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Subscribers to 'Dissertations on Natural Theology' from Co. Tyrone 1777

by John Alphonso Turretine
Translated into English by William Crawford, A.M
Printed in Belfast by James Magee 1777
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Rene Donaghy, Donaagheady, Co. Tyrone


** Subscribers with addresses in Tyrone

Name Address
Mr Archibald Allen merchant Strabane
Mr Jn. Anderson Donagheady
Robt. Barclay Esq; Strabane
Mr Thos. Bond Bond's-glen
Mr Isaac Barr student Donagheady
Mr Arthur Blair Strabane
Mr John Cooper Strabane
Mr David Campble Omagh
Mr Alex. Creigan Omagh
Henry Crawford Capt. 42n Regt. Omagh
Mr John Campble merchant Omagh
Mr Chas Crigan Omagh
Mr Robt. Cochran Strabane
Rev. Major Drummond Donaghedy
Mr Sam Denny Strabane
Mrs Patience Ector Strabane
Dan Eccles Esq; Fintonagh 5 copies
Mr Seth Fullerton Strabane
Mr James Fleming Strabane
Mr Patrick Fleming Strabane
Mr Andrew Gamble merchant Strabane
Mr John Gwynn Strabane
Mr John Granger Donaghedy
John Hamilton Esq; Strabane
Thos. Hamilton Esq; Strabane 4 copies
Mr Galbraith Hamilton Ballyfatton
Mr Thos. Hasty Donaghedy
Mr Sam. Hindman Strabane
Mr Robt. Jameson Strabane
Rev Mr Ingram Strabane
Mr. Kennedy Apothecary Dungannon
Mr James King Strabane
Rev. Sam Latimer Donaghedy
Mr George Leitch Strabane
Rev. Richard Lesly Strabane
Rev. Andrew Miller Augher
Mr Sam. Moor mathematician Strabane
Miss McCulloch Ballyarton
Mr John McCrea Donaghedy
Mr Wm. Miller student Donagheady
Mr Joseph Millenny Lisdiven Donagheady
Mr Jas. McCrea Donaghedy
Mr John McCreary Donaghedy
Mr Sam. Morton Donaghedy
Mr Wm. McCrea Strabane
Rev. Wm. Magee Strabane
Rev. Robt. Neilson Omagh
Mr Wm. Orr merchant Strabane
Rev John Pellisier D.D. Rector of Ardstraw
Mr James Patton Strabane
Mr Thos. Porter Strabane
Mr Wm. Pollock merchant Strabane
Mr Joseph Ross Donaghedy
Mr Wm. Smiley merchant Strabane
Mr Oliver Sproull Apothecary Omagh
Mr Jas. Stevenson Strabane
Mr David Spear Strabane
John Sproull Esq; Strabane
Mr Robt. Smith Eden Donagheady
Mr John Smith Clampernow Donagheady
Mr John Summerville Haberdasher Strabane
Rev. James Turbitt Donaghedy 3 copies
Mr Sam Taggert merchant Strabane
Mr Maxwell Walsh merchant Strabane 6 copies