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Born Co. Tyrone, Married / Died in the Colony of Victoria, Australia 1866-80

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Personal notices extracted from The Argus (Melbourne), Londonderry Sentinel, Portland Guardian [Portland, Vic.], The Star [Ballarat, Vic], Illustrated Home News for Australian Readers [Melbourne], Euroa Advertiser [Euroa, Vic], North Eastern Ensign [Benalla, Vic] Gippsland News, Illustrated Australian News [Melbourne], Illustrated Sydney News, Alexandra Times [Alexandra, Vic], Wesleyan Spectator, Kerang Times & Swan Hill Gazette, The Empire (Sydney), Sydney Morning Herald, Pioneers’ Index (1836-1888) & Federation Index (1889-1901), Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Date Notice
March 30 1866

IRWIN. Died on the 22nd January last, at his residence, Irwin's Hotel, Boroondara, Australia, MR. WILLIAM JAMES IRWIN, aged 37 years, formerly of county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)

[Parents: William Irwin & Ann Stevenson (VRBMD)]

April 23 1866

ROGERS-HOPKINS. Married on the 12th instant, at St, Mary's Church of England, Kangaroo Flat, by the Rev. H. C. E. Morris, WILLIAM, second son of MR JOHN ROGERS, of Drumquin, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie, oldest surviving daughter of Mr. Robert Hopkins, of Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire, England. (Bendigo Advertiser)

[William died 1873 aged 41 years. Parents John Rogers & Mary McCaskey? (VRBMD)]

April 25 1866

MORROW-HAWKINS. Married on the 11th inst., at Woodland Terrace, George Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, by the Rev. Joseph Dare, THOS. ASHENHURST, youngest son of JAMES MORROW, ESQ., late of Dungannon, Ireland, to Jemima Lyle, eldest daughter of the late Benjamin Hawkins, Esq., formerly of Brighton. No cards (Argus)

[Thomas died 1869 aged 28 yrs. Parents: James Morrow & Mary Anne Monaghan (VRBMD)]

June 19 1866 MONAHAN. Died on the 20th April, at the residence of his son, THE REV. DR. MONAHAN, Hilton, Rathmines, Dublin, JOHN MONAHAN, ESQ., late of Newtown- Stewart, in the ninety-fourth year of his age (Argus)
July 4 1866 McSHERRY-O’DONOVAN. Married on the 1st inst., at St. Francis' Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. Father Riordan, EDWARD McSHERRY, son of ARTHUR McSHERRY, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Margaret O'Donovan, youngest daughter of John O'Donovan, Rathkeald, County Limerick, Ireland (Argus)
July 31 1866 McKENZIE-SMYLEY. Married May 10, at Melbourne, by the Rev. John Steele, John McKenzie, Esq., Port Arlington, to MAGGIE, third daughter of the late ROBERT SMYLEY, ESQ., Carrigallen, Strabane (Londonderry Sentinel)
August 30 1866 O’SULLIVAN-KEON. Married on the 29th inst., by special licence, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, by the Right Rev. Dr. Goold, R. C. bishop of Melbourne, assisted by the very rev. the vicar-general and the Rev. F. S. Corbett, Silvester O'Sullivan, Esq., of Cudgelligo, Lachlan [New South Wales], to GEORGINA ISABELLA KEON, youngest daughter of FREDERIC KEON, ESQ., of Meer Brook, Tyrone, Ireland, and niece of the HON. J. H. PLUNKETT, late Attorney-General New South Wales (Argus)
December 21 1866

MORROW. Died on the 20th inst., at her residence, Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, MARY, relict of the late MR. DAVID MORROW, formerly of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged fifty years (Argus)

[Parents: Thomas Mulligan & Mary Bennison (VRBMD)]

April 5 1867 COLHOUN. Birth January 12, at Carleton Terrace, Melbourne, the wife of JOHN COLHOUN, ESQ., late of Lisonally House, Omagh, of a son (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 27 1867

