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First Garvagh Presbyterian Church Baptisms 1907-1924, Errigal Parish, Co. Londonderry

This congregation was drawn from the Parishes of Errigal and Desertoghill
PRONI Ref:MIC. IP/27 Reel 2
Original transcription by Lavonne Kennedy Arburn Bradfield
History of the congregation and notes contributed by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia - len_swindley[at]
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada - jamckane[at]


Old First Garvagh Presbyterian Church
New First Garvagh Presbyterian Church opened 1971
Photos Courtesy of the Church Website


Extracted from History of Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland, Belfast, 1982)

Mr John Law was ordained to Desertoghill and Errigal (Garvagh) in 1658. He was deposed for non-conformity in 1661 but continued to minister. In 1673 Garvagh congregation was declared vacant as Mr. Law had demitted the charge and there was no hope of his returning to it. Mr. Law was imprisoned for a time in Scotland, but in 1691 he was installed in Kirkcaldy.

Mr. Robert Landass from Lanarkshire was ordained by the Route Presbytery in Jan. 1674, and he appears to have ministered in both Ballymoney and Garvagh. He went back to Scotland at the time of the Revolution and in 1691 the synod wrote to him to return to his charge, but he had already been installed in Blantyre the previous year. Rev. James Woodside was minister of Dunboe from 1698-1718 and he appears to have had charge of Garvagh too. Mr. Francis Ross from Macosquin was ordained 7 May 1723 and died 4 Nov 1751.

In 1756 Rev. William Callender, minister of Ardstraw [Co. Tyrone] was called to Garvagh, but on the day of his installation he did not turn up as he had been induced to return to his previous charge. At length, Mr. Robert Elder (lic. Route 1758), a local man, was ordained in Garvagh in 1761. He died 18 May 1781. After considerable dispute Mr. Brice Miller was ordained 21 Dec. 1784, but he resigned in 1787 and emigrated to America.

Mr. Henry Henry from Dunboe (lic. Route 1788) was ordained 13 May 1788 but resigned in Nov. of the same year to go to Connor. Mr. Gideon McMullan was ordained in Feb. 1790, but died 25 Feb. 1793.

Mr. James Brown (lic. Route 1792), son of John Brown of Ballinaloob, Kilraughts, was ordained 1 Dec. 1795. He was clerk of the Route Presbytery 1818-34. He retired 1839 and died 19 or 20 May 1850 aged 88. His daughter Anne married Rev. Charles Huston of Macosquin in 1824. Five of Mr. Brown’s grandsons were ministers and three of his grand-daughters married ministers. Mr James Millar (lic. Connor 1838) was ordained 18 Feb. 1840 and died 19 Nov 1859. Mr. Thomas Davidson (lic. Belfast 1859) was ordained 25 Sept. 1860 and died 2 Aug. 1865. Mr. Thomas Madill (later L.L.D.) was ordained 21 Feb. 1866. The following year the question arose whether to repair the inside of the old meeting house or to build a new church, and it was eventually decided not to rebuild. Mr. Madill died on 16 Aug. 1917 and was succeeded by Mr. Matthew Majury (lic. Belfast 1916) who was ordained on 18 July 1917. During his ministry, the Glebe was purchased and a manse built. Mr Majury accepted a call to 1st Antrim on 9 March 1920 and Mr. William Campbell lic. Coleraine) was ordained on 16 Nov. 1920. He died 11 March 1943.

The following baptisms were recorded during the ministry of the Revs. Thoms Madill and Matthew Majury.


