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Longfield East & Longfield West Parishes Death Announcements 1833-68

Deaths recorded in Longfield East & Longfield West parishes, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL and LONDONDERRY STANDARD
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Death
April 6 1833 IRWIN. At Clover Hill, near Drumquin, on Sunday the 1st inst., MR. CHRISTOPHER IRWIN, aged 78
April 30 1833

STARS. Suddenly, by Apoplexy, at an advanced age, on Monday the 22nd inst., the REV. ARTHUR STARS, for upwards of 30 years Roman Catholic Pastor of the Parish of Longfield, in this County. He possessed the most exalted moral attributes, and his acts of benevolence were practiced indiscriminately without making the profession of the faith he ministered the passport to his bounty. He was an assiduous servant in the Vineyard of the Lord, practicing the principles he inculcated, ‘but his piety was unalloyed by superstition -- his learning by pedantry -- or his liberality by ostentation.

He was interred on Wednesday, in the burying-ground of the new Chapel, lately erected under his patronage in Longfield. His final return to the grave was witnessed by a vast assemblage of all denominations, who were anxious to testify their regret for his death, by attending his obsequies


March 9 1839 SANDERSON. On the 2nd inst., at his residence, in Drummeenea, near Drumquin, MR. ALEXANDER SANDERSON, aged 89 years
October 10 1840 WILKINSON. On the 1st inst., the REV. JOHN WILKINSON, Rector of the parish of Mevagh, aged 62 years. Mr. Wilkinson held the commission of the peace for the county of Tyrone, at Drumquin, for upwards of 16 years, up to the recent revision of the Magistracy
September 18 1841 BARTON. Recently, at Kilmore, near Drumquin, MICHAEL BARTON, aged 98 years. He was a man of a healthy constitution, and was only confined to bed a few days previous to his death. He was four times married, and his last wife, who died on the 8th inst., had completed her 87th year, and what is more remarkable, his father lived to the very advanced age of 105 years
October 30 1841 McCLANE. At his residence, in Claraghmore, near Drumquin, on the 22nd inst., after a protracted illness, MR. ALEXANDER McCLANE, aged 92 years. In all the relevant situations of husband, father and neighbour, he bore an excellent character
December 31 1842 MATHEWS. On the 6th inst., in the 46th year of her age, MRS. MATHEWS, the beloved wife of SURGEON MATHEWS, of Drumquin, leaving a disconsolate husband and an afflicted family to mourn her loss
January 28 1843 McCANNY. At Drumquin, on the 9th inst., in the 20th year of his age, of a tedious and painful illness, the REV. ANDREW McCANNY, late of the Irish community at Paris
April 27 1844 ARMOUR. On the 10th ult., the REV. SAMUEL ARMOUR, for 20 years, the Presbyterian Minister of Drumquin
April 5 1845 PILKINGTON. At his house in Richmond, 29th ult., the REV. JOSEPH PILKINGTON, for upwards of thirty years Rector of the Parish of Upper Langfield, Diocese of Derry
September 27 1845 MATHEWS. At Drumquin, on the 26th ult., in his16th year, after a short illness, ROBERT, youngest son of ROBERT MATHEWS, ESQ., M.D
January 9 1847 O'DOHERTY. At Garveyhullion, near Drumquin, on the 19th ult, aged 24 years, after a protracted illness, JOHN O'DOHERTY, second son of MR. DANIEL O'DOHERTY
June 7 1850 ANDERSON. On the 3rd, inst., at Strabane, Mary, relict of the REV. THOMAS ANDERSON, formerly Presbyterian Minister, of Drumquin, aged 86 years
September 3 1852 WOOD. On the 28th August, at Drumquin, aged 6 years and 5 months, JAMES, elder son of MR. JOHN WOOD, merchant
December 3 1852 SPROULE. On the 13th ult., at Kirlish House, near Drumquin, deeply regretted by all who knew her, MARIA, youngest daughter of the late ROBERT SPROULE, ESQ.
August 4 1854 BRADLEY. At Drumquin, on the evening of Wednesday, the 26th ult., MR. ALEXANDER BRADLEY, aged 74 years
