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Donaghmore Parish (Castlecaulfield), Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Death Announcements 1824-73

Deaths recorded in Donaghmore parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the numerous newspapers
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Date Death
June 23 1824 STAPLES. At Mullaghmore, on the 20th ult., in the 85th years of his age, the Rev. Alexander Staples, Rector of the Parish of Donaghmore, Diocese of Armagh (Enniskillen Chronicle & Lough Erne Packet)
June 6 1828 GILLIS. At Donaghmore, on the 29th ult., Mr James Gillis, Jun., aged 27 years (Belfast News-Letter)
June 21 1831 WEIR. On the 2nd inst. Mr. Joseph Weir, of Donaghmore, aged 82 years (Belfast News-Letter)
July 7 1832 McKENZIE. At Linton Lodge, Rostrevor [Co. Down], on the 19th ult., after a long and tedious illness, Alexander McKenzie, Jun., son of Alexander McKenzie, Esq., of Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
December 2 1837 BROWN. On 22nd ult., Mr. David Brown, of Donaghmore, county Tyrone, aged 60 years. His remains were conveyed to the burying ground of the family at Dungannon (Londonderry Sentinel)
April 11 1840 BURGESS. March 28, at Parkanour, county Tyrone, aged two and six months, Clements Keppel, third son of the Lady Caroline, and John Ynyr Burgess, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 6 1843 BROWN. On the 26th ult., in the 90th year of his age, Mr. James Brown, of Killemaddy. He was a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Lower Clonanees for upwards of 50 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 24 1844 MACKENZIE. On Monday the 19th inst., Mr. John Mackenzie, of Donaghmore, at Templemoyle Agricultural Seminary [Co. Londonderry]. His remains were attended to Muff [Co. Londonderry] graveyard, by the Managing Committee (Londonderry Sentinel)
September 14 1844 MACKENZIE. September 5th, at his residence, Donaghmore House, Dungannon, Alexander Mackenzie, Esq, J. P., aged 81 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
December 20 1845 BURGES. On the 7th inst., at Thames Ditton, Charles Skeffington Burges, aged 10 years, the beloved child of John Ynyr and Lady Caroline Burges (Londonderry Sentinel)
July 22 1848 HAMILTON. July 13, at Donaghmore, county Tyrone, Anna, eldest daughter of the Rev. Archibald Hamilton (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 30 1849 HAMILTON. June 20, at Donaghmore, in the county of Tyrone, aged 77 years, the Rev. Archibald Hamilton, Incumbent of Derg, in the Diocese of Derry (Londonderry Sentinel)
January 10 1851 McMULLEN. Of lockjaw, at Donaghmore, 8th inst., Surgeon Daniel McMullen, attended to his last moments by Doctor Henry, of Pomeroy, who exhausted every resource of medical skill in, alas! A vain attempt to restore him to his sorrowing family and friends (Tyrone Constitution)
July 18 1851 BURGES. On the 10th inst., in Bryanston Square [London], Marianne, relict of the late John Henry Burges, Esq., of Parkanour, and sister to the late Sir William Johnstone, Bart,, of Gilford, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
September 26 1851 COLHOUN. On the 15th inst., at his residence, Eliza Street, Belfast, Mr. Alexander C. Colhoun, aged 51 years, late of Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 10 1854 HOWARD. On the 6th inst., at Carland, aged 66 years, Mrs. Sarah Howard, relict of Mr. Robert Howard, builder (Tyrone Constitution)
June 20 1856 MORROW. June 10, at Carland, Co. Tyrone, Mr. Samuel Morrow, in the 85th year of his age (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 4 1859 COLHOUN. On the 22nd February, at Victoria Terrace, Letitia, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Claudius Colhoun, Esq., Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 17 1861 COLHOUN. May 9, at Inkermann Terrace, Belfast, Anna Sophia, second daughter of the late Alexander Claudius Colhoun, Esq., of Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 21 1862 HANSON. March 12, at 17, Ship Street, Belfast, Mrs. Mary Hanson, relict of the late James Hanson, of Donaghmore, in the county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 6 1862 COLHOUN. June 1, at Belfast, John, third son of the late Alexander C. Colhoun, Esq., Donaghmore, Dungannon (Londonderry Sentinel)
November 28 1862 MULLEN. November 10, at New York, Ann Mullen, a native of the Parish of Donaghmore, county Tyrone, aged 88 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 10 1863 CARSE. February 4, at the Manse, Carland, Dungannon, of croup, Isabella Lindsay Davis, third daughter of the Rev. Stewart Carse, aged 4 years and 9 months (Belfast Morning News)
June 7 1864 NEWCOMBE. June 4, suddenly, of disease of the heart, at Donaghmore, near Dungannon, the Rev. Benjamin A. Newcombe, Curate of Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
August 23 1864 NEWCOMBE. August 15, at Valetta Lodge, Kingstown [Co. Dublin], Arthur, son of the late Rev. Benjamin A. Newcombe, Donaghmore, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 21 1865 CARPENDALE. March 18, of apoplexy, the Rev. Thomas Carpendale, Rector of Donaghmore, aged 79 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 31 1865 LYLE. March 28, at the house of her son, Andrew Lyle, Esq., Newington, Belfast, Mrs Lyle, Donaghmore House, county Tyrone, aged 74 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
February 27 1866 CARPENDALE. February 20, at Tully O'Donnell, Dungannon, after a tedious illness, Lucinda, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Carpendale, Rector of Donaghmore (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 29 1866 McGLADRIGAN. At Carland, near Dungannon, Mr. John McGladrigan, aged 71 years (Armagh Guardian)
October 19 1869 BURGES. Oct. 12, at 37 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London, the Lady Carolina Burges, wife of John Ynyr Burges, Esq., of Parkanaur, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
November 23 1869 HAMILTON. Nov. 17, at the Vicarage, Dundalk [Co. Louth], Emily, wife of the Rev. Robert Hamilton, late of Castlecaulfield, county Tyrone, aged 41 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
March 18 1870 BURGES. On Tuesday, the 15th instant, at 32, Bryanston-Square, London, Lilian Adela, 3rd daughter of Mr and Honourable Mrs Ynyr Burges, in the 16th year of her age. The funeral will be at Castlecaulfield Church, on Monday 21st instant at twelve noon (Tyrone Constitution)
February 28 1873 QUIN. Feb. 12, at Piggott’s Hotel, London, Hugh Quin, Esq., C. E., Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, aged fifty-four years (Tyrone Constitution)