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1718 Petition of Ulstermen, Northern Ireland March 1718

Source: Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America, 1910 by Charles Knowles Bolton
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Kitchener, Ontario


To His Excellency the Right Honourable Collonel SAMUEL SUITTE, Governour of New England

We, whose names are underwritten, Inhabitants of ye North of Ireland, Doe in our own names, and in the Names of many others our Neighbours, Gentlemen, Ministers, Farmers, and Tradesmen, commissionate and appoint our trusty and well-beloved Friend, the Reverend Mr. William Boyd of Macasky to His Excellency the Right Honourable Collonel Samuel Suitte, Governour of New England, and to assure His Excellency of our sincere and hearty inclination to transport ourselves to that very excellent and renowned Plantation, upon our obtaining from His Excellency suitable encouragement. And further to act and doe in our names as his prudence shall direct. Given under our hands this 26th day of March, Anno Dom. 1718.

Minister Designation Address
James Teatte V. D. M. Killeshandra
Thomas Cobham V. D. M. Clough
Robert Houston V. D. M.  
William Leech V. D. M. Ballymena
Robert Higinbotham V. D. M. Coleraine
John Porter V. D. M.  
Hen. Neille V. D. M. Ballyrashane
Thos. Elder V. D. M.  
James Thomson V. D. M. Ballywillan
William Ker    
Will. M'Alben    
Jahon Andrson    
George Grege    
Andrew Dean    
Alexander Dunlop M. A.  
Arch. M. Cook M. A.  


N.B. - the duplicate names are not errors as they did appear in the petition!