TRYTHALL-SCOTT. Married on the 22nd inst., at Trinity Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. H. N. Wollaston, Mr. S. Trythall, son of Mr. W. Trythall, Penzance, Cornwall, to ELIZABETH, second daughter of MR. JAMES SCOTT, of Castlederg, Tyrone (Argus)

[Elizabeth’s parents: James Scott & unknown Kennedy (VRBMD)]

August 6 1867

MOLLOY-BAIRD. Married April 30, at Hyde Park, Victoria, Australia, by the Rev. R.R. Collins, B.A., W.T. Molloy, Esq., J.P., L.K., and Q.C.P.I., Range View, Balmoral, to LIZZIE, daughter of JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., Strabane, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)

[Mary’s parents: John Baird & unknown McGuinness (VRBMD)]

August 16 1867

JOHNSTON. Died May 19, at his residence, Woodend, near Melbourne, in the prime of life, MR. ARTHUR JOHNSTON, son of the late MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, Drumquin (Londonderry Sentinel)

Parents: James Johnston & Sarah (maiden surname not stated) (VRBMD)]

Sept. 21 1867

PILKINGTON. Died on the 8th inst., at Geelong, deeply mourned, from the effects of a gunshot wound accidentally received, WILLIAM, second son of the REV. JOSEPH PILKINGTON, late rector of the parish of Upper Langfield, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged forty-nine years (Argus)

[Parents: Joseph Pilkington & Frances Coddington (VRBMD)]

Sept. 27 1867

IRWIN-NORRIS. Married on the 10th inst., at his residence, by the Rev. W. Henderson, WILLIAM IRWIN, of the Provincial Hotel, Ballarat, to JANE NORRIS, both of Cookstown, country Tyrone, Ireland (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)

[Jane died 1876 aged 34 yrs. Parents: Robert Norris & Ellen Cander (VRBMD)]

October 26 1867 SPROULE. Died on the 2nd July, at the Island of Tobago, near Panama, of yellow fever, JAMES SPROULE, ESQ., surgeon, H.M.S. Scout, son of the late ROBERT SPROULE, ESQ., Kirlish House, Drumquin, Ireland. Deeply regretted by all who knew him. Deceased was brother to MR. EDWARD SPROULE, of Clovernook, in this district. (Gippsland Times)
December 24 1867 GUTTERIDGE-DURHAM. Married on the 16th inst., privately, at Walhalla, by the Rev. G. D. Macartney, E. S. Gutteridge, of Walhalla, to MARGARET, second daughter of JOHN DURHAM, of Tyrone, Ireland (Gippsland Times)
December 27 1867 McCUTCHEON-EBBLEWHITE. Married on the 13th inst., by the Rev. W. D. Lelean, MR. R. G. McCUTCHEON, formerly of Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late Mr. William Ebblewhite, of Richmond, Yorkshire (Argus)
April 20 1868

SCOTT. Died on the 18th inst, at 148 Little Collins Street East, Mr. James Davis Scott, resident clerk Detective Police department, aged thirty-six years, oldest son of Mr. James Scott, of Castlederg, County Tyrone

[Parents: James Scott & Elizabeth Kennedy (VRBMD)]

April 30 1868 MEENAN. Died on the 29th inst., at his residence, Riddell’s Creek, MR. MICHAEL MEENAN, aged forty years, native county Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
June 23 1868

McCORMICK. Died on the 22nd inst, at his residence, Union Hotel, Spencer Street, West Melbourne, ANDREW McCORMICK (third son of MR. THOMAS McCORMICK, farmer, late of Dartness [Doortans/ Dartans?], County Tyrone, Ireland), aged thirty five years (Argus)

[Parents Thomas McCormack & Jane Lipset (VRBMD)]

