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A Religious Census of Termonmaguirk Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland - 1780

Courtesy of PRONI & the Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh
PRONI DIO/4/32/T/4/4
Transcription & Images by
Kevin Molloy, England
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada

A List of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Termont, Co. Tyrone taken in the year 1780.

524 house keepers of which 414 are Romans, 58 are Presbyterians and 52 are Protestants.

Original document is very well preserved written in black ink on thick paper. Actually counted over 560 names. (Note Termont aka Termon aka Termonmaguirk aka Carrickmore). Glebe lands supported the local (Church of Ireland) clergy. Some of the locations appear to extend outside the modern parish boundary.

Reproduced with kind permission from the Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland  and the Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh.


**Townlands includes original spelling with modern name in brackets when identified.

Please feel free to notify Jim McKane of transcription errors from the original images!

To view an image of the original document, click on the Image # shown, then proceed to that number in the slideshow. 


Aghigogan (Primates land)(Aghagogan)

Image #2

Surname Firstname Religion
Conaglan Peter Roman
Conaglan Thomas Roman
Judge Stephen Roman
Magarity James Roman
Maglown Thomas Roman
Magurk Mathew Roman
McGraty Patrick Roman
McGuiggan James Roman
McGurk Patrick Roman
McNamee Danl Roman
McSwiggan Edmund Roman
Mynah Phelomy Roman
Raferty Cormick Roman


Aghanree & Aughnaningh (Primates land)(Athenree & Aghnanereagh)

Image #2

Surname Firstname Religion
Conlan Hugh Roman
Conlan Samuel Roman
Daley Owen Roman
Divin Phelomy Roman
Donaghy Daniel Roman
Dorian John Roman
Dougherty Dennis Roman
McAnnullow Bryan Roman
McEleallin Cormack Roman
McElinny Michael Roman
McGloan Patrick Roman
Molloy Richard Roman
Sheare Daniel Roman


Aghnaglee (Lord Belmore's land)(Aghnaglea)

Image #??

Surname Firstname Religion
Anderson John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Dunn James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Raferty Arthur Roman
Raferty Hugh Roman
Raferty Peter Roman
Raferty Terance Roman


Aghnagregan (Primates land)(Aghnagreggan)

Image #3

Surname Firstname Religion
Gorman Elenor Roman
Higgins Teague Roman
Kelly Laurence Roman
MacElduff Henry Roman
McAnnally Arthur Roman
McAnnally Robert Roman
McCallan Edmond Roman
McCallan John Roman
McCallan Peter Roman
McGurk Patrick Roman
Toner Murtagh Roman


Altenagh (Primates land)(Altanagh)

Image #3

Surname Firstname Religion
Groogan Bryan Roman
Groogan Dominic Roman
Groogan James Roman
Groogan Phelin Roman
McCartan Hugh Roman
McGarity Daniel Roman
McGarity Phelin Roman


Brakey (Lord Belmore's land)(Bracky)

Image #4

Surname Firstname Religion
Colhoun John Church (of Ireland)
Colhoun Robert Church (of Ireland)
Colhoun William Church (of Ireland)
Donaghy Hugh Roman
Edie Thomas Meeting (Presbyterian)
Hazlet John Church (of Ireland)
Kyle Daniel Church (of Ireland)
Kyle John Church (of Ireland)
Kyle Robert Church (of Ireland)
Kyle Thomas Church (of Ireland)
Kyle William Church (of Ireland)
McAllenny William Roman
McAward Henry Roman
McAward Roger Roman
McCausland Alexander Church (of Ireland)
McCausland Alexander Church (of Ireland)
McChristal Harry Roman
McGlyn Bryan Roman
McTea John Meeting (Presbyterian)
McKelvey Robert Church (of Ireland)
Scott John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Scott William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Ward William Roman


Bencran (Lord Belmore's land)(Bancran)

