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Parishes (& churches) in the diocese of Armagh

Ardtrea, St. Andrew ,Desertcreat 
The Revd D.J. Bell Incumbent
Tullyhogue Rectory
50 Lower Grange Road
Cookstown, Co Tyrone
BT80 8SL
Tel:  (028) 8676 1163

Ballinderry, St. John, Tamlaght, St. Luke, Ardboe 
The Revd Canon H.J.W. Moore Incumbent
10 Brookmount Road
Coagh, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone
Tel:  (028) 7941 8255

Brackaville, Holy Trinity (Coalisland), Donaghendry, St. Patrick (Stewartstown), Ballyclog, St. Patrick
The Revd K.R.J. Hall Incumbent
Holy Trinity Rectory
82 Dungannon Road
Coalisland, Co. Tyrone
BT71 4HT
Tel:  (028) 8774 0243

Caledon, St. John, Brantry, Holy Trinity
The Revd D.B. Wilson Incumbent
36 Church Hill Road
Caledon, Co. Tyrone
Tel:  (028) 3756 8205

Carnteel, St. James (Aughnacloy),Crilly, St. George
The Revd W.R. Ferguson Incumbent
St. James' Rectory
22 Carnteel Road
Aughnacloy,Co Tyrone
BT69 6DU
Tel:  (028) 8555 7682

Clogherny, St. Patrick, Drumnakilly, Holy Trinity, Seskinore 
96 Church Road
Clogherny, Co. Tyrone
BT79 0SA
Tel:  (028) 8075 8219

Clonfeacle, St. Patrick, Derrygortreavy, St. Columba 
The Revd A.J. Parkhill Incumbent
4 Clonfeacle Road
Benburb, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone
BT71 7LQ
Tel:  (028) 3754 8239
Fax:  (028) 3754 8239

Derryloran, St. Luran (Cookstown) 
The Revd Canon R.J.N. Porteus Incumbent
13 Loy Street
Cookstown, Co. Tyrone
BT80 8PZ
Tel:  (028) 8676 2261
Fax:  (028) 8676 2261

Donaghmore Upper, St. Patrick,Donaghmore, St. Michael  
The Revd T.S. Forster Incumbent
St. Michael's Rectory
66 Main Street
Castlecaulfield, Dungannon, Co Tyrone
BT70 3NP
Tel:  (028) 8776 1214
Fax:  (028) 8776 9095

Drumglass, St. Anne (Dungannon), Moygashel
The Revd Canon F.D. Swann Incumbent
Drumglass Rectory
26 Circular Road
Dungannon,Co. Tyrone
Tel:  (028) 8772 2614
Errigle Keerogue, Ballygawley, Killeshill, St. Paul 
Richmond Rectory
24 Old Omagh Road
Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone
BT70 2AA

Kildress, St. Patrick, Altedesert
The Revd B.J.A. Cruise Incumbent
Kildress Rectory
6 Rectory Road
Kildress, Cookstown, Co Tyrone
BT80 9RX
Tel:  (028) 8675 1215

Killyman, St. Andrew  
The Revd S.R.T. Boyd Incumbent
St. Andrew's Rectory
85 Dungorman Road, Killyman, Dungannon
BT71 6SE
Tel:  (028) 8772 2500

The Revd R.H. Boyd Incumbent
Lissan Rectory
150 Moneymore Road
Cookstown, Co Tyrone
BT80 8PY
Tel:  (028) 8676 6112

Moy, St. James
The Revd D.I. Gillespie Incumbent
St. James' Rectory
37 The Square
Moy, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone
BT71 7SG
Tel:  (028) 8778 4312

The Revd Canon W.J.A. Dawson (A.M.) Non-stipendiary ministry
Coagh, Cookstown, Co Tyrone
BT80 0AB
Tel:  (028) 8676 2227 (O)
Fax:  (028) 8676 2227 (O)

Sixmilecross, St. Michael, Termonmaguirke, St. Columbkille 
The Rectory
104 Cooley Road
Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone
BT79 9DH
Tel:  (028) 8075 8218
Fax:  (028) 8075 7411
Tullanisken, Holy Trinity,  Clonoe, St. Michael 
The Revd Dr. E.M. Culbertson Incumbent
The Rectory
215 Brackaville Road
Newmills, Dungannon, Co Tyrone
BT71 4EJ
Tel:  (028) 8774 7154

