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Killea Parish Church, (St. Fiach's Church of Ireland), Carrigans, Co. Donegal, Ireland Burials 1880-1900

Diocese of Raphoe
Register of Burials 1880-1900
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada
St. Fiach’s Church, Carrigans, Co. Donegal, erected 1765.
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Diocese of Raphoe

Register of Burials 1880-1900

Church of Ireland Parish Registers Project of the Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Park, Dublin

This data has been made available through the courtesy of the RCB Library, Dublin and

  thanks the RCB Library for their permission and cooperation.

The original file may be consulted HERE.

CAUTION: there may be instances where the numbering was used out of chronological order; other numbers were duplicated and on occasions, dates and data were not stated. In some cases, it is possible that further data may be located on the original document.

Firstname Surname Abode Date Buried Age By Whom
Nancy Bradley Carrigans March 20th 1880 88 Wm H Forster
Mary White Legnaduff January 10th 1886 58 Wm H Forster
?Kitty Hutcheson Carrigans March 22nd 1886 82 Wm H Forster
Jane Kildea Carrigans April 18th 1886 62 Wm H Forster
James Gourley Carrigans August 14th 1886 70 Wm H Forster
Mrs Sam Bradley Carrigans July 16th 1886 76 Wm H Forster
Mary Kilday Altaghderry December 18th 1886 68 Wm H Forster
Kitty Elliott Carrigans July 6th 1887 87 Wm H Forster
Samuel Buchanan Carrigans August 20th 1891 94 Wm H Forster
Margaret McClintock Dunmore May 24th 1893 80 Wm H Forster
Nancy Campbell N.T. Hamilton May 26th 1893 58 Wm H Forster
Annabella Carson Carrigans November 29th 1894 7 days W H N Brennan Rector
Catherine Wilson Carrigans December 5th 1894 37 years W H N Brennan Rector
Mary Jane McCorkell Whitehouse September 6th 1895 8 years W H N Brennan Rector
Bella McCorkell Whitehouse January 3rd 1896   W H N Brennan Rector
Ellen McCorkell Whitehouse January 5th 1896   W H N Brennan Rector
Samuel Bradley Whitehouse February 8th 1896 86 years W H N Brennan Rector
David Patterson Argyle Street Londonderry April 15th 1896 70 years W H N Brennan Rector
Alexander Nixon Molenan April 1st 1897 6 days W H N Brennan Rector
McDonald at St. Johnston Carrigans   abt 75 or 80 Rev J W McQuaide Rev T H Staunton
Robert McClintock Dunmore April 28th 1899 61 The Lord Bishop of Derry The Rev Canon Potter The Rev Canon Boyton The Rev J W McQuaide, Rector
Maxwell Moore Molenan June 27th 1899 57 J W MacQuaide
Robert Thompson McIlwaine Dunmore Lodge July 12th 1899 10 months J W MacQuaide
Margaret Montgomery Whitehouse July 1899 8 years J W MacQuaide
Mary Allen 15 Hamilton St Derry 26th November 1899 24 T H Staunton
James Wilson Carrigans 4th December 1899 3 months J W MacQuaide
Vance No Carrigans 23rd December 1899 85 J W MacQuaide
Catherine Cassie Wilson Carrigans 1900 16 J W MacQuaide
Eleanor Browne Dunmore Hill Carrigans 31 May 1900 80 J W MacQuaide
Daniel Boyle Carrigans 15 August 1900 45 J W MacQuaide
Campbell Interred at St. Johnston old graveyard Ballougry 28 August 1900   J W MacQuaide


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Killea Parish Records, Co. Donegal

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