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Convoy Parish Church (St. Ninian's Church of Ireland), Co. Donegal, Ireland Marriages 1845-71

PRONI Ref: MIC1/208
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The registers of Convoy Parish Church have been microfilmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRONI) where they may be consulted

Convoy (Raphoe diocese) PRONI Ref: MIC1/208

Baptisms, 1871-1981

Marriages, 1845­ 1902

Burials, 1881-1980

Register of vestrymen, 1870-1917

Register of members, 1870



No. Date Marriage
#1 August 14 1845

Henry Barnes Gresson full age bachelor barrister 30 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin. Father: George Leslie Gresson Beneficial clergyman of the Church of England


Nannie Beattie full age spinster Convoy. Father: Andrew Beatty (sic) merchant

Witnesses: Samuel McClintock & George Gresson

#2 October 13 1845

Jackson Hawksby full age bachelor engineer Stranorlar. Father: John Hawksby farmer


Frances Montgomery full age spinster Convoy. Father: Alexander Montgomery Captain HP & 23rd Fusiliers RW

Witnesses: Loftus H. O’Flaherty & Robert G. Montgomery

#3 November 25 1845

James Hillard full age bachelor servant Convoy parish. Father: Robert Hillard labourer


Rebecca Frame full age spinster Donoughmore parish. Father: J. Frame labourer

Witnesses: Robert McKinley & Francis Fairman

#4 January 29 1846

Francis Kilpatrick full age bachelor farmer parish of Stranorlar. Father: Alexander Kilpatrick farmer


Jane Mary Brown full age spinster parish of Convoy. Father: William Brown farmer

Witnesses: Robert Kilpatrick & William Smullen

#5 June 2 1846

Robert Kee 22 years bachelor farmer Magherycorran. Father: Thomas Kee farmer


Isabella Corscadden 21 years spinster Magherycorran. Father: Robert Corscadden farmer

Witnesses: James Ewing & David McClure

#6 January 15 1847

Robert Kincaid full age widower miller Tullydonnell. Father: Robert Kincaid miller


Margaret Taylor full age spinster Meenalabban. Father: J. Taylor farmer

Witnesses: John McClure & Thomas Thomson

#7 May 18 1848

Robert Starritt full age bachelor farmer Aughanunshin Father: George Starritt farmer


Isabella McDivitt full age spinster Castletorris Father: William McDivitt farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Boge & John Blackwood

#8 June 16 1848

Frank McDivitt 34 years bachelor farmer Castletorris. Father: James McDivitt farmer


Elizabeth Algeo 25 years spinster Leck. Father: Robert Algeo farmer

Witnesses: William McDivitt & John Knox

#9 August 15 1848

Thomas Armstrong full age widower steward Carrickmagrew. Father: Andrew Armstrong farmer


Mary Kilpatrick full age spinster Knockegarron. Father: Andrew Kilpatrick farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Kilpatrick & Andrew Wauchob

#10 February16 1849

John Edgar 22 years bachelor weaver Raphoe. Father: William Edgar labourer


Ann Corscadden 21 years spinster Raphoe. Father: David Corscadden weaver

Witnesses: John Scott & Robert Little

#11 March 29 1949

William Shannon 24 years bachelor farmer Conwall. Father: Richard Shannon farmer


Catherine Bonar 24 years spinster Cloghroe. Father: William Bonar farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Frizel & Matthew Fairman

#12 January 17 1850

Edward Ashe 13 years bachelor Convoy. Father: Edward Ashe sexton


Rebecca Wilson 21 years spinster Convoy. Father: Thomas Wilson labourer

Witnesses: Thomas Thompson & William Elliott

#13 February 25 1851

John Knox full age bachelor farmer Craigs. Father: John Knox farmer


Maria McDevitt full age bachelor Castletorris. Father: William McDevitt farmer

Witnesses: John Knox & John McDivitt

#14 April 22 1851

James Daisly full age bachelor farmer Drumkeen. Father: William Daisly farmer


Margaret Coulter full age spinster Drumkeen. Father: James Coulter farmer

Witnesses: J. Coulter & Wm. Tinny

#15 July 17 1851

William Corscadden 30 years bachelor weaver Raphoe. Father: David Corscadden weaver


