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Cookstown, County Tyrone Directory 1880

Cookstown, is a flourishing and respectable market town in Co Tyrone, 35 m W. of Belfast, with direct communication by rail with Belfast and Dublin, very pleasantly situated on the Kildress rivulet, and on the great northern road from Armagh. The mansion or castle of Killymoon is a superb edifice, in the Saxon style, built from a design by Nash at a reputed cost of £80,000 ; the executors of the late Henry Moutray, Esq., proprietors. The staple of Cookstown is the linen trade, which many respectable merchants have embarked. There are several flax, corn, and meal mills in the neighbourhood. At Millburn Works, near the town, John Gunning & Son, have a power loom weaving factory for the manufacture of plain linens. diapers and damask,, which contains over 300 looms and when in full operation which gives employment to over 500 people . They have also added a large beetling & finishing concern that is driven by steam power. The Messiers Adair, of Greenvale also have a weaving, spinning, finishing & dyeing establishment. There are several other mills & factories in the neighbourhood which give employment to a large number of hands.

Petty Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, by the local magistrates. The Town Commissioners meet the 1st Monday of each month at the Town Hall, Molesworth Street. The site of the mansion of Loymount, the property of J. B. Gunning Moore, Esq. J.P. is the finest about the town, It having a view of a large part of Co. Antrim, as well as of the Lough Neagh. The town consists of one street over a mile long & very wide. This street is respectively named in its different parts - Millburn, Oldtown, William, James, Loy, Chapel, Church and Killymoon streets. The town is growing rapidly on the Eastern side, towards the railway station..

The places of worship comprise of the Parish Church of Derryloran, 3 Presbyterian Churches, a Methodist Chapel, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. There are several educational and other charitable institutions - the former comprise National and Ragged Schools supported by public subscription. The market days are Tues. and Sat ; the latter for farming produce, which is bought in abundance, This is one of the largest markets in the North of Ireland - Tues. for grain. Fairs - 1st Sat. of each month. Population in 1871 was 3,653 ; now is considerably over 4,000.

Post Office, Telegraph and Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, James Street - Margaret Patterson, postmistress. Letters arrive from England and South of Ireland at 6.50 a.m. and 12.15 p.m.; from Belfast at 9 a.m. and 5.50 p.m., and from Dungannon at 4 p.m. Letters leave for Dungannon & Dublin at 6.15 a.m. & 8 p.m.; for Belfast, 8.20 & 11.30 a.m & 4 p.m. Mail car for Dungannon at 8 p.m.
Railways (for trains see time tables) - Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Co., Thomas Wallis station master ; Great Northern Railway Co., Henry Alfred Mann station master.


Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Derryloran - Rev. H. B. Carter, B.D. rector
1st Presbyterian Church, James St - Rev. H. B. Wilson, minister
2nd Presbyterian Church, Loy St - Rev. J. P. Wilson, minister
3rd Presbyterian Church, Molesworth St - Rev. J. K. Leslie, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Loy St - Rev. William Quailes, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel St - Rev. P. J. Byrne, P.P.; Rev. Mr. Kerley, C.C.
Church of Ireland, Ardtread (Ardtrea) - Rev. Wm. E. Meade, D.D.rector
Church of Ireland, Desertcreate - Rev. J. Ritchie rector
Church of Ireland, Kildress - Rev. Isaac Ashe rector
Church of Ireland, Lissan - Rev. G. Yeates rector ; Rev. R. S. Morewood curate
Ballygonney Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Wallace, minister
Clogan Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry McCaw, minister
Orritor Presbyterian Church - Rev. William Wray, minister
Sandholes Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. W. Aiken, minister
Reformed Presbyterian Meetinghouse, Grange - Rev. William Ferguson, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Lissan - Rev. Mr. Kelly P.P


Public Institutions, etc.

