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Born Co. Tyrone; Married & Died Queensland, Australia 1864-1920

Personal announcements, law notices, obituaries, advertisements seeking missing persons and items of interest relating to County Tyrone emigrants extracted from various Queensland metropolitan and provincial newspapers
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For further digitised Australia newspapers and journals refer to the National Library of Australia, Canberra website

Date Notice
September 28 1864 McCORKELL-STEWART. [Married] On the 27th September, by the Rev. James Love, MR. ARCHIBALD McCORKELL, of Strabane, Ireland, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS STEWART, Carland, Dungannon, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
February 6 1866 THOMAS HUGHES, of Coal Island, County Tyrone, Ireland. – Your sister MARY ANN is anxious to hear from you. Last heard from at Bundaberg, Queensland. Address Mrs. M. O’CONNOR, Ballandean-road, near Tenterfield, N.S.W. (The Queenslander)
July 20 1866 MAYNE. [Died] On the 11th May at her residence, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland MRS. MARY MAYNE, wife of the late JAMES MAYNE, ESQ., Hide Merchant, sister of MR. JOSEPH MOONEY, Royal Exchange, Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)
September 21 1866 BERNARD HAGAN, formerly of Eskera, County Tyrone, Ireland, is requested to communicate his address to DONNELLY BROTHERS, Brisbane. (Brisbane Courier)
October 19 1867 LOGAN-KILPATRICK. [Married] On the 7th October, at Dalby, by special licence, by the Rev. J. C. Kirby, at the residence of the bride's brother, MR. THOMAS LOGAN, of Oxley, son of MR. THOMAS LOGAN, Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, to MISS JANE, second daughter of MR. JOHN KILPATRICK, contractor, County Tyrone, Ireland [Sydney Mail, please copy] (Brisbane Courier)
March 9 1868 CLOUGHEY-MACKEY. [Married] On the 6th March, by the Rev. Alexander Caldwell, at the house of the bride's brother, MR. HUBERT CLOUGHEY, of Indooroopilly, formerly of Armagh, Ireland, to MISS MARY MACKEY, of Indooroopilly, daughter of the late WILLIAM MACKEY, ESQ., Coolatee, Strabane, Ireland. (Brisbane Courier)
May 16 1868 ROULSTON. [Died] On the 3rd May at the residence of his mother, Little Ipswich, ANDREW THOMAS, the younger and beloved son of MRS. ROULSTON, aged 21 years, and native of Newtownstewart, County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
July 4 1868 JACKSON-CUMMING. [Married] On the 2nd July, by the Rev. Alexander Caldwell, MR. JOHN JACKSON, of Brisbane formerly of County Derry, Ireland to MISS REBECCA CUMMING of Fortitude Valley, formerly of Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
September 23 1869 CONSTANTINE O’NEIL, formerly of Pomeroy, County Tyrone, Ireland, last heard of on the Gympie, diggings. Your Brother MICHAEL has arrived in Ipswich, and is anxious to hear from you. Address care of Mr. ROBT. TALLON, Baker, North Ipswich (Queensland Times & Ipswich General Advertiser)
April 16 1870 Any word of the whereabouts of ALEXANDER PATTON, of Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland, will be thankfully received. Address, A. L., Messrs Gordon & Gotch, Sydney. (Brisbane Courier)
September 3 1870 HENRY-KILPATRICK. [Married] On the 27th August at the residence of the bride s sister, Seventeen-Mile Rocks, by the Rev. W. Woolcock, JAMES, eldest son of MR. ROBERT HENRY, late of Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland, to MARYANNE, youngest daughter of MR. JOHN KILPATRICK, late of Moy County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
September 24 1870 AHERN-ALONE. [Married] On the 19th September, at St. Mary’s Church, Ipswich, by the Rev. J. O’Reilly, JAMES, fourth son of the late TIMOTHY AHERN, of Ruam, County Tipperary, Ireland, to JANE, second daughter of DANIEL ALONE, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
December 17 1870 STEWART-LLOYD. [Married] by the Rev. Charles Ogg, WILLIAM STEWART, eldest son of MR. THOMAS STEWART, county Tyrone, Ireland, to SARAH ANN, eldest daughter of CAPTAIN LLOYD (Brisbane Courier)
January 23 1871 ALLEN-ARMSTRONG. [Married] On the 24th December at the residence of MR. ROBERT ROULSTON, Margaret Street Brisbane, by the Rev. Charles Ogg, MR. ROBERT ALLEN, late of Ardstraw county Tyrone, Ireland to MISS MARY ANNE ARMSTRONG, late of Ballybofey, county Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
February 18 1871 MURPHY-O’ROURKE. [Married] on the 11th February, at St. Stephen's Church [Brisbane], by the Rev. Father Connolly, MR. PATRICK MURPHY, of County Limerick, Ireland, to MISS MARY O'ROURKE, of Creenagh, County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
March 20 1871 McELWAINE-FOX. [Married] On the 10th March, by the Rev. James Love, MR. JAMES McELWAINE, late of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOHN FOX, Commercial Traveller, Edinburgh, Scotland (Brisbane Courier)
August 5 1871 MULLIN-FINNEY. [Married] On the 2nd August, by the Rev. H. Parkinson, at the residence of the bride's brother, Gibbs street, Fortitude Valley, WILLIAM NORRIS, son of the late JOHN MULLIN, Omagh, to SUSAN, daughter of the late THOMAS FINNEY, Currakreen House, County Galway (Brisbane Courier)
July 22 1871


