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First Garvagh Presbyterian Church Graveyard Transcriptions, Errigal Parish, Co. Londonderry

This congregation was drawn from the Parishes of Errigal and Desertoghill
Original transcription by Lavonne & Charles Bradfield
History of the congregation, notes & formatting by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia - len_swindley[at]


Old First Garvagh Presbyterian Church
New First Garvagh Presbyterian Church opened 1971
Photos Courtesy of the Church Website


Extracted from History of Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland, Belfast, 1982)

Mr John Law was ordained to Desertoghill and Errigal (Garvagh) in 1658. He was deposed for non-conformity in 1661 but continued to minister. In 1673 Garvagh congregation was declared vacant as Mr. Law had demitted the charge and there was no hope of his returning to it. Mr. Law was imprisoned for a time in Scotland, but in 1691 he was installed in Kirkcaldy.

Mr. Robert Landass from Lanarkshire was ordained by the Route Presbytery in Jan. 1674, and he appears to have ministered in both Ballymoney and Garvagh. He went back to Scotland at the time of the Revolution and in 1691 the synod wrote to him to return to his charge, but he had already been installed in Blantyre the previous year. Rev. James Woodside was minister of Dunboe from 1698-1718 and he appears to have had charge of Garvagh too. Mr. Francis Ross from Macosquin was ordained 7 May 1723 and died 4 Nov 1751.

In 1756 Rev. William Callender, minister of Ardstraw [Co. Tyrone] was called to Garvagh, but on the day of his installation he did not turn up as he had been induced to return to his previous charge. At length, Mr. Robert Elder (lic. Route 1758), a local man, was ordained in Garvagh in 1761. He died 18 May 1781. After considerable dispute Mr. Brice Miller was ordained 21 Dec. 1784, but he resigned in 1787 and emigrated to America.

Mr. Henry Henry from Dunboe (lic. Route 1788) was ordained 13 May 1788 but resigned in Nov. of the same year to go to Connor. Mr. Gideon McMullan was ordained in Feb. 1790, but died 25 Feb. 1793.

Mr. James Brown (lic. Route 1792), son of John Brown of Ballinaloob, Kilraughts, was ordained 1 Dec. 1795. He was clerk of the Route Presbytery 1818-34. He retired 1839 and died 19 or 20 May 1850 aged 88. His daughter Anne married Rev. Charles Huston of Macosquin in 1824. Five of Mr. Brown’s grandsons were ministers and three of his grand-daughters married ministers. Mr James Millar (lic. Connor 1838) was ordained 18 Feb. 1840 and died 19 Nov 1859. Mr. Thomas Davidson (lic. Belfast 1859) was ordained 25 Sept. 1860 and died 2 Aug. 1865. Mr. Thomas Madill (later L.L.D.) was ordained 21 Feb. 1866. The following year the question arose whether to repair the inside of the old meeting house or to build a new church, and it was eventually decided not to rebuild. Mr. Madill died on 16 Aug. 1917 and was succeeded by Mr. Matthew Majury (lic. Belfast 1916) who was ordained on 18 July 1917. During his ministry, the Glebe was purchased and a manse built. Mr Majury accepted a call to 1st Antrim on 9 March 1920 and Mr. William Campbell lic. Coleraine) was ordained on 16 Nov. 1920. He died 11 March 1943.

This old graveyard is located in Bridge Street, Garvagh beside the river and the site of the old meeting house which was demolished upon the opening of the new church in 1971.