Image #5

Surname Firstname Religion
Armstrong John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Donelly Edward Roman
Forgy James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Grescay James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Hasty Frank Meeting (Presbyterian)
Keady Joseph Meeting (Presbyterian)
Keady William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Kyle Robert Church (of Ireland)
McCausland Terence Church (of Ireland)
McFarland Willam Meeting (Presbyterian)
McSorly Patrick Roman
McSorly Roger Roman
Shields Owen Roman
Stars William Roman
Teague Terance Roman


Balintrain (Lord Belmore's land)(Ballintrain)

Image #6

Surname Firstname Religion
Campbell John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Campbell Samuel Meeting (Presbyterian)
Carr Benjammin Meeting (Presbyterian)
Christal John Roman
Clark Robert Meeting (Presbyterian)
Clarke Matthew Meeting (Presbyterian)
Donaghy Laurance Roman
Donelly Patrick Roman
Drummon William Church (of Ireland)
Laughran Peter Roman
Mallon Cormick Roman
McAlinny Neill Roman
McCloshney John Roman
McCloshney Owen Roman
McCristal John Roman
McKnelling Duncan Church (of Ireland)
McNamee Francis Roman
Rafferty James Roman
Rafferty Henry Roman
Rafferty William Roman
Rafferty   Roman
Timage Daniel Roman


Cloughfin (Mr Gorges land)(Cloghfin - west of Carrickmore)

Image #7

Surname Firstname Religion
Adwin Bryan Roman
Anderson James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Anderson John Church (of Ireland)
Anderson John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Anderson Ty Meeting (Presbyterian)
Anderson William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Atwell James Church (of Ireland)
Bell John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Carlisle Andrew Church (of Ireland)
Corr John Roman
Corr Patrick Roman
Corrason Barnard Church (of Ireland)
Dunlapp James Church (of Ireland)
Gibson James Meeting (Presbyterian)
McCollam Archibald Meeting (Presbyterian)
McCollister Patrick Roman
McCombs William Roman
McKnee John Roman
McNally Robert Meeting (Presbyterian)
Mullan Edward Roman
Mumnagh Luke Roman
Quigley Abraham Meeting (Presbyterian)
Teague Hugh Roman


Cavanreagh (Lord Belmores land)(Cavanreagh)

Image #8

Surname Firstname Religion
Brattan James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Doon John Roman
Hall Thomas Meeting (Presbyterian)
McAlleer Pattrick Roman
McCallion John Roman
McFarland John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Moore William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Moore William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Mynagh Patrick Roman
Nact Phelomy Roman
Ohagagan Owen Roman
Rockfort Alexander Roman


Cullagh (Lord Belmores land)(Cuillagh in Drumlester)

Image #8

Surname Firstname Religion
Cathere David Church (of Ireland)
Drummond Alexander Church (of Ireland)
McElione James Roman
McElione John Roman
McGurk Owen Roman
McKoagh John Roman
McKone Peter Roman


Cregan (Primates land)(Creggan)

Image #9

Surname Firstname Religion
Cond John Roman
Haghey Henry Roman
Harvey Dennis Roman
McCronny Peter Roman
McEteney Peter Roman
McEtinny Bryan Roman
McEtteny Roger Roman
McGowan Dennis Roman
McGowan Laurance Roman
McGowan Michael Roman
McGowan Robert Roman
McKernan Neill Roman
Oneagh James Roman
Quinn James Roman
Quinn Michael Roman
Tanney Edmond Roman


Copney (Primates land)(Copney)

Image #9

Surname Firstname Religion
McKernan Phelomy Roman
Mucklehatton Pattrick Roman


Cregandoosky (Primates land)(Creggandevesky)

Image #9

Surname Firstname Religion
Conlan Peter Roman
McCorry Owen Roman
McCorry Terence Roman
McCuchon John Roman
McEllione Michael Roman
McGarity Michael Roman
McGarity Phelomy Roman
McGurk Richard Roman
McGurk Turlogh Roman
Muckleduff Niall Roman
Terney Andrew Roman
Terney Dennis Roman