Baptismal Register



Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
John Dunlop Annie Killyvalley Matilda Jan 21 3 mons
Wm Jas Lamont Sarah Jane Kewrin Agnes Mary Feb 23 5 mons
James Blair Mary Jane Gortnamoyagh Flora May 6 6 mons
William Johnston Lizzie Moyletragh Toy Annie May 6 6 mons
James Faith Martha Ballintemple Robert May 6 6 mons
Robinson Canning Marion Gortfad Margaretta Liken May 6 6 mons
Edward Miller Annie Moyletragh Joseph Edward Feb 24 4 mons
W J Robertson Mary Caw John Aug 12 May 29
Thomas Richey Ellen Jane Gortnamoyagh Thomas Sep 6 June 18
John Glass Maggie J Moyletragh Hugh Oct 28 June 11
David C McKee Lizzie Carhill Geo Woodburn? Oct 28 Sep 4
Thos Gibson Mary Anne Moyletragh Toy Florence Oct 28 3 mons
George Gordon Hessie Tamneymore Georgina Oct 28 29 Sep
W J Henry Jeannie Bellury Elizabeth Dec 3 7? mons


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Joseph Turner Rebecca Farrintrimble Catherine White Feb 6 2 mons
Alfred Henderson Mary Broan Alfred Mar 9 4 mons
Thomas D Houston Emily Gorticloghan Maud Mary Dripps Feb 28 4 mons
Robt J Craig Annie Coolbane Margareta Jane May 18 6 wks
Wm Johnston Lizzie Woodtown Matilda May 18 3 mons
James W Wallace Annie Trinaltenagh Anna Mary Jul 12 May 3
Wm Getty Martha Mary Mettican Robt John May 28 Feb 5
Joseph Patton Annie Killyvalley Mary Dec 6 3 mons
George McIlmoyle Mary Liscall John Oct 14 Mar 9


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Albert Macleod Mary Garvagh George Gideon Lubman? Jan 21 7 wks
John Dunlop Annie 20 Acres Torrens Alexander Jan 23 Dec 2
Willie Glass Aggie Kewrin David Mar 25 5 mons
W J Robertson Mary Caw Samuel J Allison May 3 6 wks
David C McKee Lizzie Carhill Matilda Jane May 3 Dec 22
Wm Campbell Maggie Garvagh William May 3 5 mons
W J Gilmour Mary Killyvalley Martha Letttia May 3 Jan 31
Robert Graham Rachel Garvagh James Aug 27 8 mons
Wm Johnston Lizzie Woodtown Samuel
June 11 Mar 30
Wm Johnston Lizzie Woodtown John Alexander
June 11 Mar 30
John Glass Maggie J Moyletragh Annie Eliza Brown Nov 1 May 14
Robert Craig Annie Coolbane Hessie Eliza Nov 1 Aug 7


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Joseph Turner Wife Farrentrimble Rebecca May 2 Mar 28
Nathaniel Conway Levinia Caw Nathaniel May 2 5 wks
Matthew Johnston Mary Garvagh Jeannie May 2 3 mons
Samuel Gibson Susan Garvagh John Cox May 2 6 mons
Wm Linton Mary Eliza Caw Cunningham May 2 10 mons
John Dallas Lillie Carrowreagh Richard Jan 28 4 mons
Thos Graham Mary Garvagh David Jan 30 4 mons
John Davison Isabella Trinaltenagh Annie Sarah Nov 23
6 mons
Thos Johnston Maud Lisachrin James McAlister Jan 12
4 mons
James Blair Mary Jane Gortnamoyagh Martha Oct 24 2? mons
Wm Glass Aggie Kewrin Agnes Mary Oct 24 5 mons
Samuel Blair Margaret Gortfad Mary Oct 24 12 mons
Wm Gray Jeannie Garvagh Sarah Evelyn Oct 24 1 mo
Thos Richey Ellen Jane Gortnamoyagh Martha Oct 24 May 7
George Gordon Hessie Tamneymore Ethel Oct 24 June 15
Alex Cunningham Lillie Garvagh Annie Marian Oct 24 May (NR)
---- Margaret Jane
Tirkeeran Isabella Martha Nov 27 11 mons


