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Donagheady Presbyterians Excommunicated from the Established Church 1667

Extracted from Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parish – Rev. John Rutherford (1953)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

“In Ireland Presbyterians were forbidden to build churches and ministers were liable to arrest, fines and imprisonment for discharging the duties of their sacred office. Nevertheless they continued to preach in a private way, gathering small companies in private houses by night and in retired places in the open air. There is a tradition that meetings were held in a secluded spot surrounded by trees near the house of Mr. Gamble, of The Wood, near Magheramason. The people also were greatly harassed by proceedings being taken against them in the civil and ecclesiastical courts for non-conformity, and subject to fines, sometimes so heavy as to be ruinous, and often they were imprisoned. We know of 19 Presbyterians from Donagheady who were excommunicated in the year 1667and so practically placed outside the protection of the civil law.”