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Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Quarter Sessions, March 1848

Extracted from the Armagh Guardian April 10, 1848
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



These Sessions commenced on the 29th ult., and did not terminate until 12 o’clock on last Saturday night. Inconsequence of the illness of R. NUNN, Esq., the Assistant Barrister, WILLIAM RYAN, Esq., of the Leinster Circuit acted as locum tenens and by his kind demeanour and equitable decisions afforded infinite satisfaction to the public. There were upwards of 1400 Civil Bills, and 99 Ejectment entries. On Tuesday, the 4th instant the gentlemen whose names follow were sworn on the grand jury: –

Juror Surname Given Name
ADAIR Thomas, Esqr.
BROWN James, Esqr.
COCHRANE Major James, Esqr.
COLHOUN A. C., Esqr.
FALLS John, Esqr.
HAMILTON Irwin M., Esqr.
HARPER Thomas H., Esqr.
HOLMES William, Esqr.
IRWIN James Moore, Esqr.
IRWIN William, Esqr.
JOHNSTON Galbraith, Esqr.
McAVOY J. Maxwell, Esqr.
McGAW William, Esqr.
O’NEILL John, Esqr.
PIKE James, Esqr.
PIKE Richard, Esqr.
SLEVIN George, Esqr.
SPEER Henry, Esqr.
STUART George E., Esqr.
TENER John K., Esqr.
WILCOCKS George, Esqr.
YOUNG James Esqr.


The crown business occupied only two days and the books were ruled as underneath:


Accused Name Details
McGURK Bernard for stealing oatmeal the property of the Board of Guardians of Clogher union, guilty, to be transported for seven years
GLENN Ellen Stealing calico in Cookstown, submitted, nine months to hard labour
CRUTH John Stealing wearing apparel at Derrycreevy, submitted, six months imprisonment
McGEOGH Owen Stealing butter, the property of JOHN KANE. Guilty – six months hard labour
McNAMEE James Larceny. Guilty, to be transported for seven years
McCAMBLY William Stealing oats, the property of GEORGE SLEVIN, Esq. – Guilty – six months hard labour
DEVLIN James Stealing meal and beef at Creevagh, the property of P. McGILL. Guilty – three months imprisonment
RAVERTY Mary & JONES Eliza charged with stealing cabbage plants, discharged by proclamation as a prosecutor did not attend
DAILY Bridget charged with attempting to break open a door, discharged by prosecution prosecutor not attending
STERLING James & STERLING Israel Submitted to an indictment for an assault. To enter into recognizance of £50 each, to appear when called on, to receive the sentence of the court
MONTGOMERY George Submitted to a charge of assault connecting with preceding case. Like rule
WALSH James Stealing a loaf of bread from ALICIA GALLAGHER. Submitted – three months imprisonment
REID Anne otherwise Matty Stealing meat at Derrylatinee. Submitted – to be imprisoned one month
McCOWMILL [McCONNELL?] James & HUGHES John Stealing a goose at Lisnaveeny the property of THOMAS DOHERTY. guilty – to be each transported seven years
LAVELLE William Stealing a bag of oats. Guilty – to be imprisoned three calendar months, and be kept to hard labour each alternate week
McCULLAGH Sally Stealing worsted yarn in Cookstown, the property of SILAS E. WEIR. Guilty – six months imprisonment
WILSON Catherine Stealing a turkey at Creevagh, the property of JAMES IRWIN. Not guilty
QUIN John, McELHONE John & FLEMING Boyd for receiving two horses from ALEXANDER TIPPING, Sheriff’s Bailiff, in Cookstown; and also for an assault. – The jury disagreed and were discharged. QUIN and McELHONE eventually submitted, FLEMING rebound to stand his trial at the ensuing Sessions in Strabane
McCULLAGH Hugh Larceny. Guilty – one week’s imprisonment
HILL Alfred Indicted for a riot with others at Moy. Guilty – one week’s imprisonment
MURPHY Andrew for an assault on ANDREW McDONNELL at Coalisland. Guilty – to pay a fine of £1, or in default one week’s confinement