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Saml McIlfatrick Hessie Caulheme Thomas Feb 23 3 yrs
Alfred Henderson Mary Carrowreagh Jas Wilson Mar 23 8 mons
W J Robertson Mary Caw William Feb 2 Sep 23, 1910
T D Houston Emily Gorticloghan Essie Annette
Saidie Hosford
Feb 2 Oct 29
W J Henry Jeannie Bellury David John Feb 10 8 mons
Alfred Macleod Mary Garvagh Wm James Apr 30 6 mons
Jas W Wallace Annie Trinaltenagh John Wilson May 15 Mar 5
John H Lynch Ellen Lisboy Annie Hessy May 15 Apr 2
Wm Campbell Maggie Garvagh Annie Jane May 15 Dec 7
Robt J Craig Annie Culbane Wm James Aug 17 Dec 27, 1910
James Quinn Mary Anne Movenis Mary Ellen Moore Aug 3 4 mons
David C McKee Lizzie Carrhill John Oct 23 Jun 30
James Currie Sarah Kewrin David Jackson Oct 23 8 mons
William Gray Jeannie Garvagh Samuel James Oct 23 6 wks
William Glass Aggie Kewrin John Oct 23 7 wks


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
John Davison Isabella Killyvalley Wm John Mar 12 8 Oct
John Glass Maggie J Moyletragh Mary Warwick May 6 Jan 4
Matthew Johnston Mary Garvagh Samuel May 6 Apr 5
Albert Macleod Mary Garvagh Sarah Margret May 6 Mar 29
Joseph Turner Rebecca Farrintemple Annie May 6 Nov 20, 1911
Wm Jas Lamont Sarah Jane Farrintemple Eliza Jane June 26 3 yrs
Wm J Robertson Mary Caw Mary Elizabeth Aug 9 June 20
James Currie Sarah Kewrin William Oct 29\8 4 mons
William Graham Jane Garvagh Mary Oct 28 3 mons
David C McKee Lizzie Carrhill Annie Woodburn Oct 28 Jul 5, 1912


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Robt J Craig Annie Coolbane Marian Eileen May 5, 1913 Jan 19, 1913
Wm J Henry Jeannie Bellury Wm Wallace Dec 1 Feb 15, 1913
James Graham Mary Garvagh Anne Eliza May 5 Dec 11, 1912
Thos Graham Mary Garvagh James May 5 6 mons
Robinson Canning Marion Gortfad Marion Jeannie May 5 6 mons
Wm Campbell Maggie Garvagh Ellen Mary May 5 5 mons
Wm Glass Aggie Kewrin Jane Oct 27 7 mons


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Jas W Wallace Annie Trinaltenagh Elizabeth Tate
Feb 4 Oct 13,
Wm Gray Jeannie Garvagh Anna Margretta Feb 8 Oct 2
Thos Huston Emily Gorticloghan Roberta Vida Moody Mar 19 3 mons
---- Jane Moore Tamneymore Alexander May 23 2 yrs
5 mons
Robert Hassain Susan Kewrin Robeert Jun 11 5 mons
Robert Brizell Lizzie Kewrin Annie Jane Aug 2 2 mons
George Gordon Hessie Tamneymore Dorothea Aug 24 Feb 12
Wm J Robertson Mary Caw Hugh Aug 27 June 9
Mat Johnston Mary Garvagh Matthew Oct 18 11 mons
Rob J Craig Annie Coolbane Robert John Oct 26 May 26
James Graham Mary Garvagh Mary Oct 26 Sept 24
Wm Graham Jane Garvagh Matilda Oct 26 Mar 28
Wm Glass Aggie Kewrin Wm Boyd Oct 26 Jul 2
Wm Gilmour Mary Killyvalley Rebecca Sarah Oct 26 5 mons
Albert Macleod Mary Garvagh Norman Oct 26 5 mons
Joseph Patton Annie Trinaltenagh Huston Oct 31 2 mons


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
D? J Lamont Sarah Farrintemple Victor Wm James Jan 29 Jun 24, 1913
---- For Mrs Gould Crockindolg Maggie Jane
an adopted child
Mar 18 1913
2 l/2 yrs
Alfred Henderson Mary Carrowreagh Archy Mar 21 2 yrs
Alfred Henderson Mary Carrowreagh Annie Mar 21 9 mons
Wm McCaughan Annie Carhill Geo Alexander Mar 25 Aug 18, 1914
(Thos Watley) Mary Anne Gortnamoyagh Rob Joseph Apr 16 May 25, 1914
---- Maggie Browne Lisachrin James Apr 21 2 yrs
Thos Graham Mary Garvagh Saml Joseph May 3 3 mons
Willie Gray Jeannie Garvagh Dorothy Irene May 3 3 mons
James Currie Sarah Ballymenagh John May 3 5 l/2 mons
Thos B Thompson Saidie Garvagh Thos Bacon French Jul 1 6 wks
Wm J Henry Jeannie Bellury Robt Gordon Aug 22 2 yrs