July 18 1868 HARDY. Died on the 12th May, at the residence of her son-in-law, F. Fleetwood, Esq., Rathgar Road, Dublin, in her eightieth year, MARY, widow of the late CHARLES HARDY, ESQ., Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, mother of S. L. HARDY, ESQ., M.D., Merrion Square, Dublin, and C.H. HARDY, ESQ., M.D., Carlton, Melbourne (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)
July 28 1868 MACPHERSON-WILSON. Married July 21, at the First Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. Charles L. Morell, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, assisted by the father of the bride, WILLIAM, son of JOHN MACPHERSON, ESQ., Helena House, Fitzroy, Melbourne, to MARY MOFFAT, daughter of the REV. H.B. WILSON, Cookstown (Londonderry Sentinel)
October 10 1868 BAILEY. An inquest was held yesterday, before the city coroner, on the body of the unfortunate young man who lost his life while boating on the river on Thursday. His name appears to have been WILLIAM JAMES BAILEY, a native ¡of the county Tyrone, Ireland, twenty-four years old, and a copying-clerk by profession. The jury found a verdict of "Accidentally drowned." (Argus)
May 21 1869 LINDSAY-WILLIAMS. Married on the 18th inst, at Barkly Street Wesleyan Church, Ballarat, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Revs. J. Watsford and T. Ick, M.A., ROBERT CHARLES WILLIAM ALEXANDER LINDSAY, Surgeon, Creswick, son of ALEXANDER LINDSAY, ESQ., Fintona, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Jane Elizabeth, oldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Williams, Wesleyan minister, Ballarat. No cards (Argus)
May 22 1869

WATSON. Died on the 2nd May, after a long and painful illness, SAMUEL WATSON, in the thirty-second year of his age, native of the County Tyrone, Ireland, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)

[Parents: John Watson & Elizabeth Cochran (VRBMD)]

August 26 1869

RUTHERFORD. THE Friends of the late Mr. JOHN RUTHERFORD, late of Cookstown, Ireland, are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral to leave his late residence, 23 Abbotsford Street, Hotham, THIS DAY (Thursday), August 20, at 2 o'clock p.m.

G. H. ROBSON, undertaker, 118 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (Argus)

[Parents: John Rutherford & Ellen Hamilton (VRBMD)]

Sept. 24 1869

McCORMICK. Died July 15, at his residence, Swan Street, Melbourne, Australia, MR. DAVID McCORMICK, formerly of Castlederg (Londonderry Sentinel)

[Parents: Thomas McCormick & Jane Lipsit (VRBMD)]

November 29 1869

MORROW –Died at the residence of his brother, Tyrone cottage, Sherwood Street, Richmond, THOMAS ÁSHINHURST, youngest son of the late JAMES MORROW, ESQ., formerly of Dungannon, Ireland, aged 28 years (Argus)

[Parents: James Morrow and Mary Ann Monaghan (VRBMD)]

December 22 1869

DUFF. Died on the 20th inst., at the Cranbourne Hotel, Cranbourne, JOHN DUFF, formerly of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 78 years (Argus)

[Parents: Walter Duff & Ann McKee (VRBMD)]

January 15 1870

McCONNELL. THE Friends of the late Mrs ELIZABETH McCONNELL, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM McCONNELL, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland, are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of Interment, Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral to move from her residence, corner of Perry and Palmer Streets, East Collingwood, on Sunday, 10th inst., at 3 o'clock p.m.

JOHN DALEY, undertaker, Latrobe and Spring Street, Melbourne (Argus)

[Aged 60 years. Parents: William Wray & Sarah Davies (VRBMD)]

February 1 1870 ECCLES. Died at his residence, Ecclesville, Fintona, county Tyrone, Ireland, Charles Eccles, Esq., J.P., D.L., in his 59th year. (Gippsland Times)
January 24 1870 GAY. Married on the 18th January, at Donnybrook, by the Rev. Alexander McNicol, MR. ROBERT GAY, teacher, third son of JAMES GAY, ESQ., county Tyrone, Ireland, to Miss Elizabeth Emmiline Mann, second daughter of William Mann, Esq., formerly of Devon shire, England (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)
March 11 1870 GLENDINNING. Married on the 10th inst., at Trinity Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. S. L. Chase, Henry Monro Bell, of Fitzroy, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late MR. ROBERT GLENDINNING, County Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
July 8 1870 HATRICK. Died on the 23rd April at the residence of her grand niece, the Manse, Manorcunningham, Strabane [sic], Ireland, of apoplexy, Mrs. Margaret Hatrick, relict of the late William Hatrick, Esq., of Grove Hill, Londonderry, Ireland, aged 86 years (Argus)
July 16 1870

