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Donagheady Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Extracts from the Burial Register 1754-57

Extracted from the register kept by the Rev. George Bracegirdle
Thanks to Faye Logue, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia for access to her personal records
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Site of the pre-Reformation church: Old Donagheady Church (St. Caidinus) and Graveyard, Church Hill, Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Photo: acknowledgement to Kenneth Allen


*Burials 1698-1726, 1754-57 and 1826-89, have been filmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast, where they are available for consultation (Microfilm # MIC 1/35 & CR1/26)



BURIALS 1754-57



Date Name Townland
Feb 8 John TOSH Dunnymanagh [Donemana]
Jul 4 Widow MCDONALD Liscleen
Jun 28 Elizabeth LEIGHTON Ballykellaghan [Ballycallaghan, Upper Cumber Parish, Co. Londonderry]
Sep 12 Margaret wife to Wm. MCKEE Upper Gortilack
Sep 31 Robert son of James DUNN Glennagoorland

The reason for so funerals are entered is an indecent custom of interring without sending for the minister to attend. That the Papists should always and the Presbyterians generally omit is not to be wondered, but it is astonishing that those who are of the established church should choose to bury their deceased friends like dogs

(signed} George Bracegirdle, Rector


Date Name Townland
Jan 14 Charles RAMSAY Church-hill
Apr 30 Hugh LION [LYON] Tiboe [Taboe]
Oct 28 James WALKER Liscleen



Date Name Townland
- Teague MCLAUGHLIN Leatt
- Martha WALKER Liscleen
- Child of James O’DEVINS Meindamph
- Child of John MCCAMPBELL’s Creghan
- Child of Patrick O’DEVIN Greystone
- Child of James YOUNG Cullan [Cullion]
- Child of John MOORHEAD’s Benone [Bunowen]
- Eleanor wife of ……. CONNINGHAM [CUNNINGHAM] Faney [Fawney]
- Mary WELLES Tilliard [Tullyard]
- James O’DEVIN Killaney
- Child of James ROBINSON Munnychanan [Moneycanon]
- Child of Dinah O’DOGHERTY Leatt
- Alice MCMANOMEE [MCMENAMY] Elshinachanan [Altishane?]
- Susannah ARMSTRONG Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
- Catharine MCAFERSON [MCPHERSON] Barron
- Two children of Gabriel BEAR? Lisbonew [Lisbunny?] in Cumber [Upper, Co. Londonderry]
- Sarah SHIELDS Altrast
- Ann O’DOGHERTY Cloghogill
- Thomas PATRICK Carrickatean
- Francis CAROLAN Ballinenar
- Child of James O’DOGHERTY Leatt
- Child of Thomas O’CAROLAN Leitrim
- Dinah O’MULLON Lackash [Lackagh?] in Cumber [Lower, Co. Londonderry?]
- Jane Sterling? Glennilaugh [Glenlough?] in Cumber [Upper Parish, Co. Londonderry?]
- Theophilus LUNDY Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
- Child of Brien O’NEAL Carrickayean [Carrickatane]
- Child of Joseph MCMORRIS Glencush
- Child of James MAGONAGLE [MCGONIGLE] Carnagribben
- Mary O’BEESON? Bellychalhan [Ballycallaghan] in [Upper] Cumber [Parish, Co. Londonderry]
- Alice MCCOLGAN Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of Arthur MCFARLAND Leitrim
- Child of William MCCARTER Leitrim
- Child of John CUNNINGHAM Creaghan
- Hendry THOMPSON Leitrim
- Child of William MCGONIGLE Leatt
- Mary O’LOGE Liscleen
- Mary MCEPHERSON [MCPHERSON] Terkonnally [Tirconnelly]
- Shale MCGENNIS Liscleen
- Mr John HAMILTON Castlemellon
- Child of William STEWART Glencush
- Child of Robert TODD Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of Anthony O’DOGHERTY Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of Edward O’DIVEN Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of Edward PATCHELL Benone [Bunowen]
- Child of James GORDON Lisbonetiveny?
- Child of William KILGORE Lisnarrow
- Charles O’GLACKAN Tilliard [Tullyard]
- Child of John MITCHEL Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of Robert SMITH Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
- Child of William DUNN Glennagoorland
  Child of Anthony O’DIVEN Cumber [Co. Londonderry]
Nov 13 John HAMILTON Castlemellon
- Andrew NIXON Castlewarren
- William HAMILTON Achabrack
- Rose O’BRIEN Terkell?
- Widow……PATCHELL Benone [Bunowen]


On strict Enquiry received an account of the following Interments

Date Name Townland
- Mary MCLAUGHLIN Bealogs [Balix]
- Bryen O’CANE Dunniboe
- …… John Drummon
- Mary MCGONAGLE Drummon
- Two children of Joseph MCMORRIS Tilliard [Tullyard]
- Child of John COOTS Tilliard [Tullyard]
- Child of Joseph DAVIES Tilliard [Tullyard]
- Child of George O’MULLON Cullan [Cullion]
- Child of John MCPEAK Tiboe
- Mary FORBEY Lisbonetiveny?
- Child of Patrick MCGAUGHEY Liscleen
- Child of James ROBINSON Munnychanan [Moneycanon]
- Child of Edward AMMORAN [O’Moran?] Mountcastle
- Child of John MCPEAK Tiboe
- Child of William RAMSAY Tiboe
- Child of Edward McLaughlin Leatt
- Child of Coin MCNOMEE [MCNAMEE] Tiboe
- Child of Edward MCELDOUAN [MCILDOON?] Ballanacross
- Child of Owen O’DIVEN Altnagallagah
- Bryen O’CORNEY?[O’CARNEY?] Bealogs [Balix]
- Child of Edward MCLAUGHLIN Leatt
- Ann FARRAN Dunnymanagh [Donemana]
- Alice O’GORMLEY Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]

It is more than probable, this Entry is very short of the number of persons buried; because no notice is given to the Minister or Sexton – they steal a grave not excepting those, who, pretend to; belong to the Establish’d Church.

