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Selected Marriages from the Registers of Aghaloo Parish Church, (Church of Ireland) Caledon, Co. Tyrone 1802-44

Transcribed from records microfilmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, where they may be consulted - PRONI Ref: MIC/1/326
Researched, extracted, transcribed and submitted by Josephine McBride (nee Henderson)

Formatted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Photo: Thanks to Bridgid Wilson



Date Details
August 17 1802 RICHARD WRIGHT of this parish to JANE HEATHERINGTON also of this parish by Banns
December 17 1802 ROBERT WRIGHT to JANE HEATHERINGTON both of this parish (duplicate or error in original?}
April 5 1804 THOMAS WILSON to JANE DUFFY both of this parish
November 5 1807 WILLIAM OLIVER of Lismullaghdown to MARY MOORE of Dunmacmay in Armagh Cathedral
November 8 1807 GEORGE HENDERSON of Glenkeen to JANE MERCER of Kennedys Hill, Tynan
June 14 1809 WILLIAM MARSHALL of Carrick to MARY MERCER of Finglush
October 7 1809 ANDREW J HAYNES, Esq., of Company A Corps of Wagoners granted? at Aghenis to MARY WRIGHT of Caledon
February 20 1812 NICHOLAS MERCER of Dromore to ELEANOR HALL of Curlagh/ Enagh?
September 2 1812 EDWARD BARNES? to PHOEBE WRIGHT both of Kilmore by Banns
October 24 1814 HENRY MERCER of Dromore to ELIZABETH WATT of Ballybay by Licence
October 24 1814 HENRY MERCER of Dromore to MARY HALL of Enagh by Licence
August 24 1825 PATRICK GRIMES of Lismullaghdown to ELIZABETH DAVIDSON by Licence
September 7 1825 JOHN OLIVER of Aughnasallagh to MARY JOHNSTON of Finglush
March 15 1826 ROBERT OLIVER of Enagh weaver to SARAH ROBINSON of same place by Licence and consent
July 24 1826 JAMES MARSHALL of Tanaghblane farmer to JANE OLIVER of Larakeen. Witness: ROBERT OLIVER
February 9 1827 GEORGE STOCKDALE of Rahaghny weaver to RACHEL HALL of Tullybleety by Licence. Witnesses: JOHN STOCKDALE & WILLIAM MORRISON
February 28 1827 THOMAS WRIGHT of Emyvale to AGNES WRIGHT of Caledon widow
July 26 1828 JAMES WILSON Mullinaul servant to JANE FAIRLEY of same by Licence and consent of parents
December 23 1828 ROBERT IRWIN a soldier 74th Regiment to MARY OLIVER of Enagh
November 15 1829 JAMES HUGHES of Enagh weaver to JANE OLIVER by Licence and consent of parents
February 15 1830 JAMES QUIN of Derrycourtin labourer to MARGARET COIN of Finglush by Licence and consent
March 5 1830 ROBERT GOUGH of Lisgilly, Derrynoose, Armagh farmer to JANE WRIGHT of Tullybleety
September 1831 HENRY OLIVER of Enagh to MARGARET MULLAN of Guiness by Licence and consent of parents
October 25 1831 JOHN QUIN of Finglush to ANNE MERCER of same
March 6 1832 MICHAEL GRIMES of Lisullaghdown to ANNE WILSON of Carrick by Licence and consent
May 6 1832 JOHN HADDON of Knockadrean weaver to LUCINDA DRUMOND Aughnacloy by Banns and consent
April 4 1834 WILLIAM HENDERSON of Dernabane, Carnteel to JANE VERNETT of Stagane by Licence
October 14 1834 JONATHAN MERCER of Finglush to ANNE MERCER of Dromore
November 7 1834 GEORGE EVINS of Keady, Caledon to SARAH ANNE WRIGHT of same by Licence
August 14 1837 WILLIAM WRIGHT of Caledon labourer to ELIZABETH CHAMBERS by Licence. Witness THOMAS WILSON
September 14 1837 ROBERT REA of Mullan carpenter to SARAH WILSON Dona?
October 30 1840 THOMAS WILSON of this parish to MARTHA KERR. Witnesses JAMES WILSON & WILLIAM KERR
September 3 1842 JOHN HUGHES Parish of Derrygatevny? to ISABELLA WILSON
June 28 1842 ANDREW WRIGHT to SARAH WRIGHT both of this parish, by licence. Witnesses: JAMES WRIGHT & JOHN WRIGHT
March 30 1843 HENRY OLIVER to ISABELLA WILSON both of this parish by licence and consent of parents. Witnesses: THOMAS WILSON & HUGH SLAVIN?
August 28 1844 ROBERT WHITESIDE of Bohard to MARY COLLINS Ednageragh by Licence