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Summonister's Roll, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1621-22

Extracted from FHL film #258510
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of SUMMONISTER’S ROLL, COUNTY TYRONE 1621-22 forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records and photographs relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to Summonister’s Rolls for County Tyrone on this website can be found at the foot of this file.


Extracts from the Summonister’s Roll: the original records were lost in the destruction of the Public Record Office, Dublin in 1922.

The details of the charges are not recorded, but many are believed to be for non-attendance. However, the importance of these records is that they record names and addresses within a few years of the Plantation of Ulster 1610-20.



Summonister’s Roll No. 5

Tyrone Assizes at Dungannon 14 Sept. 19 Jas. I, 1621

Name Residence Fine
Donagh O’Hagan sheriffs bailiff Dungannon Barony 10s
Pat Ger sheriffs bailiff Clogher Barony 10s
Brian Magunshenan sheriffs bailiff Omey Barony 10s
Pat Mulgrew sheriffs bailiff Omey Barony 10s
Hugh Moyna sheriffs bailiff Dungannon Barony 10s
Tirlagh McArt O’Neal, Esq. Carnteel Parish 20s
Neale O’Neale, Esq Carnteel Parish 20s
Brian McArt O’Neale, gent. Carnteel Parish 10s
Con boy McHenry oge, gent. Crerelagh [Creevelough?] 10s
Hugh McHenry, gent. Crerelagh [Creevelough?] 10s
Michael Lawrence, yeoman Killaman 10s
Hugh McShane McOwen, gent. Kildress 10s
Rowland Brice, gent. Tallelegan [Tullylagan?] 10s
Robert Gibson, gent. Clogher 10s
Hugh O’Neal McDonel, gent. Clogher Parish 10s
Owen McGine, gent. Clogher parish 10s
Brian McOwen McGir, gent. Ballygally [Ballygawley?] 10s
John oge O’Neal, gent. Termonmagurke 10s
Jn Bennet, gent. Dromore 10s
Jn White, yeoman Dromore 10s
Neal oge O’Neale, gent. Dromragh 10s
Alex Tindal, gent. Island McHugh 10s
Henry oge O’Dowgan, gent. Astra [Ardstraw] 10s
Alex Dromond, gent. Cape [Cappagh?] 10s
Tirlo oge O’Quin, gent. Carrogen [Carrigans?] 10s
All fined for non-attendance    




Summonister’s Roll No 12 Tyrone 3 April 20 Jas. I, 1622

Name Townland
Wm. Stewart, constable Strabane Barony
Alex. Sanderson, H.S.  
Fenton Parsons, H.S.  
Wm Hamilton, provost of Strabane and J.P. Strabane
Cahir O’Mellan Killaman
Rice? Kirkpatrick Errigill
Rich. Morgan Ballyclog
Allen Moore Clogher
Rich. Brett Donacavey
Henry Davis Errigill
Jn Hamilton, gent. Donaghkidy [Donagheady]
Jas Hamilton, gent. Dulletter [Dullerton]
William Hamilton, gent. Urney
Wm Craford, gent. Urney


Summonister’s Roll No 9 Jas I Tyrone Assizes 4 Sept 20 Jas 1622

Name Townland
A. Stewart, gent. Aghany
Jas Hamilton Dullerton
Thos McCleland, sen. Clogher
Thos. McCleland, jun. Clogher


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