Ann Jane Train full age spinster Raphoe. Father: John Train labourer

Witnesses: Matt. Scott & G. Thompson

#16 September 24 1851

Alexander McClarens 68 years widower labourer Raphoe. Father: William McClarens labourer


Mary Scott 23 years spinster Raphoe. Father: John Scott labourer

Witnesses: Mattw. Scott & Edward Ashe

#17 November 3 1851

James Stewart 38 years widower schoolmaster Drumkeen. Father: Joseph Stewart farmer


Frances Baxter 26 years spinster Cloghroe. Father: Henry Baxter farmer

Witnesses: Richard McAward & Joseph Byers

#18 January 26 1852

David Latta 24 years bachelor farmer Meenavoy. Father: Alexander Latta farmer


Fanny Oliver 20 years spinster Callan. Father: Thomas Oliver labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Byers & D. Oliver

#19 May 11 1852

George Moffatt full age bachelor farmer Upper Langfield (Co. Tyrone). Father: Alexander Moffatt farmer


Eliza Moffatt full age spinster Gobnascale. Father: James Moffatt farmer

Witnesses: John Smullen & George Moffatt

#20 July 5 1855

John Little full age bachelor labourer Cornagillagh. Father: John Little shop keeper


Sarah Ann McGrorty full age spinster Cornagillagh. Father: William McGroarty schoolmaster

Witnesses: John McFadden & Biddy McFadden

#21 February 21 1856

David McAnair 19 years bachelor farmer Raymochy. Father: --- (not given) McAnair farmer


Sarah Bell 21 years spinster Maghrycoran. Father: William Bell farmer

Witnesses: William Peoples & William McClure

#22 April 21 1857

James Scanlin 22 years bachelor labourer Cloughroe. Father: James Scanlin labourer


Ann Baxter full age spinster servant Cloughroe. Father: John Baxter labourer

Witnesses: William Black & Robt? Scanlin

#23 April 21 1857

James Fairman full age bachelor labourer Drumkeen. Father: John Fairman farmer


Catherine Coulter full age spinster Drumkeen. Father: James Coulter farmer

Witnesses: James Deasly & G. Thompson

#24 August 6 1857

James Coulter full age widower bailiff Drumkeen. Father: Charles Coulter farmer


Catherine Blackburn full age widow Drumkeen. Father: George Peoples farmer

Witnesses: Ezekiel Gallagher & Edward Ashe

#25 September 21 1857

Thomas Gilfillan full age bachelor farmer Taughboyne. Father: William Gilfillan farmer


Sarah Wilson 21 years spinster Aughkeely. Father: Samuel Wilson farmer

Witnesses: James Gilfillan & Thomas Bell

#26 October 27 1857

William Boner 20 years bachelor farmer Cloughroe. Father: William Boner farmer


Anne Kilpatrick 18 years spinster Cloughroe. Father: John Kilpatrick farmer

Witnesses: John Latta & John Fairman

#27 December 15 1857

William McBrarety 20 years bachelor labourer Maghreycorran. Father: Thomas McBrarety labourer


Margaret Jamieson 21 years spinster Maghreycorran. Father: William Jamieson labourer

Witnesses: Thomas White & T. R. Montgomery

#28 February 23 1858

John Black 22 years bachelor labourer Carrickbrack. Father: Robert Black labourer


Mary Ann Allot 20 years spinster Carrickbrack. Father: James Allott labourer

Witnesses: John Naly & William Elliott

#29 March 24 1858

Charles Porter full age bachelor farmer Lettermore. Father: Robert Porter farmer


Mary Watson full age spinster Corradoey. Father: James Watson farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Stewart & Matthew Wilkin

#30 May 6 1858

James Shannon 27 years bachelor farmer Conwall. Father: Patrick Shannon farmer


Mary Boner 23 years spinster Cloghroe. Father: William Boner farmer

Witnesses: William John Boner & William Shannon

#31 May 11 1858

John Thompson 22 years bachelor farmer Siskin-Ray. Father: William Thompson farmer