Father Mother Residence Child Bapt Born
Robert Hassan Susan Kewrin John Jan 13 Oct 20, 1915
John Davison Isabella Killyvalley Mary Church Feb 12 6 mons
Wm Campbell Margaret Garvagh Jane May 8 Mar 27
Wm Graham Jeanne Killyvalley William May 8 Oct 11
James Glass Mary Carbillintober Sarah Mary May 8 Dec 7
W J Robertson Mary Caw Annie Lyle May 8 Jan 30
Robert Brizzle Lizzie Kewrin Saml Joseph Aug 8 May 7
Samuel Graham Helena Garvagh Martha Aug 16 June 22
Wm Charles
Jeannie Long Rosehill Mary Wallace Oct 5 May 23
James Leeford Annie Killykergan Evelyn Kathleen Nov 12 6 mons



NOTE: Starting with the Alfred Henderson entry, 2nd entry in this year, a note which
states, " Beginning of baptisms performed by Rev. Mathew Majury, B.A., B.D."

Father Mother Place of
Child Bapt Born
William Graham Jane Killyvalley Jane* Apr 29 Apr 14
Alfred Henderson Mary Jane Carrowreagh Martha Gilmore Aug 21 Feb 2
Thos Robinson Ellen Jane Carrowreagh Samuel Aug 21 May 11
James McCooke Ellen Jane Woodbank Wm James Aug 21 Aug 3
---- Jane Moore Tamneymore Jeannie Aug 24 4 Sep 1916
James Currie Sarah Ballymenagh Agnes Isabella Aug 24 28 Dec 1916
William John Gray Jeanie Garvagh Wm John Oct 7 May 17
James Ferguson Agnes Crawford Moneycarrie Elizabeth Crawford Nov 8 Sept 13
Joseph Patton Annie Gortmacrane Alexander Dec 23 Nov 22
James Graham Mary Ann Gavagh John Dec 30 Oct 29

*This child is now Jane Gilmore adopted by James Gilmore, Inchaleen
and Mrs. Gilmore. (signed) M Majary


Father Mother Place of
Child Bapt Born
---- Sarah Elizabeth Stewart Liscall Mabel Stewart 1 Jan Nov 4, 1916
Thomas Johnston Mary Garvagh John Jan 3 Aug 9, 1917
Saml McCurdy Milliken Violet Rebecca Garvagh Frederick Wilson Jan 3 Aug 27, 1917
James Glass Mary Carhill Evelyn Maude Mar 24 Dec 1, 1917
Samuel Graham Helena Garvagh Fanny May 12 Jan 21
Wm Chas McMaster Jeannie Long Movenis William Robert Jun 14 Feb 11
William Glass Agnes Kewrin Robert Jun 23 Apr 27
James Craig Sarah Jane Tirkeerin Mary Helena Jul 24 May 13
Robert William Brizell Lizzie Patton Kewrin Robert William Jul 28 May 16
Thomas Johnston Mary Garvagh Mary Winnifred Dec 29 Aug 28


Father Mother Place of
Child Bapt Born
John Moody Annie Liscal Annie Jan 13 May 29, 1918
William John Henry Maria Jane Bellury Herbert Gage Jan 17 Jul 15, 1918
Robert John Craig Annie Culban Emma Jan 26 Sep 25, 1918
Rev Matthew Majury Florence Garvagh Arthur Stuart Feb 23 Jan 4
James Glass Mary Carhill Emily Margaretta Mar 25 Dec 24, 1918