Carickmore (Primates land)(Carrickmore)

Image #10

Surname Firstname Religion
Dobbs Turlogh Roman
Donaghy James Roman
Duggan Terence Roman
Gormally James Roman
McAlroy Mathew Roman
McAnally Dominic Roman
McAnally Peter Roman
McConway Cormick Roman
McCrorry Frank Roman
McCrorry James Roman
McCrorry Owen Roman
McCrystal Owen Roman
McCullion John Roman
McKannily Phelomy Roman
McMahon Terence Roman
McThullogh Patrick Roman
Nugent James Roman
Nugent Patt Roman
Nugent Phelomy Roman
O’Donaghy Neill Roman
O’Donaghy Patrick Roman
O’Neill Daniel Roman


Cooly (Mr Lowry's land)(Cooley - near Six Mile Cross)

Image #11

Surname Firstname Religion
Clarke Thomas Meeting (Presbyterian)
Cromlish Thomas Roman
Donnally Neill Roman
McCauly Andrew Church (of Ireland)
McCauly William Church (of Ireland)
McCourt Turloch Roman
McDonald Alexander Roman
McFarland John Meeting (Presbyterian)
McCusker Felix Roman
Muckleduff James Roman
Orr Arthur Church (of Ireland)
Quigly James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Wallace Joseph Meeting (Presbyterian)
Wallace William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Watson Robert Meeting (Presbyterian)
Watson Samuel Meeting (Presbyterian)


Donmisk (Primates land)(Dunmisk)

Image #11

Surname Firstname Religion
Orr Patrick Meeting (Presbyterian)


Drumlister (Lord Belmores Land)(Drumlester)

Image #11

Surname Firstname Religion
Cunningham Terence Roman
Donaghy Phelomy Roman
Donnelly Phelomy Roman
Gormly Roger Roman
Hegney Arthur Roman
Hegney John Roman
Hegney Patrick Roman
McCrystall Hugh Roman
McGurk Sarah Roman
McKenna Arthur Roman
McKenna James Roman
McKenna Peter Roman
McSorly Arthur Roman
Nugent Edmond Roman
Rafferty Hugh Roman
Rafferty James Roman


Deroran (Lord Belomores Land)(Deroran - west of Carrickmore)

Image #12

Surname Firstname Religion
Alexander Samuel Church (of Ireland)
Dawley Phelomy Roman
Donnelly John Roman
Lammy George Meeting (Presbyterian)
Lyons John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Nugent Dennis Roman


Derore (Lord Belomores Land)(Derroar - north of Six Mile Town)

Image #12

Surname Firstname Religion
Calberry Michael Roman
Carr Arthur Roman
Carr Michael Roman
Cass James Roman
Coun William Church (of Ireland)
Donnelly Charles Roman
Donnelly John Roman
Galbraith James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Harvey Daniel Roman
Harvey Hugh Roman
Harvey Pat Roman
Hemphill Henry Meeting (Presbyterian)
Kelly Joseph Meeting (Presbyterian)
Martin Thomas Roman
Martin William Roman
McCuner Bryan Roman
McFadden Robert Church (of Ireland)
McKelvey Neal Meeting (Presbyterian)
Morrison John Roman
Turner John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Turner William Meeting (Presbyterian)


Drumduff (Lord Belmores Land)(Drumduff)

Image #13

Surname Firstname Religion
Kegney Laurance Roman
Kegney Patrick Roman
McCristal Daniel Roman
McCristal John Roman
McCristal Turlogh Roman
McCristal William Roman
McCullogh Cormick Roman
McFarland Catherine Meeting (Presbyterian)
McGaugy Andrew Roman
McMahon Glisnagh Roman
McSorley Owen Roman
Muklehanney Bryan Roman
Mynagh Patrick Roman
O'Connellly Con Roman
O'Connelly Ardall Roman
Sawyer Joseph Meeting (Presbyterian)
Sawyer Robert Meeting (Presbyterian)
Sharkey Chr. Roman
Teague Daniel Roman


