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Faughanvale Parish, Eglinton, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland Death Announcements 1830-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


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Date Death
Jun 12 1830 JONES. On the 31st ult., at Upper Campsey, county Londonderry, Miss Mary Jones, aged 52 years
Apr 7 1832 LIVINGSTON. On Friday, the 30th ult., at Carrickhugh, aged 60, Sarah, the wife of Mr. Samuel Livingston, after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude. She was an eminent pattern of conjugal and social virtue, and died sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who had the happiness of her acquaintance
Feb 21 1835 COWAN. On Wednesday last, at Greenan, aged 18 years, William, eldest son of John Cowan, Esq.
Dec 19 1835 LECKY. On the morning of the 16th inst., Mary Ann, infant daughter of Thomas Lecky, of Coolafinny, Esq.
Jun 25 1836 WEST. At Coolafinny, on the 16th inst., Dr. James West
Feb 18 1837 CALDWELL. At Ligg on the 11th inst., William Caldwell, aged 72 years
Feb 18 1837 ELDER. At Ligg, Ann Elder, wife of the late Rev. H. Elder, Presbyterian Minister, aged 90 years
Jan 28 1843 HYNDMAN. Yesterday morning, after a few day's illness, in the 79th year of his age, Mr. James Hyndman, of Carnimuff, for many years a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Faughanvale, county Derry
Mar 16 1844 LITTLE. On the 4th inst., at his father's residence, George, son of Mr. L. Little, of Coolafinney
Aug 15 1846 DUDDY. On the 4th inst., Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. William Duddy, Carnakilly
Oct 17 1846 CHRISTIE. At Muff, county Derry, on the 15th inst., the Rev. James Christie, curate of the parish of Faughanvale
Dec 5 1846 CAMPBELL. On the 19th ult., at Falloward, Mr. Joseph Campbell, aged 33 years, gardener to the Templemoyle Seminary
Apr 3 1847 MCELVENNY. On the 26th ult., at Newport, County Tipperary, in the prime of life, Sub Constable John, youngest son of Mr. Alexander McElvenny, of Carmoney, county Londonderry
May 15 1847 MCILHATTON. On the 28th ult., at Carnamuff, Parish of Faughanvale, aged 83 years, Mr. Samuel McIlhatton. He was one of the oldest members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in this district
Jul 3 1847 COLE. On the 27th ult., in the 61st year of her age, at Campsey, county Londonderry, after a protracted illness, Winifred, the beloved wife of Sergeant Cole
Oct 2 1847 MAHON. On Wednesday last, an inquest was held at Longfield, parish of Faughanvale, on the body of Andrew Mahon, who was said to have belonged to Garrison, in the county of Fermanagh, and who had met his death by the falling in of a portion of the embankment on which he had been employed as a labourer. After a careful investigation of the circumstances, a verdict of "accidental death" was returned by the coroner
Oct 23 1847 MOORE. On the 17th inst., Samuel E. Moore, son of the Rev. Marshall Moore, of Faughanvale
Nov 6 1847 CLARKE. October the 23rd, at Greenan, the residence of her brother in law, John Cowan, Esq., Isabella, relict of the late William Clarke, Esq., Lifford [Co. Donegal]
Dec 24 1847 COLE. At his residence, Campsie, near Londonderry, on the 16th inst., Sergeant Patrick Cole, for upwards of 30 years proprietor of a respectable hotel on the road leading from Derry to Newtownlimavady
Jun 3 1848 HEMMING. On Thursday, the 25th ult., at Bristol, in his 16th year, George Henry Hemming, third son of Samuel Hemming, Esq., of Campsie, Londonderry
Aug 12 1848 MOORE. At Coolafinny, on the morning of the 14th inst., the Rev. Marshall Moore, Presbyterian Minister of Faughanvale, in the 50th year of his age, and the 29th of his ministry