Photo: acknowledgement to Google Maps


Surname Transcription
CATHCART/ PROCTOR John Cathcart, died 12 Nov 1915
Jane Cathcart, died 13 Apr 1921
Wm Cathcart, died 6 Feb 1836
Sarah Cathcart, died 27 June 1937
John Proctor, died 26 Nov 1960
Mary Cathcart, died 23 Sept 1961
Nellie, died 14 Aug 1971
Jane Cathcart, died 26 July 1985
Stone in the centre of plot Jim and John
MOORE Erected by Joseph Moore in memory of his beloved Mother, Elisabeth Moore, alias Cunningham, late of Mettikan who departed this life 22 Jan 1845, aged 62
also his wife Jane Mc Auley, died 3rd May 1874, aged 54
the above name Joseph, died 27 Sept 1878, aged 54
WILSON In loving memory of our dear father and mother
David Wilson died 29 Sept 1900 and
Sarah Jane Wilson, 18 Aug 1905
WILSON Erected by David Wilson, Trinulinagh, to the memory of his beloved Mary, who departed this life, 22 Sept 1875, aged 44 years
also his daughter Jane, who departed this life 7 Jan 1880, aged 2 yrs,
the above named David, died 29 Sept 1900, aged 80 years
also their son Robert, died 26 Mar 1883, aged 17 years
TAYLOR Erected in memory of
Henry Taylor, Bellury, who died 25 Nov 1913, aged 72 years
also his wife Mary Jane, who died 21 Feb 1933, aged 85 years
also their son Hugh, who died 24 April 1951
their son William, who died 16 Apr 1967, aged 92
and his wife Margaret Jane, who died 255 Oct 1962, aged 70 years
GIBSON Erected by Joseph Gibson, Gortnamoyagh, in memory of his beloved wife, Annie, who died 17 Feb 1926, aged 64 years
and their 4 children who died in infancy
also the above Joseph Gibson, who died 6 June 1928, aged 70 years
and his son Samuel James Gibson, who died 28 March 1970, aged 78 years
GIBSON In loving memory of Joseph Morrison Gibson, son of Joseph and Betsey Gibson of Liscall, died 4 April 1958, aged 21 years
and his father Joseph, died 27 Aug 1959, age 65 years
also the above Betsey, died 4 August 1994, aged 95 years
CRAIG CRAIG, treasured memories of my dear parents, Samuel, died 9 Oct 1968, aged 71 years
Martha Jane, died 24 June 1988, aged 87 years
BROWN In loving memory of our son, David, who departed this life as a result of an accident, 10 February 1971, aged 8 years, sadly missed by his parents, Margaret and Raymond, also sister, Sharon Gail and brother David Paul
DOUGHERTY In memory of Robert Dougherty, who died 30 April 1856, aged 83
also of Elizabeth his wife, who died 12 Nov 1840, aged 76 years
and of Elizabeth his second wife, who died 2 February 1882, aged 95 years
CANNING In memory of Thomas Canning, died April 1918, aged 68 years
and his wife Susan Canning, died Feb 1927, aged 78 years
also their daughter Susan, died July 1922, aged 25 years
and their daughter Elizabeth, who died Feb 1944, aged 58 years
HENDERSON Beneath this stone lie the ancestors of the Henderson family
In memory of Archy No other information
McNEARY In loving memory of Matthew McNeary, who died 26 Sept 1959,
and his wife, Anna May, who died 29 Nov 1990
WALLACE In memory of William Wallace, Ballury, who died 20 Aug 1887, aged 87 years
also his wife, Mary, died 9 Oct 1900, aged 88 years
and his son Hugh Wallace, died 8 April 1914, aged 77 years
and his son James, died at Portstewart, 13 Aug 1922
Beloved husband of Janet Riston Veitch
also his daughter, Margaret, died 13 Dec 1924, aged 80, widow of John Wallace, Crochandolc
John Brunton, died 7 March 1960
McCLENAHAN In loving memory of Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of Jacob McClenahan, Fernlester, who departed this life, 24 Feb 1914, aged 82 years
