp, Megantic County, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m in 1843 in Inverness to CATHERINE CAMPBELL b 1820 Co Tyrone, Ireland, d 1877, dau of John Campbell and Susan Irwin of Co Tyrone. Robert Graham was a commuted pensioner. He arrived in Quebec on 15 June 1831, with step-father, James McGill, mother, and 3 sisters.


HENDERSON: Six Henderson brothers and sisters emigrated from Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone, to Inverness Tp., Megantic County, namely James b c1799, single; William b c1802, single; Martha and her Vernor children, and 2nd husband Henry Bowman; Wilson b c 1816, single, formerly of Caledon, Aghaloo Parish; Mary Jane b c 1818, single; and Thomas and wife Nancy Agnes Reid and 2 children (formerly of Kilmore Townland, Aghaloo Parish. They all arrived between 1828-35, except for Thomas, who left Kilmore Townland, Aghaloo Parish for Inverness Tp. in 1847.


JOHNSON, SAMUEL b 1768 in Ireland, Co Tyrone, d 1852, Ireland Tp, Megantic County, Que., arrived about 1822-23, m in Ireland to MARTHA CHRISTIE b 1769, d 1852. On 17 June 1823, Samuel Johnson I petitioned at Quebec for land for land as follows : For lot 3, in the 7 and 8 range of Ireland Tp., being intended for John, age 26 for 100 acres and for himself and family, and for Samuel Johnston, age 19, 100 acres. Came to Quebec with about 5 children.


LIPSEY, WILLIAM I b 1755 in Ireland, Co Tyrone, Drumglass, d 1832 in Leeds Tp, Megantic County. While still serving in the British Army in Canada, their son, William II had been granted a lot in Leeds Tp. He arranged for his parents and William II’s four brothers to come over and settle on his lot. Meanwhile, William II was shipped back to England about 1832. When William II returned to settle in Leeds Tp. in 1837, both his parents had died at Leeds. Three weeks after their arrival in Leeds Tp, William I’s wife wandered into the woods and was never found. They were among the first settlers of Leeds Tp. The children of William Lipsey I who settled in Leeds Tp. were 1. WILLIAM LIPSEY II, married in Ireland to Ann Dunn of Co. Tyrone. William II enlisted in 1812 in the 4th Regiment, Royal Artillery and served for 22 years. He was with the Duke of Wellington in the Penninsular War, saw action at Orthes, Bayonne, Toulouse and the Pyrennes. Served at Plattsburg, New York in the Royal Artillery in the war of 1812-1815; 2. JAMES LIPSEY b1788, settled in Leeds Tp, mason, m in Ireland to ANN BALL; 3. ANDREW LIPSEY b 1805, settled Leeds Tp, carpenter, and 4. ROBERT LIPSEY b 1790.


MOORE, WILLIAM b 1790, in Ireland, Co Tyrone, Dungannon, m in Ireland in 1828 to MARGARET "PEGGY" MORROW, b 1812 in Ireland. They lived in Leeds Tp., Megantic County, 14th Range, 1/2 of Lot 13, and later moved to Lakeport, Vermont, USA. Both are buried at Kinnears Mills, Leeds Tp. William Moore was the son of Cornelius Moore of Drumglass Parish, Ireland. William had 2 brothers : Robert and James. Margaret Morrow was the dau of James Morrow of Clonfeacle, a rural parish south of Dungannon, Ireland. They came to Canada with 6 or 7 children born in Ireland between 1829 and 1841.


McCUTCHEON, ROBERT (widower of Jane McMANNUS, who was born 1811 in County Tyrone, and died in 1860 in Megantic County). Robert remarried in 1876 to ELIZABETH HENDERSON b 1834, dau of William Edwards Henderson, formerly of Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone. Robert and Elizabeth lived Halifax Tp., Megantic County. Elizabeth and her children moved to Iowa, USA in the 1860s, after Robert McCutcheon’s death.


McENANLY, JAMES, born c 1755 in Clogher, Co. Tyrone, married in Ireland to MARY McELROY - Came from Clogher Parish, Co Tyrone to settle in Quebec City, with some of their children moving on to resettle in Inverness Tp., Megantic Co., Quebec.


PARKS, JOHN b 1792, Co Tyrone, Ireland, d 1881, m ELIZABETH FAIRSENNE (or VERSENNE of FAIRSEINE) b 1794 in Co Tyrone, Ire, d 1877. They came to St Sylvestre Parish, Lotbiniere County, Quebec after 1842, with their 8 children.


PATTERSON, ANDREW b 1777, d 1850, bur C of E Leeds, emigrated from Co. Tyrone, and settled in Nelson Tp., Megantic County, with their 6 children, all born before 1820.


PIERCY, HENRY, RC, b 1761 in Ireland, d 1843, bur Leeds Tp., Megantic County, St Jacque-de-Leeds RC cemtery, m HONORAH O'BRIEN. Came from Co. Tyrone, with their 5 children, all born before 1810.


SCALLON, THOMAS b 1808 in Ireland, Co Tyrone, Protestant, d 1881. Came to Quebec in 1829 and first settled in St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere County. He converted to RC probably in 1833 at the time of his marriage to an RC. Moved in 1848 to Lot 10, 12 Range of Leeds Tp, Broughton West, Megantic County. He was living in Leeds Tp., 15th Range, Lot 10 in 1861 census. He married in 1833 to ELIZA A O'NEIL b 1815 in Ireland.. Thomas was the Justice of the Peace in Leeds Tp.


STAFFORD, JAMES b circa 1784 in Ireland, Co Tyrone, d 1876 m MARY ? b 1786, d 1867, bur C of E Ireland Tp., Megantic County. (Sometimes referred to as ‘Stanford’)


TOOHEY, MATTHEW formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland settled in Inverness Tp. He married in Megantic County to MARY MURPHY, daughter of John Somerset and Margaret Kennedy formerly of County West Meath, Ireland.


WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM b c 1785, m c 1811 in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland to ELIZABETH "BETTY" WILSON. William Williamson came to Inverness Tp., Megantic County, Quebec, in 1844 or 1845, and then went on to Howick Township, Huron Co, Ontario about 1854 with some of his children. It is not known if his wife came to Canada or not. Nine of their children came over, some in 1844 and others in 1845. Some stayed in Megantic County, and others went on to Huron County, Ontario. The 9 children were born in Ireland, Co Tyrone, Dungannon, Castlecaulfield, C of E, and were descendants of the castle curate William Jefferson Williamson b circa 1670. William Williamson Sr appears in his son Williams household in the 1861 census for Howick Tp, age 76, born Ireland, ie b c 1785.


WRIGHT, ROBERT "ROBIN" b 1795 in Ireland, lived near Kilmore Townland, Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone, d 1846, C of E, sailed from Belfast in 1830 or 1833, settled Inverness Tp, Megantic County, 3rd Range, Lot 8. Married in Ireland to MARY MELIAI (or MALIA or MALLYOCH or MULLGOCH), b 1806 in Ireland, Co Armagh, d 1882. Both are buried in Inverness Tp. They came to Quebec with one son, Richard Wright b 1830, “near Kilmore,” Aghaloo Parish.