A magisterial inquiry into the cause of the death of GEORGE GRAHAM, found dead at a waterhole at Three-mile Creek, on the 19th instant, was held by the police magistrate, at the house of WILLIAM CUBBON, of Jebropilly, on Thursday last. EDWIN COLLETT deposed to having discovered the body of deceased, whom he knew by sight and by name, lying in a waterhole in Mr. Cubbon’s paddock, at Three-mile Creek; deceased was on his belly with his face in the water; there was only four or five inches of water where his face lay......witness got the assistance of GEORGE WHITNEY. William Cubbon deposed to having seen the body of the deceased.....he knew the deceased who had been in the habit of going to his house occasionally. ROBERT ALLEN deposed as to the identification of the body, who was a widower aged 33 years, and was born in County Tyrone, Ireland; deceased was Presbyterian and had a daughter living with her grandmother in Brisbane......... (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)

June 15 1872 BEATTIE-HARDING. [Married] On the 15th May, at the Pimpama Grange, JOHN BEATTIE, Tyrone, Ireland, to MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of the REV. ISAAC HARDING (Brisbane Courier)
October 29 1872 LA BARTE (SMITH). [Died] July 26, at Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, LOUISA, widow of the late EDWARD LA BARTE, ESQ., and last surviving daughter of the REV. WILLIAM SMITH, formerly Rector of Ballyclog, Stewartstown, County Tyrone, aged 39 years. (Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser)
January 11 1873 MAGUIRE. Information concerning CHARLES MAGUIRE, blacksmith, of County Tyrone, Ireland, who was working in Toowoomba in 1867, will be thankfully received by his brother-in-law, GEORGE CUMMINGS, Toowoomba (The Queenslander)
May 14 1873 MYERS-NOBLE. [Married] On the 28th April, at Adelaide Street, by the Rev. J. Buckle, Primitive Methodist, of Bartley Street, Wickham Terrace, JOHN MYERS, farmer, of Nerang Creek, to MARTHA NOBLE, formerly of Kilskerry, Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
August 16 1873 JONES-DUFFY. [Married] On the 14th inst., at Saint Paul’s Church, Maryborough, THOMAS, eldest son of MR. MORGAN JONES, of Dowlais, Glamorganshire, Wales, to SARAH, third daughter of MR. FRANCIS DUFFY, of Corvanaghan, county Tyrone, Ireland. (Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser)
October 3 1873 MULLIN-WILLCOCKS. [Married] On the 16th September, at All Saints' Church, by the Rev. Thomas Jones, JOHN SCOTT, son of the late MR. JOHN MULLIN, of Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland, to ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR. JOHN WILLCOCKS of Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)
January 27 1874 JOHNSTON. [Died]On the 21st January, at her son’s residence, Normanby Gully, Ipswich Agricultural Reserve, ELIZA JOHNSTON, age 65 years, widow of the late WILLIAM JOHNSTON, of Ipswich, formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
June 12 1874 ROBINSON. [Died] On the 11th June 1874, at his late residence, Cross View Cottage, off Boundary-street, the REV. CHARLES WESLEY ROBINSON, late Minister of the United Methodist Free Church, Ann-street, and youngest son of the late MATTHEW ROBINSON, Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 28 years (Belfast papers please copy). (The Telegraph)
September 15 1874 RITCHIE-BRYAN. [Married] On the 11th August, at the residence of WILLIAM WILSON, ESQ., Mary-street, Brisbane, by the Rev. Joseph Spence, JAMES, second son of ADAM RICHEY, Freughmore, County Tyrone, Ireland, to SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of JOHN BRYAN, Lungs, County Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
January 23 1875 Any information respecting WILLIAM McCOY, formerly of Sislee, Fintona, County Tyrone. Ireland, last heard of as residing at Bowen, Queensland, will be gratefully received by his Friends, if addressed, to the REV. CHAS. MAGINNIS, A.M. Rectory, Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. N.B. Foreign papers please copy. (The Queenslander)
May 9 1876 MR. MICHAEL McGLYNN, contractor for telegraphs, who had just finished the line between Cunnamulla, and New South Wales, was on his way to Toowoomba in company with his brother. He had been suffering from an attack of dysentery for about three weeks, when on his arrival at Kooroon, he became so ill that a covered buggy was obtained for him that he might be conveyed with all expedition to Dalby, but when about half way between Kincora and Carmody’s hotel he died on Monday last, May 1. The Moonie mailman was passing at the time, and notice was sent through him to MR. D. O’BRIEN, who took the necessary steps for the funeral. A coffin having been obtained, Mr. O’Brien sent it out and had the body brought into Dalby, where it was interred in the cemetery on Thursday, the REV. D. J. BYRNE conducting the mournful service. A large number of persons attended the funeral. It had been intended that the body should be conveyed to Toowoomba, but decomposition set in so rapidly that this idea was abandoned, and the funeral took place in Dalby. The deceased was about twenty-eight, a native of Tyrone, Ireland. He and his brother erected telegraph lines from Dalby to Toowoomba, and the line from Tambo to Charleville last year. (Queensland Times)