McLOUGHLIN. On the 15th July, at Axe Creek, MR. JAMES McLOUGHLIN, teacher, aged twenty-six, native of Tyrone, Ireland (Bendigo Advertiser)

[Father: Michael, mother unknown (VRBMD)]

August 3 1870

MORROW. Died on the 2nd inst., at High Street, Prahran, MR. THOMAS MORROW, formerly of Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 58 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew him (Argus)

[Parents: James Morrow & Isabella McCurdy (VRBMD)]

August 4 1870 HARPER. Died on the 24th July at the residence of his son, Upper William Street, Sydney HUGH HARPER a native of Strabane county Tyrone Ireland and father of JAMES HARPER, Lethsby Road, Eaglehawk.(Bendigo Advertiser)
December 20 1870 O’GRADY-McGUIRE. Married on the 8th ult., at St. Ignatius’ Church, Richmond, by special licence, by the Rev. Joseph Mulhall, S.J., James O'Grady, late of O'Briens Bridge, County Clare, Ireland, to BRIDGET McGUIRE, late of Omagh, County Tyrone Ireland (Argus)
Dec 23 1870 JAY-SCOTT. Married on the 20th inst., at St. Philip's Church, Hoddle Street, East Collingwood, by the Rev. B. S. Walker, Frederick Carl Stephen Wimburn Jay, son of John Jay, Esq., London, to ANNIE SCOTT, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES SCOTT, of Castlederg, Ireland (Argus}
January 11 1871 MORROW. Married on the 4th January, by license, at Christ Church, St Kilda, by the Rev. Stanley Low, JAMES MORROW, the only son of WILLIAM MORROW, Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice Russell Lush, eldest daughter of William Lush, London (Argus)
January 30 1871

MONAHAN. Died on the 30th December, at No. 104 George Street, Fitzroy, THOMAS MONAHAN, ESQ., late collector for the Melbourne Hospital, and formerly of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged sixty-six years (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)

[Parents: John Monahan & Mary Ann Ashenhurst (VRBMD)]

March 16 1871 GLOVER-CLINTON. Married on the 14th ult., at St. Andrew's Church, Carlton, by the Rev. Mr. McEachern, MR. JAMES GLOVER, of County Tyrone, Ireland, to Miss Emma Jane Clinton, only daughter of Mr. James Clinton, of Melbourne (Argus)
March 28 1871

DAWSON-McCORMICK (MACKLIN). Married on the 23rd inst., at the residence of the bride, Union Hotel, Spencer Street, by the Rev. Andrew Robertson, Mr. William Dawson to REBECCA, relict of ANDREW McCORMICK, and youngest daughter of ANDREW MACKLIN, farmer, Newtownstewart, Ireland. (Argus)

[Rebecca died 1877 aged 36 years. Parents: [?] Mackland [sic] & Annie Love (VRBMD)]

August 25 1871

YOUNG. Died on the 23rd inst., at Carlton, DOCTOR DANIEL JAMES YOUNG, aged 51 years, formerly of Cookstown, Tyrone Ireland (Argus)

[Parents: James Young & Catherine Ireland (VRBMD)]

August 26 1871

SPURWAY (McCONNELL) Died on the 25th inst., at her late residence, Wellington Street, Collingwood, LOUISE JANE, the beloved wife of Thomas Spurway, jun., and third daughter of the late HUGH McCONNELL, Esq., Stewart's Town, county Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)

[Parents Hugh McConnell & Margaret Stuart, aged 30 years (VRBMD)]