Jan 27 1849 DUDDY. On the 19th inst., Mr. William Duddy, of Carnakilly, aged 80 years
Mar 17 1849 COWAN. On the 2nd inst., Elizabeth, wife of the late Mr. Oliver Cowan, Derryarkin, in the 58th year of her age
Mar 31 1849 MOORE. At Glenbrook, county Antrim, on the 21st inst., Mr. William Moore, third son of the late Rev. Marshall Moore, of Faughanvale, aged 21 years
May 19 1849 COLE. On Monday, the 7th inst., of consumption, Emily, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Patrick Cole, Campsie, aged 26 years
May 26 1849 CRAIG. On Tuesday, the 22nd inst., at Kilnappy, Sarah, relict of the late Mr. Richard Craig, aged 72
Aug 24 1849 ELLY. At Ballybrisland, parish of Faughanvale, at the advanced age of 106, Mary Elly. The deceased retained all her faculties to the last
Jun 21 1850 ROSS. On the 12th inst., at Tullanee, parish of Faughanvale, Mr. Richard Ross, in the 35th year of his age
May 17 1850 CALDWELL. On the 7th inst., of dysentery, Mary Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. James Caldwell, of Killylane, county Derry
Sep 19 1851 JONES. On Saturday morning, the 13th inst., at Campsey, Mr. Robert Jones, aged 25 years
Jan 23 1852 JONES. On the 17th inst., at Campsie, William Jones, Esq., Lieutenant of the Londonderry Militia
Sep 30 1853 GOULD. At Lower Campsie, on Wednesday, the 28th inst., Mr. William Gould, contractor, aged 38 years
May 5 1854 JAMESON. At Ballygudden, Parish of Faughanvale, on Wednesday morning, 3rd inst., Jane, relict of the late Mr. James Jameson
Jul 6 1855 MOORE. On Tuesday, the 26th ult., at Glenbrook, county Antim, of inflammation, Mr. John M.E. Moore, son of the late Rev. Marshall Moore, of Faughanvale
Feb 8 1856 MORRISON (BIGGAR). January 16th, at Brooklyn, New York, Ann Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Morrison, and daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Biggar, Greysteel, county Derry
May 23 1856 WILSON. At Carrickhugh, on the 14th inst., Leah, the beloved wife of Mr. William Wilson
May 23 1856 COWAN. On the 15th inst., at Greenan, John Cowan, Esq., aged 76
Sep 5 1856 COCHRAN. In Brooklyn, United States, on Friday, August 15, of effusion of the brain, John Cochran, Esq., M.D., aged 30 years, second son of Mr. George Cochran, of Killylane, county Londonderry
Sep 19 1856 GALBRAITH. On the 9th inst., at Mobuoy, near this City, Mr. Samuel Galbraith, aged 81 years
Dec 26 1856 SMYTH. On the 21st inst., at Longfield, Muff, after a lingering illness, Martha, the beloved wife of Mr. John Smyth, in her 65th year
Jan 16 1857 CRAIG. On the 14th inst., at Falloward, Mr. James Craig, aged 77 years
Feb 27 1857 GALBRAITH. At Derryarkin, on the 13th inst., Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Mrs. E. Galbraith, Mobuoy, aged 10 years
Jul 31 1857 COWAN. On the 13th inst., at Greenan, county Derry, Mary, relict of the late John Cowan, Esq.
Jul 1 1859 MCCOLLUM. On the 21st June, at Coolafinny, Eglinton, Mr. Hugh McCollum, aged 80 years
Jul 22 1859 GUTHRIE. July 14, at his father's residence, Greysteel, Mr. John Guthrie, medical student, aged fifteen years
Nov 11 1859 MICHAELS. On the 8th inst., at Moneybuoy, near Eglinton, after a protracted illness, John, son of Mr. John Michaels, aged 21 years
Mar 30 1860 CALDWELL. March 23, at Killylane, after a long and tedious illness, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late James Caldwell, Esq.
Jul 20 1860 MURRAY. July 12, at his residence, Greysteel, Mr. John Murray, aged 90 years
Sep 7 1860 HUGHES. August 26, at Eglinton, county Derry, the Rev. Mr. Hughes, P.P.