Belfast Banking Co. (branch), James St - J. G. Donaldson manager George Potter, cashier
Ulster Banking Co. (branch), William St - S. C. Gunning manager W. G. Mateer, cashier
Hibernian Joint Stock Co. (branch), James St - John Raphael manager J. B. Maher accountant
Savings Bank, Molesworth St - Rev. H. B. Wilson actuary
Cookstown Loan Co. (Ltd, Market Yard - Mrs. McCormick manager John Hanna sec.
Cookstown General Credit & Discount Co. Molesworth St - J. W. Fleming manager ; Belfast Banking Co., treasurers
Cookstown Academy, Molesworth St - John Mackenzie M.A., principal
Ladies School, Chapel St - The Miss' Houston principal
National School, Church St - Mr. Hadden teacher
National School, Chapel St - T. Collins teacher
National School, Loy St - Miss Ireland teacher
National School, Coagh St - H. Waide teacher
Cookstown Young Men's Christian & Literary Association - W. A. Gunning Esq. J.P. president ; Wm. J. Hopper & John Glasgow, secretaries. Reading Room, Molesworth St.
Cookstown News Room, Molesworth St - John M. Weir sec.; Wm. Glasgow treasurer
Gas Works - William Stott, manager ; J. W. Fleming secretary
Stamp Office, James St- Joseph Dinsmore distributor
Petty Sessions Clerk - J. W. Fleming
Constabulary Barracks - James H. R. Alliman Smith sub inspector ; Hickey head constable
Union Workhouse - 16th electoral divisions. Lieut. Colonel Lowry chairman , John Hunter clerk & returning officer ; D. J. Hamilton,surgeon , Mr. McCutcheon master & Mrs.McCutcheon matron
Coroner - D. J. Hamilton M.D. James St
Dispensary, James St - H. Graves M.D.medical officer
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages - H. Graves M.D. Deputy Registrar - T. McClelland
Marriage Registry Office, James St - Joseph Stewart, registrar. James Montgomery deputy registrar
Commissioners for taking Affidavits in the Court of Chancery - David Anderson William St.

John Harbinson,William St
Inland Revenue Office - Mr. Moran collector
Town Commissioners - J. Harbinson chairman


Nobility, Gentry, etc.

Adair Mrs. Greenvale
Adair Hugh Glenavon
Brown William Drapersfield
Castlestuart D.L. Right Hon. Earl of, Drum Manor & Stuart Hall
Charles Mrs. James St
Cluff Richard Kildress House
Donaldson J. G. James St
Glasgow William James St
Gunning George Oldtown St
Gunning F. P. Oldtown Street
Gunning W. A., J.P. Firnaskea
Gunning S. C., J.P., William St
Greer F., J.P. Tullylagan
Hassard Robert J.P. Desertcreat
Leeper J., J.P. Wellbrook
Lindsay Captain Loughrey
Lowry Colonel, J.P., D.L. Rochdale
Millar Mrs.,Loy St

Moore J. B. G., J.P. Loymount
Morgan Mrs. James St
Mullalley Inspector of National Schools Loy St

McCormick Mrs. The Cottage
McGeagh J. Oldtown St
Newton Mrs. Oldtown St
Paul Thomas Oldtown St
Raphael John J.P. Loy St
Sinclair Misses Chapel St
Smyth Misses Oldtown St
Smyth ? Church St
Staples Sir Nathaniel Bart Lissan House
Tener G. E., Moree Rock


Clergy, Professional, etc.

Aiken Rev. J. W. Sandholes
Ashe Rev. I. Drumshambo Glebe
Auterson J., M.D. Oldtown St
Byrne Rev. P. J., P.P. James St
Carter Rev. H. B., B.D. Derryloran Glebe
Charles D. H., M.D.,James St
Crosshill R. M.D., William St
Ferguson Rev. William Teivenagh
Graves, H., M.D James St
Hamilton D. J surgeon, James St
Harris, Frederick solicitor office William St residence Stewartstown
Kelly Rev. Mr. P.P. Lissan
Kerley Rev. Mr. C.C.Molesworth St
Leslie Rev. J. K.Molesworth St
Meade Rev. W. E.,D.D. Ardtrea
McCaw Rev. H. Claggan
Quaile Rev. William, James St
Ritchie Rev. J. Ballymully Glebe
Twigg J. B.,solicitor James St
Venables W. J. solicitor Oldtown St
Wallace, Rev. Robert Ballygoney
Wilson Rev. H. B. James St
Wilson Rev. J. P. James St
Wray Rev. William Orritor
Yeates Rev. G. Lissan