August 26 1876 WALSH. [Died] On the 25th instant, at her residence East Maryborough, ANNE JANE, of Cook Town, County Tyrone, Ireland, the beloved wife of MARTIN WALSH, aged 27 years (Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser)
January 25 1877 ALLEN. [Died] On the 11th January, at his residence, Margaret Street, Brisbane, ROBERT ALLEN, eldest son of MR. THOMAS ALLEN, Carnkenny, Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland, leaving a wife and three young children to mourn their loss (Brisbane Courier)
January 27 1877 WANTED information of MARY QUINN, formerly of Dromore, Ardboe, County Tyrone, Ireland, now supposed to be in Brisbane or neighbourhood. News from home: letter awaiting her at the General Post Office, Brisbane. (The Queenslander)
April 7 1877 MILES-McHARG. [Married] On April 2nd at St. Mary’s Point, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, by the Rev. T.H. Butterlay, WM. MILES, Enoggera, Queensland, and late of County Tyrone, Ireland, to MARY McHARG, South Brisbane, only daughter of the late A. McHARG, of Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland. (The Telegraph)
June 7 1877 ALLEN-McFLINN. [Married]At the Commercial Hotel, June 6th, by W. T. Godson, B.M., MR ALLEN, late of England, to MISS McFLINN, late of Tyrone, Ireland. (Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser)
June 14 1877 HAWKINS-ANTHONY. [Married] On the 11th June, by the Rev. F. H. Browne, Congregational minister, Ipswich, at the residence of the bride’s mother, Ipswich Reserve, THOMAS, second son of THOMAS HAWKINS, of Stockby English, Devon, England, to SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of the late WILLIAM ANTHONY, County Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
December 12 1877 CARSON-WRIGHT. [Married] On the 10th December, at Fortitude Valley, by the Rev T. L. Davies, Baptist minister, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, third son of the late WILLIAM CARSON, ESQ., County Tyrone, Ireland, to RUTH, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES WRIGHT, of this city, late of Poplar, London [London and Belfast papers please copy] (Brisbane Courier)
March 20 1880 WANTED ADDRESS of CHARLES ATKINSON READ, ESQ., as all letters sent to him during the last two years have been returned. Address MRS HASSARD, Desertcreat, Dungannon, Ireland. (The Queenslander)
September 10 1880 WILSON-FLETCHER. [Married] On the 9th September, at Albert Street Wesleyan Church [Brisbane], by the Rev. I Harding, JAMES WILSON, of Ullathorne, Warwick, third son of W. WILSON, ESQ., County Tyrone, Ireland to AMY ANNE, eldest daughter of CHARLES FLETCHER, of Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)
November 10 1880 FATAL ACCIDENT AT CHARTERS TOWERS. – The Herald of November 3 says: - An accident which terminated fatally occurred at the Rainbow p.c. on Saturday last. JOHN LAIRD, one of the tributors, was engaged about the machinery, and was placing a block of wood in a recess when he leaned over a pinion to reach the recess. He had on a loose flannel shirt of the time, and his arm was extended over the pinion, the wheel caught the sleeve of his left arm, and drew it into the cogs. The arm was drawn in and fearfully crushed right up to the shoulder, when the engine was reversed and the unfortunate was released from his perilous position. As soon as possible Laird was removed to the Hospital where the arm was amputated by Drs. Little and Kennedy. Despite all their attendance the shock to Laird’s system was so severe that he died about 9 o’clock on Monday morning having suffered great pain from the time of the accident. His funeral took place yesterday morning, and was very largely attended; the Freemasons and Oddfellows, to both of the Orders deceased belonged, mustering in great force to pay the last tribute of respect to the remains of their departed brother. The Church burial service was read by the Rev. W. H. Williams (Wesleyan), and the Freemasons’ service by Mr. Ross Robinson, W.M. Deceased was a native of Armstrong [Ardstraw?], Tyrone, Ireland and about forty years of age. One of the melancholy circumstances in connection with this accident is the fact that poor Laird was buried on the day that was to have been his wedding day, all the necessary arrangements having been made for the projected happy event. (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton)
May 21 1881 DOWAY. [Died] On the 25th April, at her residence, Cribb-street, JANE DOWAY, aged 86 years, late of County Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
June 11 1881