August 29 1871 KING-RICHMOND. Married on the 22nd inst., by special licence, by the Rev. James Bickford, Wesley Church, Melbourne, John King, sole survivor of the Burke and Wills party, to MARY RICHMOND, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
October 20 1871 O’HAGAN-CREED. Married on the 2nd inst., at St. Patrick's Cathedral, by the Rev. P. O'Meara, JOHN, third son of MR. PETER O'HAGAN, County Tyrone Ireland, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the late Thomas Creed, Co Limerick, Ireland (Argus)
October 31 1871 TULLOCH-MORROW. Married on the 28th inst. at the bride's residence, by the Rev. Joseph Nicholson, Wesleyan minister, William, youngest son of John Tulloch, of Eday, Orkney, to HANNAH, second daughter of DAVID MORROW, of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus)
November 2 1871

McCONNELL. The Friends of the late Mrs. MARGARET McCONNELL, relict of the late HUGH McCONNELL, ESQ., late of Stewarts Town, County Tyrone, Ireland, are most respectfully invited to follow her remains to their last resting-place, the Melbourne General Cemetery (Argus)

The funeral procession is appointed to move from her late residence, 164 Wellington Street, East Collingwood. THIS DAY, the 2nd inst., at half-past 3 o'clock punctual

WILLIAM APPS, Undertaker, Fitzroy

[Parents: John & Mary Laidley, aged 59 yrs (VRBMD)]

November 14 1871

BULLARD-MORROW. Married on the 9th inst., by the Rev. J. Nicholson, Wesleyan minister, at the bride's residence, East Collingwood, Mr. Edwin W. Bullard to MARY A. MORROW, youngest daughter of DAVID and MARY MORROW, late of county Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Mary Ann died 1881 aged 34 yrs. Parents: David Morrow & Mary unknown (VRBMD)]

December 5 1871

GAULT. Died on the 8rd inst., at Lennox Street, Hawthorn, EDWARD LESLIE GAULT, aged 43, late of Manchester, fourth son of ROBERT GAULT of Trillick, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: Robert Gault & Elizabeth Steele (VRBMD)]

March 12 1872 SPROULE-JOHNSTON. Married on the 5th inst., by special licence, at St. Mary's Church of England, Kangaroo Flat, by the Rev. G. Soaris, JAMES SPROULE, fifth son of the late WILLIAM SPROULE, farmer, Edenasop, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Matilda, relict of the late ARTHUR JOHNSTON, merchant, Woodend [formerly of Drumquin]. Home papers please copy (Argus)
March 19 1872 FRENCH-KYLE. Married on 11th last, at Rochford, by the Rev. Mr. Lindon, John French to MISS JANE KYLE, fourth daughter of MR. ROBERT KYLE, county of Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
May 20 1872 ROLSTON-BOYD. Married on the 16th Inst., at St. Paul's Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. S. Chase, MR. JAMES ROLSTON, late of Tyrone, to Miss Annie, youngest daughter of Thos. Boyd, Esq., county Cavan, Ireland (Argus)
June 10 1872

GIBNEY. Died on the 4th inst., at his residence, near Whittlesea, after a short illness, ALEXANDER GIBNEY, aged 62 years, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland, a very old colonist. Tyrone papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: Alexander Gibney & Jane Campbell (VRBMD)]

October 23 1872

DONAGHY. Died on the 22nd inst, at the Builders' Arms Hotel, Cardigan Street, Carlton, Mr. John Donaghy, native of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 42 years May his soul rest In peace (Argus)

[Born Omagh, parents unknown (VRBMD)]

November 30 1872

SHAW. Died on the 22nd inst, at Ballarat, Victoria, in the 68th year of his age, JAMES SMITH SHAW (third son of the late DR. SHAW, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland), and father of WILLIAM HENRY SHAW, ESQ., Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat. Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: unknown, born Antrim (VRBMD)]

December 5 1872 McCAMEY-HADDEN. Married on the 9th November, at the High School, Sandhurst, by the Rev. Dr. White, of Eaglehawk, Mr. Alexander McCamey, Eaglehawk, to Rebecca, daughter of MR. ARCHIBALD HADDEN, Ballygawley, Ireland. (Bendigo Advertiser)
February 3 1873