Surname Given Name Signed with His X Mark
[Illegible] David  
[Illegible] James  
[Illegible] John  
[Illegible] Thomas  
Acton James  
Acton Richard  
Agnew Andrew  
Agnew Wm.  
Alexander James  
Alexander Randall  
Anderson Patrick  
Anton George  
Anton George  
Anton James  
Anton Samuel  
Baberley Abram  
Ball James  
Bankhead James  
Barr Robt.  
Baverlan James  
Beverlan Joseph X
Bigger David  
Black John  
Black John  
Black Thomas  
Blackwel Thomas  
Blair Alexr.  
Blair John  
Blak James  
Blare Hugh X
Blare William  
Bleair William  
Boyd John  
Boyd John  
Boyd Robert  
Boyd Robert  
Boyd Samuel  
Boyd Thomas  
Boyd William  
Boyd William  
Boyd William  
Boyle Benj.  
Boyle Wm.  
Browater James  
Bryce James  
Buyers John  
Caird William  
Caldwall Wm.  
Calual Henry  
Calvil John  
Calwall William X
Calwell Hugh  
Campbell Geo.  
Campbell James  
Campbell Will.  
Carkley James  
Ceverelle Sameuel  
Cewch(?) Thomas  
Chocran Alexander  
Christly Peter  
Christy William  
Claire James  
Claire Jeremiah  
Clark Jacob  
Clark John  
Cochran Andrew  
Cochran B.  
Cochran James  
Cochran John  
Cochran John  
Cochran William  
Collreath John  
Cord Andrew  
Craford James  
Crage Robert X
Craig David  
Craig James  
Craig John  
Curry Andrew  
Curry James  
Curry Joseph  
Dean Adam  
Ditkoy Adam X
Dod Lawrence  
Dodg Andrew  
Donnaldson Alexr.  
Duglass Archd  
Duncan David  
Dunkan William  
Dunlap Andrew  
Dunlop Thomas  
Elder James  
Elder Thomas  
Elder Thomas  
Etone Richard  
Fleeming Andrew  
Forsaith James  
Freeland Thomas  
Fultone Jeatter  
Galt Benjamin  
Galt William  
Gillmor James  
Giveen Robt.  
Gode Samuel  
Gouston Samuel  
Gray John  
Gray John  
Greg James  
Gregg James  
Gro James  
Gro Thomas  
Gunion Sam.  
Haastone(?) Thomas  
Halkins Will. X
Hanson David  
Hanson John  
Hanson Samuel  
Hanson Thomas  
Henderson David  
Hendre Robert  
Hendry Robert  
Hendry William  
Henre James  
Henry Robt.  
Heslet John  
Hines Thomas  
Hogg James X
Hogg Robert  
Hollmes Hugh  
Hulton(?) James  
Hunter Samuel X
Hunter Thomas  
Hunter John  
Hurdock John  
Jackson John  
Jameson John  
Jeameson Willeam  
Jennson William  
Jirwen Gawen  
Johnston Daniel  
Johnston Robert  
Johnston William  
Jonston David  
Kairy George  
Kennedy Horgos(?)  
Kennedy Ja.  
Ker William  
Kid Alexander  
King James  
King John  
King Robt.  
Knox James  
Knox John  
Knox Robert  
Knox Robert  
Laidlay James  
Lamond John  
Lamond Robert  
Lamont John  
Lason John  
Lenox Jeams  
Leslie John  
Lindsay David  
Lord Matthew  
Lorie Thomas  
M’alester George  
M’bride, Bart. Alexr.  
M’fader Thomas  
M’fee James  
M’givorn Sam  
M’gregore Alex.  
M’keen James  
M’keen John  
M’keen Robert  
M’kene Edward  
M’kerrall James  
M’kerrell David X
M’laughlen George  
M’laughlen John  
M’laughlen Lawrence  
M’laughlen Thomas  
M’laughlin Lawrence  
M’laughlin Richard  
M’laughlin Thomas  
M’mun Samuel X
M’neall Alexander  
M’neall Weall  
Mear Sandra  
Millar John  
Miller Robert  
Miller Robert  
Mitchell John  
Moor John  
Moore Thomas  
Moore, Jr. James  
Morduck John  
Morieson James  
Morieson James  
Muar John  
Murdock Robert  
Murdock Stephen  
Muree John  
Murray John  
Murray Peter  
Nesmith James  
Nesmith James  
Onston Thomys  
Orr Bonill  
Orr Hugh  
Orr John  
Orr Patrick  
Orr Thomas  
Orr William  
Park William  
Paterson James  
Paterson Wm.  
Patrick Andrew  
Patteson David  
Pattison Alexander  
Pattison Ninian  
Ramadge Thomas  
Ramsay John  
Ramsay Thomas  
Ramsey James  
Richey Alexander  
Richie Francis  
Robb John X
Rodger James  
Rogers Hugh  
Roo Robert  
Ross John  
Ross Samuel  
Shadey Thomas  
Shorswood James  
Simpson Peter  
Smeally John  
Smith James  
Smith James  
Smith John  
Smith Patrick  
Smith Robert  
Smith Samuel  
Smith Samuel  
Steuarb James  
Still James  
Stirling John  
Stirling M.  
Stiven Robert  
Stockman Hugh  
Storah(?) Mathew  
Suene John X
Tarbel Hugh  
Thompson Adam  
Thompson George  
Thompson James  
Thompson James  
Thompson Jeremiah  
Thompson John  
Thompson John  
Thompson John  
Thompson Peter  
Thonson John  
Todd Daniel  
Tomson Hugh  
Tonson(?) James  
Trotter James  
Walas Thomas  
Walas William  
Walker James  
Walker Robert  
Walker Robert  
Walker Robert  
Walker William  
Watson Andrew  
Watson Andrew  
Watson Joseph  
Watson Luk  
Watson Samuel  
Wear Robt.  
Widborn David  
Wight John  
Wight Joseph  
Willson John  
Willson Robt.  
Willsone James  
Wilson David  
Wilson Thomas  
Wilson Thomas  
Wilson William  
Wilson William  
Wilson, M.A. Samuel  
Woodman(?) John  
Young Samuel X


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