Also Jacob McClenahan, who departed this life 29 July 1926, aged 86
also Isabella Matilda, beloved wife of Thomas McClenahan, Mount Sandlehouse, Coleraine, died 18 Sept 1946, aged 73 years
and the above named Thomas McClenahan, died 11 Jan 1969, aged 98 years
also Mary Elizabeth, died 24 Aug 1999, aged 96 years
FLEMING In loving memory of William Fleming, died 23 Oct 1957, aged 69 years
and his wife Josephine, died 18 May 1985, aged 73 years
and the stillborn daughter of Samuel and Ruby Fleming, 9 Feb 1972
JOHNSTON In loving memory of John Johnston, 31 July 1933, aged 56 years
THOMPSON Here lieth the body of Rachel Thompson, who departed this life, 10 Sept 1825, aged 51 years
also her husband, Daniel Thompson, who departed this life, 13 May 1841/1844, aged 36/76 years
stone is in deteriorated.condition,.probably 76 years
TORRANS Sacred to the memory of John Torrans, Cooleyman, who depart this life 8 day of August 1824, aged 1 year
also William Torrans, who departed this life on the 11 August 1844, aged 24 years
Samuel Torrans, died 28 May 1868, aged 75 years
SMITH In memory of Samuel J. Smith, born Jan 16, 1887, died June 16, 1888
also his father, William Smith, born 17 Mar 1860, died 16 Aug 1924
Mary Ann Smyth, wife of William Smith, born 22 June 1858, died 19 Oct 1940
and their son Samuel James Smith, born 19 Jan 1892, died 13 Jan 1971
also his wife Hettie Smith, born 1903, died 24 Feb 1982
STEWART David, died 4 Apr 1984, aged 79 years
and his wife, Hanna, died 12 Mar 2000, aged 95 years
STEWART In loving memory of Joseph Lyttle Stewart, Farrintemple, died 15 May 1959
also his wife Annie M., died 26 Dec 1970
and their son Jim, died 20 May 1981
LAVERTY In memory of Stewart Laverty, died 28 July 1960, aged 61
also his wife Sarah Ann Laverty, died 19 Nov 1974
GILMORE In loving memory of James Gilmore who died 30 Dec 1912, late of Balleyagan
his wife Margaret Jane Gilmore, died 5 Apr 1930
BLACK In loving memory of our dear daughter, Nellie, who died 28 Jan 1952
her Father, Thomas Black, who died 17 Nov 1955
also her Mother, Mary Elizabeth, who died 24 Sept 1972
and her brother, Hugh Clark Black, who died 20 Nov 1995
RITCHIE In loving memory of Ellen Jane Ritchie, Gortnamoyagh, who died 12 May 1923, aged 60 years
and her daughter, Martha, who died 28 Mar 1907, aged 11 years
also her son William, who died in infancy
also her husband, Thomas Ritchie, who died 9 June 1962, aged 99 years
also their son Thomas Ritchie, who died 15 Aug 1973, aged 66 years
GILMORE Erected by Thomas Gilmore, Ballyagan, in memory of Margaret, who departed this life on the 7 Aug 1870, aged 63 years
MORELL Erected by Samuel Morell, Movenas, in memory of his beloved wife, Nancy, who departed this life, 4 Mar 1875, aged 80 years
LAMONT In loving memory of Victor William James Lamont, born 24 June 1914, died 19 Oct 1952
and his father James, 18 Nov 1959
and his mother Sarah Jane, died 15 April 1972
their daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jane, died 29 Jan 1998, aged 89 years
WATLEY In loving memory of Robert Watley No further information
KNOX In loving memory of Hugh, dearly loved husband of Kathleen G. Knox, 1 Apr 1927, aged 44 years Manager of the Ulster Bank of Garvagh
also the above named Kathleen G. Knox, 18 April 1961
McMILLAN Erected in memory of Mary, beloved wife of Hugh McMillan, of Inchaleen, died 8 Oct 1892, aged 76 years
Hugh McMillan, died 20 July 1909, aged 85 years
and their son Hugh, died in Chicago, 12 July 1896, aged 37 years
Mary Ann, died 10 Oct 1913, aged 66 years
