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Aughnacloy Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1868

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution July 17, 1868
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



JAMES McCALPIN, SEN., JOHN McCALPIN, and JAMES McCALPIN, JUN., were charged with assaulting and beating ARCHIBALD HADDEN and WM. JAMES HADDEN, at Cavankilgreen, on 19th June.

MR. ALEXANDER appeared for the Haddens and MR. DICKIE for the McCalpins.

From the evidence of several witnesses examined, it appeared that James McCalpin, sen., who is a road contractor, had entered the lands of Archibald Hadden, upon a magistrate’s order, about April 1867, for the purpose of obtaining materials for his contract. There was an agreement made that McCalpin should pay £2 to Hadden, for the first year and £1 for every remaining year of his contract. When the part of the quarry where McCalpin was working for the past year was exhausted, he commenced to raise materials in another place, some short distance from the place where he had been working.

On the day in question he and his men were engaged in raising stones in the new part when Hadden came to him and asked him had he authority for working there, he said he had, Hadden demanded to see it, McCalpin refused to show it, Hadden then went to his houseand brought his son WM. JAMES, to the place with him, where McCalpin was working, each having provided himself with a weapon, in the shape of a pitchfork shaft. Archibald Hadden then ordered McCalpin to leave his lands McCalpin refused to do so, Hadden then dealt him a blow with the weapon which he had brought with him, which knocked McCalpin down; he also struck John McCalpin, on rising , seized a bill-hook, which he had been using for the purpose of cutting bramble, and struck Archibald Hadden on the head, and cut him in three places, one of the wounds injuring the skull; a general scuffle ensued, in which both parties received injuries.

Archibald Hadden and Wm. James Hadden were summoned by the McCalpins for an assault.

The Bench after having heard all the cases at considerable length, resolved to send the case against the McCalpins for trial, at the next Assizes at Omagh, and refused informations in the case against the Haddens.

WM. BRUSH, SEN., and WM. BRUSH, JUNR., and SAMUEL BRUSH were charged by THOMAS MEEGHAN with an assault, on 20th June, while engaged in staking the river Blackwater, to prevent net-fishing.

PETER MULLEN was charged by JAMES McKENNA, a water-bailiff, with assaulting and obstructing him, in the execution of his duty, on the same occasion.

PETER MULLEN charged JAMES McKENNA and OWEN McKENNA with an assault and trespass; Meeghan was also charged by him with trespass.

MR. ALEXANDER appeared for Mullen and the Brushes.

The whole of these cases were adjourned for a month.

VAUGHAN MONTGOMERY, ESQ., charged JOHN GIRVAN, a bill-poster, with wilfully and maliciously injuring a number of hand-bills, by posting others over them. Mr. Alexander appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Dickie for the defendant. The case was dismissed without prejudice.

ELIZA COLLINS charged JANE HADDEN, of Goland, with an assault, on 2nd last. A fine of 1s. amd costs was imposed.

A number of other cases were disposed of.