1919 Continued
NOTE: Change of format - a switch in the columns from bapts/born to born/bapts.

Name of
Father Mother Place of
Born Bapt
Mary Ann Stewart Joseph Little Stewart Annie Mary Stewart Farrantemple 1 Apr 3 Jul
Martha Jane Cathcart James Cathcart Agnes Cathcart Garvagh 19 Apr 6 Aug
Catherine Craig James Craig Sarah Jane Craig Tirkeerin 8 Jun 24 Aug
Alexander McLeod Albert S G G B C*
Mary McLeod Garvagh 28 Apr 31 Aug
James Currie James Currie Sarah Currie Ballymenagh 9 May 11 Nov
Mary Ellen McCooke James McCooke Ellen Jane McCooke Mettican 11 Aug 11 Nov
John Glass William Glass Agnes Glass Kewrin 28 Jun 25 Nov
Alfred George Graham Samuel Joseph Graham Helena Graham Garvagh 19 Oct 30 Nov
Lizzie Morrison Blair James Blair Letita Blair Gortfad 10 Apr 4 Dec
Ida Patton Joseph Patton Annie Patton Killyvalley 22 Sep 14 Dec

* Illegible


Name of
Father Mother Place of
Born Bapt
Susan Hasson Robert Hasson Susan Hasson Kewrin 1 Jan 15 Feb
James Graham James Graham Mary Anne Graham Garvagh 13 Jan 22 Feb
Oliver Thomas
Stewart Walkinshaw
Robert Tille Ann Walkinshaw Liscall 2 Dec 1919 10 Mar
Annie Mary
Elizabeth Ferguson
William Ferguson Julia Aster Quillian Hermitage Cottage
3 July 7 Oct
Jeanie Warwick James Glass Mary Linton Carhill, Garvagh 22 Oct 9 Dec
Mary Boyd William John Gray Jeanie Garvagh 17 Nov 1919 19 Dec


Name of
Father Mother Place of
Born Bapt
Agnes Olive Joseph Stewart Annie Mary Chambers Farntemple 17 Mar 1920 6 Jan 1921
Thomas James Robert Paul Gertrude Mary Lewis Bridge St.
19 Oct 1920 13 Jan
George James Blair Letitia Gortfad 3 Jun 1920 25 Jan
Cissie Alfred Henderson Mary Jane Boyle Carroweagh 8 Dec 1920 9 Feb
John Alexander John Moody Annie Nelson Liscal 1 May 1920 9 Feb
Eileen Margarte Isabella John Wallace Mary Mullan Ballinamean 30 Nov 1920 21 Feb
William John James Craig Sarah Jane Linton Tirkeeran 7 Dec 1920 2 Mar
Sarah William Brown Sarah Caskey Moyletra 16 Oct 1920 8 Mar
Mary Ann Matthew Devennie Mary Hunter Twenty Acres 27 Feb 1 Apr
Thomas Thomas Black Mary Andrews Gortfad 16 Jul 1920 10 Apr
Eileen Mary Elizabeth James Sterling Mary Jane McClenaghan Garvagh 25 Jan 19 Apr
Robert John William Campbell Maggie Cathcart Garvagh Mar 24 May 27
Margaret McFetridge Wm John McClenaghan Rachel Gilmour Johnstone Caulhame 6 Feb 2 Jun
Robert William Robert George Gibson Maggie Andrews Mettican 5 Feb 22 Aug
Hugh Hugh Wade Alice Loughlin Garvagh 16 May 27 Oct
Olive James Currie Sarah Boyd Ballymenagh 6 Aug 1 Nov