John, died 17 Aug 1922, aged 66 years
Alexander, 28 Feb 1934, aged 84 years
Elizabeth Jane, wife of Alexander, died 29 Apr 1939, aged 77 years
CRAG In loving memory of Matthew Crag, Garvagh, who died 9 Sept 1926
GIBSON Erected to the memory of Martha Jane, beloved wife of William Gibson, Garvagh, died 1 July 1956, aged 61 years
GRAY Erected by Frances Gray
Samuel Gray died 4 Dec 1961
his wife Frances Gray died 5 July 1995
and infant son died 15 Jan 1943
MOODY In loving memory of John Moody, died 5 Dec 1955
and his wife, Annie, died 6 Dec 1977
DUNLOP Erected by Hugh Dunlop, Garvagh
his father, Andrew, died on the 4 Oct 1850, aged 72 years
his mother Jane on the 24 May 1856, aged 67 years
his son James Wilson, on the 17 June 1844, aged 8 months
his wife Nancy, on the 18 Oct 1867, aged 47 years
his son James Wilson Dunlop, who died 18 Nov 1876, aged 29 years
and the above Hugh Dunlop, who died 1 Mar 1905, aged 88 years
also Ina Dunlop, died July 1912, aged 42 years
also John Dunlop, died 7 July 1937
Jemima Dunlop, 12 July 1964
WITHERO Erected by John Witherow, Coolbane
In loving memory of his sister. Isabella, who died 10 Aug 1903, aged 77 years
the above John Witherow, died 5 July 1905, aged 80 years
DAVIDSON (No inscription)
HOLMES In loving memory of Elizabeth, died 8 Sept 1970
John, died 31 Dec 1973
CRAIG Erected by Robert Craig, Inchaleen, in memory of his son, Thomas, who died 6 Oct 1857, aged 4 years and 6 months
and his son, Robert, who died 12 June 1878, aged 55 years
WOODBURN Erected by George Woodburn, Garvagh
In memory of his daughter, Mary, died 5 May 1868, aged 2 years
his son, Robert, died 22 Nov 1894, aged 18 years
also the above George Woodburn, died 13 April 1907, aged 84 years
also his wife, Mary, who died 12 May 1910
Matthew Woodburn, died 13 June 1936, aged 68 years
Lila Woodburn, died 4 Dec 1979, aged 100 years
Mary E. B. Woodburn, M.A., died 10 Mar 1970, aged 57 years
McMASTER In loving memory of Rhoda Ann McMaster, died 30 March 1917, aged 78 years
and her husband Marshall Smyth McMaster, died 30 Aug 1923, aged 76 years
also their son, William Charles, died 14 July 1960, aged 85 years
and his wife Jeannie Long, died 10 Jan 1976, aged 88 years
WADE In memory of William Wade, Garvagh, 20 Sept 1900, aged 87 years,
his wife, Mary, died 21 Feb 1902, aged 78 years
also Martha, the beloved wife of Hugh Wade, died 23 Jan 1915
the above Hugh Wade, died 9 May 1927, aged 68 years
and Alice, wife of her son, Hugh, died 9 Sept 1935
Hugh Wade, beloved husband of Alice, died 10 Jan 1970
GILMORE The following stone is broken in half and part lying on the ground
In memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Gilmore, Inchaleen, who departed this life 22 Oct 1843, aged 59 years
also the above Thomas Gilmore, who departed this life on the 29 Dec 1858, aged 86 years
also his son James, who died 9 June 1884, aged 70 years
and his son David, departed this life 15 Feb 1889, aged 60 years
also Mary, wife of David, died 7 April 1898, aged 78 years
BOYD Erected by William J .Boyd, of Lismoyle,
In memory of his mother Ellen Boyd, died 2 Feb 1893
also his father Hugh Boyd, died 7 Aug 1912
also the above William, died 20 March 1951
and his wife Annie Elizabeth, died 8 Oct 1962
DICKSON In memory of Thomas Dickson, Garvagh, died 10 May 1924, aged 66 years
his wife Jane Dunlop, died 19 Jan 1906, aged 54 years
and their daughter Sadie, died 9 Sept 1895, aged 14 years
Mary Dickson, wife of Marcus Dickson, died 28 July 1828, aged 30 years
THOMPSON/ MITCHELL In loving memory of Robert Thompson, Cah, died 20 Jan 1937, aged 61 years
