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Drumragh Parish (including Omagh) Death Announcements 1822-49

Deaths recorded in Drumragh parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Death
May 14 1822 BUCHANAN. At Omagh, on Tuesday the 30th ult. in the 71st year of her age, much regretted, MRS. SARAH BUCHANAN, relict of the late JOHN BUCHANAN. She experienced, during her illness, and in the immediate prospect of dissolution, eminent support from that Almighty Saviour, in whose spotless obedience she confined for acceptance with God
November 4 1823 HOUSTON. On the 14th ult. at Mount Pleasant, near Omagh, MRS HOUSTON, wife of THOMAS HOUSTON, ESQ.
August 10 1824 WILSON. On the 5th instant at Omagh, after a short illness, DANIEL WILSON, ESQ., an upright and independent Magistrate for the county Tyrone. The closing of the shops, and suspension of all business in the town, as soon as the melancholy event became known, with the concourse of persons that accompanied his remains to the grave, may be deemed a sufficient tribute of the estimate he was held in when alive; and now afford some consolation to his afflicted family and friends
April 18 1826 SCOTT. April 9, near Omagh, after a long and painful illness, ANNE, wife of CHARLES SCOTT, ESQ deservedly regretted
March 27 1830 WALLACE. In Omagh, on Thursday week, MR. HAMILTON WALLACE, aged 52 years, long postmaster of that town
April 24 1830 McARTHUR. On Friday, the 16th instant, in his 19th year, JOHN McARTHUR, ESQ., student of Trinity College, Dublin and classical lecturer at the Feinaglian Institution. He was born in Ardstraw, the son of the REV. JOHN McARTHUR, Methodist Preacher, now resident at Omagh
May 15 1830 CATHER. At Omagh, on the 23rd ult., MR. JOHN CATHER, merchant
October 19 1830 SPILLER. At Omagh, on Wednesday morning last, in the 64th year of his age, JOHN SPILLER, ESQ. Clerk of the Peace for the County of Tyrone
October 8 1831 NICKOLL (CARPENDALE) On Wednesday week, the 28th ult., at Mullaghmore, county Tyrone, JANE, wife of CAPTAIN THOMAS NICKOLL, of the 90th Light Infantry, and daughter of the late REV. THOMAS CARPENDALE, of the city of Armagh
October 29 1831 GUY. At Omagh, on Thursday, the 20th inst., MR. GUY, of Dromore. Deceased had been attending the Sessions, when he fell down in the street, and died
November 5 1831 SMYLY. On the 29th ult., at his residence, at Camus, in the 84th year of his age, ROBERT SMYLY, ESQ., formerly of Omagh
February 18 1832 SPROULE. At Stroancarbadagh, near Omagh, on the 9th inst., OLIVER SPROULE, ESQ., aged 85 years, beloved and respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance
April 7 1832 BOLAND. At Omagh, on the 29th ult., in the 21st year of his age, JOHN BOLAND, ESQ., late student of T.C.D., and eldest son of CHRISTOPHER BOLAND, ESQ.
June 16 1832 CLARKE. On Tuesday, 5th inst., MR. EPHRAIM CLARKE, of Omagh, aged 49 years
August 11 1832 GREER. In Omagh, on Wednesday night last, after a tedious and severe illness, aged 12 years, ISABELLA, second daughter of DAVID GREER, ESQ.
December 29 1832 ROGERS. On the 19th inst., at Riverland Glebe, near Omagh, the residence of his grandfather, the Very Rev. the Dean of Cork, JOHN CLARKE ROGERS, eldest son of the REV. SAMUEL G. ROGERS, after a tedious illness, at the age of 16
May 4 1833 HAMILTON. At Omagh, on the 13th ult., MRS. MARY HAMILTON, aged 60 years, relict of the late ROBERT HAMILTON, ESQ., SEN.