Nov 30 1860 BIGGER. November 24, at his residence, Greysteel, Mr. Alexander Bigger, aged 52 years
Jan 25 1861 GILFILLAN. January 23, Falloward, Mr. Robert Gilfillan, aged 80 years
Feb 8 1861 DUNLOP. On the 28th January, at Whitehill, Eglinton, Mr. Joseph Dunlop, aged 48 years
Feb 15 1861 BEGGS. On the 9th February, in Lower Campsie, Mr. William Beggs, aged 60 years
Apr 19 1861 GUTHRIE. April 14, at his residence, Greysteel, Mr. Henry Guthrie, aged 85 years
Dec 6 1861 MOORE. November 30, at the Ulster Bank, Strabane, Jane Maria, relict of the late Rev. Marshall Moore, Faughanvale
Dec 13 1861 HYNDMAN. December 9, at Greysteel, Mary, wife of Mr. James Hyndman, aged 66 years
Jun 27 1862 ORR. June 25, at Ligg, Mr. Joseph Orr, sen., aged 82 years
Apr 4 1862 WEMYSS [WILLIAMS?]. March 30, at her father's residence, Campsie, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. James Wemyss [Williams?], aged 22 year
Aug 1 1862 QUIN. July 30, at Campsey House, the residence of her father, Christina, the beloved daughter of John Quin, Esq., aged 13 years. Her remains will be removed for interment to Eglinton burying-ground, on Saturday morning, August 2, at ten o'clock
Sep 12 1862 BURNSIDE. September 9, at Eglinton, Derry, James Burnside, Esq., surgeon, R.N., aged 73 years
Jan 2 1863 WHITE. June 30, at Petersburg, Virginia, of disease of the chest, the Rev. Marshall Moore White, son of the late Mr. Robert White, Artigoran, Ballymoney, and nephew of the late Rev. Marshall Moore, Faughanvale
Apr 24 1863 COYLE. April 22, at his father's residence, Carmoney, Samuel Coyle, aged 22 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Eglinton burying-ground, on this, Friday, morning, at ten o'clock
Sep 15 1863 CALDWELL. September 3, at his residence, Killylane, Mr. James Caldwell, aged 79 years
Oct 9 1863 JAMIESON. October 8, at her brother's residence, Clooney Terrace, Maggie Jamieson, aged 19 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in Eglinton churchyard, on Saturday, the 10th inst., at two o'clock p.m.
Feb 23 1864 GOLIGHER. February 19, at her residence, Eglinton, Jane, aged 50 years, the beloved wife of Mr. James Goligher
Aug 26 1864 MCKEOWN. On the 23rd August, at Faughanvale Glebe, Mr. John McKeown, aged 76 years
Mar 22 1864 ROULSTON. March 18, at Eglinton, Mr. David Roulston, aged 82 years
Apr 8 1864 MCLAUGHLIN. On the 7th April, at her son's residence, Waterside, Londonderry, Mrs. Mary McLaughlin, aged 66 years. Her remains will be removed from the Roman Catholic Chapel, Waterside, for interment in Faughanvale burying ground on Saturday morning, the 9th inst., at ten o'clock
Jun 7 1864 COWAN. On the 29th May, at his residence, Derryarkin, Mr. Samuel Cowan, aged 80 years
Jul 29 1864 CRAIG. On the 25th July, at Carrickhugh, infant daughter of Mr. James Craig, aged 6 days
Jul 29 1864 CRAIG. On the 24th July, at Carrickhugh, Nancy, wife of Mr. James Craig, aged 32 years
Aug 26 1864 MALSEED. August 23, at his father's residence, Ballygudden, Mr. Thomas Malseed, aged 16 years
Aug 26 1864 MCKEOWN. On the 23rd August, at Faughanvale Glebe, Mr. John McKeown, aged 76 years
Dec 6 1864 KIRKPATRICK. December 2, at Donneybrewer, suddenly, of disease of the heart, Mr. David Kirkpatrick, aged 57 years
Dec 9 1864 FAIRLY. December 3, at Eglinton, Robert Fairly, Esq., aged 84 years.
Feb 14 1865 CRAIG. On the 12th February, at Kilnappy, Mr. John Craig, sen., aged 96 years
Feb 17 1865 IRWIN. On the 15th February, at the residence of his father, Edward, fourth son of Mr. Joseph Irwin, Carrickhugh, aged 19 years
Jun 6 1865 JONES. June 1, at his residence, Campsie, John Jones, aged 96 years
Jun 9 1865 THOMPSON. June 4, of scarletina, at Coolagh, Martha Jane, the beloved daughter of Mr. William Thompson, station master, Londonderry and Coleraine Railway, aged three years and seven months
Sep 12 1865 RILEY. August 3, at Boston, U.S. America, Mr. Robert Riley, formerly of Whitehill, county Derry, aged 32 years
Oct 17 1865 JONES. October 16, at her residence, Campsie, Elizabeth, relict of the late John Jones, Esq.
