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Born Co. Tyrone; Married or Died, New South Wales, Australia - 1870-1907

As published in Australian Town and Country Journal
Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Teena

The National Library of Australia has kindly given their permission to publish these extracts.




Saturday 16 July 1870

On the 13th June, at the residence of the bride, Edward street, Sydney, by the Rev. Wazir Beg, M.D., L.L.D, Joseph, second son of the late Mr. Samuel KNOX county Tyrone, Ireland, to Elizabeth Jane, only daughter of Mr. George DREW  formerly of Parramatta.


Saturday 6 December 1873

At Yass, by special license, on November 26th, by the Rev. A. J. O'Dwyer, James, youngest son of the late Archibald OSBORNE, Esq., Dianaseer, Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of J. P. SHEAHAN, Esq., Jugiong.


Saturday 28 February 1874

On the 27th January, at his residence, Mc Arthur St. Ultimo, by the Rev. Henry MaCready, of the Presbyterian Church, Pitt street, Oliver, son of Mr. William TURNER, of co.Tyrone,Ireland, to Mary Eliza, daughter of Mr. John LAVERTY near Goulburn.


Saturday 14 November 1874

On October 21, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. C. Hughes, James, eldest son of A. DUNDAS, Esq. Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, and nephew to James CAMPBELL Esq., M L. Waverley, Sydney, to Susan sixth daughter of  Mr. James MOFFITT of Robertson, formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 30 May 1874

May 19, at the Parsonage, Steiglitz, Victoria, by license, by the Rev. William M. Bennett, William, fifth son of the late John RITCHIE Esq., Galbally, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Fanny Felicia youngest daughter of Dr. WALKER Camden.


Saturday 10 April 1875

On March 27, at Cameron street, Paddington, by the Rev. Dr. M'Gibbon, John, youngest son of the late Mr. William GRAHAM County Cavan, Ireland, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Robert  GRAHAM County Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 26 October 1878

CHURCHWOOD / HAMILTON.-September 25, at Wesleyan Church, Bourke street, by the Rev. Dr. Kelynack. Allan George, eldest son of Charles CHURCHWOOD Sydney  to Maggie youngest daughter of the late James HAMILTON, county Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 28 June 1879

RAMSEY / JOHNSON June 4, at Candelo by the Rev. J. E. Carruthers, Wesleyan minister, Thomas, youngest son of the late Francis RAMSEY Glenall, Irvinestown County Fermanagh, Ireland, to Lydia A. JOHNSON second daughter of James S. JOHNSON Caledon, Tyrone, Ireland


Saturday 15 March 1879

DIEGON / McALISTER February 24, at Wilson's Downfall, by the Rev. M. Keenan. Michael O'Rorke DIEGON son of John DIEGON of  Castlewellan Kilkenny, Ireland, to Margaret  McALISTER daughter of James McALISTER of Cooks Town Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 6 December 1879

CHARLTON / BROWN November 20, at St. David's Church, Surry Hills, by Rev. J. D. Langley, Thomas CHARLTON, fourth son of Mr. James CHARLTON, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Ann, third daughter of Mr. James BROWN, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland.


Saturday 10 May 1884

THOMPSON / M'KEE April 23, at St. George's Presbyterian church by the Rev. George Sutherland, Thomas Junk, fourth son of Jas. P. THOMPSON, Esq., of Liverpool, England, late of County Tyrone, Ireland, and nephew of John HARRIS Esq., Shane's Park, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late James M'KEE, Esq., of County Derry, Ireland, and cousin of Miss Margaret HARRIS, Ultimo.


Saturday 14 June 1884

GIBSON / COMER May 29, at St. Thomas's Church Balmain West, by the Rev. E. D. Madgwick, Robert, eldest son of Francis GIBSON, of Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Emma, second daughter of Thomas COMER of Wolverhampton, England.