May 4 1833 ANDREWS. In Omagh, on the 15th ult., MR. DAVID ANDREWS, merchant, aged 46 years, after a protracted illness
December 14 1833 HAMILTON. At Omagh, on Wednesday last, the 11th inst, aged 20 years, ALEXANDER, second son of DR. HAMILTON, of that Town
December 17 1833 HAMILTON. At Omagh, on Wednesday last, the 11th inst. aged 28 years, ALEXANDER, second son of DR. HAMILTON, of that town. This fine young gentleman was cut off by that fell destroyer of youth, consumption, contracted during his collegiate course for the medical profession; the disease had so far taken hold of its victim, ere it was known to his friends, that it could not be arrested by the most skilful treatment. For a considerable time past he was perfectly conscious of his near approach to the world of spirits, he was well prepared for the awful change, and died in the full hope of eternal life through the atonement of the only Mediator between God and man, our Saviour Jesus Christ
December 21 1833 SCOTT. On the 19th inst., at his residence near Omagh, aged 77, CHARLES SCOTT, ESQ., SEN., the oldest Magistrate in Tyrone
February 15 1834 HARKIN. In Omagh, on Tuesday morning last, very suddenly, MR. JAMES HARKIN, merchant, aged 28 years
April 19 1834 ROBINSON. In Omagh, on Monday evening last, of cholera, SARAH, wife of MR. JOHN ROBINSON, printer and bookseller. Her husband and six small children are left to deplore their irreparable loss
April 22 1834 ROBINSON. In Omagh, on Monday evening se’nnight, SARAH, wife of MR JOHN ROBINSON, Printer and Bookseller. She had been confined about ten days before, but was about perfectly recovered, and was quite well on Saturday, but on the evening of that day she took suddenly ill and the next she was a corpse - a victim to that most mysterious disease, cholera. In every relation of life MRS ROBINSON was beloved and esteemed. The respect in which she was held in Omagh will be best known by the fact, that on the moment her death was make known every shop in the town was closed, and they were kept so until after her funeral. Her husband and six small children are left to deplore their irreparable loss, in the death of a most loving wife, and the fondest and best of mothers
November 29 1834 MAXWELL. At Omagh, last week, THOMAS MAXWELL, ESQ., Surgeon of the county of Tyrone Infirmary
January 10 1835 ROBINSON. In Omagh, on Tuesday morning, MR. JOHN ROBINSON, printer and bookseller. It will be recollected that MRS. ROBINSON fell a victim to cholera about a year ago. He was a most affectionate husband and father and his death is the more deplored that he has left behind him a very small and helpless family
June 6 1835 BARNHILL. Very suddenly, in Omagh, on Sunday last, MR. JOHN BARNHILL, He has left behind him a widow and large family
October 31 1835 HAMILTON. At the house of her brother in law, DR. HAMILTON, of Omagh, MRS. HAMILTON, ESQ., relict of the late DAVID HAMILTON, of Aughnacloy, aged 62 years
December 19 1835 BERWICK. Very suddenly, at Omagh, on Friday night last, MR. JOHN BERWICK, printer, aged 32 years
April 9 1836 AUCHINLECK. On Wednesday evening last, ALEXANDER THOMAS, the infant son of DANIEL AUCHINLECK, ESQ., of Omagh
April 16 1836 QUIN. In Omagh, on Sunday morning last, MRS. QUIN, relict of the late PETER QUIN, ESQ
July 23 1836 LETTS. In Omagh, on Thursday, the 14th inst., of decline, JOSEPH, eldest son of MR. ROBERT LETTS, architect, in the 20th year of his age, following the profession of his father
August 6 1836 CATHER. At Omagh, on Sunday, 30th July, aged 73, WILLIAM CATHER, ESQ., late Surgeon of the Royal Navy
August 6 1836 CRANFIELD. At Omagh, on the 29th July, of inflammation of the lungs after a short illness, WILLIAM JOHN CRANFIELD, ESQ., Chief Constable of Police, aged 21 years. He was the son of the REV. JOHN CRANFIELD, of Enniscorthy [Co. Wexford]
August 13 1836 PAYNE. At Omagh, on the 8th inst., the surviving twin infant of CAPTAIN C. MEADOWS PAYNE, 72nd Highlanders, aged one month
September 24 1836 HOLMES. At Omagh, on the 17th inst., MRS. ELIZA HOLMES, aged 72 years