Traders, etc

Acheson, J. carpenter Church St

Acheson, R. carpenter & blacksmith Chapel St

Adair Thomas & Sons, bleachers & spinners Greenvale

Adams William, iron monger & hardware merchant William St

Allen, Anna, Imperial Hotel Molesworth St

Allen Edward M., auctioneer & publican, William St

Allen, James Oldtown St

Allen Joseph, cess collector Union St

Anderson David baker, grocer & seed merchant William St

Anderson, George flax & corn miller, Tullywiggan

Anderson Joseph saddler James St

Bell J.railway employee Molesworth St

Ballantine William auctioneer, Loy St

Beattie, J. A. woollen draper, etc., James St

Bell Bros. tailors Millburn St

Bell Miss servants' registry officer Oldtown St

Berry Joseph publican, etc., William St

Black Alexexander butcher, Oldtown St

Black Joseph James St

Black Richard flax miller Corkhill

Black S. J. milliner & dress maker William St

Bole James grocer, William St

Brown S. Temperance Hotel, Molesworth St

Brown John, beetler & dyer

Brown, William jr. Waterside Mills

Bryson Samuel carter Loy St

Burnet James carpenter Union St

Burnet W miner Oldtown St

Burney miner, Loy St

Cameron Wm. railway watchman, Molesworth St

Campbell D. J. woollen draper & merchant tailor William St

Campbell Andrew confectioner, James St

Carlto James boot make, Chapel St

Carnaghan J. clothes dealer, William St

Chambers Jane Killymoon St

Charles Andrew watch maker, William St

Charles J. umbrella mender, Orritor St

Charles R. grocer & leather dealer, William St

Charleton, T. J. grocer William St

Clarke S. watch maker, James St

Coffey P. grocer and publican, James St

Collins Thomas teacher Loy St

Conlon P.saddler Oldtown St

Corr B. grocer and shoe maker, James St

Corr P., saddler William St

Cowan J. grocer and foreman baker Loy St

Cranstown J. shoe maker Oldtown St

Crawford W. S. grocer & publican, Molesworth St

Clendinning Thomas R.I.C. Oldtown St

Charles Mrs. James St

Craig Wm. (of S. E. Weir & Co.) James St

Clyde S. grocer William St

Cunningham William house painter and picture dealer Molesworth St

Davidson E. J. seed merchant & florist William St Nursery, Chapel St

Derby T. & J. woollen drapers etc. Oldtown St

Devlin C. labourer Coagh St

Devlin James grocer wholesale and retail spirit dealer, William St

Devlin P. grocer and spirit dealer Orritor St

Devlin S. grocer, butter, egg and potato dealer Chapel St

Devlon R. A. publica, James St

Dickson A. corn and flax miller Tulnacross

Dinsmore Joseph, grocer James St

Donaghy J. nailer Chapel Street

Donaghy J. grocer and spirit dealer, William St

Donnelly J. pawn office, William St

Donnelly P. & B. woollen drapers, William St

Donnelly P. emigration agent, Jame st

Douras J. Sr. horse shoer, Oldtown St

Douras J. veterinary surgeon, Oldtown St

Dunn Thomas car owner, Oldtown St

Doey Thomas boot and shoe maker, William St

Duncan, A. milliner William St

Dunseith, R. & Co. merchant tailors William St

Early J. grocer, Orritor St

Faulkner J., school teacher, Millburn St

Ferguson Joseph boot & shoe maker William St

Ferguson R. A., spirit dealer Coagh St

Ferguson S. A., grocer, Oldtown St

Ferguson A. boot maker James St

Fleming J. W. lesee of markets Oldtown St

Galway, J. carpenter, Oldtown Street

Gallagher, W. hatter, Waterloo Terrace

Gillin, James China merchant William Street

Gillin, John grocer, Oldtown Street

Gillin, Richard clothes dealer, William Street

Gibson H. grocer, James Street

Glasgow B. grocer, book seller, stationer, seed merchant, William St ;

