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Saint Luran's Parish Church, Derryloran, County Tyrone Records


"With a hearty round of Thank-you's, to the Vestry of Derryloran, for their permission, and to our wonderful transcriber's who have donated their time and efforts, we have undertaken to make these records available to all who have an interest."

Transcriber's note's:-

We have done the best we can in transcribing the documents, but there is absolutely no guarantee against errors. It is always advisable to check the primary source records

(?) = unsure /or unreadable

___ = Blank on the Parish Register's page

do, or, " , = above named


With Many, many, Thanks to:-
The Vestry for this opportunity, and hopes that others can follow their lead.......

and to our transcriber's:-

Robyn , Margaret , Loree, Rosalie, Kathleen, Linda, Sharon, Julie, and Karen

Rectors of St Luran's Derryloran

Dates Name
1622 William Darragh
1633 William Fullerton
1689 Andrew Robertson
1694 John Richardson B.A.
1709 John Stronge M.A.
1738 Thomas Staples
1762 Caulfield Byrne Caulfield B.A.
1764 Henry Cole M.A.
1771 Charles Humble M.A.
1771 Henry Coghlan M.A.
1774 Charles Woodward D.D.
1776 Hon. James Hewitt B.A.
1796 Hon. William Montgomery Cole B.A. 1797 John Caulfield D.D.
1816 William Mauleverer M.A.
1830 Charles Bardin D.D.
1841 William Quain M.A.
1844 Arthur Molony M.A.
1859 Francis Crawford LL.D.
1879 Henry Byran Carter D.D.
1895 Edward Waller Hobson M.A.
1896 Robert Smyly Greer Hamilton M.A.
1906 Francis Meredith Moeran M.A. 1915 Percy Marks M.A. B.D.
1925 John Pim Barcroft
1931 James Bloomer
1939 Henry Francis Osborne Egerton M.A. 1941 Robert Dougherty
1955 Robert Matthew Wilkinson M.A. 1974 Thomas Percival Robert Kenny M.A.
1983 John Michael Barton B.A.
1998 Robert John Norman Porteus M.A.

We bring you the Registers of St. Luran's Parish Church of Derryloran:-

Saint Luran 1797-1809

Saint Luran 1810-1829

Saint Luran 1830-1849

Saint Luran 1850-1869

Saint Luran 1870-1889

Saint Luran 1890-1896