Feb 16 1866 MCDERMOTT. On the 12th February, at Carrickhugh, Elizabeth McDermott, aged 64 years
May 18 1866 ROSS. On the 14th May, at his residence, Greysteel, Mr. John Ross, aged 85 years, for many years ruling elder in the Faughanvale Presbyterian Church
Oct 9 1866 TEDLIE. On the 8th October, at Buxton, Derbyshire, Lieutenant Colonel Tedlie, of Ballyowen House, Londonderry. His remains will be removed from his late residence, Ballyowen, for interment in Eglinton Burying Ground, on Saturday morning, the 13th inst., at ten o'clock
Nov 2 1866 COCHRANE. Oct 28, at her late residence, Coolagh, Mary Cochrane, aged 73 years
Nov 6 1866 CURRY. November 1, at his residence, Greenan, Andrew Curry, aged 52 years
Nov 27 1866 LOGAN. November 20, at her father's residence, Gortagerty, Jane Elder, second daughter of Mr. John Logan, aged 15 years
Jan 11 1867 DUNLOP. On the 8th January, at her residence, Whitehill, Rebecca Dunlop, aged 21 years
Feb 22 1867 TEDLIE. February 17, at her residence, Magheramore, Elizabeth Tedlie, aged 57 years
Feb 26 1867 MCKEEVER. February 1, at Philadelphia, Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas McKeever, Campsey, aged 18 years
Mar 5 1867 SMYTH. February 26, at Longfield, James Smyth, aged 36 years
Jun 4 1867 YOUNG. May 29, Mr. James Young, Bolea, Faughanvale, aged 65 years
Jun 14 1867 WILSON. June 8, at Kilnappy, Mr. James Wilson, aged 50 years
Jul 5 1867 PORTER. On the 23rd June, at his residence, Eglinton, William Porter, aged 62 years
Sep 17 1867 CRAIG. September 11, at Kilnappy, Mrs. John Craig, aged 64 years
Dec 3 1867 DEVENNY. November 28, at Carrickhugh, Faughanvale, Thomas Devenny, aged 89 years
Dec 6 1867 FERGUSON. November 27, at her late residence, Killylane, Margaret Ferguson, aged 73 years
Jan 14 1868 DUNN. January 6, at her residence, Faughanvale, Elizabeth Dunn, aged 79 years
Jun 5 1868 JONES. June 2, at her residence, Campsie, Letitia Jones, aged 55 years
Jun 16 1868 THOMPSON. June 12, at her father's residence, Mobuoy, Anne Thompson, aged 22 years
Jun 23 1868 DUNN. June 18, at his residence, Coolagh, Faughanvale, Mr. John Dunn, aged 45 years
Aug 7 1868 BIGGER. August 8, at her residence Laraghaleas, Elizabeth Bigger, aged 70 years
Dec 24 1868 THOMPSON. December 19, at her residence, Donneybrewer, Sarah Thompson, aged 91 years
Dec 29 1868 JACKSON. December 24, at Blackhill, Faughanvale, David, son of John Jackson, aged 12 years
May 4 1869 GALBRAITH. April 24, at his residence, Drumancony, Eglinton, Mr. James Galbraith, aged 87 years
May 28 1869 THOMPSON. May 25, at her father's residence, Mobuoy, Jane Thompson, aged 29 years
Jul 20 1869 GILLESPIE. July 15, at his residence, Longfield, Eglinton, Mr. Henry Gillispie, aged 52 years
Aug 6 1869 CONROY. July 31, the Rev. John Conroy, Incumbent of Faughanvale
Aug 27 1869 MONTGOMERY. August 26, at his residence, Glebe, Eglinton, Mr. William Montgomery, aged 72 years, for a period of 40 years, parish clerk of Eglinton Church
Nov 2 1869 MCFEELY. October 28, at her residence, Cloghole, Mary McFeely, aged 60 years
Dec 21 1869 NUTT. Dec. 17, suddenly, Mr. John Nutt, carter, Carrickhugh, Ballykelly, aged 66 years

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