Drunan (Lord Belmores Land)

Image #14

Surname Firstname Religion
Kyle Robert Church (of Ireland)
Kyle William Church (of Ireland)
McBride Arthur Roman
McCausland James Church (of Ireland)
McCristall Henry Roman


Drumnakilly (Lord Belmores Land)(Drumnakilly)

Image #14

Surname Firstname Religion
Campbell Richard Church (of Ireland)
Daley Michael Roman
Daley Patrick Roman
Donaghy Patrick Roman
McAlleer Cormick Roman
McConway Michael Roman
McElear Phelomy Roman
McMahon Joseph Roman
Nugent Charles Roman


Eskerbuge (Primates Land)Eskerbouy

Image #15 & 16

Surname Firstname Religion
Carr James Roman
Carr Santy Roman
Carr Terance Roman
Culverton Thomas Church (of Ireland)
Daley Arthur Roman
Daley Henry Roman
Daley Terence Roman
Dalley Neill Roman
Donnelly Arthur Roman
Gibney James Church (of Ireland)
Gibonee James Church (of Ireland)
McConway Michael Roman
McElear Daniel Roman
McFadden Robert Roman
McKelvey James Church (of Ireland)
McNamee Patrick Roman
Mynagh Michael Roman
Neill Francis Roman
Raferty Francis Roman
Raferty Neill Roman
Raferty Peter Roman
Raferty Terence Roman
Raferty Turlogh Roman
Scallon Owen Roman
Whorish Paddy Roman


Ennishettur (Primates land)

Image #15

Surname Firstname Religion
Donnelly John Roman
Donnelly Patrick Roman
Grogan Dominic Roman
Hughes Michael Roman
Kelly Arthur Roman
Kelly Patrick Roman
McCourt Henry Roman


Gortfin (Primates land)(Gortfin)

Image #16

Surname Firstname Religion
McConway Cormick Roman
McDonnell Edward Roman
McGarvey John Roman
McGuiggan James Roman
McVey Edmond Roman
Raferty Michael Roman
Raferty Peter Roman
Raferty Terance Roman
Waddle John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Watson Thomas Meeting (Presbyterian)


Glenninny (Primates Land)(Gleneeny)

Image #16

Surname Firstname Religion
Donelly Michael Roman
Donnelly Bryan Roman
McCrorry Francis Roman
McCrorry Patrick Roman
McCrorry Turlogh Roman
Mulhollan Bryan Roman


Grennagh (Lord Belmores Land)(Granagh)

Image #17

Surname Firstname Religion
Dally Hugh Roman
Dally Peter Roman
Mallon Thomas Roman
McKeagny Roger Roman


Lough McCrory & Legnisharmer (Primates Land)(Loughmacrory & Mullanmore)

Image #17

Surname Firstname Religion
Cullinan Stephen Roman
Cullinan Terence Roman
Donaghy Hugh Roman
Gormly Hugh Roman
McBride Terance Roman
McCarton Michael Roman
McChristall James Roman
McChristall John Roman
McCullogh Charles Roman
McElone Patrick Roman
McGraty James Owen Roman
Mynagh Teague Roman
Nugent Francis Roman
Toner Michael Roman


Mullinmore & Miltown (Primates Land)(Mullanmore & Loughmacrory)

Image #17

Surname Firstname Religion
Brown George Roman
Dawley Arthur Roman
Devlin Patrick Roman
Donelly Teague Roman
Frank James Roman
Marshall James Roman
McCartin Philip Roman
McConway Daniel Roman
McDonnell James Roman
McGoan Roger Roman
McGurk Frank Roman
McGurk James Roman
McGurk John Roman
Mucklehone James Roman
Mucklehone Paddy Roman
Muckllion Patrick Roman
Nugent Michael Roman
Raferty Daniel Roman
Raferty Owen Roman
Raferty Peggy Roman
Raferty Peter Roman
Rice Bryan Roman
Rice Daniel Roman
Shields P. Roman
Tanny Andrew Roman
Tanny Owen Roman