Our readers will learn with sorrow that the REV. JAMES LOVE of Trinity Church, Valley, is no more. The hand of death struck him down suddenly on Saturday evening.........the event was most unexpected. Mr. Love was a native of county Tyrone, Ireland, and was in his 51st year at the time of his death. He was ordained to the Presbyterian Ministry in 1854 and came out to this colony in 1862. He was, soon after his arrival, appointed to the charge of the Presbyterian congregation at Wickham Terrace, the present church having been built during his pastorate. In 1871 he seceded from the Presbyterian body, and entered the Church of England, of which he was ordained a minister........resided at Warwick three years then exchanged incumbencies with REV. MR. MATTHEWS then incumbent of Trinity Church, was during this period that the present church was built, chiefly through Mr. Love’s efforts..........the funeral took place this morning........the building was crowded.......the cortege then proceeded to the General Cemetery at Toowong where the mourners were again deeply affected as the body of their friend was lowered into the grave. Mr. Love leaves a widow and nine children to mourn his death. (The Telegraph)

June 23 1882 LOGAN-EWING. [Married] on the 23rd May, at Woodend Farm, Sandy Creek, Laidley, by the Rev. B. Rounsefell, Brisbane, ROBERT JOSEPH, fourth son of the late THOMAS LOGAN, ESQ., Hunter River, N.S.W., to ANNIE ELIZA, third daughter of the late THOMAS EWING, ESQ., County Tyrone Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
December 11 1882 MASON-KELLY. [Married] November 4, at St. John’s Darlinghurst, by the Rev. S. S. Tovey, B.B., MAURICE CHARLES MASON of Headington Hill, Darling Downs, Queensland, to JULIA ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late THOMAS KELLY, ESQ., of Strabane, county Tyrone, Ireland. (Brisbane Courier)
April 21 1883 MULLENS-CORCORAN. [Married] On the 10th April, at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, by the Rev. D. Fouhy, CHARLES, eldest son of JOHN MULLEN, of Brisbane, late of County Tyrone, Ireland, to CLARA, eldest daughter of RICHARD CORCORAN, of Brisbane. (The Week, Brisbane)
October 27 1883 SHIRLOW. [Died] On the 18th instant, at his residence, Harcourt-street, after a short illness, JOHN SHIRLOW, in his 48th year, formerly of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. (The Telegraph)
November 15 1883 CARSON-KYLE. [Married] On November 8th, at Sandgate, by the Rev. J. Warner, HENRY, second, son of the late WILLIAM CARSON, of County Tyrone, Ireland, to MARGARET, only daughter of the late WILLIAM KYLE, of the same place. (The Telegraph)
November 27 1883 LINDSAY. [Died] On the 26th November, at Sheriff Street, Brisbane, JOHN, youngest son of JOHN LINDSAY, Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 8 months. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." (Brisbane Courier)
December 11 1883 HOE-ORR. [Married] On the 8th December, at the residence of the bride’s mother, in Anderson-street, by the Rev. J. Stewart, JOHN HOE, of Nottingham, England, to MARGARET JANE, eldest daughter of ALEXANDER ORR, of County Tyrone, Ireland. (The Telegraph)
March 26 1884 MOORE-CARPENTER. [Married] on the 23rd February, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. Robert Fraser, Presbyterian Church, Warwick, WILLIAM HOLMES, eldest son of JOHN MOORE, ESQ., Sandymount, Dublin, and Gartratray [Gortnacreagh?], County Tyrone, Ireland, to EMMA RACHEL, youngest daughter of JAMES J. CARPENTER, ESQ., Montague Road, South Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)
June 30 1884


Name of Deceased Proprietor: ANNE WHITFIELD, late of Brisbane, spinster; Date of Death: 4th January 1884; Name of Claimant: SUSAN WHITFIELD, of Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland; Description and Situation of Land: - Subdivisions 12, 13 and 14 of Portion 524, Parish of Enoggera; will dated 3 rd January 1884. (The Telegraph)