agent for the Belfast News Letter, Weekly News, Witness and Tyrone Courier

Gunning John & Sons, power loom linen manufacturers, Millburn Factory

Gatens D. vcitualler Molesworth St

Geddes Joseph, Union St

Grey Mrs. Loy St

Graham Mrs., Chapel St

Geoghegan marine store James St

Hamilton Robert, timber merchant & carter Chapel St

Hamilton Henry Chapel Street

Hamilton Robert rural postman James St

Hamilton Joseph rural postman Loy St

Harkley Matthew marine stor, Chapel St

Harvey Frank cooper Church St

Hanna John grocer & draper, Drum Road

Harbison John grocer, baker, seedsman, publican, William St

Harbison John woollen draper etc. William St

Harbison W. J. Commercial Hotel, Oldtown St

Henderson M. & Son, tape manufacturers, Sherrygroom

Henry John dealer Oldtown St

Henry ? shoe maker Orritor St

Henry Bernard flax and potato merchant, Union St

Higgerty Charles green grocer, Millburn St

Higgerty John carter, Oldtown St

Hillick, ?, attorney's clerk, Loy St

Hill, W. carter, Coagh Street

Houston Isaac, grocer & hardware merchant, William Street

Hutchinson William Oldtown Street

Hughes Margaret dress maker Coagh St

Hughes Mrs. boarding house James St

Hopper William J. woollen draper, James St

Hunter John clerk, Chapel St

Ireland Miss school teacher Union St

Irwin Robert James Street

Johnston Wm. earthenware dealer, Orritor St

Johnston Jane green grocer, Oldtown St

Johnston W., grocer, Oldtown St

Johnston W. C. grocer, James St

Jordan Robert, cow dealer, Oldtown St

Johnston, Andrew, baker, Oldtown St

Johnston, John, summons server, Chapel St

Kane, John, carpenter, Chapel St

Kane Barkley, civil bill officer, Oldtown St

Keogh James tailor, Loy St

Kennedy R. shoe maker, Loy St

Kennedy Wm., grocer and shoe maker, Chapel St

Keightley Samuel, boarding house, Oldtown St

Kelly John, Union St

Kelly, Edward, tobacconist, James St

Kidd, W. grocer William St

Kyle James, Oldtown Street

Lawn D. H. manager of Barrow Hematite Steel Company, works, Unagh res., Union St

Lewis James grocer, baker, and victualler, Oldtown and William Streets

Liddle Edward, grocer, hardware, timber & seed merchant, saw mill owner, James St

Lytle Archibald, publican, Oldtown S

Lytle W., grocer and leather dealer, William St

Mackenzie John, M.A., teacher, Loy St

Malone James, publican, Loy St

MacMillan, H. & J., woollen drapers, etc William St

MacMillan James, Loy Street

Mason M., butter, egg and general dealer, Molesworth St

Matson James, grocer and china merchant, William St

Magill William corn miller, Dunmore

Maglone B. butcher, Church St

Malone Peter, grocer, hide merchant, baker and publican, William St

Mallon John, nailer, Loy St

Millar James, lodging house, Orritor St

Miller Samuel, car owner, Oldtown St

Mills Charles, tinsmith, Millburn St

Mills Thomas, tinsmith, Millburn St

Mills William, tinsmith, Orritor St

Mobery Samuel, grocer, Church Street

Molloy Alexander, Gunning Arms Hotel, Molesworth st

Molloy James, publican, James St

Moran Robert, cattle dealer, Chapel St

Money James, blacksmith, Church St

Money P. rate collector, Union St

Montgomery Ulster Coach Factory, Union St

Montgomery ? lodging house, Union St

Moody Robert, Millburn Street

Morgan, William, tailor, James St

Mullan James flax merchant, Stewart Arms Hotel, Molesworth St & James St.