                                                  Parishes in the diocese of Clogher

Aghalurcher,  (Colebrook)  Cooneen, Mullaghfad, All Saints,Tattykeeran
The Revd Canon R.T. Gillian  Incumbent
Colebrooke Rectory
8 Owenskerry Lane
Killarbran, Fivemiletown, Co Tyrone
BT75 0SP
Tel:  (028) 8953 1822
Fax:  (028) 8953 1822

Augher, Eskrahoole, Newtownsaville
 The Rectory
16 Knockmany Road
Augher,Co Tyrone
BT77 0DE
Tel:  (028) 8554 8008
Fax:  (028) 8554 8008

Clogher St. Macartan, Errigle, Portclare 
 The Deanery
10 Augher Road
Clogher, Co. Tyrone
BT76 0AD
Tel:  (028) 8554 8235
Fax:  (028) 8554 8235

Donacavey  (Fintona), Barr
The Revd F.G. Rutledge  Incumbent
The Rectory
247 Tattyreagh Road
Fintona Omagh,Co Tyrone
BT78 2DA
Tel:  (028) 8284 1644
Fax:  (028) 8284 1644

Dromore, Holy Trinity 
Revd T.K. Hanlon  Incumbent
19 Galbally Road
Dromore, Omagh,Co Tyrone
BT78 3EE
Tel:  (028) 8298 8300

Fivemiletown, St. John
The Revd Canon R.J. Riddel  Incumbent
St. John's Rectory
160 Ballagh Road
Fivemiletown,Co. Tyrone
BT75 0QP
Tel:  (028) 8952 1030

Kilskeery   - Trillick, Christ Church 
The Revd Canon W.J. Johnston  Incumbent
130 Kilskeery Road
Trillick,Omagh,Co Tyrone
Tel:  (028) 8956 1228

Tempo  & Clabby, St. Margaret
The Revd M.A. Armstrong  Incumbent
The Rectory
Clabby, Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone
BT75 0RD
Tel:  (028) 8952 1697

                                            Parishes in the diocese of Derry and Raphoe

Ardstraw, St. Eugene, Badoney Lower (Gortin), St. Patrick,Badoney Upper (Plumbridge),
St. Patrick Baronscourt,Greenan  

2 Bunderg Road
Co. Tyrone
BT78 4NQ
Tel:  (028) 8166 1342
Fax:  (028) 8166 1342

Camus - Juxta - Mourne (Strabane) 
The Revd G.S.A. Wilson Incumbent
The Rectory
Newtown Street, Strabane, Co Tyrone
BT82 8DW
Tel:  (028) 7188 2314

Cappagh, Lislimnaghan 
The Revd D.J. Quinn Incumbent
Erganagh Rectory
1 Erganagh Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone
BT79 7SX
Tel:  (028) 8224 2572

Derg ,Termonamongan
The Revd Canon W.P. Quill Incumbent
The Rectory
13 Strabane Road, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone
BT81 7HZ
Tel:  (028) 8167 1362

 Donagheady, St. James (Donemana)  
The Revd H.D.J. Ferry Incumbent
33 Longland Road
Donemana, Strabane,Co Tyrone
BT82 0PH
Tel:  (028) 7139 8017

Drumclamph,Clare, St. Andrew, Chapel-of-ease, Langfield Lower (Drumquin),Langfield Upper.
The Revd R.G. Keogh Incumbent
Drumclamph Rectory
70 Greenville Road, Castlederg, Co Tyrone
BT81 7NU
Tel:  (028) 8167 1433

Drumragh, St. Columba (Omagh),Mountfield 
The Revd W.A. Seale Incumbent
The Rectory
8 Mullaghmenagh Avenue
Omagh, Co Tyrone
BT78 5QH
Tel:  (028) 8224 2130

Edenderry, Clanabogan
The Revd R.W. Clarke Incumbent
Edenderry Rectory
91 Crevenagh Road
Omagh, Co Tyrone
BT79 0EZ
Tel:  (028) 8224 5525

Leckpatrick, St. Patrick, Dunnalong, St. John 
The Revd E.G. Bunting Incumbent
1 Lowertown Road
Strabane, Co Tyrone
BT82 0LE
Tel:  (028) 7188 3545

Urney, Christ Church,  Sion Mills, The Good Shephered 
The Revd D. Skuce Incumbent
112 Melmount Road
Sion Mills, Strabane, Co. Tyrone
BT82 9PY
Tel:  (028) 8165 8020