December 5 1884 BOTHWELL. [Died] on the 2nd August 1884, at Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, ELIZA, wife of GEORGE BOTHWELL, aged 64 years. [Communications to B., care of Messrs. Hunt, 95 Fore-street, Exeter, England] (Brisbane Courier)
January 17 1885 Should this meet the eye of EDWARD KNIPE, of County Tyrone, Ireland, write to your Niece, CATHERINE CULLEN, Tivoli, Ipswich. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser)
March 28 1885 ANTHONY-CHITTICK. [Married] On the 25th March, at the residence of the bridegroom’s mother, by the Rev. W. F. Clarke-Kennedy, GEORGE, eldest son of the late WILLIAM ANTHONY, to MARGARET, daughter of GEORGE CHITTICK, both of County Tyrone, Ireland. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
July 7 1885 CUMMING-HANCE. [Married] On the 1st July, at the Manse, Glenelg Street, by the Rev. David Mitchell, WILLIAM, eldest son of PETER CUMMING, Girvan, Scotland, to SARAH HANCE fourth daughter of the late JAMES HANCE, Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
August 12 1885 MEE-ORR. [Married] On August 1st, at the residence of the bride’s brother-in-law, by the Rev. J. D. Hennessy, CHARLES JOSEPH, eldest son of MR. ROBERT MEE, Bulimba Creek Road, Brisbane, to MARIA ELLEN, youngest daughter of the late ALEXANDER ORR, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy. (The Telegraph)
August 21 1885 DEATH OF A CENTENARIAN AT CAMLACHIE [GLASGOW, SCOTLAND]. – On June 3 ANN ADAIR or CULLEN a woman who is said to have been 108 years of age, was found dead in bed in her house at 18 Coalhill street, Camlachie. She was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to Glasgow 80 years ago. Up till within a comparatively short time of her death she enjoyed good heath, and was able to move about. She had a wonderfully retentive memory. Among other things, she distinctly recollected the exciting occurrences which culminated in the Irish Rebellion 1798, when in common with other members of the Roman Catholic Church, to which denomination she belonged, she was known as a “croppy” – a term which was then applied to the female adherents of the Roman Catholic faith.......was married in Belfast 1800......husband a tailor........came to Glasgow shortly after to visit her parents who had emigrated from Ireland. Mrs. Cullen did not return to Ireland, but settled down in 1829 her husband died and started a “penny school” where, for upwards of half a century. She taught children of all denominations to read the Scriptures.........Previous to the passing of the Scotch Poor Law, she was in straightened circumstances and received relief from the kirk-session of the parish in which she resided. She was known in the Camlachie district as the “Old Schoolmistress”. The Glasgow Weekly Mail. (The Telegraph)
February 9 1886 LAMOND-ARMSTRONG. [Married] On the 15th February, by the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, at his residence, Glenelg Street, ALEXANDER LAMOND, of Dundee, Scotland, to CATHERINE, daughter of JAMES ARMSTRONG, Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
May 12 1886 QUINN-BREEN. [Married] On the 27th April, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane by the Right Rev. Dr. Dunne, assisted by the Rev. D. Fouhy, Adm., and the REV. J. B. BREEN (the bride's brother), MICHAEL JOSEPH, second son of JOHN QUINN, of Yatala, Albert River, to TERESA, second daughter of the late MICHAEL BREEN, Arboe, County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier
June 14 1886 WARBURTON-GRAYSON. [Married] On the 3rd June at St. Paul's Church, Rockhampton, by the Rev. W A. Diggens, B.A., JOHN DILWORTH, third son of WILLIAM WARBURTON, ESQ. of William Warburton and Co., Manchester and Grizlehurst, Birkdale, Lancashire, to EDITH CAROLINE, fourth daughter of the late THOMAS GRAYSON, ESQ., of Stewartstown, Dungannon, County Tyrone (Brisbane Courier)
July 6 1886 If this should meet the eye of JAMES ALEXANDER HOOD, from Newtownstewart, County Tyrone Ireland, or any of his sisters, they will hear of a Relative by writing to the REV. W. HAMILTON, Geelong street, East Brisbane. (The Telegraph)
November 23 1886 WILSON-BRETT. [Married] On the 15th November, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral [Brisbane], by the Rev. B. R. Wilson, WILLIAM JAMES, second son of HUGH WILSON, ESQ., county Tyrone, Ireland, to SARAH, oldest daughter of ROBERT BRETT, ESQ., County Sligo, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
September 5 1887 KING-CLULOW. [Married] At Trinity Church, Fortitude Valley, by the Rev. H. Guinness, JOHN KING, only son of late JOHN KING, of Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland, to ABIGAIL CLULOW, third eldest daughter of THOMAS CLULOW, of Moy, County Armagh, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
January 12 1888



In the LAND and GOODS of BERNARD O’DONNELL, late of Toowoomba, in the Colony of Queensland, Labourer, deceased.

...........Letters of Administration of the above who died intestate granted to JOHN O’DONNELL, of Toowoomba, Licensed Victualler, lawfully constituted attorney of CATHERINE O’DONNELL of Belinturbet, near Omagh, in the County of Tyrone, widow, the lawful mother and one of the next of kin of said deceased.

Dated Ninth day of January, A.D., 1888

Hamilton & Hamilton, Toowoomba and Brisbane. (Toowoomba Chronicle & Darling Downs General Advertiser)

October 13 1888 HUGHES, MARGARET – Native of Tyrone, Ireland, lately from Philadelphia, America – Please write to JOHN MURPHY, care of Mr. Hayes, One-mile, Gympie. (The Queenslander)
May 14 1889 O’HARA (nee BEATTIE). [Died] On the 14th April at Clifton Station, ALICE MARCHMONT, wife of FREDERICK WILLIAM O'HARA, only child of NIXON and PHOEBE BEATTIE, of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 26 years, accidentally killed through her horse running against a tree. Deeply regretted (Brisbane Courier)
June 7 1889 BREMER-BELL. [Married] On the 1st June, at Dunwich, by the Rev. J. Macpherson, DONALD BREMER, to MARGARET, daughter of the late JOHN BELL, Gortmaging [Gortnagwyg?], County Tyrone, Ireland. (Brisbane Courier)
November 1 1890 INFORMATION WANTED of MARY JANE ELKIN, who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland, to Queensland twenty-seven years ago. Address ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, J.P., Eden, Plumbridge, County Tyrone, Ireland; or to JOHN CELLAHAN, P.O. Georgetown, North Queensland. (The Queenslander)
November 14 1891 WILLIAM HUGH BLACK, late of county Tyrone, Ireland, or anyone knowing his whereabouts, please communicate with MISS JULIA McCREEDY, Brisbane. (The Telegraph)
December 15 1891 RODGERS (nee McKERIHAN). [Died] On the 7th December, at her residence, Glen More, Tenterfield [N.S.W.], MARGARET, relict of the late ANDREW RODGERS and only daughter of JOHN and MARY McKERIHAN, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 61 years (Brisbane Courier)
January 14 1892 MACKLIN. [Died] On the 11th ult., at Croydon, North Queensland, OLIVER JOHN, second son of ANDREW MACKLIN, Newtownstewart, Ireland (The Argus, Melbourne)
April 7 1892

