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Petty Sessions, Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, February 1870

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, February 4, 1870
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Before C. Stanley, Esq., J. P.


There were forty-three cases on the book, a number of which were at suit of the treasurer of the several loan societies in the district, against parties for non-payment of their loans

Bernard Morress v. Wm. Kelly for trespass of turkeys on complainant’s clover. To pay ninepence and costs of court

Same v. Arthur Kelly, for malicious injury to complainant’s gate. Fined 1shilling and 3shillings costs, or in default, one week in Dungannon Bridewell (Jail)

Same v. Ellen Kelly, for same offence. One penny fine and costs of court

John McGeary v. Edward O’Neill, malicious injury to a wheelbarrow, complainant’s property. Fined 1shilling and 10shillings costs

Anne Monaghan v. James Johnston, for an assault. Fined 5shillings and 5shillings costs. A cross case was diminished on the merits

Sub-Constable Hugh Dogherty v. John Rocks, for being drunk on the public street of Coalisland. Fined 1shilling and costs of court

Sub-Constable James Maginness v. Jas. Spindlow, for his cow wandering on the public road. Fined 6pence and costs

Sub-Constable John McGuire v. Michael Rogers and William Hamilton, for fighting on the public street at Stewartstown. Fined 6pence each and costs, it being their first offence

Same v. Bernard Corey, an old offender. Fined 1penny and costs. This man has reduced himself by his incessant drunkenness, and is not able to pay a fine

Same v. James Taylor, for like offence. Fined 1shilling and costs of court or in default , the usual alternative