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Clonfeacle Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Death Announcements 1830-69

Deaths recorded in Clonfeacle Parish, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST LONDONDERRY SENTINEL and LONDONDERRY STANDARD
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Death
December 31 1822


Extract of a letter from the parish of KILLYMAN, dated Dec. 21:

“JAMES HUTCHINSON, a young man, scarcely 30 years of age, of a stout and healthy constitution, and in perfect health, went from his place to Moy, on Saturday evening last, and bought some deal boards, which he left with a carpenter to make a shelf; but melancholy to relate, out of the same boards on the Monday following, was made his coffin! How alarming is this circumstance! How loudly should it sound in the ears of every careless sinner, ‘Prepare to meet thy God, as thy soul, this night, may be required of thee.’ ”

January 16 1830 BRYANS. On the 4th instant, at the advanced age of 103 years, FRANCIS BRYANS, ESQ., of Moy, in the county Tyrone
February 13 1830 WHITESIDE. On the 29th ult., at her son's seat, Benburb, county Tyrone, at the advanced age of 75 years, MRS. ANNE WHITESIDE, relict of the late REV. JAMES WHITESIDE, Minister of Benburb Presbyterian Church
June 9 1838 KING. On the 18th ult., suddenly in Moy, at the residence of his brother, MR. JOHN KING, eldest son of MR. ROBERT KING, of Ashgrove
August 10 1839 RICHARDSON. At her residence, in Moy, on 31st ult., MRS. RICHARDSON, aged 79 years, relict of the late REV. DR. RICHARDSON, for many years Rector of Clonfeacle
April 29 1837 RICHARDSON. April 19th, Mary Anne, the beloved wife of CHARLES RICHARDSON, ESQ., of Annagh, near Aughnacloy, leaving seven young children to lament her loss
September 28 1839 EYRE. On the 21st inst., at Benburb, in the county Tyrone, HESTER ELIZABETH, wife of THOMAS EYRE, ESQ., aged 33 years
November 23 1839 LYSAGHT. November 12, at Moy, county Tyrone, at an advanced age, ELIZABETH HANNAH, relict of the late EDWARD LYSAGHT, ESQ., barrister at law
January 13 1844 McCLELLAND. December 27, at Moy, county Tyrone, Lieutenant ROBERT McCLELLAND. He served under SIR RALPH ABERCROMBY, in Egypt
November 22 1845 THISTLE. On the 22nd of August, at Etobicoke, near Toronto, Upper Canada, PHOEBE, wife of DR. THISTLE, formerly of Benburb, county Tyrone, aged 49 years
December 20 1845 SHAW. On the 10th inst., JANE, the beloved wife of the REV. SAMUEL SHAW, Independent Minister of Moy
June 20 1846 HOLMES. On the 19th inst., MRS. MARY HOLMES, relict of the late NATHANIEL HOLMES, ESQ., Moyard, county Tyrone
July 4 1846 PATTERSON. Following the finding of the mutilated body of a young man in a pipe at the end of the town of Benburb some weeks ago, it is now supposed that the body is that of JAMES PATTERSON, who lived with his step-mother and her family, who go by the name of LOY, at Kingarve near Dungannon. He was rather sickly, and suffered from sore eyes, but had managed to save £20.0s.0d. Having been missing for some weeks his step-mother and family, who were preparing to go to America, stated that he had gone to the Infirmary in Armagh for treatment, these statements have now proved untrue. Patterson's step-mother and her two daughters have subsequently been arrested in Glasgow, and lodged in Dungannon Gaol on Sunday evening past. Two of her sons have also been arrested, one in Liverpool, and the other in the neighbourhood of Dungannon, all suspected of murder
October 24 1846 HOLMES. At Moyard, near Benburb, on Thursday, the 8th inst., ROBERT HOLMES, ESQ., aged 43 years
January 30 1847 EYRE. On the 25th inst., suddenly, in the 46th year of his age, THOMAS EYRE, ESQ., of Benburb Castle, county Tyrone, J.P., of the counties of Armagh and Tyrone
April 10 1847 WILSON. On Monday, the 23rd ult., after a lingering illness, MISS MARGARET WILSON, daughter of MR. JOSEPH WILSON, of Edenderry, near Benburb, aged 19 years
June 12 1847 GREER. On the 7th inst., of jaundice, at Bishop Street [Londonderry], SARAH, youngest daughter of the late BENJAMIN GREER, ESQ., of Moy
March 23 1849 CAULFIELD. At Moy, on the 10th inst., JOHN CAULFIELD, ESQ., Lieutenant, H.M. 22nd Regiment of Foot
August 30 1850 WILSON. On the 17th inst., drowned, while bathing in the Blackwater, at Benburb, ROBERT WILSON, ESQ., C.E., Inspector of Drainage under the Board of Works