October 8 1836 DUDGEON. On Monday, the 26th ult., at Mullaghmore, near Omagh, MR. WILLIAM DUDGEON, in the 86th year of his age
November 19 1836 WILSON. November 10, at Gortmore, near Omagh, the residence of her son, JAMES WILSON, clerk of the Crown, Esq., MRS. WILSON, aged 95 years
December 3 1836 MOSS. November 20, at Omagh, JANE, third daughter of E. MOSS, ESQ
February 25 1837 ANDREWS. Through the wreck of the Bristol, leaving Liverpool, on the 15th Oct., and sunk off the coast of New York, on the 22nd Nov., MRS. ELIZA ANDREWS, with her second son, aged 18 years, and three daughters, late of Omagh, county Tyrone. Her Husband the late MR. D. ANDREWS was a respectable woollendraper in Omagh, after his decease, their oldest son went out to America, and settled in Baltimore. MRS. ANDREWS was the only sister of MR. G. CATHER, a merchant in Omagh
April 15 1837 STACK. On the 23rd ult., at the residence of her son, the REV. THOMAS STACK, of Omagh, ELIZABETH STACK, aged 83 years
May 20 1837 MAXWELL. April 27, at his house, Burrow, near Omagh, county Tyrone, WILLIAM HENRY MAXWELL, ESQ., Lieutenant, half pay, 72nd Regiment
July 22 1837 STACK. July 14, at Omagh, aged 26 years, the REV. WILLIAM GEORGE STACK, Curate of the parish of Drumragh, and local Inspector of Tyrone Gaol
October 14 1837 WILSON. At Leap Mill, Omagh, county Tyrone, on the 7th October, MR. WILLIAM WILSON, aged 50 years
October 28 1837 McSORLEY. At Omagh, on the 24th ult., the REV. A. McSORLEY, of malignant Fever
August 4 1838 GARNETT. At Omagh, ELVIRA, wife of HENRY B. GARNETT, ESQ late of Demerara
September 1 1838 BLACK. August 25, at Omagh, CHARLES MAURICE BLACK, ESQ., aged 41 years
September 8-1838 CATHER. In this City [Londonderry], on Thursday, the 6th inst., MR. GABRIEL CATHER, aged 61 years. He was well known in Omagh, where he had resided as a merchant for many years. In his death an affectionate husband, a tender and anxious father
November 24 1838 BRADLEY. On Monday, the 19th inst., after a brief illness, GEORGE BRADLEY, ESQ., of Omagh, aged 42
December 29 1838 LOVE. At Omagh, on the 25th inst., MARGARET, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES LOVE
February 2 1839 HUNT (McCAUSLAND). In Omagh, on the 30th January, suddenly, at the house of her brother, ALEXANDER McCAUSLAND, ESQ., ELIZABETH, wife of EDWARD HUNT, ESQ., C.C.P., and second daughter of the late MAJOR McCAUSLAND
March 30 1839 GREER. In Omagh, on Sunday evening last, in the 52nd year of his age, DAVID GREER, ESQ., the much respected proprietor of the White Hart Hotel
April 13 1839 ELGIN (SCOTT). At the house of her brother, MR F. SCOTT, Omagh, ISABELLA, relict of the late MR. JOHN ELGIN, Dergbridge, aged nearly 90 years
April 27 1839 WALLACE. In Omagh, on Monday morning last, ROBERT WALLACE, ESQ., for many years the postmaster, and latterly also the manager of the Agricultural Bank. His death will be deplored by his wife and small family
May 11 1839 NIXON (GREER). On the 29th April, at the house of her brother, MR. EDWARD GREER, of Coolnagard, near Omagh, MRS. NIXON, aged 90 years, widow of the late MR. STEPHEN NIXON, of Crosh
May 25 1839 LANKTREE. May 16th, of apoplexy, MR. JAMES LANKTREE, of Omagh, aged 52 years
June 8 1839 SPROULE. At Brookhill, near Omagh, MR. WILSON SPROULE, aged 63 years, sincerely beloved and regretted by all who ever had the pleasure of his acquaintance
July 6 1839 CLARKE. On the 25th ult., CHARLES ROBERT, youngest son of the late MR. E. CLARKE, Omagh, aged 7 years
August 31 1839 MURRAY. At Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, on the night of the 27th August, MR. GEORGE MURRAY, aged 26 years
December 28 1839 MOSS. On the 18th inst, MRS. MOSS, the beloved wife of EDWARD MOSS, ESQ., of Omagh at an advanced age
February 1 1840 McCUTCHEON. On Sunday, the 26th ult., of fever, CATHERINE, beloved wife of MR. ROBERT McCUTCHEON, of Omagh
February 1 1840 McCUTCHEON. On Tuesday, the 28th ult., of fever, ROBERT McCUTCHEON, of Omagh, his wife having died just two days previous
February 22 1840 BUCHANAN. On the 15th inst., in Mullaghmore, near Omagh, aged 53 years, after a painful and protracted illness, ALEXANDER B. BUCHANAN, ESQ.