Isabella Kincaid 18 years spinster Tattydonnell. Father: Robert Kincaid miller

Witnesses: Samuel Thompson & William Wilson

#32 April 5 1859

John McElhinney 19 years bachelor labourer Drumkeen. Father: Abraham McElhinney labourer


Mary Jane Corscadden 18 years spinster Drumkeen. Father: John Corscadden labourer

Witnesses: Robert Roulston & Francis Fairman

#33 August 25 1859

William McClure full age bachelor farmer Trentabuoy. Father: Richard McClure farmer


Catherine Moffatt full age spinster Gobnascale. Father: James Moffatt farmer

Witnesses: George Moffatt & John Smullen

#34 September 15 1859

John James Hamilton full age bachelor Revenue Officer Londonderry. Father: James Hamilton Officer of Coast Guard


Jeanette Montgomery full age spinster Convoy. Father: Captain Alexander Montgomery

Witnesses: Alexander Campbell & J. Hawksby

#35 November 24 1859

John Moore 21 years bachelor farmer Lettershambo. Father: Matthew Moore farmer


Eliza Wilson 17 years spinster Aughkeely. Father: Samuel Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Hugh Hawksby & M. Moore

#36 November 29 1859

Andrew Patton full age bachelor labourer Convoy. Father: John Patton labourer


Jane Ashe full age spinster Convoy. Father: Edward Ashe labourer

Witnesses: Alexander Walker & Edward Ashe

#37 November 29 1859

Scott Rollston full age widower labourer Moneyvelly. Father: William Rollston farmer


Sarah McConnell full age spinster Moneyvelly. Father: Alexander McConnell farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Walker & Edward Ashe

#38 January 10 1860

John Corscadden full age bachelor labourer Drumkern. Father: William Corscadden farmer


Sarah Lecky full age spinster Callan. Father: John Lecky farmer

Witnesses: James Fairman & William Corscadden

#39 March 13 1860

David Mackey full age bachelor clothdresser Mullins, Parish of Killymard. Father: James Mackey clothdresser


Jane Oliver full age spinster Callan, Parish of Convoy. Father: John Oliver farmer

Witnesses: Stephen Hanna & William Gregory

#40 March 20 1860

John Thompson full age bachelor farmer Raphoe. Father: John Thompson farmer


Sarah Anne Thompson full age spinster Convoy. Father: Galbraith Thompson farmer

Witnesses: Galbraith Thompson & John Gardner

#41 March 27 1860

Thomas Rollston full age bachelor farmer Minticut. Father: Thomas Rollston farmer


Anne McMonagle full age spinster farmer Carrickmagrath. Father: John McMonagle farmer

Witnesses: Connel Huston & Samuel Ewing

#42 March 29 1860

George Gordon full age bachelor farmer Parish of Lower Bodoney [Co. Tyrone]. Father: James Gordon farmer


Mary Moffatt full age spinster Gobnascall. Father: James Moffatt farmer

Witnesses: George Moffatt & John Smullan

#43 May 31 1860

James Leeper full age bachelor farmer Ruskey, Parish of Raymochy. Father: Robert Leeper farmer


Sarah Baxter full age spinster Cloghroe, Parish of Convoy. Father: Henry Baxter farmer

Witnesses: Thomas A. Montgomery & Henry Oliver

#44 August 14 1860

Robert McAteer full age bachelor labourer Carrickbrack, Parish of Convoy. Father: John McAteer labourer


Margaret Jane Ashe minor spinster Greenhills, Parish of Raphoe. Father: Henry Ashe labourer

Witnesses: John McAteer & William Ashe

#45 February 7 1861

John Snodgrass full age widower labourer Trentabuoy. Father: John Snodgrass labourer


Eliza Frizzell full age spinster Artikelly. Father: John Frizzell farmer

Witnesses: David McAward & Robert Baxter

#46 May 29 1862

Thomas Barclay full age bachelor farmer Carrickbrack. Father: William Barclay farmer


Margaret Smullan full age spinster Knockegarron. Father: Robert Smullan farmer

Witnesses: George Moffatt & William Smullan

#47 November 18 1862

Robert Peoples full age widower labourer Agheygalt. Father: George Peoples farmer


