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Born Co. Tyrone, Married & Died Tasmania, Australia 1819-1946

Personal notices relating to County Tyrone emigrants in Tasmania, extracted from various newspapers
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Notice
April 3 1819

Police Office, March 22nd, 1819

The Under-mentioned Convicts having, on the Night of the 27th of February last, piratically cut-out and carried off the Schooner Young Lachlan from this port, their Names and Descriptions are now published for general information.

(There follows a list of escaped convicts including):

PATRICK COTTON, 5 f. 6 ins. high, black hair, hazel eyes, aged 42, is a labourer, was born in the County Tyrone and tried at Omagh in August 1817, is sentenced for life; in the Minerva he arrived both at Sydney & Hobart Town. (Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter)

August 20 1835

POLICE OFFICE, HOBART TOWN, August 8. – Whereas ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM, a convict, whose description is hereunto attached, hath lately absconded from the District of Brighton, (he being at the time charged with felony), and is now illegally at large: - I do hereby give notice that in addition to the usual Reward for the apprehension of a runaway, I am authorised by his Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor to offer the indulgence of a Ticket-of-Leave to any convict whatever and a Conditional Pardon to any convict holding a Ticket-of-Leave, who may be the means of apprehending and lodging in any of his Majesty’s Gaols, the body of the said, Arthur Cunningham. – M. FORSTER, C.P.M.

Description of ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM, per Ann, Emilia and Alligator – height 5ft. 5¾, hair reddish-brown, complexion florid, eyes hazel, age 29 years, trade farmer’s labourer, native place, County Tyrone, Ireland (Launceston Advertiser)

July 1 1843 Married on the 22nd instant, at Rotherwood, River Ouse, by special license, by the Rev. James Robertson, CHARLES JAMES IRVINE, ESQ., of Deerpark, county Tyrone, to JEMIMA FRANCES, daughter of DAVID BURN, ESQ. (Launceston Examiner)
August 2 1845 To JAMES LEVISTON and WIFE, from County of Tyrone, parish if Donaghedy, Ireland, who arrived in Port Phillip, in 1841, per barque Ferguson, - Should this meet the eye of the above-name parties, they are earnestly requested to communicate with their father, W.M. DAVIS, by letter, directed to the care of the Postmaster, Gundagai, on the Murrumbidgee (Cornwall Chronicle)
August 14 1850 Died at Beremboke, on the 11th ultimo, in his 67th year, FRANCIS ATKINSON, ESQ., late of Tullyvea, county Tyrone, Ireland (Launceston Advertiser)
October 27 1866 Died on Sept 24th, at the residence, of her son-in-law, MR. J. MADDEN, River Don, Tasmania, SARAH, relict of the late MR. HENRY McNALLY of Grannagh, Tyrone, Ireland (Launceston Examiner)
October 9 1868 Married July 18, at All Saints' Church, Hokitika, New Zealand, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, CHARLES SEABROOK, third son of H.W. SEABROOK, ESQ., for many years Alderman of the city of Hobart Town [Tasmania] , to SARAH ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late MR. CHARLES JOHNSTON, Gortondoragh, county Tyrone, Ireland (Londonderry Sentinel)
June 16 1871 Married at St. Paul's Church, Stanley, Circular Head, by the Rev. H.E. Drew, on the 6th June instant, ARTHUR COLHOUN, sixth son of the late MR. WM. COLHOUN, Brackey, County Tyrone, Ireland, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the late MR. FRANCIS HARKNESS, Greenock, Scotland (Cornwall Chronicle)
September 5 1871 Married on the 22nd August, at Melbourne, JOHN KING, sole survivor of the Burke and Wills party, to MARY RICHMOND, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland (Launceston Advertiser)
May 31 1876 Died on 29th May, at his residence, New Wharf, ASKIN MORRISON, ESQ., aged 76, of Hobart Town, and of St. Peter's Pass, Oatlands, formerly of Gortmore, Augher, County Tyrone, Ireland. The funeral will leave his late residence, New Wharf, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at 3 o'clock precisely for Cornelian Bay Cemetery (Hobart Mercury)
January 22 1877 Died on the 12th January, after a long and painful illness, at his residence, Huon Road, ANDREW CRAWFORD, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland, aged 70 (Hobart Mercury)
July 27 1882 Died on July, 26, at her daughter's (MRS. MITCHELL) residence, Longley, Huon, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, aged 82, late of Tyrone, Ireland. The funeral will move from her daughter's residence on Friday, 28th inst., at 2 o'clock. All friends respectfully invited to attend (Hobart Mercury)
May 16 1888 Died on 15th May, at Launceston, after a few days' illness, JAMES ANDERSON, native of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 83 years, Funeral Notices The funeral of the late Mr. JAMES ANDERSON will leave his late residence, Brisbane Street, on Thursday, the 17th inst., at 10 o'clock. Friends will please accept this invitation. Doolan, Undertaker, Wellington Street. (Launceston Examiner)
December 11 1889 Married on August 21, 1889, at St. George's Church, Battery Point, by the Rev. Banks Smith, DANIEL GRIFFITHS, late master of H.M. Schooner Harriet, to MARTHA, the second eldest daughter of JAMES HART, Donachmoor [Donaghmore?], County of Tyrone, Ireland. Both of Hobart (Hobart Mercury)
March 16 1891 Died on 14th March, at his residence Inveresk, Launceston, of typhoid fever, JAMES CARSON, eldest son of the late JAMES CARSON, Clogher, Tyrone, Ireland, aged 33 years (Launceston Advertiser)
July 2 1894 Died on 1st July, the REV. J. J. H. QUINN, of the Church of the Apostles, Launceston, late of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 27 years. R.I.P. (Launceston Advertiser)
August 7 1894 Died on August 6, at 186 Macquarie Street [Hobart], ANDREW THOMAS, eldest son of the late HONOURABLE ANDREW GODFREY STUART, Lisdhu, Tyrone, Ireland, in his 80th year. Funeral will leave his late residence on Wednesday next, at 2.30p.m., for Cornelian Bay cemetery. (Hobart Mercury)
November 27 1897 Married on November 22, at Trinity Church, Hobart, by the Rev. Canon Shoobridge, ALBERT EDWARD, the third son of GEORGE RICHARDSON, of Hobart, solicitor, and grandson of GEORGE DARLEY RICHARDSON, of "Benburb Castle," County Tyrone, Ireland, to MINNIE DOROTHEA (DOLLY), daughter of the late George Hayton of "Woodside," Sorrell (Hobart Mercury)
October 12 1901

