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Summonister's Roll, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, August 1636

Extracted from FHL film #258510
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Extracts from the Summonister’s Roll: the original records were lost in the destruction of the Public Record Office, Dublin in 1922. The details of the charges are not recorded, but many are believed to be for non-attendance. However, the importance of these records is that they record names and addresses within a few years of the Plantation of Ulster 1610-20.




Summonister’s Roll, No. 32

Tyrone Assizes 12 August 12, Chas. I, 1636


Robt Hamil of Largy [Lurgybeg, Ardstraw Parish?]

Wm Givens of Largy [Lurgybeg, Ardstraw Parish?]

James Stewart of Mallanaght [?] gt

Wm Taaffe of Arrator [Orritor?] gt

Edw Poe of Barrnagh

Robt Hamilton of Newhouse [?]

Wm Hamilton of Tirmegan [Ardstraw parish?] gt

Jn Hamilton of Moyagh [Donagheady Parish] gt

Pat Hamilton of Moneykenan [Donagheady Parish] gt

Owen moder McConmoy of Corick [Bodoney Lower Parish?] gt

Thos McClealand of Raghoraran [?] gt

Alex Stewart of Straculter [Strahulter?] gt

Jn Cariders of Droman [Drumman?] yeo

Inhabitants of Kildress and Derryloran parishs fined for the High Ways from Corragh in the Arritor to Cookestown and from said Corragh to Drum in the parishs of Kildress and Derryloran

Thomas Newburgh High Sheriff

Anthony Poe 2s [shillings] 6d [pence] for offences

Jas Hemphill 2s 6d fines for offences