June 11 1856 HARPUR [GRAHAM]. On the 5th inst., at her father's house, MR. JOHN GRAHAM, of Coolkeeragh, after a lingering illness, ANNE, the beloved wife of MR. JAMES HARPUR, of Drumquin, merchant, aged 31 years
December 5 1856 KING. On the 21st ult., at Langfield Rectory, the REV. GILBERT KING, aged 73, upwards of 44 years Rector of Lower Langfield Parish
March 12 1858 WOOD. On the 7th inst., James Johnston, son of MR. JOHN WOOD, Drumquin, aged 2 years
June 11 1858 WOOD. On Friday, the 4th inst., MR. JOHN WOOD, Postmaster, Drumquin, aged 39 years
February 11 1859 COLDWELL. On the 28th ult., at his residence, Drumrain, near Drumquin, MR. CHARLES COLDWELL, aged 68 years
February 11 1859 COLDWELL. At Drumrain, near Drumquin, on the 2nd inst., after a lingering illness, MR. JOHN COLDWELL, aged 48 years, son to MR. THOMAS COLDWELL, of same Place
September 30 1859 LEATHEM. September 14, ALBERT VALENTINE, son of the REV. MOSES LEATHEM, of Upper Langfield, aged nearly five years
November 2 1860 KING. October 22, at Turin, Italy, after a short illness, EMILY, fourth daughter of the late REV. GILBERT KING, Langfield Rectory, Tyrone
July 19 1861 McCORMICK. On the 10th July, at Carncoran, near Castlederg, in the house of her daughter, MRS. SPROULE, MARY, the relict of the late MR. JOHN McCORMICK, of Cooel, near Drumquin, at the advanced age of 105 years
March 14- 1862 DAVIS. February 12, HUGH DAVIS, ESQ., of Alleghany, Pa., a native of Langfield, Tyrone
January 9 1863 SPROULE. December 19, at his residence, Philadelphia, U.S., WILLIAM W. SPROULE, ESQ., merchant, third son of OLIVER SPROULE, ESQ., Cooel, Drumquin, county Tyrone, in the 38th year of his age
February 6 1863 SPROULE. January 29, MARGARET, the beloved wife of WALLACE SPROULE ESQ., M.D., Drumquin, in the 50th year of her age
March 17 1863 RAMSAY. March 11, after a short illness, ELIZA, wife of MR. CHARLES RAMSAY, Drumshambo, near Drumquin
May 19 1863 O’NEILL. April 28, in New York, MR. EDWARD O'NEILL, native of the Parish of Longfield, county Tyrone, aged 25 years
June 5 1863 O’KANE. May 28, at the residence of her mother, Alice, second daughter of MRS. CATHERINE O'KANE, Drumquin, county Tyrone, at the early age of 19 years
September 4 1863 MINNAUGH. August 11, at Astoria, L.I., United States, MR. MICHAEL MINNAUGH, a native of the Parish of Longfield, county Tyrone, in the eightieth year of his age
October 28 1864 KING. October 22, at the Wardwick, Derby, CHARLOTTE, widow of the late REV. GILBERT KING, for many years Rector of Langfield, Omagh, county Tyrone
November 11 1864 BOYLE. On the 8th November, of typhus fever, caught in the discharge of his duties, the REV. PATRICK BOYLE, C.C., Langfield, county Tyrone, Diocese of Derry
January 22 1867 O’DOGHERTY. January 15, at the residence of her husband, aged 69 years, JANE, the beloved wife of MR. DANIEL O'DOGHERTY, of Garvaghullion, near Drumquin
June 14 1867 STACK. On the 8th June, at Lower Langfield Rectory, OLIVIA, eldest child and only daughter of the REV. THOMAS LINDSAY STACK, aged 9 years and 7 months
August 6 1867 SPROULE. July 3, at the Island of Tobago, near Panama, of yellow fever, JAMES SPROULE, ESQ., Surgeon, H.M.S. Scout, son of the late ROBERT SPROULE, ESQ., Kirlish House, Drumquin
August 16 1867 JOHNSTON. May 19, at his residence, Woodend, near Melbourne [Australia], in the prime of life, MR. ARTHUR JOHNSTON, son of the late MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, Drumquin
April 28 1868 HILL. April 17, at her father's residence, Upper Langfield, MARY, the beloved daughter of JOHN HILL, ESQ., aged 15 years
June 11 1869 STACK. June 8, of measles, at Lower Longfield Rectory, CHARLES BAGOT, third son of the REV. THOMAS LINDSAY STACK
July 6 1869 FORSYTH. June 29, at the residence of her daughter, Drumquin, county Tyrone, MADGE, wife of the late SERGEANT JAMES FORSYTH, formerly of Londonderry
July 28 1868 SPROULE. July 21, at Drumquin, county Tyrone, of apoplexy, WALLACE SPROULE, ESQ., M.D., Medical Attendant of Omagh and Castlederg Dispensary Districts, aged 57 years