Died on October 8, 1901, at her late residence, Grand View Cottage, 14 Arthur Street, MATILDA, the beloved wife of ROBERT TOLMIE, after a long and painful illness, age 35 years; a native of Omagh, County of Tyrone, Ireland (Hobart Mercury)

The marriage was announced in a personal notice placed in the Western Mail [Perth, Western Australia] January 18, 1888: TOLMIE - CLARK.-At the Presbyterian Church, Perth, by the Rev. D. Shearer, M.A., on Jan. 8, ROBERT, eldest son of JAMES TOLMIE, of Edinburgh, to MATILDA, youngest daughter of CHARLES CLARK, of Tyrone

October 1 1902 Married on March 31, at St. Luke's Church, Latrobe, by the Rev. W. Hogg, ALBERT ERNEST BULLOCK, of Hobart, late of Norfolk (England), to ANNIE MARIA, eldest daughter of JOHN MONTGOMERY, late of Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland (Hobart Mercury)
July 29 1907

ELLISON – Died on July 28, 1907, at his residence Fowler-street, ALEXANDER (ALEC), third son of the late JAMES ELLISON, of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 36 years.

L. O. L. No. 8

Members of the Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 8, are requested to attend the funeral of their late Brother ALEXANDER (ALEC) ELLISON, which will leave his late residence Fowler-street at 3.30 THIS AFTERNOON. W. LOWE, Undertaker (Zeehan & Dundas Herald)

September 23 1913 Died on July 4, 1913, in her 87th year, at her residence In Dungannon, Ireland, OLIVIA ANNA OCTAVIA, fourth daughter of the late HON. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, second son of the first EARL of CASTLESTUART, formerly of Lisdhu, C. Tyrone, Ireland. (The deceased lady was sister to the late A. T. STUART, of Hobart) (Hobart Mercury)
December 10 1921 MISSING FRIENDS – JAMES McGRATH (Brother of SARAH HARVEY, deceased), formerly of Dunmullin, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, who came to Australia about 1889, or his next of kin, please communicate with HAMILTON, WYNNE AND RIDDELL, Solicitors, 421 Collins-street, Melbourne (Hobart Mercury)
December 7 1942 Died on December 6, 1942 at the residence of her son-in-law, LNSPECTOR M. T. DOWLING, 6 Augusta Rd., ISABELLA, dearly beloved wife of the -late JAMES ANDERSON, Inspector of Police, Franklin, Huon, and loving mother of EMILY, and MAY (Mrs. J. UPCHURCH, St. John's Ave.), and grandmother of JIM and GEOFF, and second daughter of the late MR. and MRS. WILLIAM HUGHES, of Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland. Peace, perfect peace. Funeral private by request (Hobart Mercury)
June 26 1946 Died June 25, 1946, at a private hospital, Hobart, JAMES ALEXANDER McELROY, late, of Eskermore, 4 Stoke St., New Town, Hobart, husband of the late JANE E. MCELROY, and son of the late GEORGE VAISEY McELROY, of Augher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in his 81st year (Hobart Mercury)