Name of
Father Mother Place of
Born Bapt
Ruby William Glass Agnes Boyd Lower Kerwin 1 Sep 1921 3 Jan
Robert James Martin Isobel Mullan Lisboy 22 Sep 1921 16 Jan
Alexander James Glass Hessie Doherty Clubhill 9 May 1919 30 Jan
Mary Jane Scott William Cathcart Margaret Jane Kerr Ballintemple 29 Nov 1921 10 Feb
William James James Cathcart Agnes Millar Garvagh 26 Jul 1921 26 Feb
Robert Hamilton Matthew Johnston Mary Ann Hamilton Garvagh 23 Jun 1921 Feb 26
Matthew John Moody Annie Nelson Liscal 2 Nov 1921 21 Mar
Samuel Leslie Rankin Robert Paul Gertrude Mary Lewis Garvagh 10 Mar 30 Mar
Martha Ann Elizabeth James Gibson Margaret Matilda Gibson Moyletratoy 27 Sept 4 Apr
William John Samuel Graham Helena Turner Bridge St,
29 Jan 14 Apr
Rebecca Jane Jamison John Mc?urrtey? Campbell Kathleen Mary Wray Mettican 15 Feb 14 Apr
James Joseph Stewart Annie Chambers Farrantemple 24 Dec 1921 23 May
John Wm Jas Lamont Sarah Jane Curry Farrentemple 24 Mar 23 May
James Alexander James Sterling Maggie Jane McLenaghan Garvagh 7 Mar 19 Jun
Mary James Blair Letitia Gortfad 24 Sep 1921 27 Jul
Mary Thomas Black Mary Andrews Gortfad 5 Dec 1921 14 Aug
John Joseph Patton Annie Davidson Killyvalley 30 Mar 28 Aug
George Hughes John Wallace Mary Mullan Balinamean 14 Feb 14 Sep
James James Glass Mary Linton Carhill 2 Jul 1 Nov


Name of
Father Mother Place of
Born Bapt
Mary Elizabeth Thomas Moore Anna Moore Garvagh 26 Nov 1922 31 Jan
Matthew Ivan Matthew Holmes Mary Gage Gilmore Garvagh 21 Feb 25 Mar
Robert NcNeary James Craig Sarah Jane Linton Teirkeeran 23 Jan 29 Mar
Elizabeth Mary Robert Hasson Susan Holmes * Kewrin 27 Feb 4 Apr
Matthew Joseph Robert John Craig Annie Martin Cuilbane 11 Nov 1922 1 June
Rachel William Brown Sarah Caskey Moyletra 28 Aug 1922 20 June
Mary Wm James Cosarub? Mary McDonnell Coleraine 3 May 1922 3 Aug
Sarah Mary Cathcart William Campbell Maggie Cathcart Garvagh May 15 Aug 9
Marian Hugh Wade Alice Loughlin Garvagh May 28 Aug 31
Ellen James Blair Letitia Morrison Gortfad 8 Dec 1922 Oct 6
Kathleen Winifred John Wallace Mary Mullan Ballinmean 1 Jun Dec 5

*Daughter of John Holmes, The Grove


Note: A change of format for the table

Father Mother Name of
Residence Born Bapt
---- Hessie McCahon Eileen Mary Lisachrin May 17, 1923 Jan 22
Robert Paul G. M. Lewis Robert John Alexander Garvagh 26 Dec 1923 22 Jan
Wm Cathcart M J Kerr Dorris Garvagh Jul 10 1923 Jan 23
John Mullan Ann Woods Hugh Garvagh Oct 19? 1923 Jan 30
R G Gibson M Andrews John Alexander Mettican June 14 1923 Mar 10
James Ritchie A M Blair James Smyth Ballydullaghan Nov 4 1923 4 Apr
James Gibson Mary M Gibson Norman Moyletratoy Feb 20 Apr 23
James Cathcart Agnes Millar Annie Mary Garvagh Nov 7 1923 Apr 30
David Boyd Ann Workman David John Kewrin Nov 12 1923 Apr 5
John Irwin Anna Forgrave John Cunningham Mettican Nov 11 1923 May 8
James Curry Sarah Boyd Charles Arthur Ballymenagh Mar 6 May 19
Wm Glass Agnes Boyd James Kewrin Dec 21 1923 May 19
Joseph Stewart Annie Chambers Alfred Farrantemple Apr 12 Oct 2
Matthew Holmes Mary Gilmore Elizabeth Hazel Garvagh Aug 10 Oct 26
Samuel Graham Helen Turner Helena Garvagh Sept 1 Oct 26
James Stirling M J McClenagan Ethel J? Margt Garvagh Aug 19 Nov 4
Joseph S Linton Ann McCowell Robt John Carhill June 21 Nov 14
John Wallace Mary Mullan John Meek Ballinameen Jul 9 Dec 3
---- Sarah Cathcart John Proctor Garvagh Aug 2 Dec 11