March 7 1840 McGHEE. In Omagh, on Sunday last, the 1st inst., at 8 o'clock p.m., MR. RICHARD McGHEE, at the advanced age of 87 years. The last fifty of which he was a member of the Methodist Society in that Town
April 11 1840 EARLY. At Mullaghmore, near Omagh, on the 31st March, after a protracted illness, in her 49th year of her age, MARY, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM EARLY
May 23 1840 HARKIN. In Omagh, on the 16th of May, MICHAEL HARKIN, ESQ., M.D., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London
July 11 1840 GREER. At his residence, Sedenan, on Saturday last, after a protracted illness, aged 69 years, THOMAS GREER, ESQ., one of the principal merchants of Omagh
October 10 1840 LOVE. On Wednesday last, in a despondent state of mind, JAMES LOVE of Omagh, committed self destruction, by setting a match to a keg of gunpowder. He had been in a state of depression since his son, recently departed for Australia
November 7 1840 HAMILTON. On the 1st inst., after a painful illness, MRS. JANE HAMILTON, of Gortrush, Omagh, relict of the late JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., of the Commissariat Department
June 5 1841 CATHER. In Omagh, early on Monday morning last, MISS FANNY CATHER, youngest surviving daughter of the late JOHN CATHER, merchant
June 5 1841 WALLACE. In Omagh, on Saturday last, MRS. WALLACE, the post mistress, and relict of the late ROBERT WALLACE., ESQ. By her death six interesting and young children have been left orphans
June 5 1841 DEVLIN. In Omagh, on Saturday last, MR. EDWARD DEVLIN, of Main Street, grocer, aged 42 years, leaving a bereaved wife and small family to deplore his loss
June 26 1841 WADE. On Wednesday, the 16th inst., at the residence of MR. RUTLEDGE, near Omagh, WILLIAM WADE, ESQ., late a Captain in the 29th Regiment
July 3 1841 BOLAND. At Omagh, on Monday, the 28th ult., after a short but severe illness, MRS. MARY BOLAND, of that town, aged 50 years. In her the poor have lost a kind benefactress, her husband a faithful wife, and her children an affectionate mother
January 15 1842 BUCHANAN. In Omagh, on the 12th inst., aged 63 years, JOHN BUCHANAN, ESQ. He was mild, unassuming, kind, charitable and humane - a true and steady friend - and as a husband and a father, he was all that a fond wife and loving family can deplore
March 12 1842 BELL. In Omagh, on Thursday, the 3rd inst., after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. DAWSON BELL
April 23 1842 CATHER. In Omagh on Thursday morning, 14th inst., at 4 o'clock, a.m., LETITIA CATHER, aged 81 years
June 11 1842 HALCRO. On the 3rd inst., at Omagh, universally and deservedly regretted, MR. JAMES HALCRO. In the different relations of husband, father and friend, he sustained the exalted and ennobling character of a true Christian
November 12 1842 BOOTH. On the 30th October, at Omagh, aged 45 years, JOHN, the elder and only brother of MR. GEORGE BOOTH, woollendraper
January 7 1843 McCASKEY. On Monday evening last, the 2nd inst., a respectable farmer, names JAMES McCASKEY, from Coolkeeragh, came to Omagh, to the Court Sessions. On his way home, that evening, he called at the house of a MR. TAGGART, and while partaking of some refreshment, dropped to the floor and instantly expired
January 28 1843 YOUNG. At his residence, Edergole, on the 10th inst., MR. JAMES YOUNG, aged 35 years
January 28 1843 McFARLAND. On the 20th inst., at the residence of her brother in law, MR. GEORGE McFARLAND, Aldohill, to which place she had gone on a visit, FANNY, aged 28, the beloved wife of MR. JOHN McFARLAND, Omagh, merchant
February 11 1843 LATIMER. On the 1st inst., at Ballinahatty, near Omagh, aged 31 years, the REV. JOHN LATIMER, Presbyterian Minister
March 4 1843 WADE. February 15, in Omagh, after a lingering and painful illness, CHARLOTTE, aged 16, the beloved child of GEORGE WADE, county Inspector of Constabulary
April 1 1843 BRYCE. In this City [Londonderry], on the 25th ult., MRS. BRYCE, relict of the late MR. THOMAS BRYCE, formerly of Rash, near Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 76 years
May 6 1843 BUCHANAN. At his residence in Brook Street, Omagh, on the 19th ult., aged 73 years, GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ.