Saturday 9 January 1886

HARVEY / BELL December 22, at the Mans Palmer street, Sydney, by the Rev. James L. Henderson, David HARVEY, sixth son of Mr. Hamilton HARVEY Tyrone, Ireland, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr. William BELL of same county.


Saturday 27 February 1897

CROZIER / McMILLAN September 9, at St. Matthias's, Paddington, William CROZIER second son of Arthur CrROZIER Tyrone, Ireland, to Rebecca McMILLAN third daughter of Thomas McMILLAN of Wheeo, N.S. Wales..


Wednesday 18 January 1905

"Silver Wedding"

WILES / IRWIN January 17, 1880, at St. Thomas' Church, Balmain, by the Rev. George Brown. Charles W. WILES, eldest son of the late Charles WILES of Waterloo, to Letitia IRWIN, third daughter of W. IRWIN of County Tyrone, Ireland.




Saturday 8 August 1874

Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of John CORRY who departed this life July 17, at his residence, St. Mary's, South Creek, aged 69 years. He was a native of Tyrone, Ireland: was greatly respected by all who knew him, and leaves a wife and six children to mourn their loss.


Saturday 27 February 1875

On February 23, at Petty's Hotel, Sydney, Joseph Richard PIKE, aged 26 years, son of James N PIKE, Esq., of Beech grove, Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 27 May 1876

YOUNG May 7, at his residence, 1, Lorne terrace, Pittstreet, Redfern, Robert YOUNG, senior, late of Jambaroo native of Anna Guinea Lodge, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 73


Saturday 6 January 1877

MONGAN December 27, at his residence,Crowe Inn. Darlington, Mr. Daniel MONGAN a native of Tyrone, Ireland, in the 43rd year of his age.


Saturday 5 October 1878

McHUGH September 29, at his residence, Moore street liverpool, New South Wales, of disease of the heart, in the 65th year of his age, Gilbert McHugh, second son of the late Mr. Henry McHUGH of Castle Derry, county Tyrone, Ireland.


Saturday 11 October 1879

M'DONNELL  March 20, at their late residence, Kilrull near Castlederg, county Tyrone, Eliza M'DONNELL aged 83 years, Also, August 4, George M'DONNELL aged 84 years.


Saturday 17 May 1879

RITCHIE  May 10 at Alexander Hall, Kameruka, the residence of W. J. Lane, Joseph RITCHIE eldest son of the late John RITCHIE of Galboley, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 53,


Saturday 22 March 1884

GIBSON March 6, at Balmain, Andrew Gibson, aged 32, native of Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland, lately in the employment: of Mr G.J.Morrice, Esq., Cross-roads, Sutton Forest, leaving a loving wife to mourn her loss. Dead, but not forgotten.


RODGERS April 28, at Brisbane, Andrew RODGERS of Glenmore, Tenterfield, aged 55 years, fifth son of the late Andrew and Ann RODGERS. County Tyrone, Ireland. Interred in Tenterfield cemetery, May 1, 1885.


Saturday 27 March 1886

McGRATH March 18, at his residence, 97 George St. Camperdown, Michael  M'GRATH (late Mayor of Camperdown), aged 59 years, native of county Tyrone.


Saturday 12 October 1889

HAMILTON September 26, at his homestead, Riverdale,Otford, N.S.W., William HAMILTON native of the county Tyrone, Ireland, leaving an affectionate wife and a respectable family to mourn their loss ; beside a large circle of relatives and friends to regret his demise. Aged  68 years. Thy will be done.


Saturday 20 March 1897

FENTON March 11, at 63 Curtiss road, Balmain, Isabella, the beloved wife of William FENTON (nee CRANE), formerly of Tyrone, Ireland, aged.59 years.  


Saturday 31 May 1902

HAMPSHIRE On May 21 1902, at her residence, 59 Little Walker-street, North Sydney, Mrs. Margaret HAMPSHIRE (nee CASSARY) native of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 79 years