LOUGHREY (CHARLES). Died on the 31st ult., HESTER LOUGHREY, the beloved wife of Bernard Loughrey, Catherine Terrace, Richmond [Melbourne], eldest daughter of the late JAMES CHARLES and niece of DR. HENRY CHARLES and DR. DAVID CHARLES, of Cookstown, County Tyrone (Argus)

[Parents: James Charles & Mary Sellar(VRBMD)]

March 27 1873 HALL-BEACOM. Married on the 4th March, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Ararat, by the Rev. R. Fitcher, William H. Hall, eldest son of William Hall, of Bristol, to JANE BEACOM, third daughter of JOHN BEACOM, of Kilskeery, Tyrone, Ireland
November 7 1873

ROBERTS (BLAIR). Died on the 23rd ult., MARY ANN, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Roberts, eldest daughter of the late MR. DAVID BLAIR Loy, Cookstown, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 40 years (Argus)

[Parents: David Blair & mother unknown, aged 39 yrs. (VRBMD)]

November 21 1873

McCUTCHEON. Died on the 20th inst, at his residence, Miller Street, West Melbourne, MR. JOHN McCUTCHEON, SENIOR, formerly of Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 81 years (Argus)

[Parents: John McCutcheon & Catherine Given (VRBMD)]

January 28 1874

MORRISON. Died on the 5th January, at Kew, MR. ANDREW MORRISON, of the police force, formerly of County Tyrone, Ireland, but late of Preston, aged forty years, leaving a wife and family to deplore their loss (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)

[Parents names unknown (VRBMD)]

April 2 1874 PRIDMORE-McGHEE. Married on the 21st ult., at St. Mary's Church of England, Hotham, William, third son of Mr. Samuel Pridmore, of Adelaide [South Australia], to ANNIE, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN McGHEE, Omagh, Ireland (Argus)
May 20 1874 HEARD-MEENAN. Married on the 10th ult. at St. Mark's Church, George Street, Fitzroy, Edward Heard, sixth son of Thomas Henry Heard, coachsmith, to MARY MEENAN, second oldest daughter of OWEN MEENAN, of County Tyrone, Ireland. Castlemaine papers please copy (Argus)
May 28 1874 RITCHIE-WALKER. Married May 15, at the Parsonage, Steiglitz, Victoria, by license, by the Rev. William M. Bennett, WILLIAM, fifth son of the late JOHN RITCHIE, Galbally, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Fanny Felicia youngest daughter of Dr Walker of Camden (Empire)
Sept. 7 1874

CADDOW. Died on the 14th ult., at Bealiba, Victoria, after a long illness, ALEXANDER CADDOW, formerly of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland Home papers please copy (Argus)

[Parents: Alexander Caddow & Mary Neil (VRBMD)]

Sept. 24 1874

MORROW. Died on the 23rd inst, at the residence of his son, JAMES MORROW, North Brighton, WILLIAM MORROW, aged 71, County Tyrone, Ireland, and late of Geelong. His end was peace (Argus)

[Parents James Morrow & Isabella McCurdy (VRBMD)]

October 7 1874

MOOREHEAD. Died on the September, at his residence; No. 2 Murphy Street, South Yarra, after a long and painful illness, MR. WILLIAM MOORHEAD, late of Cook's Town, county Tyrone, Ireland (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)

[Parents: James Moorhead & Mary Shiels (VRBMD)]

December 30 1874 MAGER-MONTEITH. Married on Saturday, 21st November, 1874, at the Primitive Methodist Church, South Brighton, by the Rev. A. T. Glasson (P.M.M., Heidelberg), Alexander Mager, of South Brighton, to ANNIE MONTEITH, of William Street, Melbourne, daughter of MR. ROBERT MONTIETH, of Tyrone, Ireland. Other papers please copy (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)
March 25 1875

O’DONNELL. Died on the 23rd inst., at 22 Commercial Road, Prahran, ELIZABETH ISABELLA O'DONNELL, the beloved wife of CHARLES O'DONNELL, late of Church Street, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, of inflammation of the lungs (Argus)