Eliza Anderson full age spinster Magheranappin. Father: James Anderson labourer

Witnesses: Patrick Bonar & Martha A. Gregg

#48 December 31 1862

David Stewart full age bachelor gardener Horn Head, Parish of Clondehorky. Father: Charles Stewart farmer


Eliza Elliott full age spinster servant Convoy. Father: John Elliott farmer

Witnesses: James Stewart & Elizabeth Hastie

#49 October 13 1863

Samuel Gregg full age bachelor labourer Port Ballygraine [Parish of Leck] Father: John Gregg labourer


Anne Kincaide full age spinster Carrickbrack Father: William Kincaid miller

Witnesses: Robert Kincaid & Elizabeth Kincaid

#50 December 10 1863

William Ashe full age bachelor labourer Milltown, Convoy. Father: Edward Ashe sexton


Bridget Nelis full age spinster servant Milltown, Convoy. Father: Patrick Nelis labourer

Witnesses: William Barclay & Joseph Bell

#51 August 30 1864

Alexander Black minor bachelor labourer Magheranappin (Parish of Convoy). Father: John Black labourer


Mary Dunlop full age spinster Cavan (Parish of Clonleigh). Father: Charles Dunlop labourer

Witnesses: John Burke & Fanny Grames

#52 May 2 1865

Matthew Moffatt full age bachelor farmer Legfreshey [Parish of Upper Langfield, Co. Tyrone]. Father: Andrew Moffatt farmer


Margaret Moffatt full age spinster Gobnascale (Parish of Convoy). Father: James Moffatt farmer

Witnesses: George Moffatt & William Smullan

#53 May 11 1865

John Halliday junior full age bachelor labourer Augheygault. Father: John Halliday labourer


Sarah Carr full age spinster servant Augheygault. Father: Robert Carr tailor

Witnesses: Samuel Ramsay & William Ramsay

#54 October 10 1865

James Patton full age bachelor farmer Lettershamboe (Parish of Kilteevoge). Father: James Patton farmer


Mary Davis full age spinster Cloghroe (Parish of Convoy). Father: Charles Davis farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Ramsay & George Hume

#55 November 1 1865

William McAward full age widower labourer Priestown. Father: Richard McAward farmer


Rebecca Henderson full age spinster Dromkeen. Father: William Henderson farmer

Witnesses: Thos. A. Montgomery & Saml. Ramsay

#56 February 1 1866

John Ewing full age bachelor labourer Cloughroe. Father: Henry Ewing farmer


Fanny McGee full age spinster Cloghroe. Father: William McGee farmer

Witnesses: James Stuart & George Steen

#57 November 15 1866

John Snodgrass full age bachelor labourer Beltony (Parish of Raphoe). Father: John Snodgrass labourer


Ellen Kincaid full age servant Carrickbrack. Father: William Kincaid miller

Witnesses: Robert Kincaide & Robert McCullaugh

#58 September 5 1867

William James McCallin full age bachelor servant Greenhills, Parish of Raphoe. Father: Daniel McCallin constable of constabulary


Mary Orr minor spinster servant Carrickbrack, Parish of Convoy. Father: Matthew Orr steward

Witnesses: Henry McCool & Mary Jane Bell

#59 September 26 1868

John McCreery full age widower labourer Turnisk (Parish of Donoughmore). Father: John McCreery labourer


Sarah Ash full age spinster servant Carrickbrack (Parish of Convoy). Father: Henry Ash labourer

Witnesses: James Elliott & William John Harper

#60 December 14 1869

John McBeth full age bachelor journeyman carpenter Ballindrait, Parish of Clonleigh. Father: James McBeth carpenter


Ellen Peoples full age spinster servant Magheranappin, Parish of Convoy. Father: Robert Peoples labourer

Witnesses: George Peoples & Ann Black

#61 February 2 1871

Joseph Robb full age bachelor farmer District of Raphoe and Parish of Convoy. Father: William Robb farmer


Ellen McAward full age spinster District of Raphoe and Parish of Convoy. Father: Richard McAward farmer

Witnesses: Galbraith Thompson & Henry G. Wray

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