also his wife Elizabeth, died 6 May 1938, aged 87 years
and his brother Samuel Thompson, died 5 April 1940, aged 80 years Erected by James Mitchell, Garvagh, in memory of his son, Charles, who died 27 July 1865, aged 7 months
also his beloved daughter Jane, who died 9 Aug 1882, aged 16 years
also his wife Martha, who died 19 April 1885, aged 48 years
te above named James, died 6 March 1922
DRIPPS In loving memory of Robert Dripps, Garvagh, born 1803, died 1882
also his wife Jane Margaret Wallace, born 1810, died 1849
their children
Elizabeth, born 1837, died 1848
Nancey, born 1839, died 1851
Robert John, born 1847, died 1867
and also his wife Jane Limerick, born 1813, died 1890
WALLACE No other information
McKEE In memory of Thomas McKee, Carrhill, who died Aug 1858, aged 84 years
also his beloved wife Nancy, who died July 1859, aged 85 years
their son James, who died 22 Mar 1889, aged 79 years
also his wife Sarah, who died Dec 1903, aged 84 years
their daughter Elizabeth Jane McClelland, died 4 Dec 1930
also Margaret, 1934
Renovated 1989 by New Zealand descendants of James and Sarah
JOHNSTON Johnston Family of Woodtown No other information
McCLENAHAN In loving memory of John McClenahan, Bellury, who died 24 December 1898, aged 73 years
and his wife Mary who died at Movenis, 19 March 1882, aged 52 years
and their son Alexander, who died 8 Feb 1898, aged 32 years
TORANS Sacred to the memory of Maryanne Torans, daughter of James Wilson Torans, of Culnaman
who departed this life, Jan 22, 1837, aged 23 years
also her mother Margaret Torans, who departed this life, 26 March 186_ last digit gone but other records state 1867 , aged 71 years
and her father James Wilson Torans, who departed this life 27 Oct 1873, aged 92 years
McCOOK In loving memory of Alexander McCook, who died in the year 1872, age 58 years
and of his wife, Jane, who died the year 1881, aged 66 years
his son, Archibald McCook, died 19 Sept 1916, aged 77 years
his wife Catherine, died 5 Dec 1917, aged 72 years
their children
Catherine, 18 Feb 1885, aged 7 years
Graham died in infancy
and their daughter Margaret McCullough, died 4 Dec 1941, aged 60 years
Hugh, died 24 April 1960, aged 73 years
Mary, died 11 Aug 1963, aged 90 years
Elizabeth, wife of Hugh, died 1 Nov 1977, aged 79 years
MOORE In loving memory of my dear husband, Albert Moore, who died 4 July 1927, aged 66 years
and our dear son, John C. Moore, who died 14 May 1935, aged 53 years
Erected by his wife, Martha A. Moore, who died 22 Oct 1948, aged 89 years
MILLIKEN Erected by David Milliken, of Garvagh, in memory of his beloved wife, Sarah Jane, who died 22 Feb 1918
also their son, Samuel Milliken, who died 9 Feb 1925
and the above named David Milliken, who died 8 May 1935
CAMPBELL Erected by James Campbell, of Garvagh,
In memory of his son, James who departed this life, 6 June 1870, aged 19 years
and his daughter Agnes, who departed this life 23 Sept 1876, aged 21 years
James Campbell Senr, died 18 Aug 1892, aged 75 years
his daughter Ellen Doyle Cunningham, who died 18 Jan 1894, aged 32 years
his wife Isabella, died 13 April 1895, aged 72 years
HUNTER Erected by John Hunter, Garvagh, to the memory of his beloved wife, Martha, who departed this life
12 Jan 1864, aged 70 years
Martha Jane Hunter, who departed this life on 2 Feb (1891?), aged 17 years
John Hunter, departed this life on the 24 Dec 1865, aged 83 years
JACKSON Erected by James Jackson, Inchaleen
In memory of his beloved daughter Matilda M., who died 3 May 1875, aged 18 years