May 6 1843 HAMILTON. At Omagh, on the 27th ult., of whooping cough, MARY, aged 4 years, and on the 29th ult., of the same disease, ISABELLA, aged 2 years, the beloved children of JOHN HAMILTON, JUN., ESQ., M.D.
May 27 1843 HAMILTON. At Omagh, on Saturday, the 20th inst., of whooping cough, aged six months, ALEXANDER, only child of JOHN HAMILTON, JUN., M.D.
March 9 1844 ARMSTRONG. On the 25th February, MARY ANN, fifth daughter of the REV. JOHN ARMSTRONG, Wesleyan Minister, Omagh, aged 6 years and 4 months
March 23 1844 LOVE. On the 16th inst., MARGARET, relict of the late MR. JOHN LOVE, of Omagh, merchant
August 24 1844 SCOTT. On the 8th inst., near Strabane, MR. M. SCOTT, formerly of Omagh
December 7 1844 SPROULE. On Friday, the 22nd ult., at Stronecarbadagh, near Omagh, MISS ANN SPROULE, aged 70
January 11 1845 AUCHINLECK. On the 6th inst., in Lower Dominick Street, Dublin, ALEXANDER, infant son of DANIEL AUCHINLECK, ESQ., of Crevenagh House, Omagh, county Tyrone
May 3 1845 SCOTT (LLOYD). On Tuesday, the 22nd ult, Jane Maria, the wife of MR. WILLIAM SCOTT, draper, Omagh, in the county of Tyrone, and the fourth daughter of the late JERELD LLOYD, ESQ., Munvill, in the county of Fermanagh, in the 27th year of her age
May 24 1845 ALLEN. At Omagh, on the 14th inst., JOHN, the son of MR. JAMES ALLEN, merchant
May 24 1845 KELLY. At Omagh, on the 15th inst., MARY KELLY, in her 75th year, wife of MR. EDWARD KELLY, Omagh
June 7 1845 MORROW. In Omagh, on Thursday, the 29th ult., of gastric fever, MR. JAMES MORROW, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, in the 46th year of his age, and 21st year of his itinerancy. He has left a large family to deplore his loss
June 28 1845 ORR. At the house of her brother in law, the REV. R.G. DICKSON, in Drumnakilly, JANE, wife of MR. JOHN ORR, merchant of Omagh
July 12 1845 ROGERS. On the 6th inst., at Greenmount, near Omagh, aged 21 years, WILLIAM THOMAS, third son of the REV. S.G. ROGERS
September 27 1845 KLOPHEL. At his residence, Omagh, on the 12th inst., MR. C.W. KLOPHEL, in the 65th year of his age. He was Bandmaster of H.M.'s 50th Regiment of Foot and also of the Derry Militia, for many years
October 11 1845 JARVEY. On the 24th ult., at Omagh, WILLIAM JAMES, infant son of MR. ARCHIBALD JARVEY
November 22 1845 DICK. On the 11th inst., at his residence, near Omagh, very suddenly of disease of the heart, GEORGE DICK, ESQ., aged 66 years
January 24 1846 WHITE. On Thursday, the 1st inst., at his residence at Rylands, near Omagh, MR. GEORGE WHITE, at the advanced age of 77 years
January 31 1846 ROGERS. On the 10th inst., at Ballinahatty, MR. EBENEZER ROGERS, at the advanced age of 95 years
May 2 1846 HILL. At his residence, Mullaghmenagh, near Omagh, on Sunday, the 26th ult., MR. JOSEPH HILL, at the advanced age of 88 years
June 27 1846 ROGERS. On the 22nd ult., at Madeira, aged 28 years, the REV. ROBERT B. ROGERS, the eldest son of the REV. SAMUEL G. ROGERS, Greenmount, Omagh
September 5 1846 STUBBS. In this City [Londonderry], on the 30th ult., after a long and severe illness, MR. ROBERT STUBBS, aged 52 years. For 24 years, he filled the situation of clerk to the late JAMES WILSON, ESQ., of Omagh. -"Armagh Guardian"
September 12 1846 WILSON. On the 3rd ult., at Tobago, West Indies, of the fever of the climate, in the 26th year of his age, JAMES WILSON, ESQ., eldest surviving son of the late JAMES WILSON, ESQ., of Omagh, Clerk of the Crown for the county of Tyrone
September 26 1846 QUINN. On Wednesday last, at Carndaisy, county Derry, the residence of his brother, the REV. FRANCIS QUINN, P.P., of Drumragh, after a lingering illness, aged 48 years
