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Cappagh Church of Ireland, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Baptisms - 1820, 1825, 1826, 1839

Transcribed by Joan Hunter

1820, Cappagh Church of Ireland Baptisms:
Jas. s of Wm Peebles(?)   Casltown (no date - prior to 23 April 1820)
Arch s of Chas My??llow(?) McCarlow(?)   Lub???    23 April
Robt s of Jas McKELVEY   Racolpa                            Do
Mark s of James MILLER   Pharest?                         30 A
Fanny d of Jos ATTWELL   ---                                   Do
Jane d of John ?????     ?????                                  Do
Marjery d of Wm COOPER   Cunnyaran(?)              20 May
Ann d of Baxter SHAW   Eskerdowy                           Do
Jane d of Josh SMITH    Tirgariff?                        18? June

1825, Cappagh Church of Ireland Baptisms:
Name:  Father:  Residence:  Date:
Eliz. d of Thos WILLIAMS Tyrmurrty (1825) November 6
Dav?? s of James WALLER? Tantrymurry (1825 November) 27
Robt s of Robert CARSON Tattynure (1825) December 11
Robt s of John TALLMAN?  Crosh

1826, Cappagh Church of Ireland Baptisms:
Name:  Father:  Residence:  Date:

Isabella d of Tom BEATTY  of Dunmullin  1826 January 1st
Joseph son of Jos ATWELL  Belnamullin               "
John son of Alexander MOOR Carnony                 "
James s of Andrw ????  Tattynure            (1826 January) 8
Nanwiller??  s of David TIERNEY Tattynure          "
Math. s of James SMYTH Fecarry                       "

1839, Cappagh Church of Ireland Baptisms:
Date:  Birth:  Name:  Parents:  Surname:  Residence:  Occupation: 
June 9  May 19  John   Joseph & Mary   ORR   Renelly   Miller
June 9  May 17  Thomas  James & Elizabeth  GIBBONEY  Drumnakilly  Farmer
June 16  June 4  Hugh  Charles & Margareth  KELLY  Campsie  Cottier
June 16   June 15   Samuel   Joseph & Jane   ATWELL  Ballynamullin  Farmer
June 23  May 19  Eliza  John & Isabella  ROBINSON  Cammowen  Farmer