Ramakin (Ramackan)

Image #18

Surname Firstname Religion
Coyle Patrick Roman
Donaghy Patrick Roman
Hegney Edward Roman
Hoynes Arthur Roman
Hoynes John Roman
Hoynes Paddy Roman
Hoynes Peter Roman
Hoynes Peter Roman
Hoynes William Roman
Hughes James Roman
Kelly Peter Roman
McDade Hugh Roman
McKernan Daniel Roman
McKousker Philip Roman
McKousker Terence Roman
McMahon Arthur Roman
McMahon Condy Roman
McMahon Cullogh Roman
McMahon Michael Roman
McMahon Patrick Roman
McSwiggan Edmund Roman
McSwiggan Shane Roman
Muckleway John Roman
Raverty Daniel Roman
Sharkey Daniel Roman
Smith Andrew Meeting (Presbyterian)


Rullan (Lord Belmores Land)

Image #19

Surname Firstname Religion
Donaghy Edmond Roman
Hughes Bryan Roman
McCavill Peter Roman
Raferty James Roman
Sheals Bryan Roman


Sultin (Primates Land)(Sultan)

Image #19

Surname Firstname Religion
Conway Stephen Roman
Daley Peter Roman
Donaghy Henry Roman
Donaghy Owen Roman
Mallon Henry Roman
McElure James Roman
McGillan Owen Roman
McGoukin Arthur Roman
McGurk Simon Roman
McNamee Ferill Roman
Mucklear Bryan Roman
Raferty Matthew Roman


Slogan (Primates Land)(Sluggan)

Image #20

Surname Firstname Religion
Daley Frances Roman
Daley Patrick Roman
Donelly Lanty Roman
Donelly Terence Roman
Grogan Edward Roman
Magilly Laughlin Roman
McGarity Arthur Roman
McGarity Daniel Roman
McGarity Phelomy Roman
McGarity Thomas Roman
McGurk Arthur Roman
Rafety Patrick Roman


Six Mile Cross & Cess (Lord Belmores Land)(Sixmilecross & Sess[Liskincon])

Image #20

Surname Firstname Religion
Anderson James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Anderson William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Armstrong William Meeting (Presbyterian)
Colhoun Charles Meeting (Presbyterian)
Dickson Thomas Meeting (Presbyterian)
Espy John Meeting (Presbyterian)
Gibb Andrew Meeting (Presbyterian)
Halbert Joe Meeting (Presbyterian)
Hall Samuel Meeting (Presbyterian)
Kerr Alexander Church (of Ireland)
McCausland James Church (of Ireland)
Smith Andrew Meeting (Presbyterian)
Wright Alexander Meeting (Presbyterian)


Tandragee (Lord Belmores Land)(Tanderagee)

Image #21

Surname Firstname Religion
Harvy John Roman
McCanna Bryan Roman
McGraty William Roman
Neill Peter Roman
Raferty Frank Roman
Raferty James Roman
Raferty Laughlin Roman
Raferty Pat Roman


Tromogue (Primates Land)(Tremoge)

Image #21

Surname Firstname Religion
Mallagan Laughlin Roman
McAnally John Roman
McElinny John Roman
McGurk Richard Roman
Neill Terence Roman


Tonogan & Tyrooney (Primates Land)(Tonegan & Tiroony)

Image #21

Surname Firstname Religion
Anderson James Meeting (Presbyterian)
Brown William Church (of Ireland)
Carr Terence Roman
Clarke Thomas Roman
Dixon Alexander Meeting (Presbyterian)
Dorran Frank Roman
Drummond Margaret Roman
Drummond William Church (of Ireland)
Gormly Bryan Roman
Johnson Samuel Meeting (Presbyterian)
McClain John Church (of Ireland)
McConway Bryan Roman
McGrath Arthur Roman
McKelvey Robert Church (of Ireland)
Raferty William Roman
Rankin Matthew Roman
Rankin Thomas Roman
Watson John Meeting (Presbyterian)