[Father: Richard Robinson; mother unknown VRBMD)]

April 5 1875 DUDDEN-PIGGOTT. Married on the 20th ult., at the Wesleyan Church, Barkly Street, Ballarat, by the Rev. A. W. Grant, JAMES, second son of the late MANLY POWER DUDDEN, of Tyrone, Ireland, to Marianne, youngest daughter of the late William Piggott, of Cambridge, England (Argus)
May 15 1875 BUCHANAN. Died on Tuesday, 11th inst., at Tallarook, JOHN BUCHANAN, formerly of Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 25 years (Alexandra Times)
Sept. 6 1875 DICK-DEVINE. On the 12th August, at St. Paul's Church, Sandhurst, Victoria, .by the Rev. Joseph Carlisle, JAMES DICK, of Shepparton, farmer, Goulburn, son of JAMES DICK, farmer, Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie Maria Devine, daughter of Wm. Devine, farmer, Axe Creek. (Bendigo Advertiser)
November 3 1875 BULL (ELLIOTT). Birth on the 25th? September, at her residence, Simpson Street, East Collingwood, SISTER MARY ANN BULL, of the Independent Order of Rechabites, Rose of Denmark Tent No. 4, the daughter of the late WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland, and wife of WILLIAM DONCASTER. BULL, bricklayer, of a son. Both doing well (Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers)
February 26 1876 LOUGHRAN-RICHARDS. Married on the 10th inst., at Carlton, by the Rev. James Ballantyne, EDWARD B. LOUGHRAN, second son of EDWARD LOUGHRAN, ESQ, of Sydney, formerly of Killybrack House, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie, eldest daughter of Captain William Richards, of Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff (Argus)
April 18 1876 GRAHAME-BELL. Married on the 15th March, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. T. Beecher Swift, of Murchison, BERESFORD GRAHAME, of the county Tyrone, Ireland, farmer, Longwood only son of the late REV. ANDREW GRAHAME, Longwood, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. James Bell, Forest Green Longwood (Illustrated Australian News)
November 2 1876

McIVOR. Died on the 17th ult., at her residence, Carlton, ROSE, the wife of the late JAMES McIVOR, Moy, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 70 years. R I P. (Argus)

[Parents: James McCann & Bridget Martin (VRBMD)]