CARSON. [Died] On the 2nd April, at his residence, Whiteside, North Pine, after a painful illness, ROBERT, eldest son of the late WILLIAM CARSON, of County Tyrone, Ireland, and brother of WILLIAM A. and H. CARSON, of this city [Brisbane], in the 48th year of his age. Though dead he yet speaketh, and says

O death, where is thy sting! O grave, where is thy victory! (Brisbane Courier)

December 13 1892 CUNNINGHAM-JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 26th of December, at the residence of the Rev. James Stewart, Arthur Street, New Farm, ROBERT JAMES, son of JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Claggan, Tyrone, Ireland, to MARGARET, daughter of THOMAS JOHNSTON, Carricknahorna, Donegal, Ireland. (Brisbane Courier)
April 17 1893 PHELAN (nee MACDONALD). [Died] On the 11th March, at her residence, Alma Street, Rockhampton, CATHERINE PHELAN, dearly beloved wife of THOMAS PHELAN, and youngest daughter of the late JAMES MACDONALD, ESQ., of Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Requiescat in pace. (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton)
July 18 1893 CARTER-HENRY. [Married] On June 21, at Kelvin Grove Chapel, by Rev. W. Bennett. HENRY T. CARTER, of Plumstead, Kent, England, to MARY ANN HENRY, third daughter of GLASGOW HENRY, Montober, county Tyrone, Ireland. (The Telegraph)
November 15 1894 ROULSTON. [Died] On the 11th November, at her son’s residence, Fernvale, MARGARET, relict of the late ANDREW ROULSTON, Calkill, Fairy Water, Tyrone, Ireland, aged 94 years. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
February 2 1895 INFORMATION – Wanted address of any of family of ROBERT BLACK, who left Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, for Brisbane, 28 years ago. (The Telegraph)
May 2 1896 BEST-GORDON. [Married] On April 15, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. W. D. Meiklejohn, JOHN, eldest son of JOHN BEST, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, to ELIZABETH ARMOUR, youngest daughter of JAMES GORDON, of Gordon Vale, North Pine. (The Telegraph)
June 11 1897


The magisterial inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of MR. WILLIAM MALONE, who was injured when alighting from a tramcar on May 20 and adjourned on Tuesday last, was continued at the City Police court before MR. J. MACALISTER, J.P. Acting-sergeant BROWNE conducted the inquiry. MRS. MALONE, widow of the deceased, stated that he was a grocer and produce merchant, carrying on business in Ann street, Fortitude Valley. She remembered that the deceased went to town on Monday 20 last on business. She was ill in bed when news of the accident was received. She visited deceased regularly at the hospital, right up to the time of his death, which took place at 6 o’clock on the morning of May 31. Deceased was never able to tell her anything about the accident. At the time of his death he was 38 years of age, and was born in the County Tyrone, Ireland. By religion he was a Roman Catholic. This closed the inquiry. (The Telegraph)

January 6 1899 McMORAN-FORREST. [Married] On January 4, at the residence of the Rev. James Stewart, MARK, eldest son of JOSEPH McMORAN, Gilford, county Down, Ireland, to ELLEN, third daughter of D. FORREST, county Tyrone, Ireland. (The Telegraph)
January 26 1899 CARSON. – [Died] On December 18, at the residence, of her daughter, MRS. H. B. PALMER, Esk, ISABELLA CARSON, relict of the late WILLIAM CARSON, county Tyrone, Ireland, and mother of WILLIAM A., and HENRY CARSON, of this city, aged 85 years. (The Telegraph)
June 2 1900


We regret to have to record the death of a very old resident of Redbank Plains, MR. THOS. BATES, who passed away peacefully on Sunday morning last at the residence of his son-in-law, MR. JESSE HILLIER, after an illness of only a few days. The deceased was born at Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, and was 85 years of age at the time of his death. Mr. Bates arrived with his family in the colony in 1857 per the ship Mary Pleasant. He made his home in Ipswich for a few years, but about 36 years ago went to the Redbank Plains, where he purchased the farm which he cultivated till within a few months of his death. He reared a large and respectable family of sons and daughters and lived to see them all comfortably settled. One daughter is married to Mr. J. Hillier, one of the local magistrates, and four others are married to natives of Redbank Plains, who now reside in the Rosewood district. In all, Mr. Bates has left behind him a family of 11 – two sons and nine daughters – 59 grand children and 17 great grand-children. The large concourse of people that followed his remains to their last resting place, on Tuesday last, testified to the esteem in which he was held in the district. The departed was simple in his habits, and was always spoken of as a thoroughly honest and straightforward man. He is sincerely mourned by his sorrowing widow and friends. He was a member of the Methodist denomination, and constantly attended the church of that denomination at the plains for over 30 years. . (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)