March 14 1851 MAJOR. March 8, at Derrygortreavy Glebe, county Tyrone, FRANCES REBECCA, daughter of the late ALEXANDER MAJOR, ESQ., of Foyle View, county Derry
May 9 1851 LOWRY (GREER). On the 23rd ult., at the Grange, EMILY, eldest daughter of JOSEPH GREER, ESQ., and relict of the late JAMES LOWRY, ESQ., Rockdale, county Tyrone
February 13 1852 BEATTY. On 25th January, at Benburb, MRS. BEATTY, aged 61 years
July 10 1855 PATTERSON. June 29, at his residence, Charlemont Cottage, Moy, JAMES PATTERSON
March 6 1857 COWAN. At Benburb, on Sunday, the 22nd ult., MR. WILLIAM COWAN, superannuated officer of Excise, aged 78 years
August 26 1853 ANDERSON (SWAN). After a short illness, on the 6th inst., in the 27th year of her age, at Carrowcolman, near Dungannon, the residence of her husband, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, MARIA ANN, second daughter of DR. SWAN, Cottage, Donegal
June 11 1858 COCHRAN. On the 2nd inst., at Grange, Moy, ELIZABETH MARY, wife of MAJOR COCHRAN, late 41st Regiment, in the 45th year of her age
September 10 1858 MAXWELL. On the 5th inst., at his residence, Killyman Street, Moy, county Tyrone, MR. ROBERT MAXWELL, for many years literary superintendent at Templemoyle Seminary [Co. Londonderry]
December 23 1859 TATAM. December 13, at Moy, county Tyrone, FRANCES LOUISA, daughter of the late G. TATAM, ESQ
November 8 1861 RICHARDSON. October 27, at Kew Green, London, after weeks of intense suffering, WILLIAM, youngest son of the late WILLIAM RICHARDSON, ESQ., Moy, county Tyrone, aged 67 years
January 3 1862 McCLINTOCK. December 27, at Moy, John, son of MR. SAMUEL McCLINTOCK, aged 25 years
November 28 1862 GREER. November 22, at Gardiner's Place, Dublin, MAJOR GREER, D.L., J.P., of The Grange, county Tyrone, aged 67 years
February 2 1864 GREEVES. January 28, at his residence, Grange, near Moy, WILLIAM GREEVES, in his 85th year
April 5 1864 CARROLL. March 31, at his residence, Benburb, county Tyrone, MR. RICHARD CARROLL, aged 78 years
August 5 1864 HAMILTON. July 27, at Moy county Tyrone, Mary, third child of the REV. ROBERT HAMILTON, aged 16 years
September 23 1864 TAYLOR. September 13, at Moygashel, Elizabeth, wife of MR. GEORGE TAYLOR, Dungannon, aged 63 years
March 17 1865 TODD. March 12, at Moy, MARY JANE, only daughter of the REV. JOHN TODD, aged 14 years
September 26 1865 SLOANE. September 21, CHARLOTTE, the beloved wife of JAMES SLOANE, ESQ., of Moy
January 5 1866 RICHARDSON. December 31, at Harcourt Street, Dublin, the residence of her son in law, the REV. JAMES RICE, HARRIETTE, widow of the late WILLIAM RICHARDSON, ESQ., Moy, county Tyrone, aged 74 years
March 23 1866 BOND. March 17, at 8 Ely Place, Dublin, WALTER M. BOND, ESQ., of The Argory, Moy, county Tyrone, aged 77 years
October 16 1866 HOLMES. October 11, of pulmonary disease, Jane, daughter of the late MR. NATHANIEL HOLMES, of Moyard, county Tyrone
October 19 1866 HOLMES. October 11, at her residence, Abbey Street, Armagh, JANE, daughter of the late DAVID HOLMES, of Moyard, county Tyrone
January 22 1867 GREER. On the 16th January, at St. Elmo, Southsea, Portsmouth, the residence of her son, COLONEL GREER, C.B., 68th Light Infantry, MARY, widow of the late MAJOR GREER, D.L., J.P., the Grange, county Tyrone, in her 72nd year
February 19 1867 McKENZIE. On the 11th February, at the residence of his father, Drumderg, county Tyrone, John, second son of MR. WILLIAM McKENZIE, aged 24 years
September 3 1867 KIMMITT. August 29, at the residence of her daughter, Moy, county Tyrone, MARGARET KIMMITT, late of Belfast, and mother of the REV. EDWARD KIMMITT, of Loughgall
October 25 1867 GOODLATTE. October 21, at Salem Lodge, Moy, DAVID RICHARDSON GOODLATTE, ESQ., aged 72 years
November 22 1867 ELLIOT. November 16, at Moy, EMILY, eldest daughter of the REV. A. ELLIOT, Primitive Wesleyan Minister, aged 3 years and 10 months
December 17 1867 BEATTY. December 9, at Benburb, county Tyrone, MR. BENJAMIN BEATTY, aged 85 years
January 31 1868 FERGUSON. January 27, at Moy, HARRIET MARIA, daughter of MR. JOSEPH FERGUSON, aged 14 months
October 28 1868 BRENNAN. October 21, at Moy, county Tyrone, MR. JOHN BRENNAN
April 13 1869 GOODWIN. At the residence of her father, Moy, county Tyrone, SARAH, daughter of MR. CHARLES GOODWIN
June 11 1869 HALL. June 6, at Moy, THOMAS JAMES, youngest child of MR. JAMES HALL, aged 6 months
July 23 1869 ROSS. July 16, at Moy, JOSEPH ROSS, ESQ., aged 76 years