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Excise Raid at Ballygawley, Errigal Keerogue Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1782

Extracted from Saunders News Letter, August 9 1782
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


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Poteen making


EXCISE-OFFICE, Dublin, 5th of August, 1782.

WHEREAS on the 18th of last Month CHARLES AYLMER KELLY, Surveyor of Excise, JAMES KIRK, JOHN ROBINET, and JOHN PEPPER, Gaugers, assisted by a Party of the Military and a Constable, proceeded on an Information to the House of RICHARD ARMSTRONG, of Richmont [Richmond], near Ballygawly (sic), in the County of Tyrone, and not withstanding the said Information appeared to have been justly founded, by the Discovery the Officers made of a Quantity of burnt Wash and Grains in the said Armstrong’s Out-offices, they were prevented from seizing and taking away the Still, by a most violent Opposition they met wit from the People in the House, and threw Stones at them, knocked down one of the Officers, and fired several Shots at them, by some of which the Seargeant, and two of the Soldiers were wounded.

The Commissioners of his Majesty’s Revenue, for discovering and bringing to Justice the Persons concerned in the said violent Outrage and Assault, do hereby offer a reward of fifty Pounds Sterling, to pay any Person or Persons who prosecute to Conviction any one of shall more of the persons concerned therein.

By order of the Commissioners,



Richard Armstrong was an extensive farmer and was still farming in 1796 where he was recorded in the Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums) Errigal Keerogue Parish of 1796 Spinning Wheel Bounty Lists (Flax Seed Premiums) Arigle (Errigal Keerogue), Co. Tyrone 1796 (

ARMSTRONG Richard 1 loom


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Errigal Keerogue Parish Records, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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