and the above James Jackson who died (date not recorded by me)
and his wife Elizabeth, died 18 April 1901, aged 85 years
and his son John, 17 July 1918, aged 64 years
CATHCART In loving Memory of our dear parents, James, died 6 Dec 1939, aged 56 years
Agnes, died 11 May 1979, aged 83 years
Jean, died 11 April 1982
Marcus died 6 Jan 1987
JOHNSTON In memory of James, died 19 March 1903
and his daughter, Rachel G., 12 Jan 1891
his sons
Charles J., died 2 Sept 1891
John M.C.S., died 15 June 1908
John H., 13 Jan 1920
also his wife, Margaret, died 20 Aug 1933
also his daughter in law, Matilda F., died 9 Dec 1971
her husband, Thomas A., died 16 July 1972
also their daughter, Georgina M. Church Johnston, died 19 Jan 1996
CRAIG/ GILMOUR CRAIG, Tirkeeran, Erected by Daughter Mary Matthew (No other information) In memory of William Gilmour, Garvagh, died 3 July 1881, aged 75 years
and his wife Elizabeth, who died 17 Mar 1887, aged 76 years
and their daughter, Elizabeth, who died 16 April 1888, aged 37 years
TOYE Appointed to the memory of Jane Toye, late of Coolyrammer, who departed this life 23 March 1825, aged 40 years
JAMISON Here lies the remains of the Rev. Archibald Jamison, late pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Randalstown
who departed this life on the 18 March 1835 in the 30th years of his age and 9 of his ministries
Robert Jamison, who died 15 October 18??, Brookfield, aged 81 years
Agnes, wife of Robert Jamison
HOY Erected to the memory of Arthur Dunbar, son of David Hoy, Ulster Bank, died 9 Dec 1879, 13 months
WILSON Erected to the memory of Ann, wife of the Rev. Clark Wilson, Macosquinn, who departed this life, 19 Nov 1834, 25 years
also her infant daughter Margaret B. Huston, who died 9 Aug 1831/1834?, number of months unreadable months.
HUSTON/ BROWN Rev. Clark Huston, D. D., 13 years Pastor at Macosquinn, born 25 Dec 1797, died -- Feb 1866
(Located in the plot below) Sacred to the memory of the Rev. James Brown, Senior, minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh, departed this life on the 19 May 1858, aged 85 years
also of Elizabeth, his wife, whose deceased on the 14 Jan 1848, in the 74th year of her age.
BROWN Sacred to the memory of Margaret Brown, the youngest daughter of Rev. James Brown, who departed this life on the 6 Feb 1883, age 16 years
Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. James Brown, born 12 August 1803, died 3r Aug (1889?)
WILSON Erected to the memory of Annie, died 4 Mar 1912
Her father William, died 11 Nov 1918
her Mother Emily Louise, died 14 Apr 1939
her brother William Butler Bradshaw, died 1 Feb 1963
her brother James, died 8 April 1966
her sister, Rebecca (Ruby), died 21 Sept 1974, aged 91 years
ALEXANDER Movenis, Garvagh
John Alexander, Moneydeeg, who departed his life Dec 1851, aged 84 years
also Torrens Alexander, Movenis, died 25 Oct 1829, aged 90 years
ALEXANDER To the memory of Samuel Alexander, Mulanabronn, who died 8 August 1874, aged 69 years
also his wife name illegible, who died 1 May, 1890, aged 91 years
DOUGHERTY In Loving Memory of Matthew Houston, Churchill,
his wife, Margaret Fisher
his daughter, Margaret Alicia Mary Jane
No other information

To the memory of William Houston, Springvally, who died 8 Dec 1854, aged 73 years
and John Houston, who died 1th Dec 1863, aged 1 week
also Clark Houston, who died 15 Dec 1863, aged 2 years
and also William Wallace Houston, who died 16 Feb 1872, aged 16 years
also Margaret Houston, who died 17 Mar 1878, aged 18 years.