Dec 20 1876 McLEAN-SAYERS. Married on the 17th inst., by the Rev. W. S. Login, Daniel, youngest son of the late D. McLean, late of Rothesay, Scotland, to ELEANOR CUMMIS, fifth daughter of the late SAMUEL SAYERS, land steward, Beragh, county Tyrone, Ireland. (Gippsland Times)
December 14 1876 CRAWFORD-BELL (GLENDENNING). Married on the 1st ult., at 133 Collins Street east, Melbourne, by the Rev. Jas. Beattie, A. Crawford, Ballarat, to MARGARET, relict of the late HENRY MUNRO BELL, Fitzroy, and youngest daughter of the late ROBERT GLENDINNING, millowner, County Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
February 14 1877 BUCHANAN.-Died on the 25th October, at Toronto, CHARLES WILLIAM BUCHANAN, M.D, aged 66 years, for many years coroner of that city. He was fourth son of GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., of Strathroy, near Omagh, Ireland, and uncle of Mrs. A. M. Caldecott, Windsor [Melbourne] (Argus)
Sept. 29 1877 BROWN-ORR. Married on the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, Leitchland Cottage, Mount Bolton, near Ballarat, by the Rev. R. Hamilton, Presbyterian minister, JOSEPH BROWN, third son of the late MR. JAMES BROWN, Knockaleery Mills, near Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland, to Jane Gatt, fifth daughter of Archibald Orr, Esq., formerly of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Home papers please copy (Argus)
November 7 1877 HADDEN-BLACK. Married on 30th Oct., at Eaglehawk, by Rev, R. Lawers, WILLIAM JAMES HADDEN, eldest son of ARCHIBALD HADDEN, Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Black, Eaglehawk (Bendigo Advertiser)
December 15 1877 EDWARDS-WATSON. Married on the 8th ult., by the Rev. W. L. Blamires, Wesleyan minister, at the residence of the bride's mother, No. 4 King William Street, Fitzroy, Charles Thomas Edwards, eldest son of James Benjamin Edwards, jeweller and watchmaker, of Talbot, and the grandson of B. Edwards, jeweller, Shoreditch, England, to ELIZABETH, the eldest daughter of the late SAMUEL WATSON, of the Deer Parks, Omagh, county Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
Feb 14 1878 SANDBERG-CROZIER. Married on the 21st January, at All Saints' Church, Sandhurst, Victoria, Wilhelm Otto, youngest son of T. K. Sandberg. late postmaster, Arendal, Norway, to HANNAH, third daughter of JOHN CROZIER, farmer, Five Mile Town, Ireland. Home papers please copy. (Bendigo Advertiser)
July 25 1878 McCARRON-DENNER. Married on the 17th inst., at the residence of Richard Pethybridge, Arcadia, by the Rev. T. Beecher Swift, WILLIAM McCARRON, of Kialla West, second son of the late ROBERT MCCARRON, of the county Tyrone, Ireland, to Eliza, second daughter of James Denner, Arcadia, farmer (Argus)
October 2 1878 SCOTT-SWINDELL. Married on the 19th ult., at Brighton, by the Rev. Charles Lancester, J. HAMILTON SCOTT, ESQ., of Glen Iris, son of the late JAMES SCOTT, ESQ., of Bloomhill, county Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice, daughter of the late John Swindell, Esq., of Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, Ireland (Argus)
Nov 16 1878 LOVE. On the 23rd ult., at his residence, Wigrain Terrace, Newtown, NSW, JOHN LOVE, aged 38 years, of consumption, late of Melbourne, native of Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
December 10 1878 CARROLL (FOX). Died at the residence of her son in law, Mr. John Rose, 118 King Street, Melbourne, MARY McCLELLAND CARROLL (otherwise FOX), leaving a son and daughter her surviving to claim the family estates at Streamstown, Westmeath, formerly of Phillipstown, King's County), Ireland, daughter of the late JOHN McCLELLAND, ESQ., owner of Streamstown aforesaid, formerly of Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland, at the age of 70 years. R.I.P. Australian and New Zealand papers please copy (Argus)
December 27 1878

MILLS. Died at his residence, Loddon, CHARLES MILLS, aged 69 years; late of Rokewood, formerly of Tyrone, Ireland (Kerang Times & Swan Hill Gazette)

[Parents unknown (VRBMD)]

November 22 1879 GAMBLE-HILDER. Married October 22, at East Prahran, Melbourne, by the Rev. William Henry Rowe, minister of the United Methodist Free Church, Windsor, WILLIAM GRAHAM GAMBLE, youngest son of the late JOHN GAMBLE, of Eden, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Alice Eva Hilder, daughter of Henry Hilder, of Parramatta, New South Wales (Sydney Morning Herald)
December 6 1879 KINLOCH-CARNEY. Married on the 29th ult., at the manse, Footscray, by the Rev. Rourke, Robert Stewart Kinloch, of Burnt Island Fifeshire, Scotland, to MAGGIE CARNEY County Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)
November 4 1880 COBAIN-IRWIN. Married on the 27th ult., at Chalmers' Manse, East Melbourne, by the Rev. R. Scott, M.A., John Cobain, of Spring Hill, Gipps Land, to MAGGIE, only daughter of the late W. J. IRWIN, ESQ., formerly of Carrowbeg, Dungannon, Ireland, and late of Hartwell (Argus)
December 10 1880

MEEHAN. Died on the 9th, at her brother's residence, Warragul, Gippsland, BRIDGET, daughter of the late HENRY MEEHAN, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 38 (Argus)

[Parents: Henry Meehan & Catherine Brean (VRBMD)]