October 22 1901


We regret to have to record the death of MR. SILAS SLOANE, which took place at his son’s (MR. ALEXANDER SLOANE’S) residence, Short-street, on Saturday afternoon last. The deceased arrived in Brisbane about 18 years ago, and since that time he had resided in or about Ipswich. He was a native of Cookstown County Tyrone, Ireland, and had reached man’s allotted span – three score and ten years. About a week ago he became unwell, and it was thought advisable to call in medical aid on Thursday last, but the patient rapidly sank, the cause of death being complications arising from an attack of influenza. The deceased had a genial, kindly manner, and was loved and respected by a large circle of friends. He leaves a grown-up family of three sons and four daughters to mourn their loss, his wife having predeceased him by about 18 months. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was attended by a large number of friends. The burial service was impressively conducted by members of the sect known as “Christians”, of whom the deceased was an old and highly esteemed member. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)

December 5 1901 If JAMES and JOHN MAGILL, sons of WILLIAM MAGILL, late of Dunmore, near Cookstown, in the county of Tyrone, Ireland, will apply to the undersigned, they will hear something to their advantage. J.B and R.H. Twigg, Solicitors, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)
January 11 1902 JOYCE (nee QUINN). [Died] At her residence, James-Street, Toowoomba (Queensland), MRS. ELLEN JOYCE, second youngest daughter of the late CHARLES QUINN, Poor Law Guardian, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Sweet Jesus have mercy on her souI. Belfast 'Irish Weekly News', please copy. (Catholic Press, Sydney)
May 1 1902 JENKINS-SLOANE. [Married] On the 23rd April, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral [Brisbane], by the Rev. Canon Oakeley, GEORGE VENTRIS, second son of J. V. JENKINS, ESQ., Bundamba Quarries, Ipswich to SARAH ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late SILAS SLOANE, of Ipswich (formerly of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland) (Brisbane Courier)
October 16 1902


The somewhat sudden death of MR. JOSEPH DARRAGH, at his residence, South Brisbane, yesterday, will come as a surprise to his many friends in Brisbane. The late Mr. Darragh was one of the oldest residents of Queensland. He was born in 1827 in Cookstown, county Tyrone, Ireland, and landed in Moreton Bay in 1850. He was therefore 75 years of age. Upon landing in Queensland he spent the first three years in the butchering business of MR. MAYNE, a relative. Subsequently he commenced business as a butcher on his own account, and for 21 years carried on this trade on Kangaroo Point. He represented the Kangaroo Point on the City Council as an alderman for four years. In 1878 he took a trip to England, Europe and America, and also included the Paris Exhibition in his tour. Upon his return to Queensland he erected the row of buildings in Queen street between Creek and Wharf streets, now known as Darragh’s Buildings. The late Mr. Darragh held at one time the position of Mayor of Sandgate. He leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn his loss. (The Telegraph)

April 27 1903 OGILBY. Died on the 10th March at Donaghadee, Co. Down, Ireland, ADELAIDE, widow of WILLIAM LESLIE OGILBY, late of Altnacree, Co. Tyrone, and of 12 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, and daughter of the late HON. CHARLES and LADY ISABELLA DOUGLAS of Earlsgift, County Tyrone, mother of J. DOUGLAS OGILBY, and MRS. R. C. MILLER (Brisbane Courier)
May 14 1904


There has passed away just before 10 o’clock last evening (says the “Queensland Times” of May 12), an old resident of the town in the person of MR. ROBERT ALLEN, bootmaker of Brisbane and Herbert streets. For some days past, he has been suffering from a sever attack of diarrhoea, which was the cause of his demise. He had been ailing for a few years, although he was able to follow his employment till about three weeks ago. The deceased, who had attained the age of 69 years, was a native of County Tyrone, in the North of Ireland. He came to Ipswich some 45 years ago, and resided in the town right up to the time of his death, having for the greater portion of the period carried on the business of bootmaker in Upper Brisbane Street. For many years he was an active worker in connection with the Ipswich Methodist Circuit. As a local preacher for that body he was well known throughout the district. He made many friends amongst Methodists and other denominations, all of whom will learn of his death with deep regret. An upright and industrious citizen, he was generally respected. The deceased leaves a widow, two daughters and two sons. (The Telegraph)