The stone below is in the same plot above
In memory of Robert Houston, Springvally, 21 Oct 1901
and his wife Elizabeth, died 6 April 1919
Also Annie, wife of Thomas Houston, died 20 May 1901
and Maud, daughter of Thomas Houston, died 18 Dec 1925
also above name Thomas Houston, died 4 June 1940
and his wife, Emily Caryle, died 12 Oct 1964
also their daughter, Roberta, died 8 Mar 1966
and his daughter, Essie, died 19 April 1980
also their son, William Wallace Houston, died 5 May 1985

MULLAN In memory of our dear daughter Margaret Josephine, Mullan, died 16 Feb 1971, aged 29 years
her father, James Thomas McKee Mullan, died 13 Nov 1976, aged 68 years
also her mother, Sarah Josephine Mullan, died 15 Oct 1990, aged 79 years
McKEE In Loving memory of Mary Lyttle McKee, born 1825, died 1894
also her husband Thomas McKee, born 1814, died 1902
their daughters
Matilda, died 22 Nov 1939
Mary Jane, died 24 Nov 1939
their sons
Thomas, died 28 April 1941
William James, died 28 Oct 1944
GILMOUR In memory of James Gilmour, Mayoughill, who died 4 May 1847, aged 58 years
also his wife, Anne Gilmour, who departed this life, 30 April 1879, 85 years
also Sarah and Mary, children of William Gilmour, ages respectively 5 and 2 years
also Mary Jane, wife of above William Gilmour, who died 6 June 1900, aged 64 years
also the above named William Gilmour, who died 12 Sept 1906, aged 69 years
GILMOUR In loving memory of John Gilmour, Mayoughill Cottage, who died 1 Feb 1942, aged 67 years
and his wife, Matilda Gilbert (Maud) Gilmour, who died 20 Aug 1978, aged 85 years
also his only son William, who died 3 Nov 1996 at Victoria, British Columbia, aged 88 years
LINTON In loving memory of Joseph S. Linton, Gortincloughan, died 18 Dec 1949
also his wife, Annie E. Linton, died 15 Dec 1975
and their eldest son, Robert John Linton, died 10 Jan 1994, aged 59 years
also his wife, Mary Linton, died 12 Dec 1990
LINTON Erected by Joseph Linton, of Garvagh in loving memory of his daughter, Nancy, who died 31 August 1886, aged 8 months
also his son Samuel C., who died 15 Jan 1902, aged 19 years
also his wife Nancy, died 26 Feb 1929, aged 80 years
the above named Joseph Linton, died 31 May 1937, aged 78 years
his daughter-in-law, Annie Margretta Linton, died 1 Aug 1959, aged 51 years
and her husband, Joseph Lyttle Linton, died 1 Sept 1981, aged 94 years
LINTON Erected to the memory of William John Linton, Carhill, who died 123 Nov 1911, aged 67 years
and his wife Sarah, died 4 Nov 1941, aged 87 years
and their son, Thomas James, who died 7 April 1963, aged 78 years
also their daughter, Margaret Sarah Linton, who died 28 Oct 1977, aged 86 years
also Violet, wife of Thomas James, died 16 Jan 1980, aged 77 years
GILMORE William T., 1858-1928
his wife Mary Gage, 1880-1959
their daughter, Elizabeth Ann, 1894-1946
their sons,
Robert Alexander, 1889-1948
David McIntosh, 1891-1978
Hugh Anderson, 1904-1983
his wife Marion Dobbin, 1910--1983
Lynda Jane, infant daughter of William and Margaret, 1979, aged 7 months
an infant son, David William Hugh, 1980, aged 4 months
McINTOSH Erected by James McIntosh, Killyvally, in memory of his son, John, who departed this life, 20 March 1831
SHEARER In memory of Mary Shearer, of Churchill, died 23 Jan 1959
GILMORE In memory of Robert Gilmore, Inchaleen, who died 12 April 1878, aged 77 years
Ellen Gilmore, died 2 Feb 1890, aged 91 years.