Murray, Thomas, blacksmith, Orritor St

Musgrave, Richard, boarding house, Oldtown St

Moorhead, W. J., publican, Union St

Moffat John, draper's assistant, James St

McAlister Robert, flax and corn miller, Kildress

McAtee P. tailor, Chapel Street

McBride Hugh, car driver, Orritor St

McCann Patrick, bacon curer, Killymoon St

McCannety P. lodgings, Coagh St

McClelland M. J. milliner, William St

McClelland Thomas printer, book seller, &stationer, William st

McCourt Brothers Cookstown Coach Factory, Oldtown st

McCook J. & J. architects, James St

McCook M. milliner, James St

McCord William boot & shoe maker, Church St

McCloughan John fireman, Millburn St

McDowell J. builder & architect, Oldtown St

McElcannon Francis gardener, Magill's Court

McElderry J. grocer & foreman baker, William st

McElhannon James cooper, Oldtown St

McElhannon A. dress maker, Oldtown St

McGeagh Robert Union St

McGready Patrick grocer & baker, Oldtown St

McGuchan P. shoe maker Orritor St

McGurk P. car driver Orritor St

McGurk T. hair dresser & barber Oldtown St

McKay Thomas grocer & seed man Molesworth St

McIntyre James Cottage Coagh St

McKay W. C. grocer, seed & hardware merchant, William St

McKeown James carpenter, Orritor St

McKnight M. J. dress maker, Orritor St

McKeown J. boot &shoe maker, Coagh St

McKennet Thomas carpenter, Millburn St

McKeown Paul shoe maker, Coagh St

McKinney S. & D. grocers & pharmaceutical chemists, Oldtown St

McLoughlin B. & H. coopers Church St

McMaster Richard grocer earthenware & china dealer William St

McNaney W. boot and shoe maker, James St

McSherry Thomas grocer, draper & flax dealer Church St

McCloy John blacksmith Orritor St

McElhatton John grocer & publican Oldtown St

McElhatton, A. grocer Molesworth St

McVeigh J. grocer James St

McNamee P. tailor Oldtown St

Newell J. C. victualler William St

Newberry David butcher Millburn St

Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - James Troughton, agent

O'Neill John publican, Oldtown St

O'Neill A. stoker Millburn St

O'Neill J. grocer Church St

Perry James labourer Millburn St

Porcas Joseph Killymoon St

Porter W. J. spirit dealer Oldtown St

Porter William drapers' assistant James St

Porter Thomas lamp lighter, etc. Church St

Potter George Loy Street

Quinn Michael, publican, James St

Quinn John, grocer William St

Quinn W. stone mason Loy St

Quinn A. & H. grocers & lodging house keeper Union St

Rankin C. plumber & gas fitter, James St

Rankin William shoe maker, Orritor St

Rickard John woollen draper, James St

Riddell Mary dealer Oldtown St

Rutherford William road contractor Millburn St

Rutherford G grocer Church St

Rutherford William flax miller Derrycromie Riverside Weaving Co.

Stanton John flax miller Dunman

Steele Mrs. boarding house Oldtown Street

Sheppard John grocer and leather dealer, Oldtown St

Smith W. & D. grocers, bakers & seed merchants, William St

Smith Samuel reed maker Millburn St

Smith A. lodgings James St

Stewart J. grocer, baker, & provision dealer, James St

Tague Charles labourer Oldtown St

Taylor Charles, Coagh St

Thomson F. umbrella mender Magill's Court

Treanor J. E. grocer, baker and publican William St

Troughton James clerk Molesworth St

Turkington Samuel grocer & druggist Molesworth St

Tumming John carpenter Oldtown St

Teggart William Union St