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Donegal Assizes, Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland March 1826

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post, March 22, 1826
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


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Old Courthouse, Lifford, Co. Donegal. Photo thanks to Monreagh Heritage Centre

On Thursday, at ten o’clock, Mr. Baron McClelland proceeded to the Court-House, at Lifford, when the Commission having been read, the following Gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Jury.

FOREMAN: E. M. Connolly, Esq.

Juror Juror Juror
James Stewart, Esq. Francis Mansfield, Esq. Thomas Brooke, Esq.
A. Ferguson, Esq. Andrew Knox, Esq. R. W. Nesbitt, Esq.
Sir James Galbraith, Bart. Daniel Chambers, Esq. R. Montgomery, Esq.
John Chambers, Esq. John Hamilton, Esq. Sir J. J. Burgoyne, Knt.
John Harvey, Esq. John Cochran, Esq. George Young, Esq.
Robert Young, Esq. Wm. Stewart, Esq. W. Babington, Esq.
Robert Bateson, Esq. James Johnston, Esq. H. Irvine, Esq.
John Frederick, Esq.  


The following prisoners were put upon their trial:

Surname Given Name Details
McGinty Daniel Indicted under Lord Elenborough’s Act, for stabbing with intent to kill John Wilson of Raphoe. [Lengthy details of the trial are reported] The Jury brought in their verdict of Guilty - the warrant directs him to be executed on Friday, the 8th of April
McDaid Collomb For cow-stealing - not guilty
McCollumb C. For cow-stealing - not guilty
McBride A. For horse-stealing - not guilty
Haslett Archibald For cow-stealing - to be transported seven years
Loughry J. For writing threatening letters - not guilty
Shiels M. For horse-stealing - not guilty
Warde O. For having forged notes in his possession - discharged, to appear at next assizes
Coyle Catherine For breaking windows - to remain in custody
Tobin William For shooting at ---------- Kelly, with intent to kill or maim him - to appear next assizes
McCarron J. For horse stealing - not guilty
Freel M. For cow stealing - to appear next assizes









For taking forcible possession and a riot - to be imprisoned 9 months



W. A.


for an assault and riot - not guilty
Murphy William for an assault - not guilty


Ten persons, indicted for various offences, were discharged by proclamation

Seventy four persons were found guilty for offences connected with illicit distillation

March 28 1826

The only trial which excited any interest, was that of John Burke, charged with having assisted in destroying a vessel by scuttling her, of which he was mate, and disposing of the Cargo, by which St. Patrick assurance office was defrauded of the amount insured - The vessel was named the “Dunmore”, Conoly master, bound from Sligo for Liverpool, and laden with oats and butter [A full and lengthy description of the case follows] The Jury brought in a verdict, acquitting him (there being no evidence of the vessel having been scuttled) of the capital charge; but finding him guilty of the minor offence, stealing the butter. Sentenced to fourteen years transportation


Surname Given Name Details
Hanlon James For a Rape – discharged by proclamation
Chately Andrew For a malicious burning – discharged by proclamation
Hegarty William For an assault and robbery of arms – bail to appear at next assizes
Cash Caroline For refusing to tell her name or residence – discharged
McDaid Darby Cow stealing – bail to appear at Sessions
James Samuel Embezzling bread – bail to appear at Sessions
Doherty Catherine For concealing the birth of a child – discharged by proclamation
Roper John Passing base coin – bail to appear next assizes
McHugh Eleanor For taking forcible possession – bail to appear next Sessions





For an assault and robbery – discharged by proclamation

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