Also their daughter, Margaret , died 27 Dec 1913, aged 71 years
Agnes Gilmore, beloved wife of Archibald, died 11 Jan 1923, aged 84 years
the above named Archibald Gilmore, died 17 Apr 1924, aged 85 years
ARMSTRONG Erected by Robert John Armstrong, Dullaghy
In memory of his beloved wife, Nancy, who departed this life, 14 Sept 1881, aged 35 years
also his son, John Hilton, who departed this life, 14 Sept 1891, aged 8 years
also his daughter Annie, who departed this life 8 Sept 1884, aged 3 years
also to the above named Robert John Armstrong, who died 25 Dec 1919, aged 72 years
also his wife, Mary Dunlop, died 10 Feb 1934, aged 80 years
also their daughter, Sarah Jane, died 7 April 1969, aged 83 years
McCOOKE In Memory of John McCooke, Caulhame No other information
McCLENAGHAN In loving memory of McClenaghan, William John 1878-1949
his wife, Rachel, 1892-1978
their daughter, Edna, 1923-1934
MILLAR Erected by the members of the First Presbyterian Congregation, Garvagh
In memory of their beloved pastor, the Rev. James Millar, who departed this life on the 19 Nov 1859, aged 49 years in the 20th year minister of his congregation
also his son, James McCord Millar, 5 May 1876, aged 23 years
also his daughter, Susannah, 5 June 1881, aged 24 years
also his wife, Jane Young Millar, died 17 Sept 1897, aged 76 years
also their daughter, Sarah McKinney, beloved wife of Rev. Thomas Madill, L.L.D., died 3 July 1904, 48 years
also their daughter, Jane Young Millar, who died 19 May 1934, aged 77 years
also their son, William John Millar, who died 4 Aug 1938, aged 79 years
GIBSON In loving memory of our dear son, John Cox Gibson, Garvagh, died 6 Nov 1926, aged 17 years
Samuel G. Gibson, died 17 July 1928, aged 22 years
Thomas Gibson, died 8 Jan 1921, aged 88 years
his wife Margaret, died 4 Feb 1923, aged 91 years
Susan Gibson, died 10 Dec 1936, aged 67 years
also her husband Samuel Gibson, died 14 April 1946, aged 75 years
MOORE In loving Memory of Robert Graham, who died19 April 1963
and his wife, Martha, who did 28 May 1972
MOORE In loving memory of Thomas, died 24 March 1934
and his beloved wife, Anna Maria, died 29 June 1980
WALLACE In loving memory of James W. Wallace. Trinaltinagh, who died 30 March 1920, aged 66 years
also his son, Thomas Woodburn, died 25 Oct 1931, aged 31 years
also Jane Olivia, wife of Hugh Wallace, 11 May 1935, aged 37 years
also Anne, wife of James W. Wallace, died 2 Oct 1949, aged 82 years
also his son, Hugh Wallace, died 11 May 1981, aged 85 years
and his wife, Mary Ramsey, died 4 July 1982
McCAFFERTY In loving memory of our dear Mother, Jane, died 4 Feb 1971
and our dear Father, William, died 24 Feb 1974
MADILL In loving memory of the Rev. Thomas Madill, L.L.D., for over 50 years minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh, born 10 Nov 1841, died 16 April 1917
FISHER Sacred to the memory of Margaret Kerr, wife of Archibald Fisher, who died 22 May 1849, aged 47 years
Matilda, daughter of Archibald Fisher, died 20 April 1836, aged 5 years
Margaret, wife or Robert Fisher of Churchill and mother of Archibald Fisher, died 20 Sept 1847, aged 85 years
Archibald Fisher, died 1 Nov 1876, aged 86 years
Elizabeth McCurdy, Second wife of the above named Archibald Fisher, died 24 Dec 1885, aged 75 years
Alexander Allen, son-in-law of Archibald Fisher, died 17 Oct 1890, aged 47 years
his wife, Sophia McCurdy, daughter of the above Archibald Fisher, died 16 Dec 1921
Robert Henry Fisher, youngest son of Archibald Fisher, died 30 June 1889, age 40 years
Archibald Joseph Fisher, second son of Archibald Fisher, died 7 April 1897, aged 49 years