November 7 1846 WILSON. On Sunday, the 1st inst., at Tattykeel, near Omagh, MR. JAMES WILSON, aged 75 years
February 20 1847 ELLIOTT. On the evening of Monday, the 8th inst., JOSEPH, son of WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Omagh, merchant, aged 21 years
February 27 1847 JARVEY. February 7th, at Gortmore, Omagh, CAPTAIN JAMES JARVEY, halfpay 32nd Foot, in the 54th year of his age
March 13 1847 QUIN. On the 4th inst., JAMES QUIN, ESQ., solicitor, Omagh, aged 46 years
July 3 1847 CADDY. In Omagh, on the 17th ult., ELIZABETH, wife of MR. ROBERT CADDY, printer aged 19 years
September 11 1847 MEEHAN. On Sunday week, the 29th ult., at his residence in Omagh after a short illness, FRANCIS MEEHAN, ESQ., merchant, aged 86 years
September 25 1847 DONALLY. At Spike Island, Cove [Co. Cork], on Monday week, after a brief illness, MR. JOHN DONALLY, Deputy Governor of the island, and late deputy governor of the gaol of Omagh, aged 32
December 4 1847 JOHNSTON. At Omagh, on Monday, the 8th ult., at the advanced age of 104 years, MRS. ISABELLA JOHNSTON. Her end was peace
January 29 1848 PATTERSON. In Omagh, on Wednesday, 19th inst. MR. A. PATTERSON, merchant, aged 28 years
March 18 1848 ROGERS. On the 8th inst., at Greenmount, Omagh, ANNA CHARLOTTE, eldest and beloved daughter of the REV. SAMUEL G. ROGERS
March 25 1848 HILL. On the 20th March, aged 31 years, MR. GEORGE HILL, of Mullaghmena, Omagh
April 8 1848 HARKIN. On Saturday, 1st inst., MARGARET, second daughter of MR. JOHN HARKIN, Abercorn Arms, Omagh
June 17 1848 GREER. At his residence in Coolnagard, near Omagh, on the 1st inst., in the 94th year of his age, MR. EDWARD GREER
June 17 1848 BUCHANAN. On the 5th inst., in the 24th year of his age, JAMES, third son of GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Tattykeel, county Tyrone
August 26 1848 THOMPSON. August 18, at Omagh, LAVINIA ELEANOR, wife of HENRY THOMPSON., ESQ., M.D.
September 16 1848 DICK. On Monday, the 4th inst., in Omagh, MISS ANGELINA DICK, aged 26 years, second daughter of the late GEORGE DICK, ESQ., lieutenant of the 57th foot
December 30 1848 KELLY. At his residence, on Friday, 22nd inst., MR. JOHN KELLY, an old and respected merchant of Omagh
December 30 1848 SKELTON. On Tuesday, the 19th inst., MR. JOHN SKELTON, of Omagh, aged 40 years
January 6 1849 ROBINSON. On Tuesday, the 26th ult., SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOHN ROBINSON, printer and bookseller, of Omagh, at the early age of twenty years
March 31 1849 GREER. At Kevlin, near Omagh, the residence of his mother, on Monday, the 10th inst., after a long illness, MR. JAMES GREER, of Ballymena, county Antrim
May 12 1849 TRENAR. At Omagh, May 4th, at the residence of her son, DR. TRENAR, Main Street, MRS. TRENAR, aged 70 years, after a tedious illness
May 26 1849 CONAN. On the 15th inst., at her uncle's residence, Mullaghmore, in the 23rd year of her age, MATILDA, second daughter of the late REV. JOHN CONAN, Rector of Upper Badony, county Tyrone
August 31 1849 BARNWELL. On the 29th of July, in Philadelphia, U.S., JOHN BARNWELL, ESQ., formerly of Drum, near Omagh, county Tyrone
August 31 1849 FYFFE. On the morning of Monday week, the 20th inst., MR. DAVID FYFFE, Drumragh, aged 63 years
September 7 1849 JOHNSON. On the night of Wednesday week, the 29th ult., MR. WILLIAM JOHNSON, merchant, of Omagh
October 26 1849 LOVE. At Cincinnati, U.S., on the 24th of August, ROBERT, eldest son of MR. ROBERT LOVE, of Mullaghmore, near Omagh