July 14 1904


On Sunday last MRS. WILLIAM DAVIS died at her husband’s residence, Boundary-street, Sadlier’s Crossing, at the age of 62 years. She had been confined to bed for about three weeks, suffering from congestion of the lungs, and heart-failure ensuing thereon causing her death. All that could be done to alleviate her suffering was done night and day by her daughters, and Dr. Dunlop was most assiduous in his attention during her illness. Mrs Davis was born at Loughnaze, [Loughneas, Leckpatrick parish] county Tyrone, Ireland, and came to Australia with her husband 18 years ago. We are informed that she was a thorough Christian and a good mother. MR. DAVIS is still living, and there is a family of two sons and four daughters, the eldest of whom is married to MR. J. CRANE, The deceased was a sister of Mr. M. McDERMOTT, district registrar. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the Rev. G. Chalmers, relieving minister at the Presbyterian Church, conducting the burial service. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)

June 10 1905


ROBERT ARMSTRONG, formerly of Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland, brother to the late JAMES ARMSTRONG of Muttama, in the State of New South Wales, or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, is required to communicate with Messrs. Morgan & Morgan, Solicitors, Cootamundra, N.S.W. (The Queenslander)

August 25 1906 STEVENSON-LILLEY. [Married] On June 20, at St. Andrew's Church, Brisbane, by the Rev. W. S. Macqueen, JAMES STEVENSON, ESQ., of Sydney, son of J. J. STEVENSON, ESQ., of Magheragar, Tyrone, Ireland, to CONSTANCE E. LILLEY, daughter of the REV. W. OSBORNE LILLEY, of "Eversley," Bowen Hills (Brisbane Courier)
March 30 1907 Legal notices relating to the wills of ANDREW TRIMBLE, senior and junior of Munderow, Co. Tyrone. Executor: ROBERT CINNAMON of Lurganedin, County of Tyrone, Ireland. (Brisbane Courier)
August 27 1907 CARSON. [Died] On the 26th August, at his residence, Harrisville, WILLIAM CARSON, formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 87 years. (Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser)
January 11 1908


The latest Irish papers contain news of the death of MR. JOHN M. BALLANTINE, at Cliftonville, Belfast, Ireland. Mr. Ballantine who was 72 years of age, was born at Gortin, County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to Australia in 1865. For many years he was accountant in the firm of Webster and Co., Brisbane.........and during the whole of his 35 years stay in Australia was a popular and respected citizen. Some seven years ago he returned to Ireland, where he since had been living, having retired from business. (The Telegraph)

March 7 1908 WATT-ARMSTRONG. [Married] On the 2nd instant, by the Rev. J. Lundie, at the Manse, James Street, Toowoomba, JAMES, eldest son of J. A. WATT, of Brisbane, to MATILDA, fourth daughter of JAMES ARMSTRONG, County Tyrone, Ireland. (The Telegraph)
September 11 1909 RODGERS-EGAN. [Married] On September 4, at the Mission House, Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, by the Rev. J. B. Johnson, MICHAEL, third son of late MR. P. RODGERS, of Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland, to MABEL, third daughter of MR. CHARLES W. EGAN, of St. George, Queensland (Brisbane Courier)
September 7 1910 If the gentleman who wrote to the Rector of Ballygawley Church, inquiring for a woman named ALICE GRAHAM, who left “Lisdourt”, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, about 28 years ago, will communicate with MRS ALICE LEEMAN (formerly Alice Graham) of 81 Westmoreland-street, Belfast, Ireland, she would be very thankful. (Brisbane Courier)
March 15 1911 KYLE. [Died] At the Mount Morgan Hospital, on the 10th March, 1911, GEORGE KYLE, late of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 74 years (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton)
October 2 1911


HAMILTON, ANDREW, of Parkstone, Dorset, died in November 1876. He was twice married, and ELIZA, daughter of his first marriage, is believed to have been in Ireland in 1876, and her sister SARAH is supposed to have died in America about 1860 leaving issue. His sister FANNY, married JAMES MACDERMOTT about 1800 at Douglas Bridge, Co. Tyrone, and is believed to have died at Black Hill, Lisnatunny, in same county. Nephews and nieces of said Andrew Hamilton wanted immediately. L.L. 5192 (Maryborough Chronicle and Wide Bay & Burnett Advertiser)

August 21 1912 McNICKLE-MERCER. [Married] On 3rd August at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. A. E. Lapthorne, ROBERT MOORE McNICKLE, fourth son of the late MR. and MRS. WILLIAM McNICKLE, of Gortin, County Tyrone, Ireland, to CECILIA GRACE MERCER, eldest daughter of MR. and MRS. GEORGE MERCER, Bayswater Road, Hyde Park, Townsville (Townsville Daily Bulletin)
July 16 1920 LESLIE-STAFFORD. [Married] At Christ Church, Milton, Brisbane, on 10th July by the Rev. Victor Whitehouse, WILLIAM JOSEPH LESLIE, Charlemont, Brighton Terrace, Sandgate, eldest son of the late REV. WILLIAM LESLIE and of MRS. LESLIE of Moy, Co .Tyrone Ireland to PHOEBE FRANCES, second daughter of MR. A. STAFFORD, Railway Dept., and of MRS. STAFFORD, Torwood, Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)