A List of the Inhabitants on the Glebe Lands in the Parish of Termont


Ballybrack (Altdrumman)

Image #23

Surname Firstname Religion
Bradley Peter Roman
Calbraith Arthur Roman
Fox James Roman
Fox Owen Roman
Kelly Terence Roman
Kerr  Neill Roman
McCable Bryan Roman
McKenny Bryan Roman
Menagh Patrick Roman
Menagh Teague Roman


Barley Hill (Sultan or Aldrumman)

Image #23

Surname Firstname Religion
Donaghy Neill Roman
Kelly Daniel Roman
Kelly Owen Roman
Kelly Philip Roman
Muckallinny Ned Roman



Image #24

Surname Firstname Religion
Canna Patrick Church (of Ireland)
McCarty Philimmy Church (of Ireland)
Stewart John Church (of Ireland)


Cleggan Upper (Glaggan – Drumlester)

Image #24

Surname Firstname Religion
Donelly Phelomy Roman
Dowdell John Church (of Ireland)
Neill Charles Roman


Cleggan Lower (Glaggan – Drumlester)

Image #24

Surname Firstname Religion
Donaghy Henry Church (of Ireland)
McBride Patrick Roman
Molloy Daniel Roman


Dunmore Glenn

Image #24

Surname Firstname Religion
Burnet John Church (of Ireland)
Burnet Thomas Church (of Ireland)
Burnet William Church (of Ireland)



Image #25

Surname Firstname Religion
Donaghy Hugh Roman
Donaghy Neil Roman
Donaghy Peter Roman
Gorman Ned Roman


Glenn (Glen Upper)

Image #25

Surname Firstname Religion
Dobbs John Roman
Fox Daniel Roman
Gallagher Michael Roman
McGuiggan Neill Roman
McGuiggan William Roman
McGurk John Roman
McGurk Teague Roman
Raferty Phill Roman



Image #25

Surname Firstname Religion
Devlin Patrick Roman
Hughes Catherine Roman
Mahon John Roman
Mahon Neill Roman
Malone Michael Roman
McKernan Michael Roman
O’Dufty Neill Roman


Merchantstown (Merchantstown Glebe)

Image #25

Surname Firstname Religion
Donnelly Terence Roman
Fox Edward Roman
Kyle Aoly Church (of Ireland)
Nugent Phill Roman
Tanny Laughlin Roman
Tracey Owen Roman


Markett Cross (Altdrumman)

Image #26

Surname Firstname Religion
Dillion John Roman
Dillion Peter Roman
McKernan James Roman
McKernan John Roman
McKernan Owen Roman
McKernan Patrick Roman
Quinn Edward Roman


Mulinifee (Mulnafye)

Image #26

Surname Firstname Religion
Dobbs Lanty Roman
Duff Daniel Roman
Magillon John Roman
Magillon Peter Roman
McCullogh Paddy Roman



Image #26

Surname Firstname Religion
Donaghy Pat Roman
Donaghy Thomas Roman
Muckaleer Patrick Roman


Striff (Streefe Glebe)

Image #3

Surname Firstname Religion
Campbell John Church (of Ireland)
Campbell Alex Church (of Ireland)
Kyle Henry Church (of Ireland)
Currin James Roman


Upper Faransegar (Athenree)

Image #26

Surname Firstname Religion
Gormly Pat Roman
Gormly Roger Roman
McKanalla Frank Roman
Molloy Patrick Roman
Tanny Bryan Roman


Lower Faransegar

Image #26

Surname Firstname Religion
Carr Daniel Roman
Kernan Patrick Roman
Raferty Owen Roman
Raferty Phelomy Roman