The great Disproportion betwixt the number of Children and Grown Persons, was owing to the Rifeness and Mortality of the Small-Pox.

Note – the rector has receiv’d no accnt of the interments in the burying Ground at Grange: which may be supposed to receive about a third of the parish

(signed) Geo. Bracegirdle, Rector


Date Name Townland
Jan 14 ………daughter of James & _______DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
Jan 14 Two children of James & ______ CONNELL Tiboe
Jan 14 A child of Edmund MCLAUGHLIN Lisdiven
Jan 14 A child of Francis MCCOLGAN Faney [Fawney]
Feb 1 Child of James RAMSAY Church-hill
Feb 1 Child of Widow O’LOAG Drummon
Feb 1 Child of Nathan HUNTER Tiboe
Feb 1 Child of Dennis O’DOGHERTY Leatt
Feb 1 Child of James MCLAUGHLIN Leatt
Feb 6 Child of James O’DIVEN Gobnascale
Feb 6 Child of Patrick O’MANCHAN Ballynacross
Feb 6 Child of James O’DIVEN Cullan [Cullion]
Feb 7 Mrs? HOLGAN Churchtown
Feb 7 Wife of Hugh O’NEAL Glengarragh [Glengarrow]
Feb 8 Child of Henry JORDAN Altrest
Feb 8 Child of John KILPATRICK Dunniboe
Feb 8 Child of Charles RAMSAY Faney [Fawney]
Feb 8 Child of Robert ELLIS Comber [Cumber, Co. Londonderry]
Feb 11 Child of Thomas SEMPLE Cullan
Feb 11? Child of John COCK [COX?] Leatt
Feb 17 Child of Hugh KELLEY Terkell (?)
Feb 17 Child of Thomas LINCHAHAN Terkell (?)
Feb 27 Two children of John MCCREA Tulliard [Tullyard]
Feb 19 Child of Hugh O’NEAL Glengarragh [Glengarrow]
Feb 19 Child of James JACK Rouskey
Feb 27 Child of Elizabeth O’DIVEN Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Feb 27 Patrick O’CARGAN Liscleen
Feb 27 Mary MCBEA [MCBAY] Greystone
Feb 28 Child of Charles O’GLACKAN Tulliard [Tullyard]
Feb 28 Child of Hugh O’NEAL Killycluney [Killyclooney]
Mar 14 Patrick son of John & Ester CAMPBELL Creaghan
Mar 6 Martha MCMORRIS Drean
Mar 7 Child of Thomas MCCROSSAN Leatt
Mar 7 Samuel YONGE [YOUNG] Tyrcharnahan [Tirkernaghan]
Mar 9 Child of Hugh O’DIVEN Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Mar 10 Child bastard of Martha O’DIVEN Greystone
Mar 11 Margaret COLHOUN Faney [Fawney]
Mar 11 Child of Edward MCGONAGLE Benone [Bunowen]
Mar 13 Child of Walter BROWN Benone [Bunowen]
Mar 13 Child of William HAMILTON Glennygoorland
Mar 13 Jane GEMMEL [GAMBLE?] Leitrim
Mar 15 Child of John KEYS Drean
Mar 18 John MCELBREDE Terkonnally [Tirconnelly]
Mar 18 Patrick O’DIVEN Lisnarrow
Mar 19 Child of Robert MCMORRIS Drean
Mar 19 Child of William HAMILTON Glennygoorland
Mar 21 Child of Ann EVANS Killany
Mar 25 Isabel CUNNINGHAM Munnikenan [Moneycanon]
Mar 25 Child of Edward HASTY Greystone
Mar 27 James DUNN Glennygoorland
Apr 2 James THOMSON Munnikenan [Moneycanon]
Apr 2 Joseph COLHOUN Glennygoorland
Apr 5 Child of Charles O’CARNEY Terkonnally [Tirconnelly]
Apr 9 Child of Neal O’CARNEY Faney [Fawney]
Apr 9 Child of Robert CALDWELL Faney [Fawney]
Apr 11 Child of John KEYS Drean
May 1 Grace DOHERTY Bealogs [Balix]
May 5 Child of John MOODY Killany
May 7 Mary CHURCH Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
May 9 Child of Thomas MCCROSSAN Leatt
May 11 Duncan MCELHENNY Carrickatean
May 15 Catherine MCCULLOGH Castlemellon
May 15 Mary MOORE Faney [Fawney]
May 19 Elizabeth Patrick Carrickatean
May 25 William KEIL [KYLE] Terkonnolly [Tirconnelly]
Jun 1 Andrew FERGUSON, a child Faney [Fawney]
Jun 6 Alexander KEIL [KYLE] Carnagribben
Jun 10 Philip MCCULLOGH, a child Carnagribben
Jun 16 Thomas MCLAUGHLIN Bealogs [Balix]
Jun 20 Child of John WALKER Terkonally [Tirconnelly]
Jun 25 Catharine MCLAUGHLIN Faney [Fawney]
July 4 Child of John NIXON Castlewarren
Jul 9 Child of Alexander CAMPBELL Castlewarren
Jul 15 Child of Robert MAHAFFEY Carnagribben
Jul 26 Child of William O’LOAG Gorteclare
Jul 27 Laughlin MCCROSSAN Ballyneanar